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  • I have made several of the olive recipes from the April '02 but haven't been able to find most of the olives without pits. Therefore, I have been doing hard labor in the kitchen trying to pit them. What a pain!!:(

    Is there such a thing as an olive pitter? I have a cherry pitter but it doesn't work on olives. Olives come in so many different shapes and sizes. Just wondering if:
    a) anyone had an olive pitter
    b) if so, where did you get it, does it work well and would y

  • Ibn al-Qayyim: The Benefits of Olive Oil

    Ibn al-Qayyim described the benefits of olive oil in his Prophetic Medicine. He said that the characteristics of olive oil corresponded to the type of olives from which it came from; oil pressed from ripe olives was the better than oil from unripe olives. He also said that the older the oil, the more effective it was, and when olive oil was more beneficial when it was pressed with water.

    Ibn al-Qayyim mentioned that all types of oliv

  • Olive oil in Perth

    2 years ago

    Hi all
    Normally we buy our olive oil from the grocery store, either Coles or Woolies.
    Although lately I have been wondering if it's actually cheaper (and better) to buy it from one of the specialty stores, like perhaps Kakulas Bros. or the Re Store.

    Where are some places that sell olive oil, preferably available in the big tins and not the small 500mL glass bottles.

    Since a lot of Asian grocers sell things much cheaper than the supermarkets I'm hoping the same goe

  • Now, isn't that poetic?

    I'm putting olives -with pits- on a cheese tray tomorrow for a social gathering. Teeth aren't the question here, the ooey pits are. I have a small mise-en-place type dish with olives painted on it, and I've always taken it to be meant for olive pits. But they're not very lovely to look at.
    Do you think it's helpful to leave that out, or is it better to let folks deal with the pits in a more discrete manner?

  • Please excuse this form of approach but this seems a wonderful way of trying to find lost relatives and is an opportunity too good to miss.

    I am trying to trace my birth mother, Olive Simmons, who had to give me up for adoption when I was born in 1942. I was born in the Sheffield Street Hospital in Westminster London on the 18th November 1942. My mother gave her address as Adam Street, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset and her occupation as a Shoe Shop Manageress. At birth I was called Shau

  • Olival

    9 years ago

    Gdje se u Zagrebu može kupiti Olival kozmetika? Vidim da nije skupa, a proizvodi mi djeluju privlačno.

  • Jews, Arabs Work Together to Save Hevron's Olive Trees

    Residents of the Hevron area are concluding a weeks-long battle to save ancient olive trees next to the city. The project brought together Jews and Arabs from Hevron.

    The ancient trees of Tel Hevron – some of them up to 2,000 years old – were endangered by a parasitic plant known as divkon hazayit. The plant was first discovered growing on the trees last year, and quickly multiplied, threatening to devastate the area.

  • olive branch

    8 years ago

    Is the olive branch God's favorite, or is it merely a symbol of Israel?

  • Autumn Olive

    9 years ago

    I planted about 8 small autumn olive plants this winter but see Muddy Fork and others talking about how invasive it is. Should I pull them up? I know they help wildlife but like jap honeysuckle and Bi-color lesp. it can get out of control (from what I read). My thoughts were to provide a limited food area with some overhead cover and seed production. Any thoughts?smileys/smiley6.gif

  • Russian Olive Trees

    2 years ago

    Does anyone have any experience with bees and Russian Olive trees? The tree produces large amounts of fruit so it must flower. Here in MT it is classified as a weed and can no longer be sold or planted. Just wondering as we have places with large amounts in the river bottoms.

    Peter W
    Belgrade, MT

  • I just got the recipe for the salad dressing the olive garden uses. One of the ingre. is pectin which makes the dressing thicker. Does anyone know where I would find this and what does it look like? I hate going blindly to the market.

  • Drage moje cure...Mislim da bi ovo mogao biti zanimljiv topic!
    Bilo bi dobro da cure napišu koja im je THE BEST krema koju su ikad probale,imale i za koju su spremne ama baš sve da je opet imaju.
    Bilo bi jako dobro da svaka napiše kakav tip kože ima i da k tome još pridruži ime svoje omiljene kremice.
    Ja bi drage volje započela,ali sam još uvijek u potrazi za svojom najboljom kremicom tako da prepuštam riječ vama...:zivili:


    This is a PDF book that includes recipes from popular resteraunts. Here are some examples:

    Olive Garden Caprese Salad ( - This classic tomato and mozzarella salad is perfect at the Olive Garden. Try this quick and easy copycat recipe in your own home and impress your guests with such a simple, yet flavorful dish.

  • This is the list for other uses for bee’s wax some are for medical use like lip balms and hand creams and then some are for shoe polishes. I hope you find them usefull, hedgerow pete

    Recipes for home made cosmetics
    Skin cold creams
    �� Add 5 parts of beeswax to 3 parts of coconut oil. Melt ingredients in separate heat-resistant
    wide-mouth jars in a simmering pan of water, heated at about 70 o C. Mix thoroughly. Place
    the mixture jar in a pan of cool water an

  • Hi there this is I come from Callisto on my new account. I have now posted my guide on the new forum. I am sorry that it has already been posted by one of the mods but I will not be able to make updates on that post so I would ask that the guide posted by R.64 be removed. I would like to make edits as with the release of pokemon colloseum there should be some more info on the unnobtainable berries.

