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  • PES 2014

    a year ago

    This sounds quite good tbh. I may even buy it for the first time since PES 2008 if I like the demo's and just download the option files. The one part I dislike though as always been the commentators are pretty boring.

    Engine based on FOX Engine
    Engine referred to as “new engine”
    New physics engine uses “Barycentre physics”
    Barycentre physics: different body parts have different weights
    Collisions are similar to FIFA


    Aderans Research Makes Waves in Hawaii
    Aderans Research is attracting attention in the medical community once again; this time, the leader in cellular based hair regeneration made waves at the 2012 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference in Maui.
    ShareThis Email PDF Print .Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 24, 2012

    Aderans Research is attracting attention in the medical community once again; this time, the

  • Histogen and Aderans

    2 years ago

    What with the coming announcement, it seems like Replicel is all the rage right about now; but let's keep in mind that there are a few other companies that are trying to save us too.

    Personally, Histogen is what first got me interesting in researching possible hair loss cures. What are they up to now a days?

    And I haven't heard much about Aderans lately. Are they still in clinical trials?

    I can't really seem to find much (though I might just be being lazy what

  • Win32:Evo-gen virus?

    2 months ago

    Hi, I'm Trancidonia.
    I was here a few years ago which I am very thankful for the fix of my old gear, but apparently I had lost both my password or username, i had made a new one.

    I have 3 PCs in my home at the moment but I'm going to focus 1 PCs at a time since i understand the valuable time of volunteers.

    I suspect my current pc, call it PC1(Cindy) are infected by virus since everyday my Avast! have being telling me things are being placed into the quarantine zone/vir

  • Open-Xchange releases OX App Suite v7.4.0 and OX 6 v6.22.4

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX App Suite v7.4.0 and Open-Xchange Server 6 v6.22.4.

    The main improvements to this latest major version of OX App Suite, are improved Mobile- and Tablet Devices support, additional keyboard shortcuts for different modules and usability improvements for publications, recurring tasks and mail filter.

    With this shipment of OX App Suite 7.4.0, Open-Xchange

  • Hey Rockers!

    Please use this Thread to report any bugs, repeatable crashes and any major gameplay technical issues for Rocksmith 2014.

    This thread is NOT meant to replace Ubisoft Support by any means. If you have an issue please make sure you contact them immediately.
    Ubisoft Support Website (

    If you decide to also create a Thread on the Forums for your issue, please make sure that you use the Prefix feature to avoid unnecessary questions

  • Quick Roku 3 review

    5 months ago

    Roku 3: (

    + Headphone jack on remote control (makes any headphones wireless!)
    + Zippy GUI (and not craptastic either!)
    + Family-friendly to use
    + Plex runs great on it (local streaming)
    + Remote doesn't require aiming (can hide Roku box from kids!)
    + Zillions of

  • Here is an updated list of schedule 3D Printing / Design events worldwide. Feel free to respond to this thread if you know of any that we have missed. Also if you intend to attend any of these events, please reply, so that we can add you to the "Forum attendee list", and help you meet up with others from 3DPrintBoard that will be in attendance.

    March 17-19, 2014 - MakerLand - Theme Park for Makers
    - Copernicus Science Centre, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20, Warsaw


    Netflix Fedora Watch Movies & TV Shows Online!

    Pipelight is a special browser plugin which allows one to use windows only plugins inside Linux browsers. We are currently focusing on Silverlight, Flash, Shockwave and the Unity Webplayer. The project needs a patched version of Wine to execute the Silverlight DLL.

