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  • Estelle (E2)

    Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

    ACA Accredited Unit Since August 2008

    Unit Full Name: W. J. "Jim" Estelle Unit

    Unit Address and Phone Number: 264 FM 3478, Huntsville, TX 77320-3320 (936) 291-4200 (**032)

    Unit Location: Ten (10) miles north of Huntsville on FM 3478 in Walker County

    Senior Warden: David Sweetin

    Regional Director: Michael Upshaw, Region I (

  • I would really like to know if there are any other women who have husbands or boyfriends in the Holliday Unit in Huntsville Tx. I would like to talk with someone who is going through the same situations as myself and children. I could use some info about things. I may even be able to also inform someone with what I know about so far. ANYONE? :)

  • Hi my name is Dawn I am new to all of this. I need some info on Huntsville Prison. My boyfriend Daniel was recently expidited from Florida to Texas to Huntsville. It was for a Parole Violation from 1998. I'm scared to think they may give him all the time he owes. No one in the prison system can seem to give me an answer so I figured I would come to the people who are basically in the same shoes or close to it. So can someone please help me or just let me know the steps I can take.


  • i had to send a letter to huntsville,at the wynne unit. it was urgent so i did a quick search.i noticed that on the site there is nothing more than:wynne unit huntsville tx 77349.
    is this address complete? will my letter make it ok?

  • Hi yawl....

    Does anyone know how long after they complete their rehab program at Kyle unit it will take for an inmate to come home. My nephew completed his program on March 16th and his certification was accepted on March 3rd, 2009. They (huntsville) said it can take anywhere from 7-21 business days to issue out the release date? Does that mean they come at the end of 21 days if the release date hasn't already been issued? I'm confused as to how this works... HELP!!!!:confused:

  • My son was recently sent to Byrd unit in Huntsville. I haven't heard from him and probably wont for awhile . Does anyone know how long an inmate is at the Byrd unit ?. Is this a processing prison. Thanks

  • Hi, my name June and my husband is Tommy who is as ofnow in Holliday Unit in Huntsville. He has been there for 3 weeks. He is out of dianostics. He has been in review for parole. We find out the answer to wheither he gets it or not. Can some one tell me if chances of getting parole the first time is good. This is the first time he has ever been in prison. Also can some explain what is a projective release date is. Thanks

  • Lewis (GL)

    Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

    ACA Accredited Unit Since August 2006

    Unit Full Name: Gib Lewis Unit

    Unit Address and Phone Number: 777 FM 3497, Woodville, TX 75990
    (409) 283-8181 (**040)

    Unit Location: One (1) mile east of Woodville off Hwy 190 on FM 3497 in Tyler County

    Senior Warden: Cody Ginsel

    Regional Director: Michael Upshaw, Region I (

  • Travis County (TI)

    Correctional Institutions Division - State Operated State Jail

    ACA Accredited Unit Since May 2008

    Unit Full Name:Travis County State Jail

    Unit Address and Phone Number:8101 FM 969, Austin, TX 78724
    (512) 926-4482

    Unit Location:Two (2) miles east of Hwy 183 on FM 969 in Travis County

    Senior Warden:Paul Sloan

    Regional Director:Gilbert Campuzano, Region VI (

  • Boyd (BY)

    Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

    ACA Accredited Unit Since January 1998

    Unit Full Name: William R. Boyd Unit

    Unit Address and Phone ( Number: 200 Spur 113, Teague, TX 75860-2007 (254) 739-5555 (**051)

    Unit Location: Four (4) miles west of Fairfield on Highway 84, Spur 113 in Freestone County

    Senior Warden: Edgar Baker

    Regional Director: Robert Eason, Re

  • Stiles (ST)

    Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

    ACA Accredited Unit Since May 2008

    Unit Full Name: Mark W. Stiles Unit

    Unit Address and Phone Number: 3060 FM 3514, Beaumont, TX 77705
    (409) 722-5255 (**049)

    Unit Location: Four (4) miles southeast of Beaumont on FM 3514 in Jefferson County

    Senior Warden: Richard Alford

    Regional Director: Paul Morales, Region III (

  • Roach (RH)