    I) Important people in berry collecting
    II) The Berries

  • I'm putting the full list here so it propagates on google.

    Impact Magazine Issue 115 is the last issue in which the IAS listed all of it's donors. All issues after Issue 115 show only the IAS donors that attended events to pick up their prize and get their pix taken with DM.

    With the help of another SP I got this list put together and did some calculations and came up with the figure of $383 million for the amount of money that the IAS has gathered from it's incep

  • Discussion of this timeline can be conducted here (

    An Alternate History Timeline
    by Robert Perkins

    PART ONE: 800-1600 A.D.

    ca. A.D. 800: Under the leadership of Taycanamo, the Chimu, a people probably descended from the earlier Moche culture which had once held sway in the same region, form the Kingdom of Chimor in the northern co

  • Assalaamualikum,

    I came across this amal and wanted to share it with others, Inshaallah, it will benefit those in need.


    AMAL to cure and treat all kinds of medical sickness and diseases
    In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet M

  • From the Times
    London, UK
    23 August, 2011

    Butter or marge?

    Amanda Ursell

    I’m confused by the health claims made for spreads

    Q: The range of butter and spreads in supermarket chill cabinets leaves me feeling bewildered. Is butter good for you because it has fewer additives, or is margarine better? I’m confused.

    A: Spreads do have a long list of added ingredients to make them look, feel and taste edible.

    Most sof

  • Hi everyone

    It's hard to know where to begin with this introduction so it's taken me a while... So here goes anyway...

    I'm Liz Wade and I work with David Holmgren and Su Dennett, for their business, Holmgren Design Services (HDS) which supports David's writing, teaching, speaking and consulting.

    Holmgren Design Services is based at David and Su's property Melliodora, in the town of Hepburn, which is in Central Victoria, down south and towards the east of Austral

  • Drinks/Misc: Apple Juice .80, Grape Juice .80, Orange Juice 1.00, V-8 Juice 1.15, Aquafina Water 1.55, V-8 Splash 1.65, Powder Milk 4.70, Orange Drink 2.55, Lemon Drink 2.10, Tea Drink 2.55, Grape, Cherry or Tropical Drink 2.10, Wylers SF Tea 2.00, Wylers SF Lemon 1.85, Hawaiian Punch 2.00

    Candies/Nuts: Cashews 3.80, Peanuts 1.45, Mixed Nuts 2.85, Nutty Caramel 2.35, Butterscotch 1.85, Jawbreaker, Jolly Rancher, Starlight Mints or Fireballs 1.95, Caramels 2.30


  • 7 November 2001:
    Joseph Trento has published "The Secret History of the CIA," in which he cites papers and interviews of Robert Crowley as sources for the book.Prima Publishing (, Random House, New York, 2001. ISBN 0-7615-2562-9. Mr. Trento writes informatively and entertainingly of several persons listed in The Crowley Files.
    Gregory Douglas, source of The Crowley Files, now has his own Web site which presents his research on the Crowley papers and o

  • ja znam jednu kojoj krema za lice traje oko 3-4mjeseca kako to!
    ok,kupuje neku skupu diorovu (30 ml)pa sigurno stedi...ali opet da traje 4 mjeseca?!ma ne moze biti...meni traje nekih mjesec do mjesec i po, a krema za tijelo recimo oko 20 dana,za ruke oko mjesec...
    da cujem vas...posebno me zanima krema za lice

  • CBR Recipe Swap

    8 years ago

    For the last couple of years, I've been trying to teach myself how to cook. So I try to be on the lookout for fun, new recipes to try. I was thinking that it might be fun to try a recipe swap for all us cooks. I'm not looking for people to give away secret family recipes, just fun stuff you enjoy cooking.

    I'll start things off with one of my favorite recipes:

    Pontormo’s Salad

    I found this in a magazine called The Week and thought it was neat that it was inspir

  • Decarboxylation

    a year ago

    Here is a little unedited bit from the Cooking chapter from my new book. This should help get the cannabis cooking forum started.

    Decarboxylation is super important and must be done with care.


    Cannabinoids are liberated and become “active” when mixed with fats, oils or alcohols. Fats can be saturated or unsaturated. Saturated fats often turn solid at room temperature and are usually from animal origin. Unsaturated oils – avocado, canola, oli

  •, the butter pear

    Avocado: The Butter Pear

    TAKE nutrient-rich avocado to beat aging and keep cancer at bay with these entrees compiled by IYABO AYANDARE.

    AVOCADO, scientifically named Persea americana, also called butter pear or alligator pear, is a tree native to the Caribbean, Mexico, South America and Central America, classified in the flowering plant family, Laurac

  • the non-toxic home

    9 years ago

    this is from an American website, however, it's relevant to the Australian home as many of the products we use contain the same ingredients as those in America. This is the website:

    Fact Sheet: Safe Substitutes at Home: Non-toxic Household Products
    Reprinted with permission by
    Tennessee Valley Authority
    Regional Waste Management Department

    This material was excerpted from:

    Safe Substitutes at Home: Non-toxic Hou

  • came across this, but not sure about the authenticity of the site. anyway, if its true then wtf. they need to label all of these foods.