    Pipelight is a special browser pl

  • This is to install a Kali Linux ISO on a USB key in a Windows environment.
    An alternative to Win32 Disk Imager software.
    Tested with Kali Linux 1.0.4, 1.0.5 - 64 and 32-Bit ISOs only.
    It works great for me. Report any bugs here.
    Updated December 27 with lili v2.8.27 / Kali 1.0.5

    must have a FAT32 formated USB key. 8Gb is good for this installation.
    a Kali ISO on the computer.
    the USB key can be pre-partitioned* or not. It does not affect the in

  • This is to install a Kali Linux ISO on a USB key in a Windows environment.
    An alternative to Win32 Disk Imager software.
    Tested with Kali Linux 1.0.4, 1.0.5 - 64 and 32-Bit ISOs only.
    It works great for me. Report any bugs here.
    Updated December 27 with lili v2.8.27 / Kali 1.0.5

    must have a FAT32 formated USB key. 8Gb is good for this installation.
    a Kali ISO on the computer.
    the USB key can be pre-partitioned* or not. It does not affect the in

  • I always had issues with ATI/Intel gfx cards in pretty much every version of Linux I've used. Kali is no different. Following guide would help to resolve the problem for everyone with similar issues. Many thanks to 'Sani Morphic' for his original post. Also big thanks goes to "" for their updates on Linux Header and ATIEventSD notes.

    Note: This guide works fine with Kernel 3.7. (as available in official Kali repository).

    I've kep

  • We're excited to announce the release of Sencha GXT 3.0.3. This version is avaiable only to our active support subscribers. Support subscribers can download the latest version of GXT from the support portal at ( and logging in.

    We've fixed a large number of bugs in addition to making some minor enhancements to the product. We've excerpted the relevant parts of the release notes here.

    Thank you,
    The Sencha GXT Team

  • Just wanted to assemble a list of all the things I had noticed and anything other players had noticed from the interviews, gameplay demo, etc. If there is anything you noticed in the game that I missed please feel free to post it and I'll try to add it to the list. Parts of this have been taken from posts in this thread, the rest has been taking from interviews the devs have done or the gameplay demo.

    What is The Division?

    Persistent Open World Tactical Cover Based Online

  • 7 November 2001:
    Joseph Trento has published "The Secret History of the CIA," in which he cites papers and interviews of Robert Crowley as sources for the book.Prima Publishing (, Random House, New York, 2001. ISBN 0-7615-2562-9. Mr. Trento writes informatively and entertainingly of several persons listed in The Crowley Files.
    Gregory Douglas, source of The Crowley Files, now has his own Web site which presents his research on the Crowley papers and o

  • Good to hear - do you have a link to the discussion?

    Not quite about that but an interview that just came out today about updates and bugs.

    "It was a conscious choice to release this version of the software and develop it together with the user community,"

    before the end of the year there will be another larger patch, which will fill gaps and bugs in th

  • The project is being executed through a Joint Venture between M/s Skylark Build and M/s Shree Vrunda Enterprises, promoted by Mr. Sudhakar Shetty, being collectively referred to as “Sahana” and Oberoi Constructions Pvt. Ltd. The JV is referred to as ‘Oasis Realty’. Oberoi Constructions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading real estate developer with a focus on premium developments in Mumbai.

    The project has been posted before and is called "Skylark Towers, Mumbai". It


    Click here ( to view scale diagrams of each tower.
    Click here ( for a 3-D flyaround of the City in 2012.
    Click here ( for a 3-D flyaround of Canary Wharf in 2012.

    SkyscraperCity London ( - a group for

  • Vidiš da se radi... :lol:

    Znam da i trolaš i da si i ozbiljan i sve, al aj ne možemo reći da se ništa nije napravilo. Je da je to sve nekako polovično, te da je hrpa stvari ostala ista ili se čak pogoršala. no opet.

    Kad se samo sjetim kako nam je bivši gradonačelnik otvara prugu do bikare a ulica je bila u takvom stanju radova da bi se tenkovima teško probijali.


    -The functionality of the NEX tools are built in now with some nice added features.
    -Selections are remembered on a per object and per component bases.
    -Basic retopology features to clean up meshes right in Maya.
    -Interactive and much more stable bevel tool.
    -Better and faster ways of selecting loops, faces, and verts.
    -Preserve normals when freezing transformations so normals do not get flipped when scaled by negative 1.

  • Japanese team to inspect infrastructure at ports

    A team of Japanese officials accompanied by various stakeholders will visit the Ennore and Chennai ports on Thursday to review infrastructure facilities needed for the proposed Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor (CBIC).

