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1. Joseph Merrick - The Elephant Man

Joseph Carey Merrick was born in Leicester, England in 1862. He began growing disfiguring tumors before the age of two and his condition rapidly worsened, rendering one of his arms completely useless. Nevertheless, he was described as a wonderfully imaginative and intelligent boy. When Joseph was 11, his mother, Mary Jane, who was also physically handicapped, died, and Joseph's father remarried. Joseph's stepmother was not nearly as compassionate as his mother, and she even gave Joseph's father an ultimatum: "Joseph, or me." The young Joseph was cast out of the home and went to live at the Leicester Union Workhouse, and sold shoe polish on the street. However, he was constantly taunted by crowds of cruel children and soon moved on to another line of work.

Joseph's attempt to find traditional work were unsuccessful. Sick with bronchitis, and requiring surgery due to the intrusion of tumors into his throat, Joseph would very likely have died on the streets of Leicester, if it weren't for a compassionate showman named Tom Norman. Norman was the UK's answer to P.T. Barnum, and in fact received his nickname, "The Silver King", from the legendary American impresario because of the flashy silver jewelry he wore. Finding himself out of options and desperate for medical care, Merrick pitched himself to Sam Torr, another showman, who in turn introduced him to Norman. Norman paid for the operations Merrick required and helped Merrick become a successful museum freak. Under Norman's tutelage, Merrick accumulated 200 pounds, a large sum of money at the time. However, while touring Belgium, Merrick became separated from his guardian. Naive and sickly, he was a perfect target for robbers, and an unscrupulous Austrian (some say Italian) showman tricked him out of his small fortune.

Returning home from Belgium, Merrick was discovered in the Liverpool train station by Dr. Frederick Treves, who had previously seen Merrick on display in a medical school. Merrick was suffering from bronchitis and malnutrition, and Treves brought him back to the Whitechapel Hospital. The hospital became Merrick's permanent home; in his room he wrote poetry and prose and built models from card stock, his most famous being of the St. Philip's cathedral in Birmingham, which Merrick had never seen but constructed from studying architectural drawings. While living in the hospital, however, Merrick became a freak of a different sort. Treves exhibited him before classes of medical students, where he stood naked before leering crowds and was subjected to humiliating examinations. It became fashionable among members of London's upper class to visit the Elephant Man and mask their disgust as the conversed with the intelligent and well-spoken man. His visitors brought him all sorts of gifts, including a beautiful shaving set, which of course Merrick could not use because of the condition of his skin. He even struck up a pen-pal relationship with a famous actress of the day, who promised she would come see him, although she never did.

As Merrick became more comfortable with other people, he was taken on outings and even went to the theater. He shook hands with people and spoke to strangers, even women, with ease. Unfortunately, his newfound sense of self-respect came too late, and he died in his sleep in April 11, 1890. Rumors spread that the Elephant Man had been murdered, but Dr. Treves dispelled these, revealing the true cause of Merrick's death to be asphyxiation. He had attempted to sleep lying down, like a "normal person", and the weight of the tumors on his head and neck had crushed his trachea.

2. Juan Baptista dos Santos - The Man With Two Penises

Jean (or Juan) Baptista dos Santos is said to have been a “Gipsey”, born in Faro, Portugal around 1843, to normal parents with two other normal children. His career as an exhibitionist seems to have been confined strictly to medical circles; in 1865 turned down a sum of 200,000 francs to appear for two years with a French circus. He possessed two functioning penes and three scrota, the outer two of which each contained a single testis. Dos Santos claimed that the central scrotum had also contained a pair of fully-formed testes, but that these had retreated into his abdomen when he was ten years old.

3. Myrtle Corbin - The Four Legged Lady

Josephine Myrtle Corbin was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1868. She was born a dipygus, meaning that she had two separate pelvises side by side from the waist down. The extra legs were part of a twin that did not split correctly, like Frank Lentini with his third leg. Each of her smaller inner legs was paired with one of her outer legs. She was said to be able to move her inner legs, but they were too weak for walking. She had four daughters and a son.

4. Mademoiselle Gabrielle - The Half Lady

Born in Basle, Switzerland, in 1884, Gabrielle Fuller first joined the circus at the Paris Exposition in 1900. She travelled with the Ringling Brothers Circus and appeared at Coney Island’s Dreamland sideshow. She was married at least twice, once to a man named John de Fuller. She had a perfectly formed upper body which ended smoothly just below the waist.

5. Mary Ann Bevan - The Ugliest Woman

Mary Ann Webster was born in London, England in 1874, one of eight children. As a young woman she worked as a nurse and in 1903 married a greengrocer named Thomas Bevan. Shortly after getting married, Mary Ann began exhibiting symptoms of acromegaly, a form progressive giantism that causes abnormal growth and distortion of the facial features, as well as headaches, failing eyesight and joint and muscle pain. The Bevans had four children before Thomas’ death in 1914.

6. Martin Laurello - The Human Owl

The man who we have come to know as Martin Laurello was born Martin Emmerling in Nuremburg, Germany around 1886. He began to perform his act in Europe when in his 20’s and brought it over to America in 1921. He appeared several times at Coney Island and worked also for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey’s sideshow. He also worked for Dick Best’s Royal American Shows and as late as 1945 was appearing with Ripley’s shows along with “Popeye Perry” and “Junior Stiles”, 7-year old Lobster Boy.

7. Mme. Clofullia - The Bearded Lady of Geneva

Madame Clofullia was born Josephine Boisdechene in Switzerland. She was born hairy and reputedly had a two-inch beard at the age of eight. At the age of fourteen she began to tour Europe, first accompanied by her father and an agent and then with her father alone. In Paris she met painter Fortune Clofullia and eventually married him. She also gained extra fame when she fashioned her beard in the imitation of that of Napoleon III. In return, the ruler gave her a large diamond.

8. Wang - The Human Unicorn

In 1930, a Chinese farmer from Manchukuo was discovered by an expat Russian banker. The Russian was able to take a picture of the man and he sent the snapshot off to Robert Ripley of ‘Believe It Or Not!’ fame. Known only as Wang, or sometimes referred to as Weng, the farmer was normal in every respect except fot the fact that he possessed a fourteen-inch spire-like horn growing from the back of his head. Ripley offered a huge cash reward to anyone who could produce Wang for an appearance in his Odditorium. However Wang disappeared from the public eye in the early 1930’s and was never heard from again.

9. Lionel - The Lion Faced Boy

Stephan Bibrowsky was born in Poland in 1890 to normal parents. He suffered from hypertrichosis, a rare genetic disease that covers the entire bodies of the subjects with a thick coat of fur. Only about 50 cases of the disorder have been documented since the Middle Ages. In the case of Lionel, six-inch-long hair covered his body. He was discovered by a German man named Meyer when he was four years old and became famous throughout Europe where he gained the nickname of Lionel the Lion-Faced Man. Far from being exhibited as a beast, he wore often the best clothes to show that under his hairs he was a literate and enjoyable person that spoke five languages.

10. Ella Harper - The Camel Girl

This is the text from Ella Harper’s pitch card. A pitch card was an advertising flyer for attractions at a sideshow.

“I am called the camel girl because my knees turn backward. I can walk best on my hands and feet as you see me in the picture. I have traveled considerbly in the show business for the past four years and now, this is 1886 and I intend to quit the show business and go to school and fit myself for another occupation.”

I have actually seen a living case of this in Verona, Italy. A woman was kneeling on the road begging but her legs were bent in front of her at the knee rather than behind.

  • Tree Man

    He is known simply as Tree Man.

    Since he cut his knee as a teenager, strange roots have been growing out of Dede, a 35-year-old Indonesian fisherman.

    Now he is hoping his life can be saved from his bizarre affliction.

    Now, to be honest, we at Metro Online are not sure if we believe this, but you decide for yourselves.

    The strange growths mean he cannot use his hands. He was sacked from his job and his wife left him.

    To help raise his two children, at one point he joined a freak show with other victims of peculiar diseases.
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  • The Bloke With Two Faces

    Robert Owen 'Bob' Melvin, the Man with Two Faces, was born Schuyler County, Missouri, on May 9, 1920, one of six children of Fred and Hazel Melvin. Throughout his life he was examined by doctors, but all were unable to find a diagnosis for his deformity; Bob said it was simply "god's sense of humor". In his later years, however, he was found to have neurofibromatosis, a disorder that causes the spontaneous growth of fibrous tumors. Manifestations of NF differ greatly from patient to patient; some simply have brown birthmarks called cafe-au-lait spots, while others are greatly deformed. As a child, he was barred from attending school because of the way he looked; however, he did manage to obtain an education. He excelled at math and often helped with the bookkeeping for the sideshows.

    Bob first entered showbusiness in 1949 at Coney Island. From there, he played at "every state fair west of the Mississippi". When he married his longtime girlfriend Virginia in 1952, observers were heard to mutter that the match-up wouldn't last a year, but in fact it lasted more than forty. Professionally, Bob Melvin was known as The Man with Two Faces or the Modern Elephant Man, a nod to Joseph Merrick, who was believed (incorrectly) to suffer from NF also. He worked for Royal American Shows and Whitey Sutton and helped handle the bookkeeping for the sideshow. He also enjoyed a minor film career, appearing as a sanitorium inmate in Sisters (1973) and as a denizen of the underworld in The Sentinel (1977). In addition, Bob appeared in the documentaries Being Different (1981) and I Am Not a Freak (1987). Bob was a friendly, church-going man, beloved by all who knew him in the freak show and in his hometown of Lancaster. He and his wife Virginia had a daughter, who later gave the Melvins a grandson and granddaughter. Bob passed away in his hometown of Lancaster, Missouri, on November 19, 1995.
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  • World's fattest man... Ever.

    Manuel Uribe Garza (born June 11, 1965) is a man from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, and was one of the heaviest people in medical history.[1] After reaching a peak weight of around 597 kg (1,316 lb) and being unable to leave his bed since 2001, Uribe lost considerable weight with the help of doctors and nutritionists, and by following the Zone diet.

    Uribe drew worldwide attention when he appeared on the Televisa television network in January 2006, but turned down offers for gastric surgery in Italy.

    In March 2007, Uribe set a goal to lower his weight to 120 kg (265 lb). Uribe has also been featured on "World's Heaviest Man", a television documentary about his bedridden life and attempts to lose weight.[2]

    By October 26, 2008, Uribe had reduced his weight to 360 kg (800 lb).[3] His weight loss efforts continue.
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  • World's Biggest Nose

    Guinness Book Of Records has officially named Mehmet Ozyurek from Turkey the biggest nose in the world. This event took place in the annual nose-measure competition in Turkey.

    Ozyurek stated that he wanted to play in Television series with his nose
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  • Man With 12 Fingers

    Pianists, typists and tailors might all look on green with envy at Haramb Ashok Kumthekar, of Goa in India, who has six digits on each hand and seven digits on each feet.

    But for Heramb, 22, it means he cannot even wear a pair of simple flip-flops, nor can he find a pair of gloves that fit his hands in the winter.

    …Heramb, who is currently studying for a Masters in Business Management at his college in the western Indian town of Pune, has always seen his extra digits as something to be proud of.

    “I am happy about it because I have something that others don’t have,” says Heramb.

    And showing a full understanding of that old maxim ‘Use what you’ve got’ , Heramb goes on to say, “I never had a problem with it and after I get publicity I will be famous because of it.”

    Heramb’s extra digits are caused by the medical condition polydactlyism, which translates from the Greek for “many fingers”.

    The congenital condition occurs in one in every 500 births and famous holders of extra digits include the beheaded ex-wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, who was rumoured to have an extra finger on her left hand.
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  • The Gurning Champ

    Queen greeted by gurning champion.

    The Queen was greeted by a man who made faces at her as she met the world gurning champion on a visit to Cumbria.

    She was in Whitehaven to mark the town's 300th anniversary when she was treated to a special performance by Tommy Mattinson.

    Mr Mattinson, a master of the art of pulling faces while sticking his head through a horse collar, won the title at the Egremont crab apple fair.
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  • Man With No Brain

    French doctors are amazed that a 44-year-old civil servant with an abnormally small brain has led a normal life with a slightly lower than normal IQ, according to a report on

    Doctors said the father of two went to the Hopital de la Timone in Marseille with mild weakness in his left leg. He was given a CT scan and an MRI, which showed that his cerebral cavities or ventricles had massively expanded, according a case history to be published in Saturday's Lancet.

    "The brain itself, meaning the grey matter and white matter, was completely crushed against the sides of the skull," Dr. Lionel Feuillet told AFP. "The images were most unusual... the brain was virtually absent."

    Doctors believe this man's condition could stem from surgery he had at the age of 6 months, when he suffered hydrocephalus or water on the brain and needed an operation to drain a buildup of spinal fluid.

    Subsequent tests have revealed that the man has an IQ of 75, with a verbal IQ of 84 and performance IQ of 70. The bulk of people in society have a minimum IQ of 85.
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  • Eyeball Popper

    Kim Goodman is a woman who is able to pop her eyes out of her eye sockets by 12 millimeters (0.47 inches). She holds the world record for the farthest eyeball protrusion. She lives in Chicago, Illinois. She discovered her eyeball popping talent one day when she was hit on the head with a hockey mask. Her eyeballs popped out much further than usual and ever since that day she could pop them out on cue, as well as when she yawns.
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  • Tallest Man... Ever

    The tallest man in medical history for whom there is irrefutable evidence is Robert Pershing Wadlow. He was born at Alton, Illinois, USA, on February 22, 1918, and when he was last measured on June 27, 1940, was found to be 2.72 m (8 ft 11.1 in) tall.

    Wadlow died at 1:30 a.m. on July 15, 1940, in a hotel in Manistee, Michigan, as a result of a septic blister on his right ankle caused by a brace, which had been poorly fitted only a week earlier. He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Alton, in a coffin measuring 3.28 m (10 ft 9 in) long, 81 cm (32 in) wide and 76 cm (30 in) deep.

    Wadlow's greatest recorded weight was 222.71 kg (35 st 1 lb) on his 21st birthday and he weighed 199 kg (31 st 5 lb) at the time of his death. His shoe size was 37AA (47 cm, 18½ in long) and his hands measured 32.4 cm (12¾ in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger. He wore a size 25 ring. His arm span was 2.88 m (9 ft 5¾ in) and his peak daily food consumption was 8000 calories.

    At the age of nine, he was able to carry his father Harold F. Wadlow, later Mayor of Alton, who stood 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) and weighed 77 kg (170 lb), up the stairs of the family home.
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  • Two Heads Are Better Than One

    Pasqual Pinon, was known as The Two-Headed Mexican and he was a featured attraction with the Sells-Floto Circus in the early 1900s.

    The story went that Pinon had fled Mexico after loosing his family ranch to Pancho Villa. Due to his unique deformity he was able to display himself for a substantial amount of money and support his family of seven. The secondary head was immobile – its mouth constantly agape and its eyes blank and expressionless. The lack of movement was attributed to being paralyzed after Pinon suffered a stroke at the age of 20. Pinon was not an entertainer and the bulk of his performance consisted of simply sitting and occasionally lifting his chin into the air to better display the tuberous connection between his natural head and his tiny secondary.

    The entire story of his origin was, of course, false. While it is quite possible to have two complete heads, a condition known as craniopagus parasiticus, a true parasitic head is always situated upside-down on top of the main head - as is the case with The Two-Headed Boy of Bengal. The second head of Pinon was a gaff – a fake.

    The true story of Pasqual Pinon is actually more interesting in its strangeness. Pinon was actually a railroad worker from Texas who had a large benign tumor growing from the top of his head. He was discovered by a sideshow promoter in 1917 while splitting rails. For some reason the promoter decided that the huge tumor protruding for the head or Pinon was not odd enough and decided to create a fake face – a mask of wax. That mask was placed over the growth and The Two-Headed Mexican was born. There have been some rumors that the mask was made of silver and was actually surgically implanted under the skin of the tumor – however, that is highly unlikely. Further rumors claim that this silver plate caused Pinon to go insane. Again, this is most likely nothing more than a promoter’s embellishment.

    What is factual is that after several years of popular touring, the Sells-Floto Circus manager paid to have the cyst removed and Pinon returned to Texas. What happened to Pinon after that is unknown. It is assumed that he either retired or returned to his life as a laborer - with a little less on his mind.

    The Two-Headed Boy Of Bengal

    In 1790 the astute surgeon Everard Home wrote of ‘a species of lusus naturae so unaccountable, that, I believe, no similar instance is to be found upon record’. He was writing of the Boy of Bengal after observing drawings and collecting and reviewing the accounts of several of his peers. While the boy was remarkable for both his medical condition and perseverance, Home was actually incorrect in his initial assumptions.

    The Two-Headed Boy of Bengal was born in the village of Mundul Gait in Bengal in May of 1783 into a poor farming family. His remarkable life was very nearly extinguished immediately after his delivery as a terrified midwife tried to destroy the infant by throwing him into a fire. Miraculously, while he was rather badly burned about the eye, ear and upper head, he managed to survive. His parents began to exhibit him in Calcutta, where he attracted a great deal of attention and earned the family a fair amount of money. While the large crowds gathered to see the Two-Headed Boy his parents took to covering the lad with a sheet and often kept him hidden – sometimes for hours at a time and often in darkness. As his fame spread across India, so did the caliber of his observers. Several noblemen, civil servants and city officials arranged to showcase the boy in their own homes for both private gatherings and grand galas – treating their guests to up close examinations. One of these observers was a Colonel Pierce who described the encounter to the President of the Royal Society, Sir Joseph Banks and it was Sir Banks who later forwarded the account to the surgeon Everard Home.

    The term ‘Two-Headed’ may be a bit misleading as rather that two heads side by side, the Boy actually had head atop the other. When compared to the average child, both heads were of an appropriate size and development. The second head sat atop the main head inverted and simply ended in a neck-like stump. The second head seemed to, at times, function independently from the main head. When the boy cried or smiled the features of the second head did not always match. Yet, when the main head was fed, the second head would produce saliva. Furthermore, if the second head was presented with a breast to suckle – it would attemp to do so. While the main head was well formed the secondary head did posses some irregularities. The eyes and ears were underdeveloped. The tongue was small and the jaw malformed but both were capable of motion. When the Boy slept, the secondary head would often be observed alert and awake – eyes darting about.

    Despite the attention the Boy of Bengal received, none of it was medical in nature. There were no intensive first hand medical examinations of the Boy on record and the vast majority of the press attention given to the Boy focused no on his condition, but rather his ‘freakish’ appearance. The Boy, who seemed to suffer no serious ill effects in relation to his condition, died at the age of four from a cobra bite. It was only then, after much unseemly business, that medicine was able to examine the case.

    The Boy was buried near the Boopnorain River, outside the city of Tumloch but the grave was soon robbed by Mr. Dent, a salt agent for the East India Company. He dissected the putrefied body himself and gave the skull to a Captain Buchanan of the East Indian Company. Buchanan brought the skull to England, where it ended up in the hands of his close friend- Everard Home.

    When Mr. Dent had dissected the heads he discovered that the brains were separate and distinct. Each brain was also enveloped in its proper coverings and it appeared as though both brains received the nutrition required to sustain life and thought. The skull of the Boy of Bengal can still be seen at the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of London.

    The classification of this condition is today known as Craniopagus parasiticus and technically falls under the category of parasitic twins however many of the early naturalists have attempted to classify the Bengal case as a case of conjoined twins due to the signs of independent life given by the secondary head.

    Previous to 1783 teratology texts listed no fewer that eight suspected cases of Craniopagus parasiticus however the Boy of Bengal case is not only the earliest well documented account, but also the first account of such a case surviving past infancy. Recently on December 10, 2003, Rebeca Martínez was born in the Dominican Republic with this rare condition and she was also the first baby born with the condition to undergo a surgical removal of the second head. She died on February 7, 2004, after the 11-hour operation. On February 19, 2005, Manar Maged – also born with the same condition- underwent a successful 13-hour surgery in Egypt, but died on March 25, 2006 due to repeated infection.
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  • The Human Caterpillar

    Prince Randian, from British Guiana, had no limbs at all. He was brought to the US by P.T. Barnum in 1889 and became famous throughout America, appearing in carnivals and museums for forty-five years.

    He was introduced as the 'human caterpillar who crawls on his belly like a reptile'. In an incredible scene in the movie Freaks, Randian rolls up and lights by himself his own cigarette.

    Prince Randian was married and had five children; he died at the age of sixty-three.
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  • The Hilton Sisters... Joined At The Arse.

    Medically speaking, they were conjoined twins joined at the buttocks. The bones of their lower spine were joined and they shared a common blood and nervous system. They would share sensations but usually behave as separate individuals.

    They were born to a barmaid, Kate Skinner, in the English town of Brighton on February 5, 1908. Their poor mother had to sold them to Mary Hilton, a midwife, when they were two weeks old. "Auntie” saw early the potential of the sisters to make money. They learned to read, write, sing, dance and play music by joining early the circus life. Auntie hoarded all of the girls earnings and kept any and all money away from the girls never allowing them to associate with others. Upon Auntie's death, the girls were willed to Edith, Auntie's daughter, and their slavery continued.

    At age 17, the girls were headlining large vaudeville productions. Their performances would consist of musical performances and dancing. The audience was rarely interested in the twins musical talent, but rather by the fact that it was a pair of siamese twins performing.

    Involved in a divorce suit, they were noticed by a lawyer, Martin J. Arnold, who help them to sue their former guardians for their money and freedom.

    They went on to become movie stars in Tod Browning's film, Freaks , and starred in another film named Chained for Life . At the peak of their career, they were said to be earning $5000 a week.

    But little is known about their later lives when they retired from show business. In January, 1969, the girls were employed at a North Carolina supermarket. When they failed to report for work for three days, the police was called and found the sisters in their apartment, dead from complications of the flu.
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  • Two-Headed Pig

    This is yet another two-headed piglet born in China - following on from the similarly two-headed creature born in Fujian province in January this year.

    The pig was bred by specialist pig farmer Liu Shuping, from Shannxi province in the north west of China.

    It has two mouths, two noses, and three eyes.
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  • Long Necks 0known%20as%20long%20neck%20women%20because%20of%2 0the%20brass%20rings.jpg

    The Padaung are a sub-group of Karen (Bwe Group) living in Kayah state of eastern Burma on the Thailand border. They number less than 40,000 people in total. The Padaung call themselves "Lae Kur" or "Kayan". They have their own language which belongs to the Kenmic group in the Tibeto-Burman language family.

    The Karen themseves are not one homogeneous group but rather a loose confederation of heterogeneous and closely related tribes. Among the smallest of the Karen tribes in Thailand are the Karen Padaung.

    In Thailand, only a few families of Padaung have settled temporarily as refugees in Muang District of Mae Hong Son Province, near Ban Tha Ton in Chiang Rai Province, and as of June 2005 a small group near Chiang Dao. Generally they live among other hilltribes groups, mostly Karen.

    The Padaung escaped from the Kaya State in Burma to Thailand in the mid to late 1900's and are actually refugees of a political turmoil. They belong to the Karenni sub-group of the Karen People, which are still fighting for their independence in Burma.

    The Karen-Padaung occupied central Burma before the Burmese arrived from the North and they, together with the ancient Mon, farmed the Irrawaddy and Salween Valleys and built civilizations based on their unique cultures.

    The Padaung women famously wear brass rings around their necks. This distorts the growth of their collarbones and make them look as if they have long necks - which they don't. This row of brass rings do not actually stretch their necks but in fact squash the vertebrae and collar bones. A woman generally has about twenty or more rings around her neck. This neck ring adornment is started when the girls are 5 or 6 years old.

    The rings on the arms and the legs are not quite as prominent as those on the neck simply because the neck rings are so pronounced. However, these rings are just as important. The rings on the arms are worn on the forearm from the wrist to the elbow. Those on the legs are worn from the ankles to the knees, and cloth coverings are kept over most of these rings, from the shins down to the ankles.

    Most of Padaung are animists, but about 10 percent are Buddhists. Now, the number of Christians is increasing because of the Roman Catholic mission. The annual festival for the fertility and prosperity of the whole community is usually held at the beginning of the rainy season. Sacrifices are made to the spirits for good health and bountiful harvests. Rice is the Padaung main crop.
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  • Half-Faced Boy

    At the age of 22, an age full of colorful life for most people, Min Xiao has to endure ridicule and pain with this disease. She never imagined she could have this bitter a life. 17 years ago, she had a strange disease that caused her to be afflicted with a half face appearance. She is always living in fear and pain as people tease because of her unusual appearance.
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  • The Human Caterpillar
    In an incredible scene in the movie Freaks, Randian rolls up and lights by himself his own cigarette.