    Govt Slaves ( | October 2 2012

    NOW we can understand why Monsanto and partners are so desperately fighting California’s Prop 37. This list is truly sickening. ~G

    Rumor Mill News (h

  • The following ATL is based on the thread:

    Here is the final draft of the ATL so far:

    August 15th, 1977: Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University then located at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio. The signal bore all of the hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-Solar System or

  • Black seed oil?

    7 years ago


    Just wondering if black seed oil is part of th Sunnah. From what I know and read it is Sunnah to wear olive oil. But then I’m wondering why there is so much emphasis on black seed oil iin Islamic shops? Why is it that many Islamic shops (in bham…dunno about any where else) sell black seed oil a lot in comparison to olive oil? Could it perhaps be due to the fact that black seed oil is Sunnah too?



  • osip - znoj??

    3 years ago

    Drage moje,
    Dora ima neki osip u predjelu vrata i dekoltea (male crvene piknjice) za koje pretpostavljam da su od znoja.

    E sad, ja ću vama reći što imam, a vi meni što mi treba:
    - Bepanten mast i krema,
    - dječja mast,
    - moje mlijeko,
    - nivea krema,
    - ništa više nemam :wink: [/b]

  • Crop Infection

    4 years ago

    Hello Everyone,

    My poor Petrie suddenly became very ill on Tuesday (feathers all fluffed up, did not want to play with his cage mate Oliver, did not want anything to do with being outside the cage and would not sing). Wednesday afternoon I could not take it anymore and I rushed him to the vet. The vet gave me medicine for a bacterial infection. She said its most likely a crop infection.

    1) I am still confused on how he could have got this infection, does anyone know? I u

  • Vidim da većina foruma sličnog karaktera ima svoje top liste najdražih kozmetičkih proizvoda... pa reko.. zašto i mi ne bi imali svoju ;) :zubo: :cerek:

    tadam :zubo: TOP 12


  • What's everyone stocking up on with the 40% off Skincare at Priceline early this week?

    My List

    Burt's Bee's Beeswax Lip Balm - Original
    Carmex Original Flavour Moisturising Lip Balm
    Blistex Lip Conditioning Balm SPF 20
    Lucas Lucas Papaw
    Skin Vitals T-Purify Mask 3.0 pack
    Skin Vitals G-Energize Mask 3.0 pack
    Formula 10.0.6 Oil Absorbing Mud Mask 10.0 ml - Single Pack
    Formula 10.0.6 Skin Clarifying Mud Mask 10.0 ml
    Face of A

  • Njega suhe kože lica

    4 years ago

    Ovak, budući da već tu čavrljam i razmjenjujem kozmetičke tipove rado bih vas pitala za savjet koji bi jako pomogao mojoj prijateljici kojoj čak ni ja najveći fanatatik i poznavatelj svih mogućih kozmetičkih preparata na kugl zemaljskoj nisam uspjela pomoći...
    Ona, naime ima skroz zajebanu kožu. Koža joj je suha i dehidrirana, a unazad dvije-tri godine su joj počeli izbijati miteseri, prisštići, tu i tamo akne. Sigurno hormoni, mislile smo, ošla kod dermatologa i ginekologa, pila nešto i ma

  • ljetne slastice

    12 years ago

    Kiki je vec pokusala otvoriti slican topic, ali ste ga zachatali... Ako zachatate i ovaj, bit ce :mad: :2up: i :E .

    Just for the record. :D

    A sad kad sam vam zaprijetila, evo sto sam nasla na internetu...

    Hladna krema od tresanja


    20 dag trešanja
    1 limun
    1,5 dl slatkog vrhnja
    1 klinčić
    5-10 dag šećera

    Upute za pripremu:

    Odvojite manji dio trešanja koje ćete naknadno

  • I made this for dinner last night topped with grilled chicken and I have never been more impressed with a salad. It would be great with feta cheese as well. Its from the Foster's Market Cookbook.

    Cucumber, Avocado, and Tomato Salad
    Serves 8 to 10 (I halfed it and there was plenty for two dinners and a lunch)

    3 cucumbers
    4 tomatoes, cored, cut into wedges
    1 red onion, diced
    2 scallions, trimmed and diced
    2 tablespoons chopped oregano
    2 tablesp

  • Recipes to Trade by

    4 years ago

    there's no studies on this but i wonder if there's a correlation between successful investing & good cooking.

    what i propose is Recipe Monday. Here for starters is Brad's classic north African stew. It's too good to disappear in its original thread.

    i've made variations of this dish for years, both in collective kitchens & in my own, but 2 ingredients - cinnamon & currants - were new to me. And they're both perfect additions. Inspired by Brad i made a version


    1. Frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken
    2. Triple Ginger Snap Cookies
    3. Hummus
    4. Frozen Gyoza
    5. Frozen Croissants (Chocolate & Mini)
    6. 19 ¢ Bananas
    7. Charles Shaw Wines∞
    8. Greek Yogurt
    9. Whole Wheat/Multigrain English Muffins
    10. Frozen Roasted Chicken Burgers
    11. Chocolate Covered Almonds
    12. Candy Cane Joe Joe’s*
    13. Vanilla Joe Joe’s

  • I have made some pretty good meals lately and thought I'd share two bean recipes with you.
    Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans) from The Healthy Kitchen by Andrew Weil and Rosie Daley
    1 cup raw white rice
    1 3/4 cups cold purified water
    1 T extra virgin olive oil
    1 medium onion, diced
    1/2 red pepper, seeded and diced
    1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    1 handful chopped cilantro leaves
    16 oz canned black beans, draine

  • Originally post by Susan Z in the Grilling Forum on 7/13/04


    From Steven Raichlen's (

    Here's how to set up your grill for rostisserie cooking:


    Build a fire; the coals should be hot.