    The visit assumes significance as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be meeting the captains of the Indian industry

  • Tamil Nadu has been a leader in renewable energy production in India right from the start. It accounts for around 50% (5500 MW) of the wind power generation capacity installed in the country as of March 2010. The state which accounts for 1% of the world's population generates 3% of the total global wind power. (

    Uploaded with (http://imageshack.u

  • • A Brief Overview:
    Luxury Store Façades in Jakarta adalah thread yang secara khusus didedikasikan untuk menjadi etalase bagi Luxury Brands yang sudah ada dan yang akan hadir di Jakarta, dimana ibukota DKI Jakarta merupakan pusat industri luxury goods terbesar di Indonesia sampai saat ini. Raksasa konglomerasi luxury-goods di dunia – LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A. telah memprediksikan bahwa Indonesia akan menjadi pasar luxury goods terbesar di Asia Tenggara, mengge

  • The following ATL is based on the thread:

    Here is the final draft of the ATL so far:

    August 15th, 1977: Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University then located at Ohio Wesleyan University's Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio. The signal bore all of the hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-Solar System or

  • Time for Zagreb update V :)

    Zagreb update I

    Zagreb update II

    Zagreb update III

    Zagreb update IV

    For the mods: please move Zagreb update IV to archive. Thanks.

  • So I've been reading a thread from a site we can't discuss here opened by Spanish Dude. It seems he has stumbled upon information about current clinical trials of Aderans. My thanks to him for this find.
    There are 10 of them listed. 4 of them are completed. 6 still running. One of them is a trial being run together with Minoxidil.

    Total: 345 trialists.

    Very good news: only 43 trialists received Minoxidil (3rd entr

  • Help! After I updated to Lion 10.7.2 I can't update my iPhoto, I tried the software update and I tried the iCloud preference, won't work, it said my software are up to date. I even downloaded the package from but it said I have to go to the app store to update, WTF to that:confused:

  • Hi everyone,

    I dont see a thread regarding the update to version1.02 so I decided to start one. I started my PS3 and lo and behold an update to RS2014.

    It is updating now as I write this. If any one knows what is included in the update please post it here. Thanks!!!

    Wowowo. Gots to go check it out. Hope they fixed the Audio Issues.

  • Reviews:

    Car Connection - Review (

    Car Connection - First Drive (

    Consumer Reports - First Drive ( (video)

    Slashgear - First Drive (

    Edmunds Review (

    Autoblog - First Drive (http

  • all-new 2014 Mazda6 is unleashed on an unsuspecting public! ( Gerdes - CleanMPG ( - Feb. 1, 2013

    Derek Jenkins, Director of Design Mazda North America provides an overview of the all-new 2014 Mazda6 exterior design.

    The all-new 2014 Mazda6 - $20,880 to start and provides future owners with a 26/38

  • HyperLaunch:

    Added - Checks for some required dll files.
    Fixed - Some languages still reporting letter codes, rather than actual language in log.
    Fixed - When Direct launching HyperLaunch.exe, the system selection would not parse out some system names correctly from the main menu.xml and in certain scenarios allowed extra text to sneak in.
    Fixed - Missing HyperLaunch.ini were not being written to the file.
    Fixed - Moved ToggleCursor label to the module thread

  • Hi! I'm newebie to Kali Linux. I installed it as vm on vmware workstation 9 on a Windows 8 Host OS. I want to install VMware tools in Kali. So, I need to updated it. But, when I updated Kali it shows me the following error:

    W: Failed to fetch cdrom://[Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 _Kali_ - Official Snapshot i386 LIVE/INSTALL Binary 20130425-11:12]/dists/kali/contrib/binary-i386/Packages Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs

  • (

    Apple today updated both of its photo editing and management platforms. Aperture ( has been updated to version 3.4.4 while iPhoto ( has been updated to version 9.4.3. The updates contain several bug fixes and stability improveme

  • (

    Apple has updated its prosumer photo editing/management software Aperture (, bringing it to version 3.4.2. The company has also released a new version of iPhoto (, version 9.4.2. Both updates are available via the Mac App Store or Software Update.

  • (

    EA has finally updated ( the original Plants Vs. Zombies iPhone game with support for the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen, which originally came out last year.