    That's awesome :D

    Prince Randian was married and had five children; he died at the age of sixty-three.

    I love how many of these guys marry and have children. Mojo must have been through the roof ;)
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  • Collapsed Face Man

    This 26-year-old man who suffered a syndrome of collapsed face is found living in a village in Anhui Province. According to him, he was suffering from this strange disease 20 years ago. This disease has damaged his facial appearance and cruelly deforming his appearance. Because of his looks people shun him and are fearful of talking to him. As he is a poor farmer who lacks the financial support, he is unable to bear the cost of medical treatment at the hospital and thus he has to leave the fate to others to decide whether he can receive life saving treatments.
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  • At first, you see these deformed faces and the natural reaction is to cringe.

    Then you look at the pain in the eyes... and I don't know about anyone else, but I would really like to talk to these people.

    I understand in some countries being deformed means you are cursed and people avoid you like a leper... imagine how much it would mean to have someone talk nicely to them for a few hours.
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  • Baby Two-Heads

    A baby boy called Kiron weighing 12lbs 1oz was a son of a farmer's wife, Putul Biswas. Kiron was born by Cesarean section on August 25, 2008 in Keshobpur, 85 miles from Dhaka. Kiron was unusual as he had one body conjoined with two complete heads, together with his double pair of ears, mouths and eyes. Even though he was able to eat through both mouths, he had only owned one stomach.

    KS Alam, one of the doctors who treated the baby said, "We wanted to refer him to a hospital in Dhaka but the family was so poor that they could not afford to take him there, so they took him home where he died."

    Kiron, however, passed away after being born two days due to a fever and breathing difficulties. Both of his Bangladeshi parents were unable to afford treatments that could prolong his life due to a financial constrain. More than 150,000 people gathered outside the clinic which is located in the town of Keshobpur to witness this tragic sight. Some of them had left his family money. One Hindu worshipper said, "Kiron is not a medical curiosity, but was sent from heaven as blessings from the Gods."

    As in a case of Kiron, one baby girl weighing 2.8kg was born with two complete heads (that are similar to those of two normal identical [monozygotic] twins with noses, eyes, ears and mouths) at 11a.m., May 9, 2007 by cesarean operation at Ninh Giang District General Hospital. Besides the two heads, she also had two separate distinct necks, two backbones, two legs, two hands, two kidneys, one liver, one spleen, two lungs, one heart, one bladder and one female genitalia.
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  • At first, you see these deformed faces and the natural reaction is to cringe.

    Then you look at the pain in the eyes... and I don't know about anyone else, but I would really like to talk to these people.

    I understand in some countries being deformed means you are cursed and people avoid you like a leper... imagine how much it would mean to have someone talk nicely to them for a few hours.

    I understand how you feel. Most people would prefer to think that people like this don't exist.
    There is a great moment in the movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries' when a young Che Guevara and his friend go to a leper colony and shake hands with the lepers there (and basically treat them like human beings apposed to an outcast of society). Very moving.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Snake-faced Baby

    This snake baby was born in October, 2008 by a woman from Makkah (Arab) who was given birth to her third child. This is a real story, it was not invented instead. This baby whose name called Yiran Babek had a snake-looking face. She was believed to suffer from a genetic disease called Harlequin Ichthyosis (as mentioned earlier under the subtitle "alien-looking babies"). Nevertheless, experts believed that this baby was a result of the exposure of radiations and chemicals. Looking at this innocent baby, my heart felt broken. There must be a great deal of pain and suffering that this innocent child has to go through!

    Alien-looking Babies

    Harlequin babies (also called harlequins, or harlequin fetuses) are referred to those suffering from a type of skin disease called Harlequin-type ichthyosis (Ichthyosis fetalis, keratosis diffusa fetalis, harlequin ichthyosis, Harlequin fetus or ichthyosis congenita). There're very rare cases of them that can hardly survive to adulthoods. Every one out of 300,000 babies may be born with such horrible birth defect. It's by far regarded as the most serious form of congenital ichthyosis which causes the hardening of the keratin layer in human skin. The skin appears as diamond-shaped scales (resemble the coustume of Arlecchino) due to severe hyperkeratosis, reddish in color and the cracked skin may also expose the baby to other pathogenic infections.

    Their mouths are round, large and open; their skins are seen to crack elsewhere just like scales of a fish. Their eyes are stuffed with lumps of coagulated blood, and popped out. In addition to these external features, they've no external ears but two holes and back part of their heads is seen much open; they've a strange low nose, and their limbs appear to be cramped up and swollen.

    Another similar case was the baby born in 1735 by a 28-year-old German woman, Johanna Sophia Schmied, who came from a village near Leipzig. This deformed baby resembles the alien that is usually depicted in the alien autopsy movies. Certain individuals perceived that this deformity was due to the genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials. The baby didn't have a human feature because the bone structure deviated in many characteristics from a normal human being. One of the obvious examples is that there seemed none of two bones (such as radius and ulna) found in the lower arms as they're commonly seen in a normal human structure. In addition to this, the caps or patella were also not present in the knees. Nonetheless, the tumor-like growth was seen to completely fill with brain matter.

    Whatever its source turns out to be, this alien-looking baby, undoubtedly, has raised a controversy debate while resulting in endless doubts. Nonetheless, this baby was not created by the scientists themselves, as it was preserved in formaldehyde, pressed into a 16-inch-high glass and is kept in a little museum in Waldenburg, a small city in the Germany region of Saxonia. Indeed, it's a fact that beyond the thinking of the human. What do you think then?

    Baby Born with a Tail

    More people crowded the temples throughout India just to witness a baby born with a 10-cm-long tail (due to genetic mutations during the development of the fetus) in 2001. The local believed that the baby was a reincarnated Hindu God. He was named Balaji or Bajrangbali, a name given to a monkey-faced god, Lord Hanuman. His grandfather even showed the Indian newspaper, Tribune, nine spots of Balaji, evidence to which is what Lord Hanuman supposedly had. Some enquire whether this human "tail" is indeed an evidence of evolution and this issue seems to debut controversy among the communities.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Frog Baby

    From the headquarters of Dolakha district in Charikot in Nepal, a neck-less baby was born by his mother, Suntali Karki,. Shortly after its birth, the baby died due to severe congenital complications.. The condition of the baby was attributed to a rare condition called anencephaly, which is a cephalic disorder resulted by a neural tube's closure defect. The notable feature of this congenital complication is the absence of the largest part of the brain - the forebrain.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • There is a great moment in the movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries' when a young Che Guevara and his friend go to a leper colony and shake hands with the lepers there (and basically treat them like human beings apposed to an outcast of society). Very moving.

    A little guy named 'Jesus' supposedly did the same thing :p

    Touching untouchables as well... very powerful form of energy-work that can undo karmic debts. Those in India who avoid untouchables are actually incurring debt upon themself.
    - metacomet, 4 years ago
  • Strange Animals

    Two-Headed Calf

    Eight-Legged Cat

    Kitty Two-Face


    Two-Body Fish

    Six-Legged Calf

    Two-Faced Lamb

    Puppy with Six Legs

    Six-Legged Lamb

    Headless Horse
    (This is the reported results of electromagnetic exposure such as used by mobile phones)
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • A little guy named 'Jesus' supposedly did the same thing :p

    Touching untouchables as well... very powerful form of energy-work that can undo karmic debts. Those in India who avoid untouchables are actually incurring debt upon themself.

    Princess Diana also made a big impression shaking hands with people who had AIDS when little was known about the disease.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Results of the Chernobyl Fallout:eek:|0|8C65177DE059800||0|8C65177DE059800|

    Yeah, these ones aren't real.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Kitty Two-Face

    I hate that cat, it's always one way or the other :mad:

    :p cheese
    - metacomet, 4 years ago
  • HairBoy

    Hair covers 96 percent of Yu's body. He may be surpassed only by a pair of Mexican brothers: Victor "Larry" and Gabriel "Danny" Ramos Gomez, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having 98 percent hair cover.

    The 26-year-old Yu is candid and unembarrassed about a condition that has made him a phenomenon in China since he was born.

    A stringy black fuzz matts every inch of his lanky frame, save for the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet.

    And Yu has chosen to make use of his unique physical appearance, placing photos of himself on his Web site + or + as part of a drive to land a recording contract and become China's newest rock star.

    But he recalls a time when he preferred not to face the music. Born in Shenyang in the frozen northeastern province of Liaoning, Yu spent a tough childhood amid much finger-pointing.

    "People laughed at me and called me 'caveman'. I used to throw stones back and fight them as a kid, but now I've grown up and learnt how to endure it," he said as he recuperated in a hospital ward from ear surgery.

    He had the operation in Shanghai recently to remove hair that was impeding his hearing, doctors said.

    "I hope to prove myself and others wrong in singing some day. Of course, in the beginning, people will say, that's just "hairboy" singing''.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • World's Fattest Woman... Ever

    Carol Yager (1960-1994) holds the distinction of having been one of the most obese people in medical history.
    Yager is perhaps more notable for having lost the most weight by natural (non-surgical) means, in the shortest documented time (521 lbs. in three months).[1] While others have registered larger total weight loss, some were assisted by bariatric surgery and/or cosmetic procedures to remove excess tissues, and all were over longer periods of time; 19 months (with surgical assistance) in the case of Guinness' record holder, Michael Hebranko, and 16 months for John Brower Minnoch, (said to be the heaviest man ever recorded). Guinness' female record holder, Rosalie Bradford's weight loss took over 1 year (420 lbs. in the first year), and she underwent at least five surgical sessions to remove tissue during that time.

    When Yager died in 1994 at the age of 34, she weighed about 1200 lbs (544 kg), and was 5' 7" (170 cm) in height. Bizarre magazine reported that she was estimated to have been more than 5' wide (152 cm),[2] although this measurement has not been verified by Yager's medical team or family members. Shortly before her death, however, she was able to fit through her custom-built 48" (121 cm) wide front door.[3] Published reports quoted her then-boyfriend as stating that he estimated her peak weight at about 1600 pounds (727kg),[1] but when questioned about this estimate, Yager's doctor declined comment.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Man With No Face

    For the past 35 years, 51 year-old Jose Mestre, from Lisbon, has been losing his face to a massive growth, distorting it out of all recognition – and it's still growing.

    The tumour on Jose's face is a vascular malformation, a collection of blood vessels that have expanded, producing a raised red area on the skin. Jose was born with a strawberry-coloured birth mark on his upper lip; at puberty his face started growing, eventually smothering his lips, nose and one of his eyes. It's now about 33cm long and weighs around 3kg.

    The Man with No Face meets the man behind the 'mask' and attempts to understand what it is like to have such an affliction. How does he cope with day to day life - with the stares, the ridicule and people taking photographs?

    Surrounded by a loving family, it seems incredible that he has not been treated and his face was allowed to grow so big. However, through years of medical misinformation, some misdiagnosis, lack of finances, and reluctance to undergo treatment due to religious beliefs, the growth has continued to obliterate his face.

    My Shocking Story follows Jose on a journey through Europe to seek medical advice for one last chance to stop his face from suffocating him. In this journey of a lifetime he will discover the truth about his condition, as he travels by train, via Paris, to Britain, to meet the top experts in London. He will go through a series of tests, consultations, and meet other patients with a similar affliction. Here he will also spend time with his brother and the rest of his family, enjoy being a tourist in London, while making the biggest decision of his life:

    Jose's dream is to live a long and normal life. Will he decide to change his religious beliefs, and risk an operation to remove his malformation, or will he decide against surgery and accept that he will continue living the rest of his life without a face?
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Smallest man... Ever

    Gul Mohammed (February 15, 1957 – October 1, 1997) of New Delhi, India, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, is the shortest adult human being whose existence and height has been independently verified.[1]

    On July 19, 1990, he was examined by Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi, India and he stood 57 cm (1 foot 10.5 inches) tall and weighed 17.0 kg (37.5 pounds). He died on October 1, 1997, from respiratory complications and after a long struggle with asthma and bronchitis, acquired due to heavy smoking.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • World's Biggest Biceps

    Greg Valentino has the world's biggest biceps! Greg Valentino has been bodybuilding since the age of 14. One day Greg Valentino said to himself "Well I'm not going to get any taller so I'm going to get wider". That's when Greg started out his quest for the biggest bicep muscles in the world. Greg Valentino has been working his huge bicep muscle for over 30 years now! So how much can Greg bicep curl? A whopping 300 pounds!

    The last measurement of Greg Valentino's arms put them at over 28 inches...and still growing! Greg trains heavy. Not only does he focus on his biceps and triceps but he can bench 550lbs on a decline. Greg Valentino is certainly a strong man all over. Obviously Greg has been taking steriods for quite some time. He admits this in his regular column in the Muscle development magazine. His column is called "Ramblin Freak, the biggest bicep muscles in the world".
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Bigmouth Strikes Again

    You might know a few chatty girls that never seem to shut up, but I doubt you’ve seen a mouth this big. Literally.

    This African man’s mouth is so big, he can fit an entire soda can in his mouth.

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, he stretches his cheeks back and reveals all of his teeth. Freaky, I know, especially since they’re pearly white. I bet he gets a kick out of dentists when they say “Open wide!”
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Human Pinhead

    Although Schlitzie was rightly classifed as microcephalic due to the shape and circumference of his head and his below average intelligence, it must be remembered that quality of the brain is an important factor as well as quantity. And in Schlitzie's case what little he had was very active.
    Little Schlitzie, who was only about four feet tall, walked with a stoop which made his arms appear to be too long. Also when walking you can notice a looseness in his joints and that when standing his knees are slightly bent. He was probably nearsighted which, like everybody else, only got worse with age.
    Although Schlitzie could only speak a few monosyllabic words or formulate only simple phrases it is believed he understood most of what was said to him.
    Some people thought Schlitzie was more intelligent than he was given credit for because of the quickness in his reactions, in his powers of observation and his ability to mimic but in fact these are traits shared by others with his condition.
    Schlitzie must have been raised from infancy by someone who loved him. It can be difficult to raise a person with microcephaly not just because of the lower than average intelligence but also because of their limited attention span and high distractibility. Somebody with a lot of love and the patience of Job trained Schlitzie through constant repetition to form good behavioral habits and to do simple tasks such as washing, dressing and feeding himself. This would later prove to make him attractive to showmen as he was for the most part well-behaved on stage although he was known to get angry when he was abused and taunted by the patrons. But then who wouldn't?
    At times Schlitzie could be restless and at other times he would get tired and run out of energy. He had an excitable and vivacious personality and loved to laugh. This along with the quickness in his reactions to the people or things around him amused and endeared him to his audience.
    Many children born with microcephaly die young and in a sense this was true of Schlitzie too. You see, Schlitzie was a three-year-old child who never grew up - even after 70 years of life on this earth. He is missed by all those who knew him and by all those who have come to know him since his passing in 1971.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • 9 Most Bizarre People on Earth

    1. Ngoc: three decades without sleep
    Sixty-four-year-old Thai Ngoc, known as Hai Ngoc, said he could not sleep at night after getting a fever in 1973, and has counted infinite numbers of sheep during more than 11,700 consecutive sleepless nights. "I don't know whether the insomnia has impacted my health or not. But I'm still healthy and can farm normally like others," Ngoc said. Proving his health, the elderly resident of Que Trung commune, Que Son district said he can carry two 50kg bags of fertilizer down 4km of road to return home every day. His wife said, "My husband used to sleep well, but these days, even liquor cannot put him down." She said when Ngoc went to Da Nang for a medical examination, doctors gave him a clean bill of health, except a minor decline in liver function. Ngoc currently lives on his 5ha farm at the foot of a mountain busy with farming and taking care of pigs and chickens all day. His six children live at their house in Que Trung. Ngoc often does extra farm work or guards his farm at night to prevent theft, saying he used three months of sleepless nights to dig two large ponds to raise fish.

    2. Bhagat: had his twin
    Sanju Bhagat's stomach was once so swollen he looked nine months pregnant and could barely breathe. iving in the city of Nagpur, India, Bhagat said he'd felt self-conscious his whole life about his big belly. But one night in June 1999, his problem erupted into something much larger than cosmetic worry. Mehta said that he can usually spot a tumor just after he begins an operation. But while operating on Bhagat, Mehta saw something he had never encountered. As he cut deeper into Bhagat's stomach, gallons of fluid spilled out — and then something extraordinary happened. "First, one limb came out, then another limb came out. Then some part of genitalia, then some part of hair, some limbs, jaws, limbs, hair."
    At first glance, it may look as if Bhagat had given birth. Actually, Mehta had removed the mutated body of Bhagat's twin brother from his stomach. Bhagat, they discovered, had one of the world's most bizarre medical conditions — fetus in fetu. It is an extremely rare abnormality that occurs when a fetus gets trapped inside its twin. The trapped fetus can survive as a parasite even past birth by forming an umbilical cordlike structure that leaches its twin's blood supply until it grows so large that it starts to harm the host, at which point doctors usually intervene.

    3. Yokoi: spent 28 years hidden after WWII
    Shoichi Yokoi was a soldier, conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Army in 1941 and sent to Guam shortly thereafter. In 1944, as American forces reconquered the island, Yokoi went into hiding.
    On January 24, 1972, Yokoi was discovered in a remote section of Guam by two of the island's inhabitants. For 28 years he had been hiding in an underground jungle cave, fearing to come out of hiding even after finding leaflets declaring that World War II had ended. "It is with much embarrassment that I have returned alive," he said upon his return to Japan, carrying his rusted rifle at his side.

    4. Mehran: lives at the Airport since 1988
    Mehran Karimi Nasseri, also known as Sir, Alfred Mehran (yes, including the comma), is an Iranian refugee who has been living in the departure lounge of Terminal One in Charles de Gaulle Airport since August 8, 1988. After he was later imprisoned, tortured and expelled from his country, he applied for asylum in many European countries without luck.

    When he decided to go to the United Kingdom, he claimed that he was mugged, and his shoulder bag stolen while waiting at the RER platform to go to Charles de Gaulle Airport to take a flight to Heathrow. Nasseri managed to board the plane, but when he arrived at Heathrow without the necessary documentation, Heathrow officials sent him back to Charles de Gaulle. Nasseri was unable to prove his identity or his refugee status to the French officials and so he was moved to the Zone d'attente (waiting zone), a holding area for travellers without papers.
    Nasseri was reportedly the inspiration behind the 2004 movie The Terminal. Unlike Tom Hanks' character in the movie, and since at least 1994, Nasseri does not live in the duty-free transit area but simply in the departure hall, in the circular boutiques and restaurants passage on the lowest floor. He can at least theoretically leave the terminal at any moment, although, since everyone knows him, his departure might not remain unnoticed. He does not seem to speak with anyone normally. With his cart and bags, he almost looks like a traveler, so people either do not notice him or ignore him as if he were a homeless person.

    5. Mitsuo: a japanese Jesus Christ
    Matayoshi Mitsuo is an eccentric Japanese politician with the conviction that he is the God and Christ.According to his program, he will do the Last Judgement as the Christ but the way to do this is totally within the current political system and its legitimacy. His first step as the Savior is to be appointed the prime minister of Japan. Then he will reform Japanese society and then the United Nations should offer him the honor of its General Secretary. Then Matayoshi Jesus will reign over the whole world with two legitimate authorities, not only religious but also political.
    He has presented himself in many elections but he has not won yet. He has become well-known for his eccentric campaigns where he urges opponents to commit suicide by hara-kiri.

    6. Bihari: most officially dead person
    Lal Bihari (born 1961) is a farmer from Uttar Pradesh, India who was officially dead from 1976 to 1994. He founded Mritak Sangh or the Association of the Dead in Uttar Pradesh, India. He fought Indian government bureaucracy for 18 years to prove that he is alive.
    When Lal Bihari tried to apply for a bank loan in 1976, he found out that he was officially dead. His uncle had bribed a government official to register him as dead so he would get the ownership of Bihari's land.
    Bihari discovered at least 100 other people in a similar situation, being officially dead. He formed Mritak Sangh in the Azamgarh district. He and many other members were in danger of being killed by those who had appropriated their property. Nowadays the association has over 20,000 members all over India. By 2004 they had managed to declare four of their members alive. In 2004 he ran for a seat in the parliament of Lal Ganj.

    7. Bawden: the self-elected Pope Michael I, from Kansas
    David Allen Bawden (born 1959), is an American citizen who was elected "Pope Michael I" by a group of six Conclavist or post-Sedevacantist Catholics, arguing that the elections of the last 6 popes were invalid because they are all modernists.
    Sedevacantists argue that if the College of Cardinals will not or cannot elect a valid pope, ordinary Catholics can do so, under the principle of "Epikeia" (Equity). Acting on the basis of this, David Bawden was elected Pope by six people on 1990 (including himself and his parents). He is still on the job to this day.

    8. Nakamatsu: photographed and analyzed every meal for 34 years
    Yoshiro Nakamatsu (born June 26, 1928), a.k.a. Dr. NakaMats, is the Japanese inventor claiming to hold the world record for number of inventions with over 3,000, including the floppy disk and "PyonPyon" spring shoes. He has being photographing and retrospectively analyzing every meal he has consumed during a period of 34 years (and counting). The goal of Nakamatsu is to live over 140 years old.

    [B]9. Lotito: mister eat-it-all[/B
    Michel Lotito (born June 15, 1950) is a French entertainer. Lotito, who was born in Grenoble, is famous as the consumer of undigestables, and is known as Monsieur Mangetout (Mister Eat-it-all). Lotito's performances are the consumption of metal, glass, rubber and so on in items such as bicycles, televisions, a Cessna 150, and smaller items which are disassembled, cut-up and swallowed. The aircraft took roughly two years to be 'eaten' from 1978 to 1980. He began eating unusual material while a child and has been performing publicly since 1966.
    Lotito does not often suffer from ill-effects due to his diet, even after the consumption of materials usually considered poisonous. When performing he consumes around a kilogram of material daily, preceding it with mineral oil and drinking considerable quantities of water during the 'meal'. He apparently possesses a stomach and intestine with walls of twice the expected thickness, and his digestive acids are, allegedly, unusually powerful, allowing him to digest a certain portion of his metallic meals.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • 10 of the World's Smallest Animals

    1. World’s Smallest Dog: 12.4 cm (4.9-inch) tall
    At 1.4 pounds and 4.9 inches tall, Ducky, a yappy short-coat Chihuahua from Charlton (Massachusetts, USA), holds the Guinness World Record for the world's smallest living dog (by height). Ducky succeeds Danka Kordak of Slovakia, a Chihuahua who measured 5.4 inches tall. The smallest dog ever, according to Guinness, was a dwarf Yorkshire terrier who stood 2.8 inches tall.

    2. World's Smallest Snake: 10.1 cm (4-inch) long
    Leptotyphlops carlae is the world's smallest species of snake, with adults averaging just under four inches in length. Found on the Caribbean island of Barbados, the species --which is as thin as a spaghetti noodle and small enough to rest comfortably on a U.S. quarter-- was discovered by Blair Hedges.

    3. World’s Smallest Fish: 7.9 mm (0.3-inch) long
    On January 2006, the world's smallest fish was discovered on the Indonesian island of Sumatra: a member of the carp family of fish, the Paedocypris progenetica. It is the world's smallest vertebrate or backboned animal; only 7.9 mm (0.3 inches) long.

    The title, however, is contested by 6.2 mm (0.2 in) long male anglerfish Photocorynus spiniceps (not technically a fish but a sexual parasite) and the 7 mm (0.27 in) long male stout infantfish Schindleria brevipinguis.

    4. World’s Smallest Horse: 43.18 cm (17-inch) tall
    The little horse was born to Paul and Kay Goessling, who specialize in breeding miniature horses, but even for the breed Thumbelina is particularly small: she is thought to be a dwarf-version of the breed. At just 60 lb and 17-inch tall, the five-year-old Thumbelina is the world’s smallest horse.

    5. World’s Smallest Cat: 15.5 cm (6.1-inch) high and 49 cm (19.2-inch) long
    Meet Mr. Peebles. He lives in central Illinois, is two years old, weighs about three pounds and is the world's smallest cat! The cat's small stature was verified by the Guinness Book of World Records on 2004.