    Rake the coals into two parallel rows: one about 4 inches in front of where the spit will turn and one about 4 inches behind where the spit will turn. Place a drip pan in the center under the food. Skewer

  • Najčešći uzročnik (90 - 95%) ove infekcije je Candida albicans, gljivica koja se i prirodno u manjoj količini nalazi u našim crijevima. U 2 - 8% uzročnik gljivične infekcije je Candida glabrata. Pod različitim utjecajima, prije svega kod liječenja antibioticima, kod oslabljene reakcije imunološkog sustava ili korištenja imunosupresivnih lijekova, uporabe oralnih kontraceptiva, hormonske nadomjesne terapije ili antiandrogena, kod dijabetesa melitus, kao i u trudnoći, dolazi do njihovog neprirodno

  • This is a media newslink thread. No discussion or comments, please.

    FBI joins search for missing Conway teen (
    October 10. 2013 6:54AM
    Search for missing Conway teen grows in intensity

    NORTH Conway - Conway police are searching for a 14-year-old girl who was last seen around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday leaving Kennett High School.

    Abigail Hernandez was reported missing by her mother Zenya Hernandez, both of

  • I found this out on the prevention SBD message boards. Feel free to correct or add as needed. I thought it would be a good start for us newbies.

    South Beach Diet Shopping List
    Phase 1

    Vegetable juice cocktail
    Tomato juice

    Romaine lettuce
    Mixed greens
    Green bell peppers
    Red bell peppers
    Yellow bell pepper
    Cherry tomatoes
    10-oz.pkg.frozen chopped spinach
    Onions (red, yellow, white)

  • Dermatitis (na licu)

    8 years ago

    Sjećam se da je bilo par tema o ovom velikom zdravstvenom problemu, sada ne mogu pronaći, no samo ukratko da prenesem svoje iskustvo,

    Već 10-godina sam patio zbog iznenadne pojave crvenila i svrbeža i prhutanja pkože na licu, pogotovo u predjelu sljepoočnica, po čelu i oko nosa.
    Da kažem slikovito..povremeno bi izbilo tako jako crvenilo da me bilo stid izlaziti vani. Nisam znao lijeka, pa sam počeo koristiti prosječne kreme koje su vlažile kožu, no od toga je bilo sve gore i gor

  • HUGE SAVINGS! - 25% off all items on the site! Thats right you pick the animals you want and type coupon code Summer25 to recieve 25% off your order for the next week.

    Also Freebies that combine with sale!!! - Make sure to request your freebie ...price excludes shipping
    Spend $50 or more and get a lasiodorah parahybana
    Spend $100 or more and get a Nhandu coloratovillosus - Brazilian Black and White - .5 inch
    Spend $499 or more and get a free Pocilotheria Metallica!!!

  • This diary accompanies the review of the same title which can be found at -
    It may be of interest to those considering a gulet cruise.
    Then again, it may not...

    This was the Thomas Cook Aqua Cruise (15 October 2012 - 22 October 2012) sailing along Turkey's fabulous Turquoise Coast (sometimes known as the Lycian Route) between Fethiye and Kas. The itinerary was:
    Fethiye - Kekova - Ucagiz - Kas - Kalkan - Olu D

  • Cornerstone Newsletter [circa August 2007]
    Super Power Project

    The Cornerstone Newsletter is published a few times
    a year and is a cumulative list of Scientologists that have
    made a donation to the Super Power Building in the
    amount of $35,000.00 or more.

    I’ve been collecting and reporting the stats on those
    donations for the past 5 years.

    The total collected per the newsletter as of Aug 2007
    is $ 142,760,000.00. This f



    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    Scarlett is a woman who can deal with a nation at war, Atlanta burning,
    the Union Army carrying off everything from her beloved Tara,

  • Cornerstone Newsletter [circa November 2009]

    The Cornerstone Newsletter is published a few times
    a year and is a cumulative list of Scientologists that have
    made a donation to the Super Power Building in the
    amount of $35,000.00 or more.

    I’ve been collecting and reporting the stats on those
    donations for the past 7 years.

    The total collected per the newsletter as of Late 2009
    is $ 142,225,000.00. This figure is a “low-ball”

  • Nocna krema

    11 years ago

    Moze li mi netko od vas preporucit neku dobru nocnu kremu koja nije skuplja od recimo 30eur.Imam mjesovitu kozu,mada se i masnoca T zone primjetno smanjila u mojoj 29 god.Do sada sam koristila lift activ(vichy),ali mi se cini nekako previse lagana za nocnu kremu.Zeljela bi neku hranjivu kremu punu vlage,a posto je za noc moze i malo masnoce.Eto,mozda netko od vas ima neki dobar savjet.Hvala unaprijed:)

  • Trazila sam preko trazilica, prelistala sve str Njege lica i Dekorative i nisam nasla... ako mozda ipak treba bit na dekorativi prebacite, hvala.