    The game, which has received only a c

  • It's been a long wait, sorry! But the huge trains & technology update is now just around the corner!


    See this TouchArcade story for many details and screenshots:
    Trains, Technology and Much More Coming to 'The Blockheads' in Forthcoming Update (

    1.4 is definitely the most content rich update since launch, with loads of new items and things to d

  • Audi A6 TDI provides power, luxury and efficiency without a hint of compromise. ( Winger - CleanMPG ( - September 1, 2013

    The Audi A6 model line, representing class-leading technology, performance and precision, is enhanced for the 2014 Model Year with the addition of the Audi A6 TDI clean diesel m

  • Because I haven't been working on a single faction, I thought I'd post a quick preview of some of the new textures I've been doing, as well as a very intriguing discovery.:inquisitive:

    First of all, I'm redoing the barbarian units. Though the Cimmerians will just have a few tweaks, mostly new faces and a few extra baubles, the AEsir/Vanir didn't really come across as the "Vikings from Hell" I was looking for. I've also refined a few of the other units I thought were lacki

  • ( updated its official iPhone and iPad apps today ( The most significant change is that all the official Twitter apps now sync the status of direct messages, meaning that DM'


    Welcome everyone! My name is Jess and I about to embark on the adventure of a LIFETIME. Today, January 20th, is the day that I am moving to Disney for 6 1/2 months. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY MY ENTIRE LIFE.

    I will be participating in the Walt Disney World College Program Spring Advantage 2013. Adva

  • BloodRealm update

    10 months ago

    Well, the time is finally upon us. BloodRealm 2.0 is nearly ready for mass release, and you can expect an update to the Facebook game in the next few weeks (probably sooner rather than later).

    Today we opened up the game to a select group of closed beta players via Kongregate. If you're interested in participating, you must join the Kong+ program. You might have guessed that BloodRealm will also be playable on the Kongregate website in addition to Facebook and mobile devices.

  • Btrace is now updated to version 1.1 [03-21-12]! The new update includes a new GUI that cleans up the interface a bit, as well as two fun new tools.

    Here's an overview of the various features, sorry for my neurotic mouse cursor. :)

    A big chage with this version was how GUI is setup, which I've found to be much nicer to work with.


    The two new tools are Mesh Follow and Color Blender. Mesh Follow creates a curve from

  • Prophecies For 2014: "Patience Jonathan May Die" - Primate Ayodele

    Posted by: niyi on December 28, 2013

    Prophet Babatunde Ayodele, Founder/Spiritual Head of Inri Evangelical Church, Lagos, has over the years warned the country of looming dangers, mostly unheeded. Warnings came before the airplane mishap that involved Sosoliso and Bellview Airlines in 2005, but were unheeded. The cleric has again spoken of things to come in the new year as 2013 winds down, emphasis


    Status: Released: Scroll down for downloads.
    If you want me to remove the mod pack from the example image above, please let me know.

    Thanks to Lord Stimpy ( for making this for us!

    Features: (That works right now)

    Fully working Search box, with 'X', clear search function.
    Can list all fil

  • Hi,
    Here is a method that usually every game engine uses to render planar reflections.
    Well Blender has already texture.ImageMirror(), but it works fine unless you need a bigger reflecting surface like a lake or ocean.

    My method uses fragment (viewport) coordinates instead of geometry UV map to project reflected image to. It means that the reflecting surface size can be unlimited.

    Here are some screenshots of an ocean shader utilizing this method:
    reflection and re


    Already gotten achievements pre-update are no longer valid or marked as "you have it". (Don't worry, you haven't lost them, they just don't show up.)
    You can get "Penny Pincher" (Pick up 30 coins in a row on a single level without letting any disappear) in the Zen Garden.
    For some people the Zombatar and going to the achievements list is bugged. Try turning 3D Acceleration off, that works for most people.
    For some people the entire gam

  • This one has been in the makings for a bit. The people demanded a non-flash version and I hope I've delivered!

    Version 2 is a very large update that involved the re-coding of the entire game in C++. The immediate advantages of that was to allow fullscreen that didn't run in auto-max resolution, have saves that weren't left to the whims of a web browser, and allow for standard Steam features like the overlay and achievements.