    6. World's Smallest Hamster: 2.5 cm (0.9-inch) tall
    Only slightly bigger than a 50p piece, PeeWee is the smallest hamster in the world. Weighing less than an ounce, the golden hamster stopped growing when he was three weeks old - his five brothers and sisters went on to measure between 4in and 5in.

    7. World's Smallest Chameleon: 1.2 cm (0.5-inch) long
    The Brookesia Minima is the world's smallest species of chameleon. This one is just half an inch. Found on the rainforest floor of Nosy Be Island off the north-west coast of Madagascar, females tend to be larger than males.

    8. World's Smallest Lizard: 16 mm (0.6-inch) long
    So small it can curl up on a dime or stretch out on a quarter, a typical adult of the species, whose scientific name is Sphaerodactylus ariasae is only about 16 millimeters long, or about three quarters of an inch, from the tip of the snout to the base of the tail. It shares the title of "smallest" with another lizard species named Sphaerodactylus parthenopion, discovered in 1965 in the British Virgin Islands.

    9. World’s Smallest Cattle: 81 cm (31-inch) height
    The world’s smallest cattle is a rare breed of an Indian zebu called the Vechur cow. The average height of this breed of cattle is 31 to 35 inches (81 to 91 cm). The photo above shows a 16 year old Vechur cattle as compared to a 6 year old HF cross-breed cow.

    10. World's Smallest Seahorse: 16 mm (0.6-inch) long
    The creature, known as Hippocampus denise, is typically just 16 millimetres long - smaller than most fingernails. Some were found to be just 13 mm long. H. denise lives in the tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean, between 13 and 90 metres beneath the surface.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Real-Life Superheroes: 8 Freak Abilities

    1. The Incredible Brain (Daniel Tammet)
    Daniel Paul Tammet is a British high-functioning autistic savant gifted with a facility for mathematical calculations, sequence memory, and natural language learning. He was born with congenital childhood epilepsy. Experiencing numbers as colors or sensations is a well-documented form of synesthesia, but the detail and specificity of Tammet's mental imagery of numbers is unique. In his mind, he says, each number up to 10,000 has its own unique shape and feel, that he can "see" results of calculations as landscapes, and that he can "sense" whether a number is prime or composite. He has described his visual image of 289 as particularly ugly, 333 as particularly attractive, and pi as beautiful. Tammet not only verbally describes these visions, but also creates artwork, particularly watercolor paintings, such as his painting of Pi.

    Tammet holds the European record for memorising and recounting pi to 22,514 digits in just over five hours. He also speaks a variety of languages including English, French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Romanian, Estonian, Icelandic, Welsh and Esperanto. He particularly likes Estonian, because it is rich in vowels. Tammet is creating a new language called Mänti. Tammet is capable of learning new languages very quickly. To prove this for the Channel Five documentary, Tammet was challenged to learn Icelandic in one week. Seven days later he appeared on Icelandic television conversing in Icelandic, with his Icelandic language instructor saying it was "not human."

    2. The Boy with Sonar Vision (Ben Underwood)
    Ben Underwoodtaught is blind, both of his eyes were removed (cancer) when he was 3. Yet, he plays basketball, rides on a bicycle, and lives a quite normal life. He taught himself to use echo location to navigate around the world. With no guide-dogs, he doesn't even need hands: he uses sound. Ben makes a short click sound that bounces back from objects. Amazingly, his ears pick up the ecos to let him know where the objects are. He's the only person in the world who sees using nothing but eco location, like a sonar or a dolphin.

    3. The Rubberboy (Daniel Browning Smith)
    Five time Guiness Record holder, The Rubberboy is the most flexible man alive and the most famous contortionist. He has been in many professional basketball or baseball games and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ESPN's Sports Center, Oprah Winfrey, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Cirque du Soleil, Best Damn Sports Show Period, The Discovery Channel, Men in Black 2, HBO's Carnivale, and CSI: NY and American got a talent. He dislocates his arms to crawl through an unstrung tennis racquet. He performs contortion handstands and unique acrobatics.

    4. King Tooth (Rathakrishnan Velu)
    On August 30, 2007, the eve of Malaysia's 50th Independence Day, Rathakrishnan Velu (or Raja Gigi, as he is known locally) broke his own world record for pulling train with his teeth, this time with 6 coaches attached weighing 297.1 tons over a distance of 2.8 metres at the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. Raja Gigi, from Tampin in Malaysia learned a technique of concentrating his powers to any part of his body from an Indian guru at a young age of 14.

    5. The Magnetic Man (Liew Thow Lin)
    Liew Thow Lin, a 70-year-old retired contractor in Malaysia, recently made news for pulling a car twenty meters along a level surface by means of an iron chain hooked to an iron plate on his midriff. He says that he discovered he had the amazing ability to make objects stick "magnetically" to his skin, and now he's added car-pulling to his repertoire. After reading an article about a family in Taiwan who possessed such power, he says he took several iron objects and put them on his abdomen, and to his surprise, all the objects including an iron, stuck on his skin and didn't fall down. Since this "gift'' is also present in three of his sons and two grandchildren, he figures it's hereditary.

    6. The Torture King (Tim Cridland)
    Tim Cridland doesn't seem to feel pain like the rest of people. He astounded everyone by pushing needles into his arms without flinching and he now performs a terrifying act for audiences all over America. Scientific tests have shown that Tim can tolerate much higher levels of pain than are humanly possible. He explains that, by using mind over matter, he is able to push skewers through his body and put up with extreme heat and cold unharmed - but to do this safely he has extensively studied human anatomy, because puncturing an artery could be fatal.

    7. The Lion Whisperer (Kevin Richardson)
    Animal behaviourist Kevin Richardson says he relies on instinct to win the hearts and form an intimate bond with the big cats. He can spend the night curled up with them without the slightest fear of being attacked. His magic works not only work for lions but other animals such as cheetahs, leopards and even hyenas do not hold a threat against him. Lions are his favourites and its a wonder how he can play, carress, cuddle with them whose teeth are sharp enough to bite through thick steel. Its a dangerous job but to Kevin, its more of a passion for him.

    8. The Eye-Popping Man (Claudio Pinto)
    Claudio Pinto can pop both of his eyes 4 cm (about 1 and a half inch) or 95% out of their sockets. He's now aiming (poppin'?) for a world record. Mr Pinto has undergone various tests and doctors say they have never seen or heard of a person who can pop the eyes as much as him. Mr Pinto, from Belo Horizonte, said: "It is a pretty easy way to make money. "I can pop my eyes out four centimetres each, it is a gift from God, I feel blessed."
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Elephantiasis Of The Testicles p://

    Elephantiasis is a disease that is characterized by the thickening of the skin and underlying tissues, especially in the legs and genitals. In some cases, the disease can cause certain body parts, such as the scrotum, to swell to the size of a softball or basketball. "Elephantitis" is a common mis-hearing or mis-remembering of the term, from confusing the ending -iasis (process or resulting condition) with the more commonly heard -itis (irritation or inflammation). Its proper medical name is lymphatic filariasis.
    Elephantiasis is often caused by microscopic, thread-like parasitic worms such as Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and B. timori, all of which are transmitted by mosquitoes. The adult worms only live in the human lymph system. Consequently, it is common in tropical regions and Africa. Obstruction of the lymphatic vessels leads to swelling in the lower torso, typically in the legs and genitals. It is not definitively known if this swelling is caused by the parasite itself, or by the immune system's response to the parasite.
    Alternatively, elephantiasis may occur in the absence of parasitic infection. This nonparasitic form of elephantiasis is known as nonfilarial elephantiasis or podoconiosis, and areas of high prevalence have been documented in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia. The worst affected area is Ethiopia, where up to 6% of the population is affected in endemic areas. Nonfilarial elephantiasis is thought to be caused by persistent contact with irritant soils: in particular, red clays rich in alkali metals such as sodium and potassium and associated with volcanic activity.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Occurences

    A Fishy Tale
    Recently a man who lost his phone on a beach had it returned to him after it was found inside the belly of a codfish.

    Originally realising he had lost his phone at the beach, he had expected to never see it again, but then a week later his girlfriend's phone rang quite obviously displaying his old mobile number. On the other end was a fisherman who had been surprised upon catching and gutting a 25lb cod, to find a mobile phone inside.

    8 - The Luckiest Number?
    Well we know that the Chinese in particular consider the number 8 to be a lucky number, so I wonder what their opinions on the little girl born in this story would be??

    In Fergus Falls USA, a baby was born to the Hauer family.

    The date she was born at was the 08-08-08.

    The time she was born at was 8:08 am.

    The weight she was born at was 8 pounds, 8 ounces!

    Born by caesarean section, the mother thought they were pulling her leg about the time, and that was before they got to the weight!

    The only joke that did occur was the one about the nurse considering telling the mother they'd shrunk the baby's length down to 18 inches from the 19.5 that she was really.

    Hospital staff decided they were going to go out and buy lottery tickets later that day, and any wonder!

    Would You Bet On This Hand?
    During 1858, a man named Robert Fallon who was out playing poker was shot dead by other members of the table who believed his current winnings of $600 had been attained by cheating.

    Because none of the other players considered the $600 pot to be lucky, Fallon's seat remained empty. However they were able to fill it at the eleventh hour with a new player and the game played on.
    The police eventually arrived to investigate the matter, by which point the new player had nurtured the $600 into a grand total of $2,200.

    After hearing the story of what had happened that night, the police determined that the original $600 be turned over to them so that it could be passed onto Fallon's nearest living relative.

    The irony of this story, it eventuated that the new player who had taken Fallon's place was actually Fallon's son!

    Having not seen his father in over 7 years, the son was none the wiser until the matter was investigated!

    It Fell From The Sky... Money!
    In 1968, shoppers in Kent, UK, were surprised by falling coinage on the footpath. Apparently they came from nowhere with only the sound of them hitting the ground alerting the shoppers to their presence, and the dents in them backed up the story that they had fallen from the sky. There were no tall buildings or planes nearby.

    In 1976 over a Piazza in Rome, a light plane dropped a large quantity of 500, 1000, and 10000 lira bank notes. The pilot of the plane was never identified.

    In 1982 a young girl saw a 50 pence coin fall from the sky while in a church yard near Manchester UK.
    Later on during the same day, other children found coins in the same place. A local sweetie/lolly/candy shop owner who'd been swamped by coin-bearing children, thought that maybe the children had stolen the coins from the church's collection box and contacted the church immediately, but no money was missing.
    All the children swore that the money had fallen from the sky.

    In 2007 a raucous group of demonstrators managed to make it to the visitors gallery of the New York Stock Exchange and throw $100 in $1 bills over the edge.

    Also occurring in 2007 was the incident in Tokyo, Japan where a million yen began floating down from the top of an apartment block above a convenience store.

    While only last month in Indonesia, 100 million rupiah, or nearly £6,000,cash was thrown from a plane in a marketing stunt over one of the poorest areas.

    It Fell From The Sky... Meat!
    All sorts of strange and bizarre items have fallen from the sky in the past, but how would you feel if a lump of fresh meat landed in your lap?

    In 1851 soldiers at a base out near San Francisco were practicing drills when they were hit by blood and pieces of meat, from a cloudless sky.

    North Carolina was also showered with blood, brains, pieces of meat and liver during the same year.

    In 1876 a woman from Kentucky was in her garden when fresh meat began to shower her in snowflake like sizes from the again cloudless sky.
    Two nearby men tasted it (why does that not surprise me!) and thought it tasted like either venison or mutton. Scientists later tested it to find it was a random selection of lung tissue and muscle fibres. The explanation given was that a flock of buzzards had most likely regurgitated the matter while flying overhead.

    A Ship Of Coincidence
    Some coincidences and incidents in life are just so bizarre it beggars belief!
    However such strange coincidences do occur, but still you cannot help but shake your head and wonder.

    One such example is that of the ship The Mermaid.

    In 1829, The Mermaid was 4 days out from Sydney Harbour, Australia when an intense storm struck. Between high winds and heavy rains, the ship was finally dumped onto a reef where it began breaking apart. The crew managed to swim towards a rocky outcrop where they were rescued three days later by the crew of another passing vessel, the Swiftsure

    The Swiftsure then encountered an extremely strong current that the crew were unable to counter. The ship was therefore swept on to rocks and also wrecked. The crew of The Mermaid found themselves abandoning ship for a second time.

    Eight hours later the schooner Governor Ready already carrying thirty-two people and a full cargo of timber saw their plight and was able to squeeze the survivors from both the Mermaid and Swiftsure on board.

    Three hours later, Governor Ready caught fire! The fire spread rapidly thanks to all the added timber on board. The ship was abandoned once more with the aid of longboats.

    The Comet, a government ship then appeared unexpectedly, and all were rescued....again!

    The crew of the Comet heard the story and considered that the crew of The Mermaid were in fact jinxed, but having passed three shipwrecks without trouble, they decided that good luck was on their side.

    But just 5 days later a sudden squall sprang up. With her mast lost, sails in tatters, and rudder gone, the crew of the Comet took to their longboats, abandoning the jinxed crewmen to their own resources.

    Clinging to broken up pieces of the ship, the survivors weary and having to fight off sharks were again picked up from their soggy situation by the crew of the Jupiter,

    Just 12 hours later, yes, you guessed it, the Jupiter sank!

    All were eventually picked up by another ship, The City of Leeds.

    Four days later, the City Of Leeds, docked in Sydney Harbour!

    But there was one final coincidence to come. On board one of the final vessels, the Jupiter was an elderly lady from Yorkshire, Sarah Richey, who had come to Australia to search for her son Peter who had been missing for over fifteen years. As it turned out, Peter was one of the original crew of the Mermaid.

    A Coincidental Life.
    Two twin boys were born in Ohio, adopted by different families and completely unknown to each other, were both named James.

    Both were trained in law enforcement, both were skilled at mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda.

    They both had sons - one named James Alan and the other named James Allan.

    The twin brothers also divorced their wives and married other women - both named Betty.

    Both of them owned a dog, and both dogs had been named Toy.

    It would be 40 years after their initial separation before each would learn of the other’s strangely coincidental existence.

    Cow Eats Chickens.
    WHEN dozens of chickens went missing from a remote West Bengal village, everyone blamed the neighborhood dogs.

    But Ajit Ghosh, the owner of the missing chickens, eventually solved the puzzle when he caught his cow - a sacred animal for the Hindu family - gobbling up several of them at night.

    "We were shocked to see our calf eating chickens alive," Mr Ghosh said.

    The family decided to stand guard at night on Monday at the cow shed which also served as a hen coop, after 48 chickens went missing in a month.

    "Instead of the dogs, we watched in horror as the calf, whom we had fondly named Lal, sneak to the coop and grab the little ones with the precision of a jungle cat," Gour Ghosh, his brother, said.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Blue People Of Troublesome Creek

    Six generations after a French orphan named Martin Fugate settled on the banks of eastern Kentucky's Troublesome Creek with his redheaded American bride, his great-great-great great grandson was born in a modern hospital not far from where the creek still runs.

    The boy inherited his father's lankiness and his mother's slightly nasal way of speaking.

    What he got from Martin Fugate was dark blue skin. "It was almost purple," his father recalls.

    Doctors were so astonished by the color of Benjamin "Benjy" Stacy's skin that they raced him by ambulance from the maternity ward in the hospital near Hazard to a medical clinic in Lexington. Two days of tests produced no explanation for skin the color of a bruised plum.

    A transfusion was being prepared when Benjamin's grandmother spoke up. "Have you ever heard of the blue Fugates of Troublesome Creek?" she asked the doctors.

    "My grandmother Luna on my dad's side was a blue Fugate. It was real bad in her," Alva Stacy, the boy's father, explained. "The doctors finally came to the conclusion that Benjamin's color was due to blood inherited from generations back."

    Benjamin lost his blue tint within a few weeks, and now he is about as normal looking a seven-year-old boy as you could hope to find. His lips and fingernails still turn a shade of purple-blue when he gets cold or angry a quirk that so intrigued medical students after Benjamin's birth that they would crowd around the baby and try to make him cry. "Benjamin was a pretty big item in the hospital," his mother says with a grin.

    Dark blue lips and fingernails are the only traces of Martin Fugate's legacy left in the boy; that, and the recessive gene that has shaded many of the Fugates and their kin blue for the past 162 years.

    They're known simply as the "blue people" in the hills and hollows around Troublesome and Ball Creeks. Most lived to their 80s and 90s without serious illness associated with the skin discoloration. For some, though, there was a pain not seen in lab tests. That was the pain of being blue in a world that is mostly shades of white to black.

    There was always speculation in the hollows about what made the blue people blue: heart disease, a lung disorder, the possibility proposed by one old-timer that "their blood is just a little closer to their skin." But no one knew for sure, and doctors rarely paid visits to the remote creekside settlements where most of the "blue Fugates " lived until well into the 1950s. By the time a young hematologist from the University of Kentucky came down to Troublesome Creek in the 1960s to cure the blue people, Martin Fugate's descendants had multiplied their recessive genes all over the Cumberland Plateau.

    Madison Cawein began hearing rumors about the blue people when he went to work at the University of Kentucky's Lexington medical clinic in 1960. "I'm a hematologist, so something like that perks up my ears," Cawein says, sipping on whiskey sours and letting his mind slip back to the summer he spent "tromping around the hills looking for blue people."

    Cawein is no stranger to eccentricities of the body. He helped isolate an antidote for cholera, and he did some of the early work on L-dopa, the drug for Parkinson's disease. But his first love, which he developed as an Army medical technician in World War II, was hematology. "Blood cells always looked so beautiful to me," he says.

    Cawein would drive back and forth between Lexington and Hazard an eight-hour ordeal before the tollway was built and scour the hills looking for the blue people he'd heard rumors about. The American Heart Association had a clinic in Hazard, and it was there that Cawein met "a great big nurse" who offered to help.

    Her name was Ruth Pendergrass, and she had been trying to stir up medical interest in the blue people ever since a dark blue woman walked into the county health department one bitterly cold afternoon and asked for a blood test.

    "She had been out in the cold and she was just blue!" recalls Pendergrass, who is now 69 and retired from nursing. "Her face and her fingernails were almost indigo blue. It like to scared me to death! She looked like she was having a heart attack. I just knew that patient was going to die right there in the health department, but she wasn't a'tall alarmed. She told me that her family was the blue Combses who lived up on Ball Creek. She was a sister to one of the Fugate women." About this same time, another of the blue Combses, named Luke, had taken his sick wife up to the clinic at Lexington. One look at Luke was enough to "get those doctors down here in a hurry," says Pendergrass, who joined Cawein to look for more blue people.

    Trudging up and down the hollows, fending off "the two mean dogs that everyone had in their front yard," the doctor and the nurse would spot someone at the top of a hill who looked blue and take off in wild pursuit. By the time they'd get to the top, the person would be gone. Finally, one day when the frustrated doctor was idling inside the Hazard clinic, Patrick and Rachel Ritchie walked in.

    "They were bluer'n hell," Cawein says. "Well, as you can imagine, I really examined them. After concluding that there was no evidence of heart disease, I said 'Aha!' I started asking them questions: 'Do you have any relatives who are blue?' then I sat down and we began to chart the family."

    Cawein remembers the pain that showed on the Ritchie brother's and sister's faces. "They were really embarrassed about being blue," he said. "Patrick was all hunched down in the hall. Rachel was leaning against the wall. They wouldn't come into the waiting room. You could tell how much it bothered them to be blue."

    After ruling out heart and lung diseases, the doctor suspected methemoglobinemia, a rare hereditary blood disorder that results from excess levels of methemoglobin in the blood. Methemoglobin which is blue, is a nonfunctional form of the red hemoglobin that carries oxygen. It is the color of oxygen-depleted blood seen in the blue veins just below the skin.

    If the blue people did have methemoglobinemia, the next step was to find out the cause. It can be brought on by several things: abnormal hemoglobin formation, an enzyme deficiency, and taking too much of certain drugs, including vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting and is abundant in pork liver and vegetable oil.

    Cawein drew "lots of blood" from the Ritchies and hurried back to his lab. He tested first for abnormal hemoglobin, but the results were negative.

    Stumped, the doctor turned to the medical literature for a clue. He found references to methemoglobinemia dating to the turn of the century, but it wasn't until he came across E. M. Scott's 1960 report in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (vol. 39, 1960) that the answer began to emerge.

    Scott was a Public Health Service doctor at the Arctic Health Research Center in Anchorage who had discovered hereditary methemoglobinemia among Alaskan Eskimos and Indians. It was caused, Scott speculated, by an absence of the enzyme diaphorase from their red blood cells. In normal people hemoglobin is converted to methemoglobin at a very slow rate. If this conversion continued, all the body's hemoglobin would eventually be rendered useless. Normally diaphorase converts methemoglobin back to hemoglobin. Scott also concluded that the condition was inherited as a simple recessive trait. In other words, to get the disorder, a person would have to inherit two genes for it, one from each parent. Somebody with only one gene would not have the condition but could pass the gene to a child.

    Scott's Alaskans seemed to match Cawein's blue people. If the condition were inherited as a recessive trait, it would appear most often in an inbred line.

    Cawein needed fresh blood to do an enzyme assay. He had to drive eight hours back to Hazard to search out the Ritchies, who lived in a tapped-out mining town called Hardburly. They took the doctor to see their uncle, who was blue, too. While in the hills, Cawein drove over to see Zach (Big Man) Fugate, the 76-year-old patriarch of the clan on Troublesome Creek. His car gave out on the dirt road to Zach's house, and the doctor had to borrow a Jeep from a filling station.

    Zach took the doctor even farther up Copperhead Hollow to see his Aunt Bessie Fugate, who was blue. Bessie had an iron pot of clothes boiling in her front yard, but she graciously allowed the doctor to draw some of her blood.

    "So I brought back the new blood and set up my enzyme assay," Cawein continued. "And by God, they didn't have the enzyme diaphorase. I looked at other enzymes and nothing was wrong with them. So I knew we had the defect defined.''

    Just like the Alaskans, their blood had accumulated so much of the blue molecule that it over- whelmed the red of normal hcmoglobin that shows through as pink in the skin of most Caucasians.

    Once he had the enzyme deficiency isolated, methyleneblue sprang to Cawein's mind as the "perfectly obvious" antidote. Some of the blue people thought the doctor was slightly addled for suggesting that a blue dye could turn them pink. But Cawein knew from earlier studies that the body has an alternative method of converting methemoglobin back to normal. Activating it requires adding to the blood a substance that acts as an "electron donor." Many substances do this, but Cawein chose methylene blue because it had been used successfully and safely in other cases and because it acts quickly.

    Cawein packed his black bag and rounded up Nurse Pendergrass for the big event. They went over to Patrick and Rachel Ritchie's house and injected each of them with 100 milligrams of methylene blue.

    ''Within a few minutes. the blue color was gone from their skin," the doctor said. "For the first time in their lives, they were pink. They were delighted."

    "They changed colors!" remembered Pendergrass. "It was really something exciting to see."

    The doctor gave each blue family a supply of methylene blue tablets to take as a daily pill. The drug's effects are temporary, as methylene blue is normally excreted in the urine. One day, one of the older mountain men cornered the doctor. "I can see that old blue running out of my skin," he confided.

    Before Cawein ended his study of the blue people, he returned to the mountains to patch together the long and twisted journey of Martin Fugate's recessive gene. From a history of Perry County and some Fugate family Bibles listing ancestors, Cawein has constructed a fairly complete story.

    Martin Fugate was a French orphan who emigrated to Kentucky in 1820 to claim a land grant on the wilderness banks of Troublesome Creek. No mention of his skin color is made in the early histories of the area, but family lore has it that Martin himself was blue.

    The odds against it were incalculable, but Martin Fugate managed to find and marry a woman who carried the same recessive gene. Elizabeth Smith, apparently, was as pale-skinned as the mountain laurel that blooms every spring around the creek hollows.

    Martin and Elizabeth set up housekeeping on the banks of Troublesome and began a family. Of their seven children, four were reported to be blue.

    The clan kept multiplying. Fugates married other Fugates. Sometimes they married first cousins. And they married the people who lived closest to them, the Combses, Smiths, Ritchies, and Stacys. All lived in isolation from the world, bunched in log cabins up and down the hollows, and so it was only natural that a boy married the girl next door, even if she had the same last name.