    Dakle da vas cujem sta ste probale, od ceg ste ispale flekave od ceg ne? jel mazete i vrat? koliko? do kuda? kako? zelim znat sve :D moji pokusaji sa samotamnjenjem tijela su zavrsili ocajno, sva sam bila na fleke i nikakva ali oke poflekavim pa obucem duge hlace a s licem je ipak malo delikatnije... ali dosta mi je blijedog tena i z

  • ove teme jos nema, pa hajde da i to otvorimo...

    ...ja sam danas dobila pjenu za tusiranje od Nivee..kad se stusiram javim kakva je..

    ...inace Dove oil-gel, Balea med i mlijeko, ponekad bratov Axe, nekakav od vanilije, dove sapun i dalje se nemrem sjetiti...

    ...nego, jel vas ima puno da koristite gelove s mirisom najdrazeg vam parfema?...ja bi to, al bi me preskupo doslo jer se tusiram stoput na dan...

    ...i da, dal koristite spuzvu, mrezu, r

  • Does anyone have the recipe for this curry (as seen on tonight's episode).


  • help!

    gdje se kod nas može kupiti gel za kosu od garnier fructis?

  • Could be sit down, fast food, or delivery.

    After much consideration, I shall fervently vote for Olive Garden. It is to real, honest Italian cuisine what Velveeta is to cheese.

  • What kind of eggs do you buy? Ever since I watched the Jamie Oliver special on caged chickens I have only only bought free range.
    What is your opinion on caged eggs and what do you buy regularly?

  • I've been wondering about the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, etc. that the Subways and McDonalds of the world use on their sandwiches. Are they of the same quality (in terms of nutritiousness, healthiness and quality) as their counterparts found in grocery stores and salad shops?

  • Iz vlastitog iskustva bolje neka izbjegava kreme i ostale pripravke za masnu kožu i matiranje. Po meni one rade radi kontra učinak i lice još više izlučuje masnoću. Bolja je neka lagana hidratantna krema.

  • evo, ovako...trebam preporuku za neku hranjivu kremicu za lice za nadolazece zimske dane. trenutno imam niveu soft, no kad zahladi to mi nije dosta.
    dakle, hranjiva krema za lice u ranim dvadesetim...? :D :)

  • The Illyrians.

    3 years ago

    Does anyone have any pictures (or artist depictions) of the Illyrians that they'd like to share? Since, I'm have no luck finding pictures of them.

    Also, what are the key differences (appearance wise) between them and the Greeks, Slavs, and Scythians? My take on them is that they were probably brown or black haired, olive or tan skinned, and hazel or brown eyed.

    What about you guys?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Bok.
    Imam kćer od 4 godine. U zadnjih 4-5 mjeseci muku mučimo s kakanjem. Naime, ona zadržava stolicu, ne želi se pokakati. Svjesno. Stolica nije tvrda nego mekana, kao neka krema. Ima li netko iskustva s tim? Help.

  • A permit for a supercharger station in Cheyenne, Wyoming was found by Earl and Nagin at the TM forum. The permit info can be accessed here: Citizen Access ( by searching by project name for Supercharging. The permit was issued November 7th. There will be two chargers and four charging bays. The specific location is Frontier Mall near the Olive Garden, 1400 Dell Range Blvd.

  • Ožiljci na tijelu

    9 years ago

    Naime, nedavno sam se opekla i opeklina mi dobro zarasta, no kako je na vidljivom mjestu bila bi vrlo zahvalna ako bi mi netko preporučio neko sredstvo (krema, gel ili sl.) koje dobro djeluje protiv nastajanja (ostajanja) ožiljaka ili čak promjene u pigmentaciji na tom mjestu.

    Hvala unaprijed!

  • Imam jedan problem stoga molim za pomoc od ljudi koji imaju ili su imali taj problem..

    u 20setoj godini zivota sam i imam poveeecano znojenje u predjelu pazuha... Sad mene zanima dal postoji kakva krema ili nesto da se to vrati na normalu. Rexona i slicno nema nikakvog ucinka... :Slin:

  • Mouse, pričekaj desetak minuta, ako ti se baš ne žuri, da ti se krema upije. Nego, pitala si tekući korektor ili u sticku? Uzmi tekući, neće ti ulaziti u borice. Nemoj neki presuhi uzimati. Iluminantno je za bore i borice poželjno.

  • Promašaji :)

    14 years ago

    Ograničimo se na kozmetičke stvarčice. Nebitno da li su skuplje ili jeftinije.

    Evo, meni je recimo :flop: Rosalov lip balm coco-nut (cca 8 kn).
    Previše bijel (pearl efekt me nimalo ne oduševljava).

    Sad mi još pada na pamet jedna Lorealova krema Futur nešto (nekih pedesetak kn). Peckav osjećaj. Brrr.