    All of these things have been added, and then some. H

  • Salve a tutti,
    ecco qualche informazione generale sulla gamma OVH:

    - non c'è più l'"Utilizzo professionale"
    le opzioni sono direttamente disponibili al prezzo annunciato sul sito. Nessuna spesa nascosta.

    - prezzo che diminuisce
    Quando OVH fa uscire una nuova gamma di server, il prezzo viene programmato in anticipo e si evolve nel tempo. Preciso: diminuisce in funzione della durata

  • (

    Following last week's introduction of Parallels Desktop 9 (, VMware has announced ( the launch its new VMware F

  • [ehbo]
    Beste lezer,

    In deze thread worden aankondigingen geplaatst van updates van bovenstaand programma. Door een abonnement te nemen op deze thread wordt je automatisch op de hoogte gehouden per E-mail.

    Onze spelregels:
    Reageer alleen in deze thread als je de nieuwste update hebt gevonden.
    Voor problemen dien je een eigen thread te openen in het desbetreffende forum.
    Offtopicberichten (incl. bedankjes) worden verwijderd.
    Neem een abonnement op

  • Dear friends,

    Kindly post the updates related to SWR Hubli Division in this thread.....

    Updates related to New Lines,Gauge Conversion,Doubling,New Train Services and Photographs of all stations under Hubli Divisions.

  • Dear all,

    Pls post road construction and other infrastructure related updates in this thread.

    We can de-congest the main thread and it will be easy to track the update in sparate thread.

  • OK people, here's my updated FBI HRT profile/history. It will probably be changed again in the future. let me know what you think of it. I'm also working on an update for my USMS SOG (I just need to get home to my stuff to finish it), the CIA's Special Activities Divsion, and a Delta/CAG page.

    If you are interested in seeing them let me know.



    “To Save Lives”

    Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

    The United

  • UPDATE: The Spy Ninja Assassin pack is up and running on the TF2 Workshop! Come on by to cast your vote on your favorite items. Click each ad to bring up that specific item or click this link here ( to see them all. Thank you everyone who has walked with me through this long journey. Thank you Links for your continued help throughout the process and thank you both Helljumper and RoninMasterMix for your invaluable assistance. Enjoy!

  • Version 1.2 is out now, go get it!

    Please read this Touch Arcade article ( for a great summary of what's new, and I've put the release notes below.

    Also, I've changed the permissions on this forum so you should now be able to reply to this thread.



    This update lets time pass when you exit! It also hugely improves lag/pausing issues, and adds a lot of aweso


    We're currently working hard on polishing the Scaleform GFx integration in UE3. Our plan is to use this UI system in the future for all our games. The May UDK build contains a preliminary version of the Scaleform GFx integration, which is still in development. You can start working on your user interface design using Flash editors, as Scaleform GFx is an in-game system for rendering Flash. This is

  • Ongole (Telugu: ఒంగోలు), is a City and a Municipal Corporation in Prakasam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Prakasam District.
    Previously Prakasam District was known as 'Ongole' District, this district was renamed as Prakasam in order to pay homage to the great patriot and Andhra Leader, Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu, also known as Andhra Kesari (Lion of Andhra) who was born in Kanuparthi village of th

  • Trichy - IT Updates

    2 years ago

    This thread is dedicated for IT Related updates in Trichy...

  • Last week we let you know about 2 new Kraken Isle adventure areas coming in an update slated for this week. I wanted to let you know that this update should be coming out on Tuesday, March 12th.

    Also, I want to let you know that new "Crypts" will be coming out for the Kraken Isles. This adventure area will also be accessed from the explore option from the Captain of the mighty sailing ship the Dragon's Jewel.



    Notice the "Th

  • Rocksmith 2014 Official Gameplay Feedback Thread
    Hey Rockers!

    Please use this Thread for posting your Feedback regarding your opinions of the game, features, love, etc.