    Correctional Institutions Division - Prison

    ACA Accredited Unit Since August 2002

    Unit Full Name: T. L. Roach Unit

    Unit Address and Phone Number: 15845 FM 164, Childress, TX 79201
    (940) 937-6364 (**050)

    Unit Location: Two (2) miles southwest of Hwy 287 on FM 164 in Childress County

    Senior Warden: Gary Hunter

    Regional Director: Jason Heaton, Region V (

  • My Son was just sent to Winnsboro Tx, He is just 18 ,I didnt get a call from him yet.But i did get to see him Saturday,He seem to be doing really good.Im just trying to find out more information about SAFPF

  • Johnson SAFP Unit is in Winnsboro,Tx. Do you have a loved one here?
    If so tell us about it. This is your place to discuss or chat with others who visit or have been at this prison.

  • My fiance recently got moved from high security to medium security. I went to visit him this past Sunday and he asked me for a marriage by proxy :cheers:. Of course I was so excited but tried not to get my hopes up to much because I wanted to get all the details first and make sure we could do this. So that night I started surfing the net and came across prison talk and people posted what had to be done. First thing Monday I called up to Estelle Unit where my fiance is and asked was there an

  • My sister was just sentences to 9 years in a Tx prison. She is currently in Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas and I believe she will be sent to Dayton or Gatesville. Does anyone have any information on these 2 female prisons? I would like to know visitation, phone calls, commsionary info, mailing address and whatever you can tell me.

    Thanks Sarah

  • Texas Department of Criminal
    Prison Names and Phone :p Numbers :D
    James Allred Unit (940) 855-7477
    Bartlett State Jail CCA (245) 527-3300
    W.P. “Bill” Baten Unit (806) 665-7070
    George Beto Unit (903) 928-2217
    William R. Boyd Unit (254-739-5555
    Alford Bradshaw State Jail Facility MTC (903)655-0880
    Bridgeport Unit(940)683-3010
    Dolph Briscoe Unit (830)965-4444
    James H. Byrd Unit (936)295-5768
    Central Unit (281) 491-2146
    Clemens Unit (9

  • does any have a loved one at Briscoe in Dilley, TX? Just looking for a little support group to communicate with

  • I quit having any contact with my father a few years ago and I just spoke to my big brother today and he told me my father was in huntsville in the holiday unit.He also told me that my Aunt said my father is dying and may have 6months left.I dont know how or what is causing it.I left my father when I was 13 and am now 19 I feel none of these things would have happened had i stayed home. I need to speake to my father or see him or something but I dont know how can somebody please help me. Maybe i

  • Does anyone know about The Hamilton Unit in texas my man just got moved there and from what i understand it is a pre-release prison is this true? Does it mean he could be getting released any day now please someone help

  • I'm so new to this...I'm feeling quite overwhelmed and lost. My boyfriend was on probation and got a dwi. He signed his papers to go to safp last Thursday. As far as we know he is going to the Johnston unit in Winnsboro, TX (he's just waiting to catch a chain there). I just can't seem to find answers to any of my questions. If anyone out there can help, it would mean the world to me. Everything I'm hearing is so contradictory and I just don't know what to believe...PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

  • How different is gist state jail from an actual prison? My man is in gist and ive never known anyone locked up before so i was just looking for some insight. I dont know if i should be worried about his safety. Are they in dorms or cells? What is the hep c or hiv likeliness in gist? Im SO lost!

  • Telford Unit is in New Boston,Tx. Do you have a loved one here? If so tell us about it. This is your place to discuss or chat with others who visit or have been at this prison.

  • Glossbrenner SAFP Unit is in San Diego,Tx. Do you have a loved one here? If so tell us about it. This is your place to discuss or chat with others who visit or have been at this prison.

  • Halbert SAFP Unit (Female) is in Burnet,Tx. Do you have a loved one here? If so tell us about it. This is your place to discuss or chat with others who visit or have been at this Prison.

  • Jester l Unit is in Richmond,Tx. Do you have a loved one here? If so tell us about it. This is your place to discuss or chat with others who visit or have been at this prison.