  • Pozdrav dragi roditelji,

    evo ovako, mene kao mladog taticu zanima da li postoji "stick" za bebe - protiv komaraca ili nekakva krema ...

    e' i koliko je zdravo držati upaljene tablete ili tekućinu (npr. raid) protiv komaraca u sobi u kojoj spava beba (u mom slučaju curica od 7'ipo miseci)

    Poz pooz:hrk:

  • I love a yummy colourful, vibrant & hearty salad, but sometimes I'm lacking ideas.. so I would love to know what you're putting in your salads!

    Hopefully it will be an inspiring thread :)

    A few favourite concoctions of mine lately have been:

    - Quinoa, grilled chicken pieces, steamed broccoli, sun-dried tomato's, olives and feta

    - Quinoa, baby spinach, walnuts, a can of tuna and cucumber

    - Lettuce, cucumber, sweet potato chunks, a can of

  • Becutan

    a year ago

    jako puno poznanica i frendica koristi samo becutan kremu za lice i odusevljeno je ucinkom - nema vise pristica (sta znaci da ih je prije bilo) ni nicega... i ja ne budi ljena kupila tu kremu da probam, medutim ta krema se meni cini full masna i nekako mi to ne ide onda na moju mjestovitu kozu, misljenje?

    (da se drzim nivea baby creme i eucerina?)

  • Ja imam veliki problem i molila bih bilo koga tko zna da mi pomogne jer svaki put kad to vidim placem!!!!
    Ja imam na podrucju ramena i ruku velike suhe crvene fleke koje se svaki puk kada se okupam povecavaju...
    Koristila sam sve od baby ulja pa do skupih krema no nista ne valja i sve vise upadam u depresivu zbog toga!!!
    Unaprijed VELIKA hvala!!!

  • Hi,
    I have some .mkv files that I muxed from .h264 and .ac3 streams. They are all 1920x1080p, 25fps.
    I can play all of them on the PC without having any problems. After using M2ts merge to remux the .mkv to .m2ts for PS3 playback, I can't fast-forward SOME of them. All files are from the same source (Sky HD) and I do not understand why I can just fast-forward a few of them. Muxing directly to .m2ts does not solve this either.
    Neither my PC nor my PS3 can fast-forward them, they do

  • Storing pesto in jars

    3 years ago

    I've read that pesto will keep for ages if the basil's dry and it's properly submerged under olive oil in sterilised jars.
    We had our first freezing Southerly blow this weekend and I raced out and cut the basil before the cold turned it to black mush.
    Last year I froze batches, but for all sorts of reasons, not least that freezing ruins the flavour, I'd rather not again.
    I'm a bit nervous: even using cashews and sunflower seeds, it's not cheap and I don't want it to ferment on me.

  • Storing pesto in jars

    3 years ago

    I've read that pesto will keep for ages if the basil's dry and it's properly submerged under olive oil in sterilised jars.
    We had our first freezing Southerly blow this weekend and I raced out and cut the basil before the cold turned it to black mush.
    Last year I froze batches, but for all sorts of reasons, not least that freezing ruins the flavour, I'd rather not again.
    I'm a bit nervous: even using cashews and sunflower seeds, it's not cheap and I don't want it to ferment on me.

  • I know everyone is looking for high calorie per oz foods, such as Olive Oil and Peanut Butter, hence all the junk food on the trail, but has anyone considered this:

    Activated barley is supposed to offer 400% more energy than any other food calorie known to man, and since it's around 100 calories/oz, I thought it might balance out as a very healthy alternative to massive amounts of high calorie junk food.

  • What is "expensive"?

    3 years ago

    That word or its synonyms seem to be bandied about with regards to dining on Bonaire. I completely get the concept of a net importer for almost any foodstuffs, so the supply chain is most definitely lost on me. But I am curious as to what quantifies as expensive for meals?
    Is that NYC expensive, London expensive, Olive Garden expensive, Morton's expensive, French Laundry expensive, or what? It would be helpful to know as we budget our money across meals and incidentals. I'm a fan of li

  • Problem s Kožom?

    3 years ago

    pozdrav svima,novi sam,na forumu..imam jedan problem aa nemam rjesenje..
    -Imam 16 godina,i imam problem s kozom na licu...po čelu,po obrazima,bradi i vratu,pojavile su se čibice,i jako ruzno izgledaju,lice mi je crveno od toga.a najprije mislim da su to pubertetske čibice...dali postoji neko rjesenje da se uklone,i isuse...i jel ima neka posebna krema u apotekama...unaprijed zahvalan

  • I'm looking for a good Mojo sauce -- the kind you use for dipping Yuca frita and Tostones in, not the marinade. Does anyone have a tried-and-true recipe? Those I've tried so far have been too heavy on the Olive oil. I haven't liked them, not because of the calories (c'mon, we're talking about Cuban food, here!) but because it just doesn't taste right to me. Too rich -- not as punchy as the stuff in the Cuban restaurants in Miami.

    BTW, the reason I emphasize that I'm looking for a dipp

  • I've recently started experimenting with making my own flatbreads after a work colleague said he made his own.

    I've made apricot and spring onion flatbreads a couple of times and I've just made and eaten a sun-dried tomato and olive flatbread, perfect with burgers and salad.