    "When they settled this country back then, there was no roads. It was hard to get out, so they intermarried," says Dennis Stacy, a 51-year-old coal miner and amateur genealogist who has filled a loose-leaf notebook with the laboriously traced blood lines of several local families.

    Stacy counts Fugate blood in his own veins. "If you'll notice," he observes, tracing lines on his family's chart, which lists his mother's and his father's great grandfather as Henley Fugate, "I'm kin to myself."

    The railroad didn't come through eastern Kentucky until the coal mines were developed around 1912, and it took another 30 or 40 years to lay down roads along the local creeks.

    Martin and Elizabeth Fugate's blue children multiplied in this natural isolation tank. The marriage of one of their blue boys, Zachariah, to his mother's sister triggered the line of succession that would result in the birth, more than 100 years later, of Benjamin Stacy.

    When Benjamin was born with purple skin, his relatives told the perplexed doctors about his great grandmother Luna Fugate. One relative describes her as "blue all over," and another calls Luna "the bluest woman I ever saw."

    Luna's father, Levy Fugate, was one of Zachariah Fugate's sons. Levy married a Ritchie girl and bought 200 acres of rolling land along Ball Creek. The couple had eight children, including Luna.

    A fellow by the name of John E. Stacy spotted Luna at Sunday services of the Old Regular Baptist Church back before the century turned. Stacy courted her, married her, and moved over from Troublesome Creek to make a living in timber on her daddy's land.

    Luna has been dead nearly 20 years now, but her widower survives. John Stacy still lives on Lick Branch of Ball Creek. His two room log cabin sits in the middle of Laurel Fork Hollow. Luna is buried at the top of the hollow. Stacy's son has built a modern house next door, but the old logger won't hear of leaving the cabin he built with timber he personally cut and hewed for Luna and their 13 children.

    Stacy recalls that his father-inlaw, Levy Fugate, was "part of the family that showed blue. All them old fellers way back then was blue. One of 'em I remember seeing him when I was just a boy "Blue Anze", they called him. Most of them old people went by that name the blue Fugates. It run in that generation who lived up and down Ball [Creek]."

    "They looked like anybody else, 'cept they had the blue color," Stacy says, sitting in a chair in his plaid flannel shirt and suspenders, next to a cardboard box where a small black piglet, kept as a pet, is squealing for his bottle. "I couldn't tell you what caused it."

    The only thing Stacy can't or won't remember is that his wife Luna was blue. When asked ahout it, he shakes his head and stares steadfastly ahead. It would be hard to doubt this gracious man except that you can't find another person who knew Luna who doesn't remember her as being blue.

    "The bluest Fugates I ever saw was Luna and her kin," says Carrie Lee Kilburn, a nurse who works at the rural medical center called Homeplace Clinic. "Luna was bluish all over. Her lips were as dark as a bruise. She was as blue a woman as I ever saw."

    Luna Stacy possessed the good health common to the blue people, bearing at least 13 children before she died at 84. The clinic doctors only saw her a few times in her life and never for anything serious.

    As coal mining and the railroads brought progress to Kentucky, the blue Fugates started moving out of their communities and marrying other people. The strain of inherited blue began to disappear as the recessive gene spread to families where it was unlikely to be paired with a similar gene.

    Bewnjamin Stacy is one of the last of the blue Fugates. With Fugate blood on both his mother's and his father's side, the boy could have received genes for the enzyme deficiency from either direction. Because the boy was intensely blue at birth but then recovered his normal skin tones, Benjamin is assumed to have inherlted only one gene for the condition. Such people tend to be very blue only at birth, probably because newborns normally have smaller amounts of diaphorase. The enzyme eventually builds to normal levels in most children and to almost normal levels in those like Benjamin, who carry one gene.

    Hilda Stacy (nee Godsey) is fiercely protective of her son. She gets upset at all the talk of inbreeding among the Fugates. One of the supermarket tabloids once sent a reporter to find out about the blue people, and she was distressed with his preoccupation with intermarriages.

    She and her husband Alva have a strong sense of family. They sing in the Stacy Family Gospel Band and have provided their children with a beautiful home and a menagerie of pets, including horses.

    "Everyone around here knows about the blue Fugates," says Hilda Stacy who, at 26, looks more like a sister than a mother to her children. "It's common. It's nothing.''

    Cawein and his colleagues published their research on hereditary diaphorase deficiency in the Archives of Internal Medicine (April, 1964) in 1964. He hasn't studied the condition for years. Even so, Cawein still gets calls for advice. One came from a blue Flugate who'd joined the Army and been sent to Panama, where his son was born bright blue. Cawein advised giving the child methylene blue and not worrying about it. Note: In this instance the reason for cyanosis was not methemoglobinemia but Rh incompatibility. This information supplied by John Graves whose uncle was the father of the child.

    The doctor was recently approached by the producers of the television show "That's Incredible." They wanted to parade the blue people across the screen in their weekly display of human oddities. Cawein would have no part of it, and he related with glee the news that a film crew sent to Kentucky from Hollywood fled the "two mean dogs in every front yard" without any film. Cawein cheers their bad luck not out of malice but out of a deep respect for the blue people of Troublesome Creek.

    "They were poor people," concurs Nurse Pendergrass, "but they were good.''
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Melting Man

    On 2008, a Chinese man named Huang Chuncai underwent surgery to remove a 20kg or 44 pound tumor on his face. The surgery was successful but due to the large size of the tumor, only a part of it was removed at that time. Just a few days ago, Huang Chuncai went into the operating room again to remove another part of that facial tumor. This time, it was a large 4.5kg (9.9lb) chunk of flesh from his face. The tumor was originally 23kg in total. This still leaves 17.5kg of facial tissue from this tumor on his face (1kg was removed in the first surgery and 4.5kg was removed in the second surgery). Huang Chuncai suffers from Neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic disorder that causes growth on nerve tissues.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Bullet Headed Man

    This man from China finally had a huge tumour removed on 2007, after discovering it 17 years ago. Huang Liqian, 58, first discovered a bizarre growth on the back of his neck in 1990, but chose to ignore it. However, as the years rolled on, it continued to increase in size at a rapid pace, with the growth ballooning to 15kg. Liqian was taken to the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongging University of Medical Services in southwest China's Chongging, where he had the tumour removed.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Rhino Leg

    Victim Chen Zongtao, 29, lives in a remote Chinese village and hasn't been able to afford medical help. The growth first started on his left foot when he was two years old. But it soon spread across to his right leg and engulfed it. Over the years, it has ballooned in size to weigh more than 70KG or 154 pounds. Doctors at the hospital in Changsha, central China's Hunan province, have been probing the tumor. Zongtao is said to be suffering from neurofibroma - a usually-benign tumour originating in nerves. It is not yet clear if medical teams plan to take action on the growth.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Werewolf Boy

    Hypertrichosis is a medical condition that causes excessive growth of hair in areas where hair does not normally grow. It may be present over the entire body, or you could have it in only one or more areas. Some individuals will be born with the condition and others will develop it later on in life. Congenital Hypertrichosis is very rare. In fact, it is so rare that there have been only 50 verified cases since the Middle Ages. On 2008, the press interviewed Pruthviraj Patil, an 11-year-old indian boy who's face and body are covered with hair. He rarely leaves his home village in India because of the cruelty of strangers. Pruthviraj’s family has tried homeopathy, traditional Indian Ayurvedic remedies even laser surgery without success, and he's now appealing to doctors to help him find a permanent cure since even after laser treatment the hair grows back.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Smurf Man

    A condition caused by the ingestion of silver, the Argyria's most dramatic symptom is that the skin becomes blue or bluish-grey colored. On 2008, ABC reporters interviewed Paul Karason, 40 year-old who's skin turned blue after he used colloidal silver to ease his ailments. It started a decade ago, when he saw an ad in a new-age magazine promising health and rejuvenation through colloidal silver. Karason sent away for a kit for making colloidal silver -- a home brew of microscopic silver particles suspended in water. For a while, he was drinking at least 10 ounces a day as a cure for arthritis. "I had arthritis in my shoulders so bad I couldn't pull a T-shirt off. And the next thing I knew, it was just gone." he explained the media, but these claims have no basis in science and after a couple of months, his whole skin turned blue. "I kind of hoped it would fade off!" But it didn't fade off. Argyria is permanent.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • World's Smallest Waist

    Honestly, no Photoshop. Cathie Jung’s tiny waist measures just 15in (38cm), making her figure distinctly hourglass. The Queen of Corsets, as she has aptly named herself, has worn tight-fitting corsets for years to get there, and appears in the 2007 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. Whilst she currently holds the record for the smallest waist on a living person, the record for the smallest waist ever goes to Ethel Granger who had a wasit of just 13".
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Rhino Handed Man

    Chinese man Lui Hua suffers from a rare condition known as macrodactyly. When he was hospitalized in Shanghai on July 2007, his left thumb measured 10.2 inches and his index finger measured close to 12. On July 20 surgeons undertook a seven-hour operation to reduce the size of Liu's fingers and thumb. Doctors removed 11 pounds of flesh and bone in the procedure. A second surgery is scheduled to take place.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Tongue Girl

    German schoolgirl Annika Irmler has licked her way into the Guinness Book of Records with her whopping seven centimetre tongue. The twelve-year-old from Tangstedt, near Hamburg, can lick the ice cream from the bottom of a cornet - while her friends have to use their fingers.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Miss Freddy Krueger

    Lee Redmond, a woman from Utah who has not cut her nails since 1979, had grown and carefully manicured them to reach a total length of 8.65 m (28 ft 4.5 in), and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's longest fingernails. Sadly, on February, 2009, she lost them in a car crash.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Mr. Ear Hair

    Indian grocer Radhakant Baijpai certainly has a goal in life: make sure that he has the longest ear hair in the world. Radhakant was crowned the official Guinness world record holder for the longest ear hair back in 2003, when his aural fronds were an already-impressive 13.2cm long. But that didn't stop him pursuing his goal of ever-longer hair on his ears. After several more years of carefully cultivating and caring for the ear-hair, Radhakant's tufts now stretch an astonishing 25cm. He is now waiting for Guinness adjudicators to confirm that he has set a new high, hairy bar for his chosen field.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Giraffe Woman

    Russian woman Svetlana Pankratova has, according to Guinness World Records, the longest legs of any woman in the world. While she is not the world's tallest woman, her legs are 132 centimetres (4 ft 4 in) long. Because her upper body is of much more typical dimensions, she is 196 centimetres (6 ft 5 in) tall. She has also very large feet, size 13 (US) / 46 (EU), making shopping for shoes difficult. From 1992 to 1995, Pankratova played women's basketball in the USA, and on 2008 she appeared in Trafalgar Square in London on September 16, 2008 with He Pingping, the smallest man in the world, to promote the 2009 edition of the Guinness World Records.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Bearded Woman

    With the longest hair in her beard measuring 11 inches - 27.9 cm., Vivian Wheeler of Illinois is blessed with having the longest beard for a female. Her father insisted she start shaving at the age of 7, but since 1993 Vivian Wheeler has not, letting her beard grow.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • 10 Child Prodigies

    1. Kim Ung-Yong:

    Attended University at age 4, Ph.D at age 15; world's highest IQ
    This Korean super-genius was born in 1962 and might just be the smartest guy alive today (he's recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest IQ of anyone on the planet). By the age of four he was already able to read in Japanese, Korean, German, and English. At his fifth birthday, he solved complicated differential and integral calculus problems. Later, on Japanese television, he demonstrated his proficiency in Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, German, English, Japanese, and Korean. Kim was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under "Highest IQ"; the book estimated the boy's score at over 210.

    Kim was a guest student of physics at Hanyang University from the age of 3 until he was 6. At the age of 7 he was invited to America by NASA. He finished his university studies, eventually getting a Ph.D. in physics at Colorado State University before he was 15. In 1974, during his university studies, he began his research work at NASA and continued this work until his return to Korea in 1978 where he decided to switch from physics to civil engineering and eventually received a doctorate in that field. Kim was offered the chance to study at the most prestigious universities in Korea, but instead chose to attend a provincial university. As of 2007 he also serves as adjunct faculty at Chungbuk National University.

    2. Gregory Smith:

    Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize at age 12
    Born in 1990, Gregory Smith could read at age two and had enrolled in university at 10. But “genius” is only one half of the Greg Smith story. When not voraciously learning, this young man travels the globe as a peace and children’s rights activist.

    He is the founder of International Youth Advocates, an organization that promotes principles of peace and understanding among young people throughout the world. He has met with Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev and spoke in front of the UN. For these and other humanitarian and advocacy efforts, Smith has been nominated four times for a Nobel Peace Prize. His latest achievement? He just got his driver license.

    3. Akrit Jaswal:

    The Seven Year-Old Surgeon
    Akrit Jaswal is a young Indian who has been called "the world's smartest boy" and it's easy to see why. His IQ is 146 and is considered the smartest person his age in India—a country of more than a billion people.

    Akrit came to public attention when in 2000 he performed his first medical procedure at his family home. He was seven. His patient — a local girl who could not afford a doctor — was eight. Her hand had been burnt in a fire, causing her fingers to close into a tight fist that wouldn't open. Akrit had no formal medical training and no experience of surgery, yet he managed to free her fingers and she was able to use her hand again.

    He focused his phenomenal intelligence on medicine and at the age of twelve he claimed to be on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer. He is now studying for a science degree at Chandigarh College and is the youngest student ever accepted by an Indian University.

    4. Cleopatra Stratan:

    A 3 year old singer who earns 1000€ per song
    Clepotra was born October 6, 2002 in Chisinau, Moldova and is the daughter of Moldovan-Romanian singer, Pavel Stratan. She is the youngest person ever to score commercial success as a singer, with her 2006 album La vârsta de trei ani ("At the age of 3"). She holds the record for being the youngest artist that performed live for two hours in front of a large audience, the highest paid young artist, the youngest artist to receive an MTV award and the youngest artist to score a #1 hit in a country ("Ghita" in Romanian Singles Chart).

    5. Aelita Andre:

    The 2-year-old artist who showed her paintings in a famous Gallery
    The abstract paintings of emerging artist Aelita Andre have people in Australia's art world talking. Aelita is two (the works were painted when she was even younger).

    Aelita got an opportunity to show her paintings when Mark Jamieson, the director of Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne's Fitzroy, was asked by a photographer whose work he represented to consider the work of another artist. Jamieson liked what he saw and agreed to include it in a group show.

    Jamieson then started to promote the show, printing glossy invitations and placing ads in the magazines Art Almanac and Art Collector, featuring the abstract work. Only then did he discover a crucial fact about the new artist: Aelita Andre is Kalashnikova's daughter, and was just 22 months old. Jamieson was shocked and embarrassed but decided to proceed with the exhibition anyways.

    6. Saul Aaron Kripke:

    Invited to apply for a teaching post at Harvard while still in high school
    A rabbi's son, Saul Aaron Kripke was born in New York and grew up in Omaha in 1940. By all accounts he was a true prodigy. In the fourth grade he discovered algebra, and by the end of grammar school he had mastered geometry and calculus and taken up philosophy. While still a teenager he wrote a series of papers that eventually transformed the study of modal logic. One of them earned a letter from the math department at Harvard, which hoped he would apply for a job until he wrote back and declined, explaining, "My mother said that I should finish high school and go to college first". After finishing high school, the college he eventually chose was Harvard.

    Kripke was awarded the Schock Prize, philosophy's equivalent of the Nobel. Nowadays, he is thought to be the world's greatest living philosopher.

    7. Michael Kevin Kearney:

    Earned his first degree at age 10 and became a reality show Millionaire
    24 year-old Michael Kearney became known as the world's youngest college graduate at the age of 10. In 2008, Kearney earned $1,000,000 on the television game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    Kearny was born in 1984 and is was known for setting several world records and teaching college at the age of 17.

    He spoke his first words at four months. At the age of six months, he said to his pediatrician "I have a left ear infection" and learned to read at the age of ten months. When Michael was four, he was given diagnostic tests for the Johns Hopkins precocious math program and achieved a perfect score. He finished high school at age 6, enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College graduating at 10 with an Associate of Science in Geology. He is listed in the Guinness Book as the world's youngest university graduate at the age of 10, receiving a bachelor's degree in anthropology. For a while, he also held the record for the world's youngest postgraduate.

    But in 2006, he became worldwide famous after reaching the finals on the Mark Burnett/AOL quiz/puzzle game Gold Rush, and became the first $1 million winner in the online reality game.

    8. Fabiano Luigi Caruana:

    A chess prodigy who became the youngest Grandmaster at age 14
    Fabulous Fabiano is a 16-year-old chess Grandmaster and chess prodigy with dual citizenship of Italy and the United States.

    On 2007 Caruana became a Grandmaster at the age of 14 years, 11 months, 20 days - the youngest Grandmaster in the history of both Italy and the United States. In the April 2009 FIDE list, he has an Elo rating of 2649, making him the world's highest ranked player under the age of 18.

    9. Willie Mosconi:

    Played professional Billiards at age 6
    William Joseph Mosconi, nicknamed "Mr. Pocket Billiards" was a American professional pocket billiards (pool) player from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Willie's father owned a pool hall where he wasn’t allowed to play, but Willie improvised by practicing with small potatoes from his mother's kitchen and an old broomstick. His father soon realized that his son was a child prodigy began advertising challenge matches, and though Willie had to stand on a box in order to reach the table, he beat experienced players many years his senior.

    In 1919, an exhibition match was arranged between six-year old Willie and the reigning World Champion, Ralph Greenleaf. The hall was packed, and though Greenleaf won that match, Willie played very well launching his career in professional billiards. In 1924, at the tender age of eleven, Willie was the juvenile straight pool champion and was regularly holding trick shot exhibitions.

    Between the years of 1941 and 1957, he won the BCA World Championship of pool an unmatched fifteen times. Mosconi pioneered and employed numerous trick shots, set many records, and helped to popularize the game of billiards. He still holds the officially recognized straight pool high run record of 526 consecutive balls.

    10. Elaina Smith:

    Youngest agony aunt aged 7
    Her local radio station gave her the job after she rang and offered advice to a woman caller who had been dumped. Elaina’s tip — go bowling with pals and drink a mug of milk — was so good she got a weekly slot and now advises thousands of adult listeners. The littler adviser tackles problems ranging from how to dump boyfriends and how to cope with relationship breakdown to dealing with smelly brothers.

    When one listener wrote to Elaina asking how to get a man, she replied: "Shake your booty on the dance floor and listen to High School Musical". Another caller asked how to get her man back, Elaina told her: "He's not worth the heartache. Life's too short to be upset with a boy."
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Passport Pictures
    Meet Batman Bin Suparman.
    Aparently this young man from Singapore was blessed in 1990 with
    being named after two superheroes: Batman and Superman.
    This Dutchman dressed as the The Joker from Batman, managed to get himself a national ID card (and some press), despite supposedly stringent new rules which outlaw grins, funny faces, and head coverings from passport pics.
    When making a fake ID, no matter how much you love the girl, attach a picture of yourself only.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Zombie Boy

    Meet Rick. He's turning himself into a zombie. So far, more than 24 hours of tattoos --costing over $4,075 Canadian dollars-- have got him halfway there and made him a minor celebrity on the internet, where people can’t decide if he’s a body modification visionary or mentally ill sicko.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Catman

    Dennis Avner, also known by "Catman" or his native american name of "Stalking Cat", undergone incredible extensive surgery in order to look like his totem animal, the tiger. Modifications include extensive tattooing, transdermal implants to allow whiskers to be worn, subdermal implants to change the shape of the face and the filing and shaping of the teeth to make them look more like a tiger's.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • True Reptilian?

    Born Eric Sprague in 1972, the Lizardman was one of the first people to have a split tongue and in some circles is seen to be wholly responsible for the recent popularity of this particular modification. This 37 year old man has transformed himself into a reptile via 700 hours of tattooing, five Teflon horns implanted beneath the skin of his eyebrows, filing down of his teeth into sharp fangs, bifurcation of his tongue, and stretching of his septum and earlobes.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Zebra Man

    A professional freak and sideshow performer, Horace Ridler exhibited himself as The Great Omi or The Zebra Man. Horace was an English aristocrat who returned from the First World War to Twenties' London where he began his transformation into one of the world's greatest oddities. Tattooed from head to foot in black and white stripes, he became Omni - the Zebra Man. As the years wore on the Omi’s appearance became more and more outrageous as did his personality. He took to wearing lipstick and nail polish and signed his pitch cards, ‘the Barbaric Beauty’. Despite his appearance, “underneath it all, I’m just an ordinary man,” he insisted shortly before his death in 1969.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Plastic Surgery Disasters

    Hang Mioku: injected cooking oil into her own face

    Hang Mioku, a 48 year-old woman from South Korea, became so addicted to plastic surgery that she was left unrecognisable after her obsession led her to inject cooking oil into her face. She had her first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28. Following operation after operation, her face was eventually left enlarged and disfigured, and the surgeons she visited refused to carry out any more work on her and one suggested that her obsession could be a sign of a psychological disorder. So Hang resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face. It became so grotesquely large that she was called "standing fan" by children in her neighbourhood - due to her large face and small body.
    As Hang's notoriety spread she was featured on Korean TV. Viewers seeing the report took mercy on her and sent in enough donations to enable her to have surgery to reduce the size of her face. During the first procedure surgeons removed 60g of foreign substance from Hang's face and 200g from her neck. After several other sessions her face was left greatly reduced but still scarred and disfigured.

    Jocelyn Wildenstein: a US$4 million monster

    Known by the press by the nickname of "The Bride of Wildenstein" --a reference to The Bride of Frankenstein--, Jocelyn Wildenstein has allegedly spent almost US$4,000,000 on cosmetic surgery over the years, ending up as one of the worst and most famous cases of plastic surgery addiction. But who did that happened?

    Once upon a time, in the late 70’s there was a beautiful women named Jocelyn Wildenstein. Jocelyn really had it made. She was a fresh-faced mother of two and married to an extremely rich art dealer. That is until she caught her husband in bed with a 21 year old Russian model. Now, any normal person would just leave her husband and take all of his money with her, right? Not Jocelyn Wildenstein! Instead she decided to win back her husbands love and make herself more beautiful by going under the knife. Well, her husband left her anyways, but Jocelyn will always have her plastic surgeon.

    Michael Jackson: more than 10 nose surgeries

    Does this really need to be explained? It’s incredible to forget how absolutely normal Michael Jackson looked back in the 70’s and 80’s, attractive even, before turning into the sideshow freak that he is today. He is rumored to have had more than 10 nose surgery procedures on his life.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Miss Orgasm

    The Woman Who has 200 Orgasms every day
    UK's Sarah Carmen, 24, is a 200-a-day orgasm girl who gets good, good, GOOD vibrations from almost anything. She suffers from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), which increases blood flow to the sex organs. "Sometimes I have so much sex to try to calm myself down I get bored of it. And men I sleep with don't seem to make as much effort because I climax so easily."

    She believes her condition was brought on by the pills. "Within a few weeks I just began to get more and more aroused more and more of the time and I just kept having endless orgasms. It started off in bed where sex sessions would last for hours and my boyfriend would be stunned at how many times I would orgasm. Then it would happen after sex. I'd be thinking about what we'd done in bed and I'd start feeling a bit flushed, then I'd become aroused and climax. In six months I was having 150 orgasms a day—and it has been as many as 200."

    She and her boyfriend split— and new partners struggle to keep up with her sex demands. "Often, I'll want to wear myself out by having as many orgasms as I can so they stop and I can get some peace," she said.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Man Who Can't Get Fat

    Mr Perry, 59, can eat whatever he likes - including unlimited pies, burgers and desserts - and never get fat. He cannot put on weight because of a condition called lipodystrophy that makes his body rapidly burn fat.

    He used to be a chubby child, but at age 12 the fat dropped off "almost over night". He initially tried to eat more to gain weight, but it had no effect. Mr Perry, of Ilford in Essex, endured a decade of tests before the illness was diagnosed. It finally emerged that his body produces six times the normal level of insulin. Doctors have admitted that the condition would be a "slimmer's dream".
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Man Who Doesn't Feel Cold

    Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is the man that swam under ice, and stood in bins filled with ice. He climbed the Mt. Blanc in shorts in the icy cold, harvested world records and always stands for new challenges.