  • I am desperate to get some quick info to help my husband - he has dual diagnosis and facing an 8-year sentence in TDCJ. :confused:

    A brief introduction: my husband was arrested in Denton County for a felony DWI (4th offense). Then 4 months later for Evading w/ priors in Collin County. Of course the first and main charge that is on the hot-plate is the DWI. He is going to take the 8-year plea bargain this month and start his sentence. However, his lawyers are supposed to be the best in

  • I was 16 when Shelley Sikes was abducted and I remember seeing her missing flyers all over the place, even for years after this happened. I've often wondered if anything was ever found, but hadn't thought about it in years. Then today I ran across her page while I was looking for something else in the Texas Clearinghouse for Missing Persons.

    I hope and pray that her family has found some peace over the last 20 years. God Bless you Shelley. :angel:


  • Sayle (SY)

    Correctional Institutions Division - Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility

    ACA Accredited Unit Since May 2006

    Unit Full Name: Walker Sayle Unit

    Unit Address and Phone Number: 4176 FM 1800, Breckenridge, TX 76424-7301 (254) 559-1581 (**080)

    Unit Location: Five (5) miles northeast of Breckenridge in Stephens County

    Senior Warden: Rocky Moore

    Regional Director: Gilbert Campuzano, Region VI (http://www.tdcj.state

  • Glossbrenner (SO)

    Correctional Institutions Division - Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility

    ACA Accredited Unit Since April 2005

    Unit Full Name: Ernestine Glossbrenner Unit

    Unit Address and Phone Number: 5100 South FM 1329, San Diego, TX 78384
    (361) 279-2705 (**088)

    Unit Location: Three and one-half miles south of San Diego on FM 1329 in Duvall County

    Senior Warden: Philip Rodriguez

    Regional Director: Eileen Kenn

  • 7 November 2001:
    Joseph Trento has published "The Secret History of the CIA," in which he cites papers and interviews of Robert Crowley as sources for the book.Prima Publishing (, Random House, New York, 2001. ISBN 0-7615-2562-9. Mr. Trento writes informatively and entertainingly of several persons listed in The Crowley Files.
    Gregory Douglas, source of The Crowley Files, now has his own Web site which presents his research on the Crowley papers and o

  • Akten- und Karteimaterial in der Deutschen Dienststelle (WASt)

    - Zentralkartei 18.000.000
    - Verlustmeldungen der Einheiten und Sanitäts-Formationen 150.000.000
    - Gräberlisten In- und Ausland 60.000
    - Umbettungsprotokolle In- und Ausland 599.324
    - Zentralgräberkarte (incl. Neuzugänge) 4.500.000
    - Grabmeldungen über Gefallene des ersten Weltkrieges 900.000
    - Zusammenstellung der jüdischen Gefallenen des deutschen Heeres, der Marine und der Schutztruppen 1914 bis 1


    Riverside CA police officer guilty of molesting child multiple times for two years

    Henderson Co TN deputy caught using children to make porn, carried nude pics of them on his cell phone

    Phoenix AZ cop charged w/murder planted drugs on mentally challenged homeless lady

    Phoenix AZ cop given 2nd d

  • The following ATL is based on the thread:

    Here is the final draft of the ATL so far:

    August 15th, 1977: Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University then located at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio. The signal bore all of the hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-Solar System or

  • my bf transeferred to byrd on 1-6-10 an he was at gurnet 12-31-09 i started writting daily to gurney on 1-1-10 he did not get any letters till he was at byrd an he has only gotten 3 letters will they follow him an is the mail always this slow or will he get them all at once

  • Hi all ... does anyone have "specific" information for the "rehab" program in the Beto Unit, Tennessee Colony ... i.e., success rates, living conditions; such as, are they in separate population, food, dorms or cells and in genera, what can be expected ... my Son is set to be transfered there anyday now and I would just like to have some first hand knowledge ... anything will be appreciated ...

    thanks ...