    If you are having a Technical issue please make sure you report it to Ubisoft Support immediately.
    Ubisoft Support Website (

    If you wish to post regarding any Bugs or Issues please use this Thread.
    Rocksmith 2014 Official Bugs & Issues Thread (http://forums.ubi

  • I just updated to Mountain Lion (10.8.2) from Snow Leopard (10.6.8) on a 2008 Macbook Pro. After updating everytime I close the lid to put it to sleep, upon re-opening the computer reboots. At first it seems to try and wake up but then just restarts.

    I have not enabled this in System Preferences -> Energy Saver (see screenshot).

    Can anyone suggest what might be happening? :confused:

    Currently it is making the computer fairly unusable as bootup takes quite so

  • FYF 2014

    3 months ago

    What's the word on this? Seems like this time last year, we already had dates. With the temporary unavailability of the venue for renovations, I can't help but be paranoid that the festival may sit 2014 out.

    Also - any ideas where else this could be held? The one spot that comes to mind for me would be the Dodgers Stadium parking lot. The west side of the lot alone is many times larger than State Historic Park, though as a new LA transplant, I have no idea if that venue would ever


    4 years ago


  • Karnataka Private Transportation - Photos & Updates

  • Anybody else get accepted to TouroCOM-NY for class of 2014 and thinking about going?

  • Ukraine Crisis 2014

    4 years ago

    Might as well start a thread, as its going to be the story of the year as far as murder, death and senseless killing go.
    Am I correct that, in a nutshell the basis of the conflict is that the western half of the Ukraine wish to move towards a unification with the EU, whilst the eastern half is far more pro Russia and wishes to resist any split or movement towards a pro EU engagement?

    Today 20th February 2014 what are the implications for the UK in any sort of involvement?

  • This thread is about the updates of biotech and pharmaceutical and Hospital industry in Hyderabad:)

  • Project updates and developments in Nellore and surrounding places to be posted here.

  • Release Date Update

    a year ago

    I wanted to post here to update you guys on the status of our ship date. After a lot of consideration, we’ve decided to push back the date and will now be shipping units to pre-order customers on July 22nd.

    This is not a decision we take lightly. There are hundreds of thousands of people in over 150 countries who have pre-ordered Leap devices, some as long as a year ago. These people are part of our community and there is nothing more important to us than getting them devices as quic

  • Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Updates,Developments,Photos & Discussions

  • So the new update came out and now when i try and start it i fet a fatal error "Failed to initialize DirectDraw: RESULT_SURFACE_FAIL CreateSurface Windowed Primary:DDERR_NOEXCLUSIVEMODE" plz help i think it is because by default i run the game in windowed mode

  • cool updates :cheers:

    When's that next batch of projects coming up? You basically cleared the entire main boulevard with pictures, but what about the rest? There are a few nice projects going up in Breka and the rest of New Sarajevo.

    It'd be nice to show the forum some residentials (I think so at least).

  • This Thread Will Keep updates of Industries & manufacturing companies In and Around Hyderabad.

  • ***UPDATE***

    404 has been kicking ass, heres what we got so far:

    Release time!

    First public beta, leave a message here if something doesn't work right.

    Installation instructions: Just put this file in your Reaper\Plugins folder.

    Known issues:
    - HUGE memory leaks
    - crashes on files > ~200MB
    - quite slow due to heavy use of 'LIKE'-queries in SQLite
    - per-item panning information is

  • Can 2011/2012 be updated to have hold mode and instant energy use display of 2013?

  • Weekly Steam News Updates for 2010
    (Ordered from newest to oldest)

    October 2010
    Friday, October 29 2010 (
    Valve is hiring
    Friday, October 22 2010
    No news this week.
    Friday, October 15 2010
    No news this week.
    Friday, October 8 2010
    No news this week.
    Friday, October 1 2010
    No news this week.

    September 2010
    Friday, September 24 2010
    No news this

  • Hey guys

    Lepakshi knowledge hub in Ananthapur district is going to be a major hub of industries in the near future.
    Any postings of developments/ updates of projects in the district are appreciated.:)

  • This thread is dedicated for Road transport updates and developments of NWKRTC, Hubli & Dharwad:)

  • Lets post in here the latest developments in the tourism industry. :)

    Apart from the updates one can post here the snaps of various tourist spots across cities and towns of Karnataka.