    The one time it wasn't so good was when I tried to cook them in the oven rather than on the griddle. I think the oven wasn't hot enough and they crisped up rather than going soft. I tried the oven metho

  • Hiperpigmentacija lica

    14 years ago

    imam par kao flekica od pristeva tj njihovog mrcvarenja na licu i nekad mi idu malo na zifce.
    da li je netko koristio neku takvu kremu, za takve slucajeve?
    koje su kreme dobre?cijena?
    imam jednu (e sad ne znam dal je avon il oriflame), zove se "even out" al ne vidim nikakav ucinak.
    mama ju kupila za neke pjegice po rukama al kaze da krema ne valja...


  • cure,jel se drzite tog rituala..znaci svaki dan mlijko,pa tonik,pa krema..?
    jel koristite sve to od istog prozvodaca i linije ili mjesate?
    kako njegujete kozu lica svakodnevno?

    ja se trudim,ali bas ne ulovim svaki dan za sve te korake koje prporucuju dermatolozi..
    nekad se samo umijem gelom,namazem kremicom..nekad sve obavim..nekad mi pae samo tonikom preci lice..
    kako kad..
    no vecinom radim te 1-2-3 korake :zubo:

  • Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you about my experience with red palm oil. My hair was falling out badly and after using red palm oil for about two weeks or so, the hair loss has stopped and I hardly use any hairs anymore! This oil contains very nutritious toconutrienols, vitamin A and, very important for healthy hair and to stop hair fall! I mix red palm oil with olive oil (about two thirds red palm oil and one third EVOO) and add a few drops of peppermint and lavender essential oils. I heat it s

  • I'm looking to buy a vegetable/nut/seed oil to use as body moisturiser (sparingly or mixed with regular moisturiser).
    Which to buy?

    Reading MUA most people seem to love jojoba and EOO (extra virgin olive oil) - on the face and body.

    I'd like something that's light and quick to absorb. I just happen to have macadamia oil for cooking at the moment, and rubbed some on my arms- but find it a bit heavy.

    Any recommendations?
    I've tried googling and there are ap

  • Aloe vera

    9 months ago

    Svojevremeno je bila hit, i sva kozmetika se reklamirala njome, a gledam tu na potforumu prirodne kozmetike se ne spominje bas...

    Ima li sto u ovakvim opisima ili su to samo reklamni trikovi?

    Izvanredno vlaži kožu jer prodire do najdubljeg dermalnog sloja, pomlađuje kožu jer povećava stvaranje fibroblasta 8x brže nego je to normalno te na taj način ubrzava cijeljenje rana. Izvanredna je za suhu, osjetljivu i oštećenu kožu; ublažava i otklanja staračke pjege po rukama.

  • Christmas Dinner 2011

    2 years ago

    I have done something really silly. I have offered to have the family Christmas dinner at my house.

    I'm planning to keep stress to minimum by having a cold spread, mostly made in advance.

    Here's the menu so for:

    Nuts in shells (opened with a festive nutcracker)
    Marinated olives
    Sparkling white wine

    Glazed ham
    Side of smoked salmon
    Seafood sauce
    Donna Hay's mint pesto

  • As we all know, the country will probably at some stage go into a state of chaos, the world economy will go bust, there will be no food on the shelves, there may be long periods without electric and gas etc etc

    I am thinking about buying non-electrical gadgets that may help us to survive during the times of chaos. Electrical gadgets could quite probably become worthless in the future so we need to make sure we stop wasting our money NOW. We need to spend any savings we may have before

  • ista takva je i moja.:mad: Vichy mi je užasan, svaka krema koju sam do sada probala. Il dobije neke piknjice pride:D, na ovo što me zna svrbiti oko nosa...*popizditis*
    primjetila sam da to izbijanje nekih crvenih svrbljivih točaka (nisu to prištići, više kao čelu il oko nosa), osim od zimskih uvjeta dobijem i ako sam jela nešto jako masno.
    Na to mi lice podivlja.:ne zna:

    Eto ja u zadnjih par dana imam neke fleke, najvise uz rub obraza i kose, svrbi i lagano je suho

  • Pozdrav svima, nisam se dugo javila a i nisam imala šta javit, ali sam virkala.
    čestitke svim novim trudnicama !
    ja kao i uvijek u zadnji tren tražim pomoć, pravi kampanjac.
    Naime ja bi večeras trebala početi sa Dycapeptilima , ali mi je stiga nalaz briseva ovako; nema escherikije coli (duga borba) ali imam Gardnerellu vaginalis. Sad je pitanje da li se s tim može početi IVF postupak? Moja ginekologica veli da to ne bi treba biti problem jer je samo lokalna terapija (vaginalna kre

  • Happy November. Here's what I made in October.
    Barefoot contessa-Perfect Roast Chicken

    Very Good

    The CornBread Gospels-Carroll's Extra Moist Cornbread
    Gourmet-CLBB-Bobmark-Sophisto Joe's
    NYT-Mark Bittman-Jamie Oliver-Parmesan Chicken
    Lenny and Diana-Noodles with meat Sauce-Shanghai Style
    Barefoot Contessa-Brownie Pudding
    Taste of Home-Chocolate Cheesecake


    Emeril At the Grill-Avocado, Tomato and REd on

  • We got into a little discussion about Waffle House over in the gaming section of Talking Time, so I thought it would be best to move that conversation to a subforum better suited to it. Tell me about the restaurants you hate the most, and the dining experiences that scarred you for life.