  • Hi there,

    I'm new to the Jpay system, so I had a question that I ask you yo forgive me in advance if it's stupid: does Jpay work with the Boyd Unit? I ask because I do find my guy, and Boyd is listed, but they don't give me the same address as what he told me to write him (Jpay tells me Route 2 Box 500 instead of 200 Spur 113). It confuses me.

    I'll go ahead and try it anyway, but I'd just thought I ask so I don't worry about the result. T_T

    Thank you!

  • Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone knew if there was something going on at the Lewis unit. My boyfriend normally call and I have not heard from him in over a week. That just seemed a little strange to me. There is nothing wrong with my phone line. It just seemed a little strange to me.

  • My boyfriend has been told he is probably going to be transferred to Gurney from county. He said there would be no warning and I would probably go see him and he wouldn't be there and that is how I would find out he is getting moved. Does anyone know how true this is?

    Also, once he is transferred how will I find him. I know about the offender locator, but how do I get his TDCJ # in order to look him up?

  • Does anyone know the address to send letters to our loved ones? I have found a PO Box and the Route 1, Box 273 address, confused on which one to use. Also, is anyone familiar with this unit? My boyfriend was just transferred here from Holliday last weekend.

  • Is there somewhere on the internet that you can get visitation info on the Wallace Unit? My son was just moved there a short while ago and we live 6 hrs away. Don't want to make the trip blind. Please help if you can. Thanks! :)

  • My son has recently been transfered to Montford from Smith. I am feeling very alone at the moment and would just like to talk to someone else who has family there.


  • On TDCJ web site, a notice was posted saying NO visitation for the 16-17 at the Bridgport (male) unit.

    Be safe.

  • I'm going to reintroduce myself. My husband was at jester 1 for 11 months in safp. He was released at the end of May and he went to the salvation army on Dallas till August. He was doing but then he decided he could drink socially. Nope. If your are an alcoholic. You can not drink at all. He eventfully blew a violation in his Smartstart on his truck. They revoked his probation and he was moved yesterday back to safp this Johnston. He is in the relapse program. Does anyone know if it is 3 month

  • There doesn't seem to be much information available on this SAFP program or Jonston itself. Does anyone have any new information to share? Or the unit itself? Is the unit all SAFP? Is it a 6 month or 9 month program? Do they require half way house afterward? Is the program tough or a good program? Thanks for sharing.


  • My man is at larry gist right now, he's doing tdc time hoping for parole soon. Anyhow he told me he has heard rumors that larry gist is shutting down by or before the end of this year. Has anyones elses man heard this as well? Just curious.

  • He was transferred from county to the Holliday Unit yesterday. How long does it take for them to process him into the system. I keep checking online with the Offender search on the TDCJ website and it isn't finding him. When can I send him mail? And money? And I was wondering if there was any difference betwenn TDC and TDCJ? I really appreciate all the help yall give!! Thank you!!!

  • Does anyone have information on visitaion, rules, ect on the Estelle Unit SafP in Huntsville Texas?

  • My fiance is in Glossbrenner SAFP - would anyone be interested in carpooling there with me for visitation?:) I'm in Houston, TX.

  • I was just released from the Kyle unit last week if anyone has any questions I will pleased to answer what questions I can.

  • Does anybody know what type of common law marriage form Ferguson Unit Trustee Camp requires to change a visitor's status from friend to wife? Do I need a specific affidavit provided by tdcj? Please help, your answers will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi, my fiance has just been sentenced to SAFP... we're in Dallas County and I have no idea where he is going (I think maybe Winnsboro?not sure though)...does anybody have any info about what SAFP is like...where the units are...what are the rules as far as contact and visitation...we're expecting our first child and would like to make this as easy as possible...can somebody please help?

  • Anyone know anything about the Holiday Unit? Other then the fact that it's a transfer unit and the people there are way nicer then they are in our home town, i know nothing! I havnt heard from my husband since he got there a little over a week ago and he's the kinda guy to let me know every step of the way whats going on if he's able to so im assumeing he just hasn't gone to store yet...just wondering if anyone knew how the whole proccess works there? What comminsary days are? How soon before vi

  • How long does the intake process take? Is it days or weeks? After the intake are they usually shipped to a different unit if they are going to be switched? Thanks!