    Scientists can't really explain it, but the 48-year-old Dutchman is able to withstand, and even thrive, in temperatures that could be fatal to the average person.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep: stayed awake 24 hours a day for years

    Rhett Lamb is often cranky like any other 3-year-old toddler, but there’s one thing that makes him completely different: he has a rare medical condition in which he can’t sleep a wink.

    Rhett is awake nearly 24 hours a day, and his condition has baffled his parents and doctors for years. They took clock shifts watching his every sleep-deprived mood to determine what ailed the young boy.

    After a number of conflicting opinions, Shannon and David Lamb finally learned what was wrong with their child: Doctors diagnosed Rhett with an extremely rare condition called chiari malformation.

    "The brain literally is squeezed into the spinal column. What happens is you get compression, squeezing, strangulating of the brain stem, which has all the vital functions that control sleep, speech, our cranial nerves, our circulatory system, even our breathing system," Savard said.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Girl Who is Allergic to Water

    Teenager Ashleigh Morris can't go swimming, soak in a hot bath or enjoy a shower after a stressful day's work - she's allergic to water. Even sweating brings the 19-year-old out in a painful rash.

    Ashleigh, from Melbourne, Australia, is allergic to water of any temperature, a condition she's lived with since she was 14. She suffers from an extremely rare skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria - so unusual that only a handful of cases are documented worldwide.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Woman Who Can’t Forget

    That's the story of AJ, an extraordinary 40-year-old married woman who remembers everything.

    McGaugh and fellow UCI researchers Larry Cahill and Elizabeth Parker have been studying the extraordinary case of a person who has "nonstop, uncontrollable and automatic" memory of her personal history and countless public events. If you randomly pick a date from the past 25 years and ask her about it, she’ll usually provide elaborate, verifiable details about what happened to her that day and if there were any significant news events on topics that interested her. She usually also recalls what day of the week it was and what the weather was like.

    The 40-year-old woman, who was given the code name AJ to protect her privacy, is so unusual that UCI coined a name for her condition in a recent issue of the journal Neurocase: hyperthymestic syndrome.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Girl Who Eats Only Tic Tacs

    Meet Natalie Cooper, a 17-year-old teenager who has a mystery illness that makes her sick every time she eats anything. Well, almost anything. She can eat one thing that doesn’t make her sick: Tic tac mint!

    For reasons that doctors are unable to explain, Tic tacs are the only thing she can stomach, meaning she has to get the rest of her sustenance from a specially formulated feed through a tube.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Woman Who is Allergic to Modern Technology

    For most people talking on a mobile phone, cooking dinner in the microwave or driving in a car is simply part of modern living in 21st century Britain. But completing any such tasks is impossible for Debbie Bird - because she is allergic to Cell Phones and Microwaves.

    The 39-year-old is so sensitive to the electromagnetic field (emf) or 'smog' created by computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars, that she develops a painful skin rash and her eyelids swell to three times their size if she goes near them. As a consequence, Mrs Bird, a health spa manager, has transformed her home into an EMF-free zone to try and stay healthy. 'I can no longer do things that I used to take for granted,' Mrs Bird said. "My day-to-day life has been seriously affected by EMF".
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Wrong One-Legged Man

    In what was, perhaps, the most publicized case of a surgical mistake in its time, a Tampa (Florida) surgeon mistakenly removed the wrong leg of his patient, 52-year-old Willie King, during an amputation procedure in February 1995.

    It was later revealed that a chain of errors before the surgery culminated in the wrong leg being prepped for the procedure. While the surgeon's team realized in the middle of the procedure that they were operating on the wrong leg, it was already too late, and the leg was removed. As a result of the error, the surgeon's medical license was suspended for six months and he was fined $10,000. University Community Hospital in Tampa, the medical center where the surgery took place, paid $900,000 to King and the surgeon involved in the case paid an additional $250,000 to King.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Mr. Flatulance

    Mr Methane, alias former train driver Paul Oldfield, claims to be the only performing professional flatulist in the world, or more precisely, a "professional farter". His 'talent' came to light when he accompanied his sister in yoga practice. There, he discovered - to his surprise and delight - that he was able to take in air through the rear, retain it, and then expel it as and when he chose. At first, it was nothing more than a party trick to entertain fellow railwaymen, but eventually Mr Methane found that by careful control, he could pick out a simple tune.

    He gradually expanded his repertoire, which now ranges from Strauss's Blue Danube waltz through to Kylie Minogue's I Should Be So Lucky. Then, on 1991, he left his job at British Rail and devoted himself to his new entertainment career. On stage, he wears a bright green-and-purple skin-tight costume with cape and mask, looking like a superhero, and travels around the world with his act.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Ear Man

    Wei Mingtang, 55, is a factory worker from Guilin city, in Guangxi province, China. About 30 years ago he discovered his ears leaked air, so he came up with the idea of using his ears and a pipe for his -now famous- act: inflate balloons with his ears!

    On a recent city Spring Festival Party, Wei also blew out 20 candles in a line within 20 seconds using a hose leading out from his ears.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Crying Man

    56 year-old Ru Anting, Luoyang in China, has a very special talent: he can write calligraphy with water he shoots from his eyes. After sucking up some water with his nose, he then sprays it through his tear ducts, ending up on the paper.

    Ru discovered his unusual talent as a child while swimming in the river. "Sometimes I would swallow water while swimming, and once I accidentally discovered the water I swallowed could be shot out through my eyes. My friends were all shocked to see it," he said.

    But it wasn't until the 1990s, when Ru lost his job in a local fertilizer factory after more than 20 years, that he began to develop his unusual talent. After three years of intensive training, he found he could shoot water accurately up to 10ft from his eyes at will.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Mr. Strong-On

    As Kung Fu magazine puts it: "When a man can tow a truck with his genitals, that’s all anyone ever really remembers about him." Tu Jin-Sheng, a 50-year-old man from Taiwan, is a martial arts grandmaster of Iron Crotch, a branch of Qigong said to have 60,000 followers worldwide. On 2005, he attached his penis to a truck for a demonstration, and pulled it several yards across a car park in Fremont.

    About 20 people, most of whom study Qigong, the ancient Chinese art of movement and breathing to increase energy, gathered for the truck pull. Its practitioners are known to lift hundreds of pounds with their genitals to increase energy and sexual performance.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • I've Got The Clap

    70 year-old Zhang Quan is hoping to get into the record books - by clapping his hands. His claps measured 107 decibels, just three decibels lower than whirling helicopter blades. The bad news? local environmental protection officials say Zhang is so loud, he could face arrest for noise pollution if he claps too often.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Books For Freaks
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Progeria: the 80-Year-Old Children

    Progeria is caused by a single tiny defect in a child's genetic code, but it has devastating and life-changing consequences. On average, a child born with this disease will be dead by the age of 13. As they see their bodies fast forward through the normal process of ageing they develop striking physical symptoms, often including premature baldness, heart disease, thinning bones and arthritis. Progeria is extremely rare, there are only around 48 people living with it in the whole world. However, there is a family that has five children with the disease.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • That's awesome :D

    I love how many of these guys marry and have children. Mojo must have been through the roof ;)

    Totally agree, its well cool, was surprised at the caterpillar guy good for him! The elephant man films great one of my favouite films, really sad but I still think its great, cool thread!
    - dmt head, 4 years ago
  • The Man Who Eats Roadkill

    IT IS a brave soul — and someone with a strong stomach — who accepts an invitation for dinner with Arthur Boyt.

    For this man is a connoisseur of roadkill flesh and among the dishes likely to be served in his kitchen are casseroles made from squashed badger, hedgehog, otter, rat, rabbit or pheasant. His recipes may in future garner a wider following because he is writing a roadkill cookery book that he hopes will rival the bestsellers of the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

    Mr Boyt, 66, who used to work for the fire protection industry, has also tucked into a labrador, “which was just like a nice piece of lamb”, two lurchers, cats, a great horseshoe bat, as well as squirrels, foxes, mice, deer, pigeon and carrion. He even once brought a dead porcupine back from a holiday in Canada.

    He has a weasel in the freezer but thinks that it is too smelly to eat, and he has just picked up a dead barn owl that he is keen to taste.

    His favourite snack, however, is a badger sandwich. He is partial to the badger head, which he says includes four distinctive tastes; the jaw muscles, salivary glands, tongue and brains.

    Mr Boyt started collecting roadkill animals as a teenager in Watford, bringing home a dead bird found in a local park. For the past 50 years he has regularly eaten animals run over by cars and lorries near his home in Cornwall. He is also a keen taxidermist and keeps various cadavers for food or his hobby.

    His taste for roadkill food started as a way of saving money. In the past ten years after his second marriage to Sue, a vegetarian, he has slightly mellowed his menu and now refuses dog meat out of deference to his wife’s views.

    He said last night: “I know people think I’m bizarre but I had a cousin who died from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (the human form of BSE) and I am sure that was from some kind of supermarket meat. Everything I eat is natural, wild and fully organic. If the meat is cooked properly there is nothing wrong with it. Cat, though, is a bit bland and it’s not my favourite.”

    He added: “People are happy to eat an apple that has fallen out of the tree and is lying on the floor, so what’s the difference? Just because it hasn’t got a label does not mean it’s not edible.”

    He said he did not worry at all about any diseases he may pick up and declared he had never once been ill.

    “People may laugh but it’s perfectly healthy food with no additives and is full of nutrition. Lots of my friends are happy to eat with me.”

    On Christmas Day he ate a stew of roadkill pheasant, badger and rabbit and added onions, potatoes, parsnips, sprouts, walnuts, chestnuts and mixed herbs, salt and pepper, which were then cooked in a pot for two hours.

    Mr Boyt accepts that he has to change his diet when he eats out and will settle for chicken Kiev, otherwise he never touches meat from a butcher or supermarket.

    Mr Boyt is in contact with two publishers but so far no deal has been signed. He says he is even willing to publish his cookery book himself.


    Serves 4. 500g spaghetti, 30ml olive oil, 250g lean hedgehog, 1 medium onion chopped, 125ml water, 60ml dry white wine, 4 eggs, 60ml double cream, 100g Parmesan cheese (grated).

    Chop hedgehog into small chunks. Beat eggs and cream with a fork in a bowl. Add half the Parmesan. Put pasta in boiling water. Put onions and hedgehog chunks in a pan with olive oil on medium heat until onions are almost clear. Add wine and reduce heat. Do not let meat crisp. Drain pasta when cooked, then combine with egg, cream and cheese mix. Add meat, onions and wine without draining fat and mix. Garnish with rest of Parmesan and serve immediately.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Most Fascinating Twin Stories

    Black and White Twins

    A mixed-race British mom, Kylie Hodgson, gave birth in 2005 to twins, one of each — one black, the other white. The odds of such a birth are about a million to one, experts said. Although occurrences of this nature sometimes occur when a woman conceives twins fathered by two different men, this was a much rarer case in which a single pairing produced twins with distinctly different physical attributes (e.g., skin tone, hair color, eye color) rather than a blending of their parents' characteristics. The parents, Kylie and her partner, Remi Horder, are of mixed race themselves, both having been born to white mothers and black fathers. Their twin girls — Kian and Remee — were both born with blue eyes, with Remee having blonde hair and Kian having black hair and somewhat darker skin than her sister. Since then, Remee's skin tone has become lighter, while Kian's has become darker and her eyes have turned brown.

    Twin Boys, twin lives

    The stories of identical twins' nearly identical lives are often astonishing, but perhaps none more so than those of these identical twins born in Ohio. The twin boys were separated at birth, being adopted by different families. Unknown to each other, both families named the boys Jim. And here the coincidences just begun. Both James grew up not even knowing of the other, yet both sought law-enforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda. They both had sons whom one named James Alan and the other named James Allan. The twin brothers also divorced their wives and married other women - both named Betty. And they both owned dogs which they named Toy. Jim Lewis and Jim Springer finally met in February 9, 1979 after 39 years of being separated.

    Twin Sisters, Twin boys delivered the same day

    On 2004, twenty-one-year-old twins Ashlee Spinks and Andrea Springer both delivered twin boys by Caesarean section at Northside Hospital (Georgia, USA) at the same day.

    The mothers – who did not use fertility drugs to conceive - were 6 months pregnant when they discovered they were both carrying twin boys and were both due on the very same day.

    This “one in a million” coincidence is attributed mainly to the fact that not only do Ashlee and Andrea have an obvious history of twins in their family, but both their husbands’ families also have a history of twins.

    World's Heaviest Twins: over 723 lb each

    Billy Leon McCrary (1946 - 1979) and Benny Loyd McCrary (1946 - 2001), known together as the McGuire twins, were listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's Heaviest Twins", with 328 kg (723 lb) and 338 kg (745 lb), correspondingly).

    Born in Hendersonville, North Carolina, the twins began using the stage name McGuire and gained popularity as tag-team wrestlers and in carnival stunt shows. Billy McCrary died on July 14, 1979 at the age of 32, following a motorcycle accident during a stunt at Niagara Falls. Benny lived for 21 more years, until his death at age 54 on March 26, 2001 of heart failure.

    World’s Oldest Twins: over 100 years old

    Kinsan Ginsan was the affectionate name give to twin sisters from Japan who were record-setting in terms of their longevity. Gin and Kin, whose names mean silver and gold in Japanese, were born on 1 August 1892 in Nagoya, 270km (170 miles) west of Tokyo. Kin was the elder daughter and Gin was the younger daughter. Tests proved that they were identical twins, although for some reason they had different blood types.

    In 1991, they celebrated being about to reach 100 years of age, and were featured in a newspaper article in which the mayor of Nagoya met both of them and congratulated them. Their health and vitality, despite being over 100 years old, was said to be “an ideal form of living in your sunset years”, and they became national celebrities in Japan. Kin died in 2000 and Gin in the next year, at the age of 108.

    Twins with the greatest height difference between each other

    Hussain Bisad of London, England who is 7ft9, and his 5ft5 twin sister, Khardra, who lives in their homeland of Somalia, have a 28 inch difference in the height between them, holding the world record for the greatest height difference between twins. Hussain also holds the record for having the biggest hand span of any living man.

    Twins separated at birth in Mexico, meet each other by chance in US

    Twins separated at birth 20 years ago in Mexico had an unexpected reunion after one of the girls enrolled at a university in Long Island. Tamara Rabi had no idea Adriana Scott existed until students began confusing her with the other girl.

    The girls were adopted by different sets of parents in the US. Tamara grew up with Jewish parents on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Adriana was raised a Catholic in a Long Island suburb of the city. But each girl had no idea she had a twin until Tamara moved to Long Island last autumn.

    People she had never met claimed to know her. Confusion gave way to astonishment when a friend told her that he knew someone so similar they had to be sisters. Her name was Adriana and she went to another university not far away on Long Island.

    They first contacted each other through internet. It turned out they were both adopted and were exactly the same height, just over 5ft 3in. Finally, one e-mailed the other a picture. Their looks were so similar there was no longer any doubt. Since then, the girls have become close friends.

    Twins born in different years

    Catalin and Valentin from Romania are twins with different years of birth. Catalin was born in December (2 months premature). The doctors were able to wait and deliver her second son Valentin two months later in February. Romanian doctors attributed the time lag in the births to a rare congenital condition that gave the twins mother two uteruses due to a congenital malformation that occurred when she was herself an embryo in her mother’s womb. Approximately one in every 50,000 women has a double uterus but the hospital believes this was the first case where a woman had become pregnant at the same time in both wombs and given birth nearly two months apart. The two brothers were both healthy when they were released from the hospital on the same day.

    Identical twins, suspects of the same crime for sharing DNA

    $6.8 million worth of jewelry were snatched from the cases of Kaufhaus des Westens, a luxurious seven-story department store. Three masked, gloved thieves were caught on surveillance cameras sliding down ropes from the store's skylights, outsmarting its sophisticated security system.

    That night they got away, but they did leave evidence: DNA, found in a drop of sweat on a latex glove discarded next to a rope ladder used to reach the ground floor. Police ran the material through the German crime database. And they got a hit — two in fact.

    The computer identified 27-year-old Lebanese identical twins Hassan and Abbas O. Police arrested the brothers and charged both with burglary, an offense that carries a potential 10-year prison sentence. But later on, before the case went to trial, they were released.

    Here's the thing: the authorities had no choice, as the court ruling made clear: "From the evidence we have, we can deduce that at least one of the brothers took part in the crime, but it has not been possible to determine which one." The German law doesn't allow to detain someone indefinitely just because he is suspected of a crime. Police will continue to keep an eye on them, hoping to be led to the loot. But with the brothers' arrest warrants suspended, they are free to travel, and the authorities cannot tap their phone lines or keep tabs on their bank accounts.

    Twins brothers, different parents after test tube mix-up

    Wilma and Willem Stuart were a Dutch couple who had been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for years and decided to try IVF. They soon learned they would be parents of twins. When the two boys were born, Koen had blue eyes, dark hair and pink skin, Tuen had dark eyes dark hair and brown skin. A DNA test revealed that Koen was the Stuarts child but Tuen was not Willem’s. The report of the investigation has not been made public, but speculation is that a piece of lab equipment called a pipette, like a large eyedropper, had been used twice, causing another man’s sperm to be mixed with Willem’s. The hospital called it a “deeply regrettable mistake”. The Stuarts remembered there was a black couple in the waiting room the same day during the IVF process. The hospital located the man and confirmed he was Tuen’s biological father. Although he was under no obligation to meet his son he never knew he had, he did when Koen was 18 months old. The biological father only looked at him from a distance and didn’t try to claim him and was comfortable that the Stuarts loved the child, and let them continue raising him.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Mugshots
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  • Freak Hair
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    - cafetimes1991, 4 years ago
  • 10 Child Prodigies

    1. Kim Ung-Yong:

    Attended University at age 4, Ph.D at age 15; world's highest IQ
    This Korean super-genius was born in 1962 and might just be the smartest guy alive today (he's recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest IQ of anyone on the planet). By the age of four he was already able to read in Japanese, Korean, German, and English. At his fifth birthday, he solved complicated differential and integral calculus problems. Later, on Japanese television, he demonstrated his proficiency in Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, German, English, Japanese, and Korean. Kim was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under "Highest IQ"; the book estimated the boy's score at over 210.

    Kim was a guest student of physics at Hanyang University from the age of 3 until he was 6. At the age of 7 he was invited to America by NASA. He finished his university studies, eventually getting a Ph.D. in physics at Colorado State University before he was 15. In 1974, during his university studies, he began his research work at NASA and continued this work until his return to Korea in 1978 where he decided to switch from physics to civil engineering and eventually received a doctorate in that field. Kim was offered the chance to study at the most prestigious universities in Korea, but instead chose to attend a provincial university. As of 2007 he also serves as adjunct faculty at Chungbuk National University.

    I wonder what he thinks about fluoride being in so many water supplies.
    - cafetimes1991, 4 years ago
  • Mad Scientists

    Vladimir Demikhov: The Two-Headed Dog Surgeon

    On 1954, soviet surgeon Vladimir Demikhov, revealed his masterpiece to the world: a two-headed dog. The head of a puppy had been grafted onto the neck of an adult German shepherd. The second head would lap at milk, even though it did not need nourishment — and though the milk then dribbled down the neck from its disconnected oesophagus. Although both animals soon died because of tissue rejection, that did not stop Demikhov from creating 19 more over the next 15 years. See a video of the surgery.

    Stubbins Ffirth: The Yellow Fever Vomit-Drinking Doctor

    During the 1800s, a doctor training in Philadelphia, Stubbins Ffirth, formed the hypothesis that yellow fever was not an infectious disease, and proceeded to test it on himself. He first poured infected vomit into open wounds, then drank the vomit. He did not fall ill, but not because yellow fever is not infectious: it was later discovered that it must be injected directly into the bloodstream, typically through the bite of a mosquito.

    Josef Mengele: The Angel of Death

    Joseph Mengele gained notoriety chiefly for being one of the SS physicians who supervised the selection of arriving transports of prisoners, determining who was to be killed and who was to become a forced laborer, and for performing human experiments on camp inmates, amongst whom Mengele was known as the "Angel of Death."

    At Auschwitz, Mengele did a number of twin studies. After the experiment was over, these twins were usually murdered and their bodies dissected. He supervised an operation by which two Gypsy children were sewn together to create conjoined twins; the hands of the children became badly infected where the veins had been resected. Mengele was almost fanatical about drawing blood from twins, mostly identical twins. He is reported to have bled some to death this way

    Auschwitz prisoner Alex Dekel has said: "I have never accepted the fact that Mengele himself believed he was doing serious work — not from the slipshod way he went about it. He was only exercising his power. Mengele ran a butcher shop — major surgeries were performed without anesthesia. Once, I witnessed a stomach operation — Mengele was removing pieces from the stomach, but without any anesthetic. Another time, it was a heart that was removed, again, without anesthesia. It was horrifying. Mengele was a doctor who became mad because of the power he was given. Nobody ever questioned him — why did this one die? Why did that one perish? The patients did not count. He professed to do what he did in the name of science, but it was a madness on his part".

    Johann Conrad Dippel: The original Frankenstein

    Johann Conrad Dippel was such a mad scientist that he was actually born in castle Frankenstein in 1673, a place near near Darmstadt, Germany. He is said to be the model for Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein", though that idea remains controversial.

    After studying theology, philosophy and alchemy, he created an animal oil made of bones, blood and various other animal products, known as Dippel's Oil which was supposed to be the equivalent to the alchemists' dream of the "elixir of life." It is said that some of his work on anatomy involved boiling various body parts in large vats to make some kind of mad man stew, and that he also tried his hand at moving the soul from one corpse to another, possibly with a funnel, a hose and a lot of lubricant.

    Giovanni Aldini: The Corpse Electrocutioner

    Aldini was the nephew of Luigi Galvani. His uncle essentially discovered the concept of galvanism, when experimenting with electrical currents on frog legs. Aldini took those experiments further. Aldini conducted his experiments on corpses.

    In front of an audience, he conducted an experiment on a hung murderer, George Forster. He applied conducting rods to the man's rectum, whereby the dean man began to punch the air, and his legs began to kick and flinch. Rods applied to the face made it clench and quiver. The left eye popped open. Several people present feared the man had come back to life, and had he actually sprung forth, he would have to be re-executed. One individual was so horrified, that shortly upon leaving the spectacle, he reportedly died.

    Sergei Bruyukhonenko: The Dog Decapitator

    Way before Vladimir Demikhov, Bruyukhonenko's mad experiments on dogs led to the development of open-heart procedures. He developed a crude machine called the autojektor (a heart and lung machine). By using this primitive machine, Bryukhonenko kept the heads of severed dogs alive. In 1928, he displayed one of the heads in front of an audience. To prove it was real, he banged a hammer on the table. The head flinched. When a light was shone in its eyes, the eyes blinked. And when it was fed a piece of cheese, the remnants promptly popped out of the esophageal tube, much to the displeasure of disgusted viewers.

    Andrew Ure: The Scottish Butcher

    Andrew Ure, despite his many accomplishments as a Scottish doctor, was more famously known for four experiments conducted on Matthew Clydesdale on November 4, 1818. The first experiment involved an incision in the nape of the neck. Part of the vertebra was removed. An incision was then made in the left hip. Then a cut was made in the heel. Two rods connected to a battery were placed in the neck and hip, which caused great, uncontrollable convulsions. The 2nd rod was then placed into the heel, whereby the left leg kicked with such force, that it nearly knocked over an assistant. The 2nd experiment made the diaphragm of Forster's chest rise and lower, as if he were breathing again.

    Ure had reported that had Forster's blood not been drained, or his neck broken from the hanging, he was sure he could bring him back to life. The 3rd experiment showed the extraordinary facial expressions exhibited when Ure made an incision in Forster's forehead. The rod was inserted, and Forster's face began to show emotions of anger, horror, despair, anguish, and hideous, contorted smiles. The expressions scared viewers so badly, that one doctor who was known to have a strong stomach, passed out on the spot. The final experiment had people believing that Forster was indeed alive. A cut was made into the forefinger. Once the rod was inserted, Forster began to raise his hand and point to people in the audience. Needless to say, many were horrified.

    Shiro Ishii: Dr. Pure Evil

    Ishii was a microbiologist and the lieutenant general of Unit 731, a biological warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War. He was born in the former Shibayama Village of Sanbu District in Chiba Prefecture, and studied medicine at Kyoto Imperial University. In 1932, he began his preliminary experiments in biological warfare as a secret project for the Japanese military. In 1936, Unit 731 was formed. Ishii built a huge compound — more than 150 buildings over six square kilometers — outside the city of Harbin, China.

