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Holiday Unit In Huntsville-Texas Prison - Need General Info

by JulezSmitty
Anyone know anything about the Holiday Unit? Other then the fact that it's a transfer unit and the people there are way nicer then they are in our home town, i know nothing! I havnt heard from my husband since he got there a little over a week ago and he's the kinda guy to let me know every step of the way whats going on if he's able to so im assumeing he just hasn't gone to store yet...just wondering if anyone knew how the whole proccess works there? What comminsary days are? How soon before visitation?? You know.. the basics.. any info would help big time... i need a good mental picture of whats going on over there to put me at ease a little....thanks!!

  • Hi. I have had a friend at Holliday who said it wasn't bad. He commented that staff was much more connected than in county jail. My boy Chris went to Gurney for processing (another transfer unit). I got a letter from him pretty quick after he got there. He had to borrow writing supplies from his celly.

    Hopefully someone will come along with more information for you. Hang in there, this whole process will get easier. :thumbsup:
    - Drucifer, 6 years ago
  • I went through Holiday back in 01, it's an eye opener if you've never been to prison or never had any experience with the military, they kind of run it like a boot camp to some degree. However, from the looks of things happening in county jails these days, I' say he's better off there than in Harris county jail for sure.

    Peace, Dan

    Ps: They'll begin the processing of medical, psych. and academic assessments there as well. Final assessment happens at Byrd generally, then assignment to unit.
    - Unbroken, 6 years ago
  • thanks i really appriecate it. He's been to state jail at gist but not tdjc so im sure it's a little eye opening for him. He's always liked being anywhere other than county, he really hates it there. Anyone know how long this assesment generally takes?
    - JulezSmitty, 6 years ago
  • I'm going through the same thing, Saturday I went to visit my husband in Pam Lychner. When I got there they told me that he was in the Holliday unit in Huntsville. So I drove over there just to be told that he couldn't receive any visits. They told me to call on Monday to get more information, so I called and they told me that his information hasn't been update yet and for me to call tommorow. So I feel really sick to my stomach not knowing why he was transferd there, if he got to any trouble, and if he cought a case.
    - candy2, 6 years ago
  • The assessment process generally happens within the first month, however Holiday is a transit unit and he could be there for up to 2 years, or more if actually assigned there. Once they decide to move him, he'll go to Bird unit for further evaluations of each field mentioned above, and be assigned to a unit based on those findings.

    Good luck, Dan
    - Unbroken, 6 years ago
  • Heres what I have gotten since dealing with the Holliday Unit. They have what they call an intake process and that could take up to as long as 45 days. Until the intake process is over he can not have visitors. How ever if he has any money on his books he can use it. How ever I do not know what days they go to the stroe. If he can get his hands on writting stuff before he gets his money he can write to you. They say it is 90 days before you get 1 phone call that last 5 minutes. and Im not sure about this part but some calls want go through if you dont have the write phone service. They say call the unit the inmate is in and they should be able to tell you if your services providers will accept collect calls from there unit. Like another person said it could be up to 2 years before he is moved. You can send him letters right now and he will recieve them bear in mind it does take them longer to recieve are send a letter out than it does from the county jail. Before you might have gotten a letter from county in 2 days it might take 4 from the Holliday. But before you go visit at least call the day before beacuse they might not be letting him have visitation that weekend for whatever crazy idea they want to come up with and just beacuse you call the day before dont mean anything either. Some guards have strange ideas and make things up as they go. Im sorry this kinda jumps around and is not any any certain order but I hope it helps.
    - Wildhorse1979, 6 years ago
  • My son has been at Holliday since July of 07. It took them six weeks before I was allowed to visit He did manage to find some writing paper after about a week. I sent him money as soon as I found out his number because any money they have in the County takes a few weeks to get there. This is his third time in TDCJ and I have to say Holliday seems to be one of the best units he has been on. The people certainly have been the nicest. He has job on the unit now, so I don't know when he will move on but at least he is close for visiting.

    - KKSmom, 6 years ago
  • hi my fiance just got transferd to the holiday unit after being in the gurney unit for about a month..does anyone have any idea why if holiday is also a transfer unit. does that mean he could possibly get transferd again? his projected release date is december 2nd 2012 and hes been eligible for parole since he was in dallas county so does this mean they could be movin him closer because he could make parole?? also what is the holiday unit like kinda worried since i havnt heard from him since he moved...if anyone can help me with my questions it would be greatly appreciated thanks!
    - seans<3wifey, 2 years ago