  • Well 'm am new here so I hope this works. My husband was transfered from Grayson county jail last night around 3am. I am so thankful I got to tell him goodnight and that I loved him before he left. He is being transfered to Safp..Not sure where. If I call the unit I beleive he will tranfered too, I wonder if they could tell me if he's there since I don't know his TDCJ number yet? I believe he will be transferred to johnson unit in winnsboro (80% of people from grayson county are transfered there

  • Does anyone know what criteria is used for determining whether one is considered special needs versus regular needs? My boyfriend just found out he is considered special needs, which obviously requires a longer wait time for a bed and a longer stay in a SAFP facility from six months to nine months, but all he is on and has ever been on is high blood pressure medication. Wasn't sure if that's what did it or not.

  • Hello everyone! My honey-bunny just got there Mon. morn. (04/04/11) from another unit. I called and was told no phone calls, no visitors, and that he is definitley in transition, not there to stay. He told me, 5-10 days there, but when I called, they said 30-45 days. In his letter, he said they just got off lockdown or are still in the process.

    Can anyone shed some light, make corrections, give advice or confirm?
    Thank you!

    Star :thumbsup:

  • Hi, I'm new to this site, and need some questions answered... My Fiance is going to The Walker Sayle SAFP unit in Breckenridge, Texas, and I'm just wondering if only immediate family is allowed to visit? Also, do you get to visit every weekend, or is there a limited amount of times you can visit? Lastly, do you have to wait until they're out of orientation before you can visit them?

    All correspondence is GREATLY appreciated.. Having a hard time dealing with all of this, and any answe

  • I wanted to start a thread for the Kyle unit

  • Where can I get one of these for Gist? I'm only listed as CLW right now, but at other units you can fill out a notarized affidavit showing common law marriage. Any advice?

  • My hunny will be released from Hutchins in a week and I would like to get some more information. When I call the prison they seem to only answer the questions I ask.
    I was told to arrive no later then 1030. But I was wondering, is there a certain time they release the inmates, or do they release them when someone is there to pick them up?
    Also, does it take long once you get there? I have a 7 month old who will more then likely be going with me but I do not want to keep her in the ca

  • Hello! Well I'm new to this prison talk and just wondering if anyone had any love one's there. I look through this website and not many ladies with love ones in Gist are in here.Just wondering

  • Okay... freaking out once again. I just got a letter from my boyfriend. They told him last week they were sending him to Hamilton to do a DWI class. They took him to the walls and then to Hamilton, then told him that wasn't where the DWI class was- that it was in the "Henderson Unit". No Henderson Unit listed on TDC website- but there IS an "Intermediate Sanction Facility (ISF)" in Henderson, TX. My boyfriend said it's new and designed especially for DWI's. Has anyone h

  • I was hoping and praying that they took my love to safp yesterday...woke up early and called to see if he was still here, and just my chain because of the holiday. There I was almost heartbroken and quite discouraged, thinking, "well's gonna be another 2 weeks before he gets to go now." Went to visitation last night and he was every bit as upset as I was, even though we were glad to be able to see each other. Not to mention his wisdom tooth broke and is infected (we

  • So my honey bun is currently in a pre-release facility (Hamilton Unit in Bryan, TX) and he ends the program on May 8th. "firewks: This would be he would be released roughly the first week of June

    Well, he told me that the program overall might be shutting down early, and he might be leaving the facility before June. He said he would finish on May 8 still, but he'd be released before June.

    Has anyone ever heard of this situation before? Has it happened to you?

  • (last major revision: Nov. 29)


    I'm trying to put together a list of cities and towns throughout the country which have at least one example of pre-WWII, attached row house type housing (at least 3 side-by-side units). Clearly this is an extremely common housing form in certain parts of the country but not throughout. It is those regions where this type of housing is less common that I wish to focus on.

    This is just the beginning o

  • For this story, the references to Sudafed mean the old pseudoephedrine medicine, not the other med now being sold OTC under the Sudafed brand name.