    Some of the numerous atrocities committed by Ishii and others under his command in Unit 731 include: vivisection of living people (including pregnant women who were impregnated by the doctors), prisoners had limbs amputated and reattached to other parts of their body, some prisoners had parts of their bodies frozen and thawed to study the resulting untreated gangrene. Humans were also used as living test cases for grenades and flame throwers. Prisoners were injected with inoculations of disease, disguised as vaccinations, to study their effects. To study the effects of untreated venereal diseases, male and female prisoners were deliberately infected with syphilis and gonorrhea via rape, then studied. Having been granted immunity by the American Occupation Authorities at the end of the war, Ishii never spent any time in jail for his crimes and died at the age of 67 of throat cancer.

    Kevin Warwick: The First Human Cyborg

    Kevin Warwick is a British scientist and professor of cybernetics with such a fascination with for robots, that he's endeavoring to be the first man ever to become a cyborg.

    On 1998, a simple RFID transmitter was implanted beneath Warwick's skin, and used to control doors, lights, heaters, and other computer-controlled devices based on his proximity. The main purpose of this experiment was said to be to test the limits of what the body would accept, and how easy it would be to receive a meaningful signal from the chip.

    On 2002, a more complex neural interface was implanted on his nervous system, getting access to his nervous signals. The experiment proved so successful, that the signal produced was detailed enough for a robot arm to mimic the actions of Warwick's own arm.

    Later, a highly publicised extension to the experiment, in which a simpler array was implanted into Warwick's wife—with the aim of creating a form of telepathy or empathy using the Internet to communicate the signal from afar—was also successful, resulting in the first purely electronic communication experiment between the nervous systems of two humans. His experiments are still on.

    John Lilly: The Sensory Deprivation Tank creator

    To find out what would happen if the brain was cut off from all external stimuli, scientist John Lilly built the first sensory deprivation tank in 1954. Floating in warm water for hours in complete darkness and silence, Lilly began to experience vivid fantasies. "These are too personal to relate publicly," he reported later. The hallucinations of his test subjects were similarly difficult to categorize scientifically. This was one reason why his research did not take off.

    Lilly later gave up scientific research and founded the firm Samadhi Tanks, which manufactured tanks for domestic use. On 1980 Lilly's work was the model for the film "Altered States". Having became something of a New Age guru, he died in 2001.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • I wonder what he thinks about fluoride being in so many water supplies.

    As he was being subjected to institutionalized brainwashing from the age of 4, he was probably one of the ones who suggested it!

    Intelligence and wisdom are two different things :p
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Horse Lover

    San Francisco - A man died of internal injuries from sex with a stallion at a ranch used by a bestiality ring, police in the northwestern United States state of Washington said on Monday.

    The man suffered fatal trauma while being sodomised by a stallion at a stud farm that catered to men who wanted sex with animals, Enumclaw Police Commander Eric Sortland told AFP.

    "From the medical examiner's office to the sheriff to the police detectives, we have never seen anything remotely close to what we have in the past two weeks," Sortland said.

    The shocking events at the ranch were exposed after a man's body was dropped off at a hospital southeast of the city of Seattle on July 2 after his encounter with the horse.

    "Basically, his colon was ruptured, along with his lower organs in that region, and he bled out," Sortland said.

    A cache of hundreds of hours of videotaped man-on-beast sex sessions was found hidden in a field, Sortland said.

    The animals kept at the farm included ponies, horses, goats, sheep and dogs, according to the police commander.

    Images of the flock of offerings on the bestial dude ranch were relayed over the internet and records indicate men had come from throughout the United States, according to police.

    "Unfortunately, these people were very diligent in filming their activities," Sortland said of a viewing task detectives have found unpleasant.

    Police were still reviewing the recordings to determine the range of activities, according to the commander.

    Because sex with animals is not barred by law in Washington state, no arrests have been made, according to police who nonetheless continued to investigate on Monday to determine whether any illegal activity had taken place at the ranch.

    The case is being used by state legislators backing a bill that would make it illegal to have sex with beasts, Sortland said.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Rabbit Lover

    Date: 2009-04-09, 1:52PM PDT

    "A man faced a Sydney court today charged with having intercourse with a rabbit and the sadistic killing of 17 other rabbits whose carcbuttes were found dumped in a lane in The Rocks.

    Brendan Francis McMahon, 36, of Edward Street, North Sydney, appeared briefly before Central Local Court Magistrate Allan Moore.

    McMahon, a former Cleo magazine Bachelor of the Year winner and a business partner with Jason Meares, the former brother-in-law of James Packer , was arrested by detectives from The Rocks Police at a house in Tamarama early today.

    McMahon, a New Zealand born finance company director, sat quietly in the dock during the hearing at which he was represented by Barrister Doug Marr.

    The investigation began after skinned and partially-skinned dead and dying rabbits began to appear in a laneway off York Street, near Circular Quay in late July. The laneway adjoined a building in which McMahon occupied a first floor office from which he ran a financial planning and mortgage brokerage company.

    Alarmed at the continuing discovery of freshly end rabbits, some whose genitalia had alleged been mutilated, the Rocks detectives began contacting city pet stores to determine who had been buying rabbits.

    In addition to 17 rabbits, police also found a dead guinea pig in the lane."
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Goat Lover

    A chef had sex with a goat and was seen by a train-load of passengers, a court heard.

    Stephen Hall, 23, lassoed the animal with his belt at the Paradise allotments near his home.

    As the packed Hull to Bridlington train stopped at signals, dozens of passengers stared out in amazement.

    In seconds, police switchboards were jammed as horrified commuters used their mobiles to report what they had seen.

    The female goat was one of a number left to graze near the allotments, Hull Crown Court was told.

    A man out walking his dog also made a 999 call to Humberside Police Control Room.

    Two members of the public pinned down Hall while a stream of officers raced to the scene. Jobless Hall, from Hull, was initially arrested by the Humberside Police Dog Section.

    A vet who examined the goat said it was "subdued" by the assault but was not suffering long-term injury.

    British Transport Police Detective Inspector Dave Crinnion, who investigated, said: "I saw the goat the next day and it did not seem too upset but it is difficult to tell."

    Hall admitted a sex charge involving an animal last Wednesday.

    Judge Jacqueline Davies, who adjourned the case for reports, said: "I do not know what sentence the court will impose on you."

    He is due to be sentenced on March 13.

    Hall, who says he is gay, said after the hearing: "My friends have been giving me a lot of stick. They are all joking with me about it.

    "I have never done anything like this before."
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Goat Lover

    A chef had sex with a goat and was seen by a train-load of passengers, a court heard.

    Stephen Hall, 23, lassoed the animal with his belt at the Paradise allotments near his home.

    As the packed Hull to Bridlington train stopped at signals, dozens of passengers stared out in amazement.

    In seconds, police switchboards were jammed as horrified commuters used their mobiles to report what they had seen.

    The female goat was one of a number left to graze near the allotments, Hull Crown Court was told.

    A man out walking his dog also made a 999 call to Humberside Police Control Room.

    Two members of the public pinned down Hall while a stream of officers raced to the scene. Jobless Hall, from Hull, was initially arrested by the Humberside Police Dog Section.

    A vet who examined the goat said it was "subdued" by the assault but was not suffering long-term injury.

    British Transport Police Detective Inspector Dave Crinnion, who investigated, said: "I saw the goat the next day and it did not seem too upset but it is difficult to tell."

    Hall admitted a sex charge involving an animal last Wednesday.

    Judge Jacqueline Davies, who adjourned the case for reports, said: "I do not know what sentence the court will impose on you."

    He is due to be sentenced on March 13.

    Hall, who says he is gay, said after the hearing: "My friends have been giving me a lot of stick. They are all joking with me about it.

    "I have never done anything like this before."

    Why? Was it the goats turn?
    - brainfreeze, 4 years ago
  • Freak Arrests

    Dumb and Dumber: Bandits rob a bank, pose with loot, get arrested

    Grinning stupidly for the camera and brandishing the proceeds of their ham-fisted raid, two Australian bank robbers demonstrate why they earned themselves the nicknames "Dumb and Dumber." Anthony Prince, 20, and Luke Carroll, 19, were jailed last month after pleading guilty to the bungled raid on a bank in Vail, Colorado. Carroll got five years in a tough US prison and Prince 4½. Federal prosecutors have released photos the pair took of each other joking in the toilets of a McDonald's shortly after stealing $170,000 in cash and terrorising bank tellers with fake pistols. They were captured the next day after leaving a trail of clues, which investigators said made their job laughably easy. Prince and Carroll had been regular customers at the bank and although they were wearing masks, the tellers recognised their broad Australian accents.

    The Goat who got arrested for armed robbery

    A vigilante group in Ilorin, Nigeria apprehended a group of would-be car thieves, including one man who "turned himself" into a goat. The mysterious goat, according to the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Tunde Mohammed, while briefing bewildered journalists at the Force headquarters, is an armed robber who attempted to snatch the said car, and later "transformed" into the goat in a bid to escape arrest. "While one of them escaped, the other was about to be apprehended by the team when he turned his back on the wall and turned to this goat. They quickly grabbed the goat and here it is." Mohammed said. The police spokesman said the goat "armed robbery suspect" will not be left off the hook until investigations into the case are concluded.

    The 88-year-old Grandma who got arrested for not returning a kid's ball

    Edna Jester, an 88-year-old grandmother, was arrested by the police last October 2008, when she refused to return a neighborhood boy's football that had landed in her front yard. A frustrated Edna took the football last Thursday evening after it landed, once again, in the yard of her Blue Ash home, where she has lived since April 1949. When Jester refused to return the football, neighbor Paul Tanis, 40, called the cops. Though police warned that she would be arrested unless she returned the football, Jester refused, according to the below Blue Ash Police Department report. The petty theft bust was the first arrest for Jester, who has been widowed for about ten years.

    The Man who got caught having sex with a picnic table

    In March 2008, Art Price Jr. was arrested after a witness observed him turn over a metal picnic table and performe a sex act upon it. This is the latest occurrence of Mr. Price engaging in sex with furniture. On four other occasions neighbors had witnessed Mr. Price copulating with other outdoor furniture. Price faces up to four charges of public indecency.

    The Man who got arrested for shouting naked at trees

    Dieter Braun, 43, from Recklinghausen said the stress "release" technique had worked perfectly until he was arrested. It was his marriage guidance counsellor who advised him to run around naked shouting at trees. "For me it's a type of relaxation therapy" he said. "Feeling the breeze on my naked skin really calms me down." But local police said other visitors to the forest did not find his behaviour relaxing and have now charged him with causing a public nuisance.

    The Boy who got arrested for opening his Xmas gift too early

    A South Carolina boy, 12, was arrested on December 2006 after his mother called police to report that he had unwrapped a Christmas present without her permission. According to a Rock Hill Police Department report, the child opened a Nintendo Game Boy, though he had been directed not to by family members. When the boy's mother learned that the $85 gift had been opened, she called cops, who charged the juvenile with petty larceny. In an interview with The Herald newspaper, the boy's mother, a 27-year-old single parent, described her son as a disruptive child, noting that she hoped his arrest would serve as a corrective to disorderly behavior at school and home.

    The Deaf man who got arrested for swearing at police in sign language

    Balraj Gill, 31, who is deaf without speech, was arrested by police after he swore at them in sign language- and although he made no sound, he has admitted breaching the peace. Officers had taken Gill back to a hostel where he was supposed to be staying but until a worker translated his sign language for them, they had no idea what he was trying to say. The worker told officers every swear word Gill had signed at them. A police officer told reporters: "The officers could tell he was angry, but didn't know what he was saying. I suppose he's unlucky hostel staff were on hand to translate."

    The Woman who got arrested for selling pierced cats

    Holly Crawford, 34, pierced black kittens in the ear, neck and tail and then marketed them as "gothic" over the internet before she was charged with animal cruelty. She was trying to sell the kittens online for hundreds of dollars, PETA said. The Pennsylvanian woman said she didn't see the difference between piercing a cat or human, and pleaded not guilty.

    The Man who got arrested for farting at policeman

    Jose Cruz, 34, was arrested on September 2008 and charged with assault after he allegedly broke wind on a police officer. Police say they were fingerprinting Cruz, when he moved near Patrolman T.E. Parsons, lifted his leg and passed gas "loudly" on the officer. Cruz then allegedly waved the air in the direction of Parsons, who was preparing a breath test machine at South Charleston police HQ, West Virginia.

    The Man who got arrested for having sex with street signs

    Police in Sioux Falls South Dakota arrested 60 year old Verle Peter Dills after catching him performing various sex on a traffic sign in another residents yard. After searching his home, police found a “large amount” of videos showing Dills having sex with various traffic signs. Dills has been charged with burglary, unlawful occupancy, and six counts of public indecency.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • It's sad.

    The way the majority of people judge others for 'what' they are....on the surface.....not who they eternity, in consciousness, that goes beyond this mere life.

    Perhaps souls incarnate into bodies in which they will experience such difficulties in order to have extremely rare though painful learn....non-judmedntality.....empathy........
    - lostinstrangeworld, 4 years ago
  • Freak Coincidences

    Mysterious Monk to the Rescue
    Joseph Aigner was a fairlly well-known portrait painter in 19th century Austria who, apparently, was quite an unhappy fellow: he several times attempted suicide. His first attempt was at the young age of 18 when he tried to hang himself, but was interrupted by the mysterious appearance of a Capuchin monk. At age 22 he again tried to hang himself, but was again saved from the act by the very same monk. Eight years later, his death was ordained by others who sentenced him to the gallows for his political activities. Once again, his life was saved by the intervention of the same monk. At age 68, Aiger finally succeeded in suicide, a pistol doing the trick. His funeral ceremony was conducted by the same Capuchin monk - a man whose name Aiger never even knew.

    Winnings' Rightful Owner
    In 1858, Robert Fallon was shot dead, an act of vengeance by those with whom he was playing poker. Fallon, they claimed, had won the $600 pot through cheating. With Fallon's seat empty and none of the other players willing to take the now-unlucky $600, they found a new player to take Fallon's place and staked him with the dead man's $600. By the time the police had arrived to investigate the killing, the new player had turned the $600 into $2,200 in winnings. The police demanded the original $600 to pass on to Fallon's next of kin - only to discover that the new player turned out to be Fallon's son, who had not seen his father in seven years!

    Strangers on a Train
    In the 1920s, three Englishman were traveling separately by train through Peru. At the time of their introduction, they were the only three men in the railroad car. Their introductions were more surprising than they could have imagined. One man's last name was Bingham, and the second man's last name was Powell. The third man announced that his last name was Bingham-Powell. None were related in any way.

    It's Raining Babies
    In Detroit sometime in the 1930s, a young (if incredibly careless) mother must have been eternally grateful to a man named Joseph Figlock. As Figlock was walking down the street, the mother's baby fell from a high window onto Figlock. The baby's fall was broken and both man and baby were unharmed. A stroke of luck on its own, but a year later, the very same baby fell from the very same window onto poor, unsuspecting Joseph Figlock as he was again passing beneath. And again, they both survived the event.

    Swapped Hotel Finds
    In 1953, television reporter Irv Kupcinet was in London to cover the coronation of Ellizabeth II. In one of the drawers in his room at the Savoy he found found some items that, by their identification, belonged to a man named Harry Hannin. Coincidentally, Harry Hannin - a basketball star with the famed Harlem Globetrotters - was a good friend of Kupcinet's. But the story has yet another twist. Just two days later, and before he could tell Hannin of his lucky discovery, Kupcinet received a letter from Hannin. In the letter, Hannin told Kucinet that while staying at the Hotel Meurice in Paris, he found in a drawer a tie - with Kupcinet's name on it!

    Paging Mr. Bryson
    While on a business trip sometime in the late 1950s, Mr. George D. Bryson stopped and registered at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. After signing the register and being given his key to room 307, he stopped by the mail desk to see if any letters had arrived for him. Indeed there was a letter, the mail girl told him, and handed him an envelope addressed to Mr. George D. Bryson, room 307. This wouldn't be so odd accept the letter was not for him, but for room 307's just-previous occupant - another man named George D. Bryson.

    Twin Boys, Twin Lives
    The stories of identical twins' nearly identical lives are often astonishing, but perhaps none more so than those of identical twins born in Ohio. The twin boys were separated at birth, being adopted by different families. Unknown to each other, both families named the boys James. And here the coincidences just begin. Both James grew up not even knowing of the other, yet both sought law-enforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda. They both had sons whom one named James Alan and the other named James Allan. The twin brothers also divorced their wives and married other women - both named Betty. And they both owned dogs which they named Toy. Forty years after their childhood separation, the two men were reunited to share their amazingly similar lives. (Reader's Digest, January 1980)

    The Vengeful Bullet
    Henry Ziegland thought he had dodged fate. In 1883, he broke off a relationship with his girlfriend who, out of distress, committed suicide. The girl's brother was so enraged that he hunted down Ziegland and shot him. The brother, believing he had killed Ziegland, then turned his gun on himself and took his own life. But Ziegland had not been killed. The bullet, in fact, had only grazed his face and then lodged in a tree. Ziegland surely thought himself a lucky man. Some years later, however, Ziegland decided to cut down the large tree, which still had the bullet in it. The task seemed so formidable that he decided to blow it up with a few sticks of dynamite. The explosion propelled the bullet into Ziegland's head, killing him.

    Childhood Returned
    While American novelist Anne Parrish was browsing bookstores in Paris in the 1920s, she came upon a book that was one of her childhood favorites - Jack Frost and Other Stories. She picked up the old book and showed it to her husband, telling him of the book she fondly remembered as a child. Her husband took the book, opened it, and on the flyleaf found the inscription: "Anne Parrish, 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs." It was Anne's very own book.

    And Finally, Two More Twins
    John and Arthur Mowforth were twins who lived about 80 miles apart in Great Britain. On the evening of May 22, 1975, both fell severely ill from chest pains. The families of both men were completely unaware of the other's illness. Both men were rushed to separate hospitals at approximately the same time. And both died of heart attacks shortly after arrival.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Where is all of this material coming from!? :p

    This is turning into an epic thread.
    - metacomet, 4 years ago
  • Where is all of this material coming from!? :p

    This is turning into an epic thread.

    It's an interesting thread, I've enjoyed it. Kinda like the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museaum in London, but an awful amount of time and energy to dedicate simply to this I think, no? He's been at it all day.

    Is he compiling a book, doing a theasis (?) researching the bizaar, what?

    Not knocking you JB, thanks for the thread, I've enjoyed it.
    - brainfreeze, 4 years ago
  • Freak Phobias

    Papaphobia: fear of the Pope

    Regarded as one of the most benevolent and wonderful individuals in the world, millions flock to him, hoping for his blessing... except for those who suffer "Papaphobia": an abnormal or persistent pathological fear of the pope or the papacy. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and overall feelings of dread. And it might not be only about the pope himself; a person with papaphobia may also be fearful of the Roman Catholic Church, so keep that popemobil away from them!

    Arachibutyrophobia: fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

    Say what? You heard it. Eating a peanut butter sandwich is challenging for people with aracibutyrophobia, as they will freak out if the butter sticks to their mouth.

    Trichophobia: fear of loose hairs

    If there's a hair in your soup you're fine, but if you see them everywhere, you might be suffering Trichophobia. From Greek Thrix (hair) and phobia (fear), it's the morbid disgust or fear caused by the sight of loose hairs on clothing or elsewhere.

    Nomophobia: fear of being out of mobile phone contact

    How do you feel when your phone has no network coverage? Can you turn off your mobile for a whole day? Whether you have run out of credit or battery, lose your phone or are in an area with no reception, being phoneless can bring on a panicky symptom in our 24/7 culture, described as "Nomophobia".

    Ephebiphobia: fear of teenagers

    First coined as the "fear and loathing of teenagers," today the phenomenon is recognized as the "inaccurate, exaggerated and sensational characterization of young people" in a variety of settings around the world. Sociologist Ray Oldenburg has attributed the generation gap and the "increasing segregation of youth from adults in American society" to "adult estrangement and fear of youth." Fear of youth and their rejection is often disguised in a permissive attitude toward them.

    Scopophobia: fear of being looked at

    Feeling an intense and irrational fear of being looked at or stared at, Scopophobics tend to avoid large public places such as shopping malls and other large gatherings of people. Even simple tasks like driving a car can be very difficult, as the sufferer will experience an acute sense of fear and uneasiness as they irrationally perceive others are staring at them, either from the cars beside them, or from the cars in front or back of them in their rear-view mirrors.

    Spectrophobia: fear of mirrors

    This kind of specific phobia involves a morbid fear of mirrors and the dread of seeing one's own reflection. Psychoanalyst Sandor Ferenczi attributed it in one case to two main causes: fear of self-knowledge and flight from exhibitionism.

    Phagophobia: fear of swallowing

    In milder cases a phagophobe eats only soft and liquid foods, and its fear is expressed in various swallowing complaints without any apparent physical reason detectable by physical inspection and laboratory analyses. Phagophobia may lead to (and be confused with) fear of eating, and the subsequent malnutrition and weight loss.

    vomitophobia: fear of vomiting

    Vomitophobia is the irrational fear of vomiting, being around others who are vomiting, and/or the vomit itself. In worst case scenarios, people with this particular phobia tend to avoid eating out, socializing and going to parties. They may hardly eat at all and that's why many are often diagnosed as anorexic, but not bulimic as this illness involves being overweight or at a healthy weight.

    Triskaidekaphobia: fear of the number 13

    One of the most common fears, but still senseless, even Adolf Hitler was triskaidekaphobic. There a specific fear of Friday the 13th as well, called paraskavedekatriaphobia. Tetraphobia is the fear of the number 4, more popular in China, Japan, and Korea.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • It's an interesting thread, I've enjoyed it. Kinda like the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museaum in London, but an awful amount of time and energy to dedicate simply to this I think, no? He's been at it all day.

    Is he compiling a book, doing a theasis (?) researching the bizaar, what?

    Not knocking you JB, thanks for the thread, I've enjoyed it.

    Hahaha. I'm ill at the minute so I've been in bed all day watching DVD's and compiling my masterwork of freaky shit, I don't do this as a hobby! :p

    It's been interesting finding all this stuff because you seldom come across a thread that has content which is interesting, harrowing, shocking and funny at the same time.

    Glad you like the thread!
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Hahaha. I'm ill at the minute so I've been in bed all day watching DVD's and compiling my masterwork of freaky shit, I don't do this as a hobby! :p

    It's been interesting finding all this stuff because you seldom come across a thread that has content which is interesting, harrowing, shocking and funny at the same time.

    Glad you like the thread!

    Ah, have a hot toddy and get well soon. And don't stop the research/posting, please. My boys and I have enjoyed this thread today, they've got some catching up to do in the morning - after mommy's sensoring :)
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  • Ah, have a hot toddy and get well soon. And don't stop the research/posting, please. My boys and I have enjoyed this thread today, they've got some catching up to do in the morning - after mommy's sensoring :)

    Thankyou, but what's a 'toddy'?! :confused:
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Addictions

    Tanorexia: addiction to Tannings

    Tanorexia is an unhealthy dependence on tanning; the name comes because of its similarities to both substance addictions and body image disorders, such as anorexia. There is some evidence that UV tanning dependence may have biological underpinnings like other addictions, such as the production of endorphins as in the 'runner's high, but since tanning dependence is such a new concept, treatments are still being studied.

    CrackBerry: addiction to BlackBerry

    Hearing a "phantom ring" (or experiencing a phantom vibration) and constantly checking e-mail are signs of BlackBerry addiction. Experts say e-mail and text messages may feed the ego because they make people feel important. Treatment for CrackBerry or similar addictions (such as an Internet or e-mail obsession) involves, evidently, interrupting the pattern.

    Addiction to Cosmetic Surgery

    Patients who do not have an addiction to plastic surgery are satisfied when they leave; addicts think just one more procedure—and then another, and another, and another—will make them look perfect. This addiction can be the result of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which is an unhealthy preoccupation with physical appearance or a specific body part. A famous addict is millionaire Jocelyn Wildenstein, who spent over $4,000,000 on cosmetic surgery over the years. The exact cause or causes of BDD is unknown, but most clinicians believe it to be a complex combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors.