    This thread can be an informative piece to the tourists. :)

  • Mangalore projects thread became crowded, and we can afford to start this new thread :cheers: We have many SSCI members updating about mangalore to sustain one more thread. Sorted info has more value.. Let's see how this goes.
    Image copyright: Google Maps

  • Just got my 255W last week. Tried to update map 2010.30 but no susscess. Downed load the map to my desktop, but when I run it said :error connecting to server". Followed the Q&A on Garmin still a no go. What I did:

    Turned off all firewall, anti-virus softwares
    Tried on wireless and wired connection.
    Tried on several computers.
    Set IE as a default.

    Sent email to Garmin for help but no responds yet.
    So frustrated. Any help will be appreciat

  • I have just updated my Mac to maverick OS but when I go to create a new goal I cannot change the dates as the calendar does not display any dates just a long blue line.
    Anyone else had similar issues?

  • A very happy and prosperous New Year to one and all! May 2014 bring you joy, fulfillment and lots of extra reading time.

    Let me see - I'm in rehearsals right now, so most of my reading time is restricted to the subway ride there and back. As a result, I'm using my Kobo e-reader a lot, and my chosen reading material is more mysteries and light fiction.

    I'm about to finish 'The Xibalba Murders (', the fi

  • I updated my iPhone 4S yesterday and now I cannot send picture messages. it is driving me insane. I have unlimited messaging so there's no reason it should not work. I tried restarting my phone and a message pops up and says that MMS requires a phone number.. my number is correct, and it still fails to send.

  • Okay, I'm compiling some useful data from the Multiplayer portion of the game (mostly differences from Single Player) and to help inform people thinking about getting the game (now that I finally have my copy).

    If a patch comes out and this stuff changes, I'll update it when I get time!

    Here's a link to my new Boot Camp site ( , which will be devoted to Multiplayer strategy and information for RC on the PC. ;) It co

  • In coming years, Worli itself is going to house so many supertalls so near to each other..
    latest GE update shows so much of construction activity!

    does anyone have a list of buildings in this upcoming cluster?

  • I am running iOS 5 GM Seed (and am a developer) and cannot update to iOS 5 Regular. Does anyone know of a way to do this without restoring my device? Or does anyone know where I can download the ipsw file? This is bumming me out! :cool::apple:

  • We received our new Calfee Tetra frame and fork the later part of May (2011) and have now ridden it right at 2600 miles. The 2600 miles have all been smiles! We are still totally thrilled with the bike and have not had any issues at all, it has performed perfectly.

    Since the original build I have made a few changes.

    Updated the stoker bars to Profile carbon bars.
    Replaced the Ultegra brakes with Dura Ace brakes.
    Replaced the Bontrager cf bottle cages with Arundel

  • This thread is dedicated for news, updates, discussion on history of Tamilnadu. Simple chronology of history considering the peak rulers of the present day of Tamilnadu.

    Year-----------------------------Age/Kingdom Peak
    350BCE-200CE-------------------Sangam Age (Early Chola, Pandya and Cheras)
    300BCE-200CE-------------------Early Cholas
    600BCE-200CE-------------------Early Pandyas

  • TCS shock? konjam theliva sollunga... ithu kusumb code language or tata consultancy service GIS?

    No kusumbu. Collecting spatial data is no joke. It is a continuous ongoing process and is not one time. Of-course first time it's a huge effort then it is maintanance / update effort.

    What is the budget for GIS projects in TN? I would be suprised if it is more than 200 crores for entire state for collecting several GIS data like point of interests, roads, highways, blockg

  • In order to run Rocksmith 2014 properly, you must meet or exceed these minimum requirements.

    PC System Requirements


    OS:Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    Processor:2.66 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo E6750 or 2.8 GHz AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5600+
    Memory:2 GB RAM
    Graphics:256 MB DirectX 9.0c- compliant with Shader Model 3.0 or higher (see supported list)*
    Hard Drive:12 GB HD space
    Sound: DirectX- compatible

  • Here's a visual list of all the new icons compared with the old for feedback purposes.
    Ignore the broken pixels on elvenskin/courier/diffusal. Don't ask.