    This hits close to home for me as may have pushed the limits on buying pseudoephedrine at times solely for shopping convenience. The various pharmacists I've asked about the limits really weren't very informative, and it seemed like they were just trying to enforce requirements without actually understanding the various aspects. One I used t

  • US Citizen, Terrance David Sheard, was recently released from a Japanese prison. This is his account of his ordeal in the hope that he may highlight the suffering of those he left behind.
    "I want to tell my story because I promised my mates back in the Fuchu hellhole [Japan Prison] that I would try to expose the abuses and cruel treatment experienced daily by all Fuchu inmates. Can you [FPSS] please help me? I owe it to all those who are suffering under the draconian prison system i

  • A couple of months ago I ordered the ReadyMadeRC adapter for GoPro 3 to Fatshark TX and only now tried it. I'm using the Fat Shark Predator 250 mw TX powered by power module between the TX and the battery. The TX outputs 5 volts to the camera.

    I'm not getting any video out of TX and after just a few seconds the camera turns off after a few beeps and some red LED flashing. The cable appears to be wired correctly at the connector end to the TX and has the correct connector.

  • A Prisoner's Dictionary ...This site has a Huge List of Prison Slang definitions....

    also see this list below.

    The following is an alphabetized list of common everyday PRISON SLANG. Should you "go away to cooking school" knowing these phrases could mean life or death. Good Luck!

    Ad-Seg : Administrative segregation. When a prisoner is placed on
    Ad-seg he is being investigated and will go to the hole until

  • AWUS036NH TX Power

    2 years ago

    First - If you break your card??? I am not going to lose any sleep over it.

    I was able to get the TX Power of my awuso36nh card all the way up to 33 working with injection. Here is how I did it.
    One warning. I am doing this on Ubuntu but it shouldn't be too much different.

    I followed Joker5bb great tutorial (This was really helpful). except...

    I was having issues so instead of

  • Hi to all!

    We are currently working a project for the prisons profiles. I would like to ask all of you a little favor to help out a little. I would like to compile a list of the prisons and directions to each on of them. I know it will almost be nearly impossible to get all the prisons down since Texas has so many out there, but I would like to get as many as possible. Basically what I/we are looking for is a one stop place to members to go to and be able to get directions and

  • Inspire by of one the thread from other forum about his prison life which have provide and help me enough information and my mental preparation before attending my court sentence last month, I finally got my freedom back todae after weeks of lockup and now I decided to share my life experience and encounters in prison Cluster B to help others.

    My case is CBT and was being sentenced to jail under sector 408 and had entered prison 1st time in my life.

    Now, I would like to sha

  • Gist (BJ)

    Correctional Institutions Division - State Operated State Jail

    ACA Accredited Unit Since January 2003

    Unit Full Name: Larry Gist State Jail

    Unit Address and Phone Number: 3295 FM 3514, Beaumont, TX 77705
    (409) 727-8400 (**097)

    Unit Location: FM 3514 off Hwy 69 South between Beaumont and Port Arthur in Jefferson County

    Senior Warden: Reginald Goings

    Regional Director: Paul Morales, Region III (http://www.tdcj.s

  • Denis MacShane says 'Quelle surprise' as he is jailed for expenses fraud - Telegraph (

    I believe it costs about £400 to £500 a week to keep someone in prison. So if MacShane behaves himself, he'll be out in about 12 weeks, having cost the taxpayer around £5000 to give him free bed and board. What is the point of sending him t

  • I would like to hear from those who have had experience in dealing with prisons that have the drug scanning machines. This is for an article for Con-Tact News. Please post any personal experiences you have had, or have seen, regarding these machines. I know they aren't in all prisons in all states, so please post the state your experience was in also.

    Thanks! :)

  • As requested by this thread. ( I work in the military's only maximum security prison. My responsibilities include conducting an initial mental heath assessment and a risk assessment for new inmates sentenced to the USDB. As per my leadership, there are two types of questions I cannot answer:

    1. Specific information about an inmate. (If you ask me is PVT Snuffy inside my prison, I cannot answer that)

    2. Details abou

  • I think someone should start a petition on first-time drug charges going to prison. I think that some people get into more trouble than they could have expected.