    Pagophagia: addiction to Ice

    Pagophagia is an obsessive need to chew on ice. Scientific research shows Pagophagia can be a sign of low iron in the blood. The addition of B vitamins can help increase red blood cell production, and vitamin C can aid in the absorption of iron.

    Addiction to Funerals

    This is so unique, it doesn't even have a name. Brazilan man Luis Squarisi suffers what he calls an addiction to funerals. The 42-year-old man from Batatais, has attended every single funeral in his town for the past 20 years and has quit his job to be able to feed his addiction. "What set me off was my father's death in 1983. The first thing I do every morning is to turn on the radio to find out if anyone has died, if I don't hear it on the radio I call the hospitals and the local funeral home", said the man. A spokesperson for local funeral home, São Vicente, said: "We dont want him to go to therapy, everyone expects to see him at the funerals."

    Geophagy: addiction to Dirt

    The extraordinary practice of earth eating is well documented by medical and anthropology journals and classified as "pica" or "geophagy". While not being considered a social norm in Western society, the custom is quite common among primitive or economically depressed peoples, and also animals, to augment a scanty or mineral-deficient diet. However, the practice is most often confined to people suffering from chronic mental illness and commonly labeled as "nutters". In contrast, in the slums of Haiti, people make and eat mud pies on a daily basis, with the earth being mixed with water and sieved through a cheesecloth to remove inedible stones. The batter is then formed into pancakes and fried, selling in the local markets at five for a dime. Fortunately these are not approved for the export market, yet, but keep an eye on theTesco's Finest shelves. The picture shows Baobao, an 18-year-old girl from Inner Mongolia, who recently became world famous after eating dirt for 11 years!

    Teeth Whitening Addiction

    Looks like some people can stop whitening their teeth, so much that it's being considered a new addiction. Since bleaching is easy and effective, people can really get hooked. Two possible side effects of this addiction are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. According to a report, in the US alone, people spent almost $1.4 billion on tooth whitening products and procedures in 2006.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Backwards Jogger

    Wang Fang, 27, of Chongqing city in China, was born with her feet facing the wrong way. She has learned to live with her condition without problems and recently refused a disability pension by being classified as disabled. "I can run faster than most of my friends and have a regular job as a waitress in the family restaurant. There is no reason to class me as disabled."
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Baby with Three Arms

    This 2-month-old baby named Liu Junjie from Anhui Province, China, was born with a third arm on 2006. Doctors successfully removed the extremely rare and well-developed third arm, but the baby required long-term physical therapy to gain function in his remaining hand, which has no palm and flexes in either direction. "We're hoping to exchange information with doctors who've dealt with similar cases anywhere in the world," said Chen, head of the orthopedics department at Shanghai Children's Medical Center. "This is so rare that we have virtually no information to go on."
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Boob Footed Woman

    The bizarre paper describing the case reads: "A 22-year-old woman sought medical care for a lesion in the plantar region of her left foot, a well-formed nipple surrounded by areola and hair. Microscopic examination of the dermis showed hair follicles, eccrine glands, and sebaceous glands. Fat tissue was noted at the base of the lesion. Clinical and histopathologic findings were consistent with the diagnosis of supernumerary breast tissue, also known as pseudomamma. To our knowledge, this is the first report of supernumerary breast tissue on the foot."
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • World's Youngest Mother: 5 Years Old

    Into the hospital at Pisco (Peru) came a tired, ragged Indian woman from the foothills of the Andes. She led by the hand a shy little girl, scarcely three feet tall, with chestnut braids and an enormously bulging abdomen. Pointing to the frightened child, the Indian woman begged Surgeon Geraldo Lozada to exorcise the evil spirits which had taken possession of her. Certain that little Lina Medina had an abdominal tumor, Dr. Lozada examined her, received the surprise of his life when he discovered she was eight months pregnant.

    Dr. Lozada took her to Lima, the capital of Peru, prior to the surgery to have other specialists confirm that Lina was in fact pregnant. A month and a half later, on May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a boy by a caesarean section necessitated by her small pelvis. The surgery was performed by Dr. Lozada and Dr. Busalleu, with Dr. Colretta providing anaesthesia. Her case was reported in detail by Dr. Edmundo Escomel to La Presse Medicale, along with the additional details that her menarche had occurred at 8 months of age, and that she had had prominent breast development by the age of 4. By age 5 her figure displayed pelvic widening and advanced bone maturation.

    Her son weighed 2.7 kg (6 lb) at birth and was named Gerardo after her doctor. Gerardo was raised believing that Lina was his sister, but found out at the age of ten that she was his mother. He grew up healthy but died in 1979 at the age of 40 of a disease of the bone marrow.

    There was never evidence that Lina Medina's pregnancy occurred in any but the usual way, but she never revealed the father of the child, nor the circumstances of her impregnation. Dr. Escomel suggested she might not actually know herself by writing that Lina "couldn't give precise responses." Lina's father was arrested on suspicion of rape and incest, but was later released due to lack of evidence. Medina later married Raúl Jurado, who fathered her second son in 1972. They live in a poor district of Lima known as Chicago Chico ("Little Chicago"). She refused an interview with Reuters in 2002.

    There are two published photographs documenting the case. The first one was taken around the beginning of April, 1939, when Medina was seven and a half months into pregnancy. Taken from Medina's left side, it shows her standing naked in front of an inconclusive backdrop (either the side wall of a house with the sun shining on her, or a light-diffusing blanket in a room with an overhead light pointed toward the front of her body). This is the only published photograph of Lina taken during her pregnancy. This photograph is of significant value because it proves Medina's pregnancy as well as the extent of her physiological development. However, this photograph is not widely known outside medical circles. The other photograph is of far greater clarity and was taken a year later in Lima when Gerardo was eleven months old.

    Although the case was called a hoax by some, a number of doctors over the years have verified it based on biopsies, X rays of the fetal skeleton in utero, and photographs taken by the doctors caring for her. Extreme degrees of precocious puberty in children under 5 are very uncommon but not unheard of. Pregnancy and delivery by a child this young remains extremely rare because extremely precocious puberty is treated to suppress fertility, preserve growth potential, and reduce the social consequences of full sexual development in childhood, and because termination of such pregnancy is more widely available now than in the early 20th century.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Motherhood: Other amazing cases

    Bobbie McCaughey is the mother who holds the record for the most surviving children from a single birth. She gave birth to the first set of surviving septuplets - 4 boys and 3 girls on November 19, 1997, at the University Hospital, Iowa, US. Conceived by in vitro fertilization, the babies were delivered after 31 weeks by caesarean in the space of 16 minutes. The babies are named Kenneth, Nathaniel, Brandon, Joel, Kelsey, Natalie and Alexis.

    Jayne Bleackley is the mother who holds the record for the shortest interval between two children born in separate pregnancies. She gave birth to Joseph Robert on September 3, 1999, and Annie Jessica Joyce on March 30, 2000. The babies were born 208 days apart.

    Elizabeth Ann Buttle is the mother who holds the record for the longest interval between the birth of two children. She gave birth to Belinda on May 19,1956 and Joseph on November 20, 1997. The babies were born 41 years 185 days apart. The mother was 60 years old when her son Joseph was born.

    The highest officially recorded number of children born to one Russian mother is 69. Between 1725 and 1765, in a total of 27 pregnancies, she gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. 67 of them survived infancy.

    The modern world record for giving birth is held by Leontina Albina from San Antonio, Chile. Leontina claims to be the mother of 64 children, of which only 55 of them are documented. She is listed in the 1999 Guinness World Records but dropped from later editions.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Smallest Baby

    On October 24th 2006, Amillia Taylor was born at 21 weeks and six days. No baby born at less than 23 weeks gestation had ever survived, but 10 ounce Amillia was able to pull through (and even was trying to breath and cry on her own at birth). Hospitals had initially hoped to release her yesterday, but decided to keep the now healthy baby a few extra days for observation.

    Her mother doesn't mind the wait, she's just proud and happy that Amillia is healthy: "Even though she's only four pounds (1.8 kilos) now, she's plump to me."
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Obese Baby

    This baby born in Iran six months ago, currently weighs an enormous 20 kilos (44 pounds)! The parents say the baby was born a normal weight close to 8 pounds when he was born, but he keeps eating every hour. The Iranian doctors do not know what this eating disorder is or where it came from.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • 17 Pound Baby. Ouch.

    A Siberian woman who gave birth on 2007 to her 12th child was stunned to find that little Nadia weighed in at a massive 17.1 lb (7.75kg). "We were all simply in shock," said Nadia's mother, Tatyana Barabanova, 43. "What did the father say? He couldn't say a thing - he just stood there blinking." "I ate everything, we don't have the money for special foods so I just ate potatoes, noodles and tomatoes," she told the reporter, adding that all her previous babies had weighed more than 5 kg.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Surgery

    Six-Pack Surgery

    The technique, called abdominal etching, is a kind of precision liposuction. The doc sucks out the fat that's standing between the patient and, if everything goes well, the six-pack. The suction six-pack costs between $4,000 and $7,000 and is only suitable for certain patients.

    The procedure takes an hour or two. But pain can persist for days afterward. Swelling can last for weeks or even months. (The after picture was taken a little over a year after the surgery.) And there can be complications, such as infection and bleeding.

    Facelifts for Dogs

    Is Fido in need of a face-lift? Go see Edgado Brito, who is advancing the practice of pet plastic surgery in a land with a worldwide reputation for making people beautiful by any means. Brazilians have long been known for their penchant for cosmetic surgery, and Brito has been adapting those techniques for use on animals. "Plastic surgery is good for dogs!" said Brito, 45, a Doberman breeder who has worked as a veterinarian for 20 years. He can make protruding ears droop and uses Metacril to straighten bent ears. He uses Botox to fix inverted eyelashes. He has even tightened the mammillae of a couple of female dogs, whose owners wanted to show them after they had given birth. Simple surgeries usually cost from about $100 to $200. In Brazil, the United States and Europe, pet plastic surgery is increasingly in demand, despite objections from animal rights activists and some dog breeders.

    Pointy Ears

    New York plastic surgoen Dr. Lajos Nagy created a surgical procedure to make human ears pointed, like a mythological creature. "Ears becoming pointed as a result of plastic surgery not only enhance the attractiveness of the face, but also improve the experience of listening to music." says his website. Dr. Nagy is planning to introduce the method in Hungary.

    Tongue bifurcation

    Tongue bifurcation involves splitting the tongue with a laser to create a snake-like fork. One may argue that this is not any more deforming than rhinoplasty to reshape the nose or silicone breast implants to reshape the chest. But it does not conform to routine notions of aethestics for most people.

    Growing Horns

    It is now possible to change the shape of almost any part of your body, with implants that are placed just beneath the surface of the skin. Surgical metals are inserted under the subcutaneous tissues, usually by non-medical personel. Risks of a procedure like this include movement of the implant, severe infection, and nerve damage. Is it worth going through all this to look like a character from Krull?

    Revirgination: Hymen Surgery

    Through a surgical procedure called hymenorraphy, health care providers recreate the hymen by piecing together its remnants. Surgery can also include inserting a gelatin capsule filled with a blood-like substance that will burst during intercourse, simulating bleeding. If there is not enough hymen left, or if the woman was born without one, part of the vaginal wall is used to recreate this thin tissue. The procedure, considered relatively simple, is performed on an outpatient basis. In some countries, women will be seen several weeks after the procedure to follow up on any resulting physical effects and emotional issues. Hymenorraphy is generally illegal in countries where cultural traditions place great emphasis on the bride's virginity before marriage. The procedure, however, is still performed illegally, and at a high cost. When it's done illegally, standards of cleanliness, training, and the reputation of the health care provider are additional things to worry about. Some women may also have to worry about securing up to U.S. $2000.00 for the procedure (though it can often cost much less, even as low as U.S. $100.00, in some parts of the world.)

    Anal Bleaching

    Anal bleaching is the practice of bleaching the pigmentation of the skin of light-skinned people around the anus. It is used for cosmetic purposes. A cream is used containing around 20% hydroquinone (a suspected carcinogen banned by several countries) as an active ingredient.

    Anal bleaching is a common practice in the pornography industry to enhance the appearance of this area.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Thankyou, but what's a 'toddy'?! :confused:

    I fell asleep on the couch :eek:

    Lemon and honey with a dash/splash of whiskey. Works great for colds and flu :)
    - brainfreeze, 4 years ago
  • Freak Products from the Past
    Cocaine toothache drops (c. 1885) were popular for children.
    Not only would the medicine numb the pain, but it could also put the user in a "better" mood.
    Bayer heroin bottle. From 1898 to 1910 heroin was marketed as a non-addictive morphine substitute and cough medicine for children!
    Metcalf's Coca Wine was one of a large number of cocaine-containing wines available on the market.
    All claimed medicinal effects, although they were undoubtedly consumed for their "recreational" value as well.
    This coca wine was made by the Maltine Manufacturing Company (New York). The dosage indicated on the back of the bottle reads: "A wine glass full with, or immediately after, meals. Children in proportion."
    Cocaine-containing throat lozenges (c. 1900) were "indispensable for singers, teachers, and orators." In addition to quieting a sore throat, these lozenges undoubtedly provided the "pick-me-up" to keep these professionals performing at their peak.
    Paperweight advertisement for C.F. Boehringer & Soehne (Mannheim, Germany), "largest makers in the world of quinine and cocaine." This chemical manufacturer was proud of its leading position in the world's cocaine market.
    This bottle of Stickney and Poor's paregoric (mixture of opium and alcohol) was distributed much like the spices for which the company is better known. Doses for infants, children, and adults are given on the bottle. At 46% alcohol, this product is 92 proof which is pretty potent in itself.
    This National Vaporizer Vapor-OL (opium) Treatment no. 6 for asthma may have provided a unique method of essentially "smoking" opium. The volatile liquid was placed in a pan that was heated by a small kerosene lamp (see below). Other substances were also used in these early (c. 1890) vaporizers, but this mixture probably ensured plenty of visitors for the spasmodically affected.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • I fell asleep on the couch :eek:

    Lemon and honey with a dash/splash of whiskey. Works great for colds and flu :)

    Ha ha. Thanks, I'll try it. I was looking for some remedies hence the posts above and below :p
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Remedies

    Peruvian Cure for Impotence: Frog Juice

    They call it 'The Peruvian Viagra' and they say it's great for you if you have a low sex drive. It's the best aphrodisiac. 'Extracto de rana' (Frog juice) is in very high demand at local markets of Lima, Peru.

    It's also heals stuff like asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness, but who cares about those. As long as it gives you a good boner. The main aphrodisiac effect probably comes from one of it's ingredients called Maca, which is a South-American plant known for it's erotic powers.

    You go to the market stall and you pick your frogs from a tank. The vendor takes them out and bangs them against the table to kill them. Then she peels the skin off them and she fills the blender with hot white bean broth, some honey, raw aloe vera and a generous portion of maca. Then she adds your plucked frogs and she turns the blender on. And voila, a delicious warm glass of frog juice.

    Old Cure for throat inflammations: Dog Dung

    "Album graecum" is the dung of dogs or hyenas that has become white through exposure to air. It is used in dressing leather, and was formerly used as a medicinal drug, often mixed with honey, to cleanse and deterge, chiefly in inflammations of the throat. Externally, it was used as a plaster, spread on skin to close and heal wounds.

    Czech Cure for Aging: Beer Bath

    In the town of Chodova Plana, Czech Republic, is located the world's first "beer health center", where they offer a soothing hot bath containing healing mineral water and a dark bathing beer. This "curative therapy" claims to have rejuvenating effects. There is also a bathside bar so you can sip beer while soaking in it.

    Old Chinese Cure for Stomach aches: Monkey's GallBladder

    The monkey's gallBladder was a common folk medicine in China often used for a wide range of disorders including eye diseases, stomach complaints and even a child's tantrums. Many ancient cultures used monkey blood for increasing the strength and stamina. It was also believed to have anti-aging effects. Over the centuries, people of various cultures have experimented with monkey blood and meat for anti-aging effects. Some even went to the extent of transplanting monkey gonads. In some of the places in Indonesia even until now, monkey brains are consumed as health remedies, impotency cures or as gourmet treats.

    Ancient Egyptian Cure for Eye Infections: Bat's Blood

    Ancient Egyptians had a high incidence of eye infections and resultant blindness because of their near-constant exposure to sun, sand, and sandstorms. In order to combat the blindness suffered by so many people, Egyptian doctors applied the blood of bats to their blind patients' eyes. Since bats were thought to have excellent night vision, it was assumed that this treatment would transfer that quality to people who put it in their eyes or injected it in their ears.

    Old British Cure for Malaria: Spider's Webs

    Back when ague, a form of malaria, ran rampant through many parts of the world, various treatments were used to control the disease. One of the strangest was consuming tablets of compressed spider's webs. The supposed medicinal qualities of spider's webs have apparently been lost to history. Some variations of this treatment involved eating the actual spider - sometimes while it was alive.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Skateboarding Turtle

    Tonka, a Bay Area Turtle, lost mobility after her legs were bitten by a dog, so Peninsula Humane Society workers fitted the three-legged tortoise with a set of toy wheels. Suddenly, Tonka was off a rolling! slowly of course. And then, in the next couple of days, when her picture showed up in the morning newspaper, she was adopted almost immediately.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Incredible Horse

    Meet Molly the pony. She's a gray speckled pony who was abandoned by her owners when Hurricane Katrina hit southern Louisiana . Molly then spent weeks on her own following the 2005 catastrophe before finally being rescued and taken to a farm where abandoned animals were stockpiled. While there, she was attacked by a pit bull terrier and almost died.

    Her right front leg was terribly damaged and became infected. Vets thought that was it and Molly looked to be on her way to the knackers yard, but then surgeon Rustin Moore met Molly, he changed his mind. He noticed how the pony was careful to lie down on different sides so she didn't seem to get sores, and how she allowed people to handle her. Moore agreed to remove her leg below the knee and a temporary artificial limb was built. Molly walked out of the clinic under her own steam, and is now an inspiration for children... and horses around the world.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Ha ha. Thanks, I'll try it. I was looking for some remedies hence the posts above and below :p

    Rather a hot toddy than the dog dung remedy huh? lol
    - brainfreeze, 4 years ago
  • Rat Eater

    Yang Dingcai, in southeast China says 40 years of swallowing tree frogs and rats live has helped him avoid intestinal complaints and made him strong. Jiang Musheng, a 66-year-old resident of Jiangxi province, suffered from frequent abdominal pains and coughing from the age of 26, until an old man called Yang Dingcai suggested tree frogs as a remedy, the Beijing News said on Tuesday.

    "At first, Jiang Musheng did not dare to eat a live, wriggling frog, but after seeing Yang Dingcai swallow one, he ate ... two without a thought," the paper said. "After a month of eating live frogs, his stomach pains and coughing were completely gone."

    Over the years Jiang had added live mice, baby rats and green frogs to his diet, and had once eaten 20 mice in a single day, the paper said.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Rather a hot toddy than the dog dung remedy huh? lol

    I tried the dog turd but it didn't agree with me :p
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Hair-Ball Girl

    The New England Journal of Medicine reported on November 2007 how doctors took a 10-pound hairball from an 18-year-old woman after she came to them with pain and a 40-pound weight loss. The woman had been suffering with pain in her abdomen for about five months.

    Doctors found a mass there, and when they used a small camera, found that the hairball was taking up nearly her entire stomach. The patient said that she has a habit of eating her own hair, a condition called trichophagia. Doctors tried to use small incisions to remove the mass, but then had to go to traditional surgery to make sure the entire hairball was removed.

    The journal's report said the girl left the hospital after five days and was asked to follow up with a psychiatrist. Within a year, she had regained about half of the weight she lost and said she had stopped eating her hair.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Plagues

    Smallpox (430 BC? - 1979):

    Killed more than 300 million people worldwide in the 20th century alone, and most of the native inhabitants of the Americas
    Smallpox (also known by the Latin names Variola or Variola vera) is a contagious disease unique to humans. Smallpox is caused by either of two virus variants named Variola major and Variola minor. The deadlier form, V. major, has a mortality rate of 30–35%, while V. minor causes a milder form of disease called alastrim and kills ~1% of its victims. Long-term side-effects for survivors include the characteristic skin scars. Occasional side effects include blindness due to corneal ulcerations and infertility in male survivors.

    Smallpox killed an estimated 60 million Europeans, including five reigning European monarchs, in the 18th century alone. Up to 30% of those infected, including 80% of the children under 5 years of age, died from the disease, and one third of the survivors became blind.

    As for the Americas, after the first contacts with Europeans and Africans, some believe that the death of 90 to 95 percent of the native population of the New World was caused by Old World diseases. It is suspected that smallpox was the chief culprit and responsible for killing nearly all of the native inhabitants of the Americas. In Mexico, when the Aztecs rose up in rebellion against Cortés, outnumbered, the Spanish were forced to flee. In the fighting, a Spanish soldier carrying smallpox died. After the battle, the Aztecs contracted the virus from the invaders' bodies. When Cortes returned to the capital, smallpox had devastated the Aztec population. It killed most of the Aztec army, the emperor, and 25% of the overall population. Cortés then easily defeated the Aztecs and entered Tenochtitlán, where he found that smallpox had killed more Aztecs than had the cannons.

    Smallpox was responsible for an estimated 300–500 million deaths in the 20th century. As recently as 1967, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 15 million people contracted the disease and that two million died in that year. After successful vaccination campaigns throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the WHO certified the eradication of smallpox in 1979. To this day, smallpox is the only human infectious disease to have been completely eradicated from nature.

    Spanish Flu (1918 - 1919):

    Killed 50 to 100 million people worldwide in less than 2 years
    In 1918 and 1919, the Spanish Flu pandemic killed more people than Hitler, nuclear weapons and all the terrorists of history combined. (A pandemic is an epidemic that breaks out on a global scale.) Spanish influenza was a more severe version of your typical flu, with the usual sore throat, headaches and fever. However, in many patients, the disease quickly progressed to something much worse than the sniffles. Extreme chills and fatigue were often accompanied by fluid in the lungs. One doctor treating the infected described a grim scene: "The faces wear a bluish cast; a cough brings up the blood-stained sputum. In the morning, the dead bodies are stacked about the morgue like cordwood."

    If the flu passed the stage of being a minor inconvenience, the patient was usually doomed. There is no cure for the influenza virus, even today. All doctors could do was try to make the patients comfortable, which was a good trick since their lungs filled with fluid and they were wracked with unbearable coughing. The "bluish cast" of victims' faces eventually turned brown or purple and their feet turned black. The lucky ones simply drowned in their own lungs. The unlucky ones developed bacterial pneumonia as an agonizing secondary infection. Since antibiotics hadn't been invented yet, this too was essentially untreatable. The pandemic came and went like a flash. Between the speed of the outbreak and military censorship of the news during World War I, hardly anyone in the United States knew that a quarter of the nation's population -- and a billion people worldwide -- had been infected with the deadly disease. More than half a million died in the U.S. alone; worldwide, more than 50 million.

    Black Death (1340 - 1771):

    Killed 75 million people worldwide
    The Black Death, or The Black Plague, was one of the most deadly pandemics in human history. It began in South-western or Central Asia and spread to Europe by the late 1340s. The total number of deaths worldwide from the pandemic is estimated at 75 million people; there were an estimated 20 million deaths in Europe alone. The Black Death is estimated to have killed between a third and two-thirds of Europe's population.

    The three forms of plague brought an array of signs and symptoms to those infected. Bubonic plague refers to the painful lymph node swellings called buboes, mostly found around the base of the neck, and in the armpits and groin. The septicaemic plague is a form of blood poisoning, and pneumonic plague is an airborne plague that attacks the lungs before the rest of the body. The classic sign of bubonic plague was the appearance of buboes in the groin, the neck and armpits, which oozed pus and bled. Victims underwent damage to the skin and underlying tissue, until they were covered in dark blotches. Most victims died within four to seven days after infection. When the plague reached Europe, it first struck port cities and then followed the trade routes, both by sea and land. The bubonic plague was the most commonly seen form during the Black Death, with a mortality rate of thirty to seventy-five percent and symptoms including fever of 38 - 41 °C (101-105 °F), headaches, painful aching joints, nausea and vomiting, and a general feeling of malaise. Of those who contracted the bubonic plague, 4 out of 5 died within eight days. Pneumonic plague was the second most commonly seen form during the Black Death, with a mortality rate of ninety to ninety-five percent.