    Edit: uploaded higher quality image.

    Full version here:
    Imgur link:
    More appropriate item names:

  • Hello, Im Al, and ive bought Rocksmith 2014 yesterday and thought it was really good. The sound of my guitar and songs and narrator is perfect, but when I go to play lessons, the instructor's guitar was buzzing and not clean whenever he or she picked it. For example, normal would be: biiiiiiiing, but it was all buzzy with pauses: b-b-b-b-b-b-b-I-I-I-I-n-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-g, and I rebooted it many times, and still get this. I tried doing pretty much evrything i could to stop this but i cant find a

  • Dear All,

    This thread is dedicated to developments, updates, project on Coimbatore's arterial Avinashi road.

    Transportation, upcoming flyover, subways/FOB, big commerical establishment, road expansion etc., can be covered in this thread.

    Growth corridors of Coimbatore:

    1. Avinashi road
    2. Trichy road
    3. Sathy road
    4. Mettupalayam road.

    In this Avinashi road is the gateway to Coimbatore city with connection to Chennai/Bengaluru

  • ***

    For the faithful, it's a long wait until March, but series news will be reported here 'til then, and let's start with the next race - TOMORROW!

    No, it's not the big cars. It's GO-KARTS!!

    Most of the drivers in IndyCar started out in karts. Many of them STAY SHARP on open-wheel by karting, still. Not the kind at Disneyland, these are very simple but very fast and serious open-wheel racers, capable of over 160 MPH in the superkart

  • I am playing on an iPod Touch Gen 4 with the latest version of iOS and the latest WotF update. The game crashes frequently (every few minutes) during normal game play and always crashes when I try to go the chat screen. The game also crashes quite frequently when trying to do the boss fights, especially when trying to add allies. I was not able to get past the Undead Cyborg until I evolved two of my lvl 80 cards to make a stronger leader card. My old lvl 80 leader could not defeat him, and I

  • Running OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 as a normal user, I was prompted to update Viivo by downloading Viivo-Osx-2.3.29.dmg. I did so. The installation stops mid-stream, with an alert stating:

    The action "Run AppleScript" encountered an error.
    Check the action's properties and try running the workflow again.

    This same error also appears when trying to install on a second Mac, also running 10.9.1.

    The two Console messages that seem to be generated when

  • 1 package failed to install plus 46 packages held back while updating 12.10 Alpha 1!

    P.S. Sorry guys but I can NOT try to download the Latest Nightly Build (due to a 2 GB Download Cap that Verizon Wireless puts on my IPhone 4S Personal Hotspot), and pretty soon I am going to have used The Entire 2GB's for this Billing Cycle (which does NOT end until 07/08/2012). Our Comcast Connection belongsto my parents (I am an Adult but live with my parents due to the fact that I have a Disability

  • Somebody metiond that McD's was advertising 50 piece Chicken Nugget bucket for $6.99 on Sunday. This was part of the football special. Don't know if this is nationally.

    credit boogoo

    UPDATE: Some people are reporting this deal to be on superbowl sunday. NYC is participating but it's $8.99 per bucket.

    Super Bowl Sunday Specials - NYC and surrounding area

    Chicken McNuggets
    10 Pc - $2.99
    20 Pc - $3.99
    50 Pc - $8.99

    Chicken Selects
    6 P

  • Update ngày 21/11/2012 Hàng Sẵn Có
    Phân Nền :
    - Phân Nền Oliver Knot________: 600k / bao 10L
    - Phân Nền ADA______________: 640k / bao 9L
    - GEX Shrimp Sand___________ :430k / bao 8kg
    - Red Highland______________: 50k/ bao 2L

    Đèn Odyssea Dual Pro T5HOn :
    - Odyssea Dual Pro T5HO 60cm (máng 2 bóng 24W-10.000K): 600.000 đồng
    - Odyssea Dual Pro T5HO 90cm ( máng 2 bóng 39W-10.000K): 800.000 đồng
    - Odyssea Dual Pro T5HO 120cm (máng 2 bóng 54W-10.000K): 1000.00

More aderans update 2014 results .....

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