    They should be given an automatic chance on probation with some type of class that has to be taken as well, instead of being thrown in prison for 2-10 years or more!

    If you agree please post here. If you know anything about trying to change the law in US please let me know!

    I am in Texas!

  • Today marks the beginning of a second special session of the Texas Legislature called by Republican Gov. Rick Perry to get a bill passed that would place extreme restrictions on a woman's right to choose, including new "standards" that would effectively cut down the state's abortion clinics from 42 to 5.

    "Pro-Lifer" Rick Perry just oversaw Texas's 500th execution. I mean, just hours after Kimberly McCarthy’s execution, Perry keynoted the National Right to Life c

  • Cole (CL)

    Correctional Institutions Division - State Operated State Jail

    ACA Accredited Unit Since January 2000

    Unit Full Name: Buster Cole State Jail

    Unit Address and Phone Number: 3801 Silo Road, Bonham, TX 75418
    (903) 583-1100 (**102)

    Unit Location: Three (3) miles west of Bonham, at the corner of FM 87 and Old Silo Road in Fannin County

    Senior Warden: Kenneth Dean

    Regional Director: Robert Eason, Region II (http://w

  • I saw this game on steam last night and it seemed interesting. You get you design your own prison and have to keep the inmates in line.

    Anyone have any experience with this game?

    Here is the company site if you were interested: (

  • I got a letter from Wayne today with one of his prison recipes and wanted to share it:

    "I made a burrito or Bomb Chino as I call them. You mix one individual serving of crushed corn chips, one crushed noodle soup, one crushed bag of BBQ potato chips together in a plastic bag - thourghly combine these fine gourmet items then add one to 1 1/2 cups of hot water to the bag, mix throughly, evenly and seal the bag wrapping in a towel or a month old newspaper. Let sit for 15 to 30 min

  • HI!:) I was wondering if anyone has any information on the SAFP unit in San Diego, TX? My boyfriend was sent there on Monday after four months in county. I really wanted to go see him for a contact visit but when I called they said they don't have his visitors list posted yet. I am getting frustrated because I am used to aletter every day, and I haven't even gotten one yet so I can't write to him either. Do things usually take this long?:confused: Any information would be greatly appreciate

  • Hello, I am interested in transmitting and receiving data through Rx-Tx pair working in either 418mhz or 433Mhz etc. Where can I get this pair and what would be cost. There are couple of sites which sell them but the only problem is by the time I get it the cost would have addons of custom duty, excise duty, octroi and all such stuffs. So I am interested in get some thing locally it would be best else atleast if someone could help me trace the guy who sells these pairs in India then it would be

  • hey everyone i am kym with a boyfriend in Choice Moore unit just wondering if there is anyone out there with a loved one in this same unit.. I know a few people already but not online. Just trying to meet someone to see how some of this prison system works. it makes me angry.. let me know thanks!

  • Hello everyone!

    I want to take the opportunity to welcome you to this forum. This is a place to post about lock downs in Texas prisons as well as everything about them. We all know that TDCJ doesn't publicize lock downs. What i am asking everyone to do is ask your loved ones when they go on lock down to tell us. Any information of when, why and what they do on lock downs will help other members be aware of what is going on.

    So welcome everyone! Post away and lets he

  • My fiance was just transferred leblanc unit to complete a 6 month program. one of my friends told me that this is one of the really bad prisons. he said that there are a lot of fights and gangs and stuff like that. has anyone heard the same thing?

  • I read in the "grits for Breakfast" newsletter on the internet this morning that because of the severe shortage of guards at this unit, more inmates will be transferred sometime in the next few weeks.
    When will this all end? This is hard on the inmates and their famlies.
    The Texas Board of Parole and Pardons should get off their seats and do their jobs. A lot of inmates come up for several times to be reviewed to be released, and the Board keep setting them off. This is so sad,

  • Welcome to the Wynne Unit Handbook.
    Here you will find comprehensive information specifically for Wynne Unit Texas Prison.