    The most memorable moment for me was the time my family waited for a seat at an IHOP... for nearly an hour! Back then, they went by the classier name of International House of Pancakes, but believe

  • Živjo!

    imam težavo, za katro ne vem, kako naj jo odpravim, pa vas prosim, če ima kdo kakšen nasvet in podobno izkušnjo-naj to napiše.

    torej skoraj eno leto opažam, da se mi na robu nosa, ampak že v nosnici, vsake toliko časa naredi kot podkožni mozolj oziroma se mi zapre pora. stena nosnice mi oteče, se zadebeli, pordi (na zunaj) in stavr zelo boli. tudi izgleda ne prijetno z rdečo bunko na nosu. zadeva po nekaj časa mine (traja lahko par dni, lahko zudi 2 tedna), potem pa

  • Anti ageing njega

    13 years ago

    Pozdrav svim ljubiteljima kozmetike :)

    Naime, prešla sam tridesetu i surfam bespućima interneta što mi je činiti kako bih što duže održala relativno mladolik izgled. Želim sebi kreirati učinkovit i pristupačan režim koji bih dugoročno slijedila, a da pritom nije potrebno potrošiti gomile novca. za sada sam se opredijelila za sljedeće:

    1. c vitamin (home made c serum)
    2. Spf zaštita ujutro i još jednom kroz dan (meni je super lrp bb spf 20)
    3. Retinoidi (Avene Triacneal

  • Joseph alex- bro u just count the no. of stores opened and yet to open. There are almost 250 brands (including food stalls, restaurants, coffee shops, etc) and also lots of kiosks are also opening up. So obviously the store count will come upto 300. Regarding brands from what i heard from my friend says that many awesome brands like guess, timberland, ck, fcuk, lacoste, clarks, chemistry, burberry, etc just recently came and signed agreement. There's also chances for superdry to open their store

  • Ekcem

    10 years ago

    K. je dobila strasan ekcem,preko cijelog lica :(
    pocelo je prije 7 dana s sitnim osipom,pa svakim danom sve gore...odvela sam je pedijatru,pa dermatologu i dijagnoza je ekcem.
    dali su joj neku mast koju mazem vec peti dan,a ni traga poboljsanju,sitne tockice prerasle su u crvena polja,suha s naznakom na krasticu.
    Kako sam bila zbunjena kod dermatologa,nisam ocekivala nikakvu dijagnozu sem "osip" zaboravila sam da pitam...sto je to ekcem...kako...zasto :confused:

  • Dolmades with a twist

    2 years ago

    I've started an elimination ('low stress') diet and am already challenged to work out what I can still eat.... With a few changes to a recipe I found on the internet I came up with this for lunch. Everything is organic of course.

    Filling - 1 cup brown rice, 1 brown onion - diced, 1/4 cup tarragon and the same of mint (from my garden), 1 teaspoon sea (or Himalayan rock) salt, 500 ml water. Add everything but the water to a saucepan and fry up in a little rice bran oil for 5 minutes. Th

  • ( of dead Sydney boy Mike Tannous say he has miraculous powers (

    * By Clementine Cuneo
    * From: The Daily Telegraph
    * December 21, 2009 11:30PM

    A SYDNEY couple believes their son - "hand-pick

  • So, I started using Twitter to follow some interesting sites and people sometime last year. I think it started with Scott Simon (, who has been my favorite NPR host since about forever and is an active Twitter user.

    My account has snowballed and now I'm following a motley group that runs the gamut from local businesses to very well-known people (Bill Gates, for instance). I pretty much never tweet (what an odd verb!), but I read at least once a day

  • Foods that help

    What to eat
    Bright red and orange fruits and vegetables have beta-carotene, which you body converts to oil-reducing vitamin A. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamin B6, which minimizes swelling, so pimples are reduced.
    What to avoid
    Iodine-rich salt, shrimp and seaweed stimulate oil glands, inducing irritation of pores. And although pure chocolate won't cause acne, the sugar in desserts (along with dairy and refined flour) can.


  • Želim ovu temu dići iz pepela i ako mognem svojim iskustvom pomoći ijednoj osobi, nitko sretniji od mene!
    Ja sam dugi niz godina patila zbog akni, pojavile su se niotkuda, ogromne, upaljene, crvene i uz pratnju hrpe potkožnih upalnih procesa koji su se znali doslovce u čireve pretvoriti, a ako bih stiskala, imala bih rane i otoke po cijelom licu, ako je bilo blizu očiju, znalo mi se i oko zatvoriti od otoka.
    Probala sam sve, na kozmetici i preparatima nisam štedjela, od svega kod nas n

  • Another quest - fantastic news.
    I really like this feature of being able to win special items to put in your garden so thank you Playdom.

    Click on the Earth picture to get started
    First step: Collect 5 Cloth Bags, but you should already have 3 so only 2 to win.

    The game is Raindrop, which is at 9 Bee-witched in Bloomington

    The game isn't too hard. You don't need to worry about

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