    Wynne Unit - General Information (
    Wynne Unit - Contact Information (
    Wynne Unit - Mail Services Information (
    Wynne Unit - Visitation Information

  • Welcome to the Ware Unit Handbook.
    Here you will find comprehensive information specifically for Ware Unit Texas Prison.

    Ware Unit – General Information (
    Ware Unit – Contact Information (
    Items you CAN and CANNOT send to an inmate at Ware Unit (

  • Can someone please help me or give me a clue to what might be going on. My son was in SAFP Jester 1 unit. They moved him to Jester 3 and now he has no privileges. No one will tell me anything. Who do I talk to at the prison to find out why they moved my boy and what has happened. He is 600 miles away from where I live and I am completely lost at what is going on. If someone else out there has experienced similar situations with Jester, I would appreciate your help and advice. God bless. Lenora

  • Welcome to the Goodman Transfer Facility Handbook (

    Here you will find comprehensive information specifically for Goodman Transfer Facility Texas Prison. (

    Goodman Transfer Facility – General Information (

    Goodman Transfer Facility – Contact Information (http://pris

  • My husband was in the Middleton Unit, but I just got word that he was transferred to Sanchez. I'm in Sweetwater, TX so that's a SIX hour drive for me now. ugh. Can anyone tell me what to expect? I honestly didn't think he was going to be transferred.. Plus, this is a state jail.. he's not a state jail offender..

    Please help.

  • Welcome to the Carole S. Young Medical Facility Unit Handbook.

    Here you will find comprehensive information specifically for Carole S. Young Medical Facility Unit - Texas Prison.

    General Information (

    Contact Information for the Young Medical Complex (

    Items You Can and Can Not Send to the Young Medical Complex (

  • I had no idea what unit my hubby was in so figured I would save y'all some time and list what I found. :)

    Region II (
    Beto Unit (Palestine)
    Boyd Unit (Teague)
    Coffield Unit (Palestine area)
    Cole State Jail (Bonham)
    Gurney Transfer (Palestine area)
    Hodge MROP Unit (Rusk)
    Hutchins State Jail (Dallas)
    Johnston SAFP (Winnsboro)
    Michael Unit (Palestine area)
    Moore, C. Transfer (Bonham)

  • I purchased an Alfa AWUSO36H USB card for wireless pen testing after hearing that it was well recommened on the backtrack message boards. I am using in on my new Kali install and i'm experiencing a few problems with the card. When im using it for internet purposes its very slow and when i try to download a file from the internet, the connection eventually drops and i cannot seem to reconnect to the wifi network. Below is some information which may provide helpful to more knowlegable users.

  • How history changed : What happened with the gassings at Dachau, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen?!

    In the orriginal holocaust™ litature, Dachau, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen were referred to as death camps®. All of these camps were told to have has gas chambers that killed thousands of people. Pictures have been spread all over the world with piles of bodies of people supposebly gassed in the camps.

    Many decades later, however, we're told that the bodies in these piles died fr

  • OK people, here's my updated FBI HRT profile/history. It will probably be changed again in the future. let me know what you think of it. I'm also working on an update for my USMS SOG (I just need to get home to my stuff to finish it), the CIA's Special Activities Divsion, and a Delta/CAG page.

    If you are interested in seeing them let me know.



    “To Save Lives”

    Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

    The United

  • As the creator of this thread, I RESERVE the RIGHT to delete, move, consolidate all posts which are not in the best interests of this thread. No opinions will be changed in any way.---Bill Burgess

    Guest Book. I hope all sign in.

    As all here well know, Fever is my favorite addiction. You guys are my passion. We share the National Pastime, battle each other royally, and have a general blast.

    Recently, I had a "painless, silent" heart attack, but thank

  • I have an ALFA AWUS036H USB WiFi adapter (which uses the RTL8187 chipset) and a Raspberry Pi running Kali Linux 1.0.5. My problem is that I just can't seem to get them to play nice. So here is what I've done so far:

    # iwconfig
    wlan0 no wireless extensions.

    lo no wireless extensions.

    eth0 no wireless extensions.

    # ifconfig wlan0 up
    # ifconfig
    eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr b8:27:eb:a7:4c:30

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