    The same disease is thought to have returned to Europe every generation with varying virulence and mortalities until the 1700s. During this period, more than 100 plague epidemics swept across Europe. On its return in 1603, the plague killed 38,000 Londoners. Other notable 17th century outbreaks were the Italian Plague of 1629-1631, the Great Plague of Seville (1647-1652), the Great Plague of London (1665–1666), the Great Plague of Vienna (1679). There is some controversy over the identity of the disease, but in its virulent form, after the Great Plague of Marseille in 1720–1722 and the 1771 plague in Moscow it seems to have disappeared from Europe in the 18th century. The fourteenth-century eruption of the Black Death had a drastic effect on Europe's population, irrevocably changing Europe's social structure. It was a serious blow to the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in widespread persecution of minorities such as Jews, foreigners, beggars and lepers. The uncertainty of daily survival created a general mood of morbidity influencing people to "live for the moment", as illustrated by Giovanni Boccaccio in The Decameron (1353).

    Malaria (1600 - today):

    Kills about 2 million people per year
    Malaria causes about 400–900 million cases of fever and approximately one to three million deaths annually — this represents at least one death every 30 seconds. The vast majority of cases occur in children under the age of 5 years; pregnant women are also especially vulnerable. Despite efforts to reduce transmission and increase treatment, there has been little change in which areas are at risk of this disease since 1992. Indeed, if the prevalence of malaria stays on its present upwards course, the death rate could double in the next twenty years. Precise statistics are unknown because many cases occur in rural areas where people do not have access to hospitals or the means to afford health care. Consequently, the majority of cases are undocumented.

    Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases and an enormous public-health problem. It's parasites are transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes. The parasites multiply within red blood cells, causing symptoms that include symptoms of anemia (light headedness, shortness of breath, tachycardia etc.), as well as other general symptoms such as fever, chills, nausea, flu-like illness, and in severe cases, coma and death. The disease is caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Plasmodium. It is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

    AIDS (1981 - today):

    Killed 25 million people worldwide
    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) has led to the deaths of more than 25 million people since it was first recognized in 1981, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. Despite recent improved access to antiretroviral treatment and care in many regions of the world, the AIDS epidemic claimed approximately 3.1 million (between 2.8 and 3.6 million) lives in 2005 (an average of 8,500 per day), of which 570,000 were children. UNAIDS and the WHO estimate that the total number of people living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has reached its highest level. There are an estimated 40.3 million (estimated range between 36.7 and 45.3 million) people now living with HIV. Moreover, almost 5 million people have been estimated to have been infected with HIV in 2005 alone.

    The pandemic is not homogeneous within regions with some countries more afflicted than others. Even at the country level there are wide variations in infection levels between different areas. The number of people living with HIV continues to rise in most parts of the world, despite strenuous prevention strategies. Sub-Saharan Africa remains by far the worst-affected region, with 23.8 million to 28.9 million people living with HIV at the end of 2005, 1 million more than in 2003. Sixty-four percent of all people living with HIV are in sub-Saharan Africa, as are more than 77% of all women living with HIV. South & South East Asia are second most affected with 15%.

    The key facts surrounding this origin of AIDS are currently unknown, particularly where and when the pandemic began, though it is said that it originated from the apes in Africa.

    Cholera (1817 - today):

    8 pandemics; hundreds of thousands killed worldwide
    In the 19th century, Cholera became the world's first truly global disease in a series of epidemics that proved to be a watershed for the history of plumbing. Festering along the Ganges River in India for centuries, the disease broke out in Calcutta in 1817 with grand - scale results. When the festival was over, they carried cholera back to their homes in other parts of India. There is no reliable evidence of how many Indians perished during that epidemic, but the British army counted 10,000 fatalities among its imperial troops. Based on those numbers,, it's almost certain that at least hundreds of thousands of natives must have fallen victim across that vast land. Cholera sailed from port to port, the germ making headway in contaminated kegs of water or in the excrement of infected victims, and transmitted by travelers. The world was getting smaller thanks to steam-powered trains and ships, but living conditions were slow to improve. By 1827 cholera had become the most feared disease of the century.

    The major cholera pandemics are generally listed as: First: 1817-1823, Second: 1829-1851, Third: 1852-1859, Fourth: 1863-1879, Fifth: 1881-1896, Sixth: 1899-1923: Seventh: 1961- 1970, and some would argue that we are in the Eighth: 1991 to the present. Each pandemic, save the last, was accompanied by many thousands of deaths. As recently as 1947, 20,500 of 30,000 people infected in Egypt died. Despite modern medicine, cholera remains an efficient killer.

    Typhus (430 BC? - today):

    Killed 3 million people between 1918 and 1922 alone, and most of Napoleon's soldiers on Russia
    Typhus is any one of several similar diseases caused by louse-borne bacteria. The name comes from the Greek typhos, meaning smoky or lazy, describing the state of mind of those affected with typhus. Rickettsia is endemic in rodent hosts, including mice and rats, and spreads to humans through mites, fleas and body lice. The arthropod vector flourishes under conditions of poor hygiene, such as those found in prisons or refugee camps, amongst the homeless, or until the middle of the 20th century, in armies in the field.

    The first description of typhus was probably given in 1083 at a convent near Salerno, Italy. Before a vaccine was developed in World War II, typhus was a devastating disease for humans and has been responsible for a number of epidemics throughout history. During the second year of the Peloponnesian War (430 BC), the city-state of Athens in ancient Greece was hit by a devastating epidemic, known as the Plague of Athens, which killed, among others, Pericles and his two elder sons. The plague returned twice more, in 429 BC and in the winter of 427/6 BC. Epidemic typhus is one of the strongest candidates for the cause of this disease outbreak, supported by both medical and scholarly opinions. Epidemics occurred throughout Europe from the 16th to the 19th centuries, and occurred during the English Civil War, the Thirty Years' War and the Napoleonic Wars. During Napoleon's retreat from Moscow in 1812, more French soldiers died of typhus than were killed by the Russians. A major epidemic occurred in Ireland between 1816-19, and again in the late 1830s, and yet another major typhus epidemic occurred during the Great Irish Famine between 1846 and 1849.

    In America, a typhus epidemic killed the son of Franklin Pierce in Concord, New Hampshire in 1843 and struck in Philadelphia in 1837. Several epidemics occurred in Baltimore, Memphis and Washington DC between 1865 and 1873. During World War I typhus caused three million deaths in Russia and more in Poland and Romania. De-lousing stations were established for troops on the Western front but the disease ravaged the armies of the Eastern front, with over 150,000 dying in Serbia alone. Fatalities were generally between 10 to 40 percent of those infected, and the disease was a major cause of death for those nursing the sick. Following the development of a vaccine during World War II epidemics occur only in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • World's Biggest Dog

    Say hello to this gargantuan specimen named Hercules, purportedly the Guinness Record holder for World's Biggest Dog. Hercules is an English Mastiff and has a 38 inch neck and weighs 282 pounds.

    With "paws the size of softballs", the three-year-old monster is far larger and heavier than his breed's standard 200lb. limit. Hercules owner Mr. Flynn says that Hercules weight is natural and not induced by a bizarre diet: "I fed him normal food and he just grew, and grew, and grew”.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Idiotic Thievery Part 1

    The Robber who tried to rob a bank that had already closed

    A bank robber was arrested in Liberty, Pennsylvania, USA, after police said he tried to rob a bank that had already closed for the afternoon. Christopher Allen Koch, 28, arrived at Citizens & Northern Bank around 11.40am and sat inside his car in the bank's parking lot for 20 minutes. But Koch had not read the opening hours, posted on the bank's door and the bank closed at noon. He tried to enter the bank at 12.01 pm - a minute too late. He was wearing ski mask and gloves and had a gun. Employees inside spotted Koch and got a license plate number that led police to him. Koch was charged with criminal attempted robbery and possessing instruments of a crime.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Giant Cow

    As big as a small elephant, Big Cow Chilli and he's described as a gentle giant. Chilli the giant bullock stands at 6ft 6ins and weighs well over a ton. Despite his grand stature, Chilli only grazes on grass during the day and enjoys the occasional swede as a treat.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Geography

    The Wave (between Arizona and Utah - USA)

    A red-rock stunner on the border of Arizona and Utah, The Wave is made of 190-million-year-old sand dunes that have turned to rock. This little-known formation is accessible only on foot via a three-mile hike and highly regulated.

    Antelope Canyon (Arizona - USA)

    The most visited and photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest, the Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. It includes two separate, photogenic slot canyon sections, referred to individually as Upper Antelope Canyon --or “The Crack”-- and Lower Antelope Canyon --or “The Corkscrew.”

    The Navajo name for Upper Antelope Canyon is Tse' bighanilini, which means "the place where water runs through rocks." Lower Antelope Canyon is Hasdestwazi, or "spiral rock arches." Both are located within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation.

    Great Blue Hole (Belize)

    Part of the Lighthouse Reef System, The Great Blue Hole lies approximately 60 miles off the mainland out of Belize City. A large, almost perfectly circular hole approximately one quarter of a mile (0.4 km) across, it’s one of the most astounding dive sites to be found anywhere on earth. Inside this hole, the water is 480 feet (145 m) deep and it is the depth of water which gives the deep blue color that causes such structures throughout the world to be known as "blue holes."

    Crystal Cave of the Giants (Mexico)

    Found deep inside a mine in southern Chihuahua Mexico, these crystals were formed in a natural cave totally enclosed in bedrock. A geode full of spectacular crystals as tall as pine trees, and in some cases greater in circumference, they are a translucent gold and silver in color and come in many incredible forms and shapes. The Crystal Cave of the Giants was discovered within the same limestone body that hosts the silver-zinc-lead ore bodies exploited by the mine and it was probably dissolved by the same hydrothermal fluids that deposited the metals with the gypsum being crystallized during the waning stages of mineralization.

    Eye of the Sahara (Mauritania)

    This spectacular landform in Mauritania in the southwestern part of the Sahara desert is so huge with a diameter of 30 miles that it is visible from space. Called Richat Structure --or the Eye of the Sahara-- the The formation was originally thought to be caused by a meteorite impact but now geologists believe it is a product of uplift and erosion. The cause of its circular shape is still a mystery.

    Blue Lake Cave (Brazil)

    Mato Grosso do Sul region in Brazil (and especially the quiet town of Bonito) boasts many marvelous underground lakes: Gruta do Lago Azul, Gruta do Mimoso, Aquário Natural. The world famous "Gruta do Lago Azul” (Blue Lake Cave) is a natural monument whose interior is formed by stalactites, stalagmites and a huge and wonderful blue lake. The beauty of the lake is something impressive. The Blue Lake Cave has a big variety of geological formation but impresses mainly for the deep blue colored water of its inside lake.

    Giants Causeway (Ireland)

    An area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the Giants Causeway is a result of an ancient volcanic eruption. Located on the north-east coast of Northern Ireland, most of its columns are hexagonal, although there are also some with four, five, seven and eight sides. The tallest are about 12 meters (36 ft) high, and the solidified lava in the cliffs is 28 meters thick in places. In a 2005 poll of Radio Times readers, the causeway was named as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom.

    Hell Gate (Uzbekistan)

    Called by locals The Door to Hell, this place in Uzbekistan is situated near the small town of Darvaz. When geologists were drilling for gas, 35 years ago, they suddenly found an underground cavern that was so big, all the drilling site with all the equipment and camps got deep deep under the ground. None dared to go down there because the cavern was filled with gas, so they ignited it so that no poisonous gas could come out of the hole, and since then, it has been burning. Nobody knows how many tons of excellent gas has been burned for all those years but it just seems to be infinite.

    Wave Rock (Australia)

    The Wave Rock is a natural rock formation located in western Australia. It derives its name from the fact that it is shaped like a tall breaking ocean wave. The total outcrop covers several hectares; the "wave" part of the rock is about 15 meters high and approximately 110 meters long. One aspect of Wave Rock rarely shown on photographs is the retaining wall about halfway up the rock. This follows the contours and allows rainwater to be collected in a dam. It was constructed in 1951 by the Public Works Department, and such walls are common on many similar rocks in the wheatbelt.

    Chocolate Hills (Philippines)

    Composed of around 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills of about the same size spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi), this highly unusual geological formation, called Chocolate Hills, is located in Bohol, Philippines. There are a number of hypotheses regarding the formation of the hills. These include simple limestone weathering, sub-oceanic volcanism, the uplift of the seafloor and a more recent theory which maintains that as an ancient active volcano self-destructed, it spewed huge blocks of stone which were then covered with limestone and later thrust forth from the ocean bed.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Idiotic Thievery Part 2

    The Robber who decided to burglarize a house full of karate blackbelts

    Manizales, Colombia may not sound like a capital of karate, but the Pan-American karate champion Cristian Garces happens to live there, along with her instructors and fellow karate-peeps. So when a burglar decided to invade his house in 2008 while every single one of Manizales most bad-ass appendage launchers was present, they sprung into action and beat the shit out of him before he could scream "Auxilio!"

    The thief already had a bag and a laptop computer, two digital cameras and other items of value that he left behind before attempting to flee but was apprehended by residents until police arrived. “I don’t think the thief was eager to continue robbing here, he was very scared,” said Garces.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Huge Pig

    The Liaoning Provincial Agricultural Museum is appealing to the Guinness Book of Records to recognise a 900 kg (1984 pounds) pig which died on February 5 as the biggest pig ever. When the pig died it was 2.5 metres long, had a waistline of 2.23 metres and a tusk of 14.4 centimetres long. According to XU Changjin, a farmer of Wafangdian city, the pig was only 5 years old. He kept his pig in a good built sty and gave it quality food all its life.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freaky Shop Names
    The name of this shop in Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain becomes "SHIT" when converted to an acronym
    "Farto"... in Sao Paulo, Brazil
    "Lick-a-chick"... sadly they mean a chicken
    "Tits"... in Montevideo, Uruguay
    "Hung Far Low"... something got lost in translation
    "Niggaz"... in Turkey
    "Herpi"... in Spain
    "The DICK Liquour"
    "The Pussy Cleaners"
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • World's Biggest Catfish

    At 646LB this Mekong Giant Catfish is the largest freshwater fish in the world. With nearly nine feet long (2.7 meters) and as big as a grizzly bear, this huge catfish caught in northern Thailand may be the largest freshwater fish ever recorded. Although there are many claims and rumours about the world’s largest freshwater specimens, especially from misguided anglers. However, in the eyes of scientist's the Mekong Giant Catfish has taken pole position with the recorded capture of this huge 646LB specimen by local fishermen in 2005. Many anglers over look the fact that some larger fish that can be caught in the worlds rivers, such as Sturgeon, migrate between river and sea, and therefore not considered to be freshwater species in the true sense of the word.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Idiotic Thievery Part 3

    The Robber who tried to fool police by playing dead at a funeral home

    On 2008, a burglar broke into a funeral home in Burjassot, a small town just outside Valencia and tried to fool police by playing dead, but two things gave him away. First, he breathed. Second, he wore grungy clothes rather than the Sunday best of those settling in for eternal rest.

    Neighbors living nearby alerted police when they heard the front door of the business being forced open in the middle of the night Police officers arrived with the owner, and eventually found the suspect lying on a table in a glassed-in chamber used for viewings of deceased people during wakes. The suspect's name was not released. Police said he had served jail time in the past for robbery.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • World's Biggest Shark ever caught

    More likely to eat than be eaten, this giant whale shark was caught off the coast of China by hardcore fishermen who managed to harness the ten-metre, eight-tonne whopper. Whale sharks are the world's largest living fish, it is estimated that they can reach an 18 metre length. They live in warm water along the coast and open seas and spend most of their time near the surface.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Wedding Names
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • The Freak Storm

    Venezuela's Everlasting Storm

    The mysterious "Relámpago del Catatumbo" (Catatumbo lightning) is a unique natural phenomenon in the world. Located on the mouth of the Catatumbo river at Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela), the phenomenon is a cloud-to-cloud lightning that forms a voltage arc more than five kilometre high during 140 to 160 nights a year, 10 hours a night, and as many as 280 times an hour. This almost permanent storm occurs over the marshlands where the Catatumbo River feeds into Lake Maracaibo and it is considered the greatest single generator of ozone in the planet, judging from the intensity of the cloud-to-cloud discharge and great frequency.

    The area sees an estimated 1,176,000 electrical discharges per year, with an intensity of up to 400,000 amperes, and visible up to 400 km away. This is the reason why the storm is also known as the Maracaibo Beacon as light has been used for navigation by ships for ages. The collision with the winds coming from the Andes Mountains causes the storms and associated lightning, a result of electrical discharges through ionised gases, specifically the methane created by the decomposition of organic matter in the marshes. Being lighter than air, the gas rises up to the clouds, feeding the storms. Some local environmentalists hope to put the area under the protection of UNESCO, as it is an exceptional phenomenon, the greatest source of its type for regenerating the planet's ozone layer.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Idiotic Thievery Part 4

    The Burglar who wrote his own name on the crime scene

    An 18-year-old burglar who vandalized a children's campsite building was caught because he wrote his name on a wall at the scene, a court has heard. Peter Addison, of Heaton Mersey, Stockport, and his friend Mark Ridgeway of Poynton, Cheshire, smashed crockery and let off fire extinguishers. There are some pretty stupid criminals around, but to leave your own name at the scene of the crime takes the biscuit. Apart from writing his own name in black marker pen at the Toc H centre in Adlington, Cheshire, Addison also left his gang's name on the wall, “The Adlington Massiv!”.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Survival

    Vesna Vulovic: The Stewardess Who Survived a terrorist attack at 33,000 feet

    On January 26, 1972, a Yugoslav Airlines DC-9 departed from Copenhagen for Belgrade (via Zagreb) with 28 passengers and crew. At an altitude of 33,000 feet, a bomb in the cargo section, planted by the Ustashe Croatian separatist group, exploded. The plane disintegrated and crashed on the mountains.

    In what must be one of the greatest survival stories of all time, stewardess Vesna Vulovic survived the 33,000 foot descent sitting on the tail of the plane.

    Frane Selak: Escaped from a derailed train, a door-less plane, a bus crash, a car into flames, another 2 car accidents... then won Million Dollar lottery!

    Luck has always been on his side or vice versa for croatian music teacher Frane Selak (born in 1929), who is well known around the world for as many fatal accidents as spectacular escapes. The first of his numerous near-death experiences began on a cold January day in 1962, when Selak was on a train to Dubrovnik: it suddenly derailed into an icy river, killing 17 passengers. He managed to escape with a broken arm, minor scratches and bruises.

    A year later, Selak was flying, from Zagreb to Rijeka, when a door abruptly blew away from the cockpit of the plane, as he was blown off the plane. The accident killed 19 people, however, Selak was lucky enough to land on a haystack, and wake up some days later in hospital, with minor injuries.

    It was in 1966 that he met with the third misadventure while traveling on a bus that crashed and plunged into a river. There were four people dead. Astonishingly, Selak managed to escape unharmed again.

    In 1970, Selak was driving along when, all of a sudden, his car caught fire. He was fortunate again to have left the car before the fuel tank exploded. Three years later, another of Selak’s car caught fire, blowing flames through the air vents. To a greater dismay, Selak's lost most of his hair.

    In 1995, Selak was in Zagreb when he was hit by a bus, again leaving nothing but a few injuries. The following year, while driving through a mountain road, Selak drove off a guardrail to escape an oncoming truck and landed on a tree to watch his car explode 300 feet below.

    In a surprising turn of events in 2003, Selak won the million-dollar Croatian lottery, turning the man into either the world’s unluckiest man, or the world’s luckiest one.

    Andes Survivors: Crashed on the Andes Mountains, lasted 72 days

    On Friday the 13th of October, 1972, a Uruguayan Air Force twin turboprop Fairchild FH-227D was flying over the Andes carrying Stella Maris College's "Old Christians" rugby union team from Montevideo, Uruguay, to play a match in Santiago, Chile. When the plane was flying through the pass in the mountains, the pilot notified air controllers in Santiago that he was over Curicó, Chile, and was cleared to descend. This would prove to be a fatal error. Since the pass was covered by the clouds, the pilots had to rely on the usual time required to cross the pass (dead reckoning). However, they failed to take into account strong headwinds that ultimately slowed the plane and increased the time required to complete the crossing. As a result, the turn and descent was initiated too soon, before the plane had passed through the mountains. Dipping into the cloud cover while still over the mountains, the Fairchild soon crashed on an unnamed peak (later called Glacier of Tears), located between Chile and Argentina.

    Twelve people died in the crash. Survivors not only had to withstand the hunger and the fearful Mountains, but also 30 degree-below-zero temperatures during the night. They tried to survive with the scarce food reserves they had until being rescued, but they lost their hope when heard that the search had ceased on the radio. Desperate owing to the lack of food and physically exhausted, they were forced to feed themselves on their death partners to keep on living. Finally fed up with the extremely low temperatures and the avalanche threats, as well as anguished by the continuos deaths of their partners and the bad rescue prospects, two of them decided to cross the huge mountains to reach Chile. On 22nd of December of 1972, after being isolated for 72 days, the World found out and knew there were 16 survivors that beat Death in the Andes mountains.

    Anatoli Bugorski: The Man Who Survived a Beam from a Particle Accelerator

    As a researcher at the Institute for High Energy Physics in Protvino, Bugorski used to work with the largest Soviet particle accelerator, the Synchrotron U-70. On July 13, 1978, Bugorski was checking a malfunctioning piece of equipment when an accident occurred due to failed safety mechanisms. Bugorski was leaning over the piece of equipment when he stuck his head in the part through which the proton beam was running. Reportedly, he saw a flash “brighter than a thousand suns”, but did not feel any pain. The beam measured about 200,000 rads when it entered Bugorski’s skull, and about 300,000 rads when it exited after colliding with the inside of his head.

    The left half of Bugorski’s face swelled up beyond recognition, and over the next several days started peeling off, showing the path that the proton beam (moving near the speed of light) had burned through parts of his face, his bone, and the brain tissue underneath. As it was believed that about 500 to 600 rads is enough to kill a person, Bugorski was taken to a clinic in Moscow where the doctors could observe his expected demise. However, Bugorski survived and even completed his Ph.D.. There was virtually no damage to his intellectual capacity, but the fatigue of mental work increased markedly. Bugroski completely lost hearing in the left ear and only a constant, unpleasant internal noise remained. The left half of his face was frozen, due to the destruction of nerves, and does not age. He is able to function perfectly well, save the fact that he has occasional petit mal seizures and very occasional grand mal seizures.

    Roy Sullivan: Struck by Lightning 7 Times

    Roy Sullivan was a Virginia Forest Ranger who had an incredible attraction to lightning... or rather lightning had an attraction to him. Over his 36-year career as a ranger, Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times - and survived each jolt, but not unscathed. His seventh strike put him in the Guinness Book of World Records:
    # In 1942, the first lightning strike shot through Sullivan's leg and knocked his big toenail off.
    # In 1969, a second strike burned off his eyebrows and knocked him unconscious.
    # In 1970, another strike left his shoulder seared.
    # In 1972, his hair was set on fire and Roy had to dump a bucket of water over his head to cool off.
    # On August 7, 1973, another bolt ripped through his hat and hit him on the head, set his hair on fire again, threw him out of his truck and knocked his left shoe off.
    # On June 5, 1976, a sixth strike in 1976 left him with an injured ankle.
    # On June 25th, 1977, the last lightning bolt to hit Roy Sullivan sent him to the hospital with chest and stomach burns in 1977.

    His wife was also struck once, when a sudden storm welled up as she and her husband were out hanging wash on the back yard clothesline. On September 28, 1983, Roy Sullivan died at age 71, reportedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound over troubles unrelated to lightning.

    Joe Simpson: Conquered Siula Grande, dropped 100ft into an Ice Crevasse, crawled 3 days

    Joe Simpson and Simon Yates were the first to scale the west peak of the Siula Grande, in the Peruvian Andes. Disaster struck on the way down, and Yates was forced to let a badly wounded Simpson drop 100 feet into an ice crevasse. Simpson survived the fall and spent three days crawling back to base camp.

    Truman Duncan: Cut in Two by a Train

    Railroad switchman Truman Duncan fell off the front of a moving train car. He was swept underneath and cut in two. Despite losing both legs and a kidney, Duncan called the paramedics on his cell phone, survived a 45-minute wait, and then persevered through 23 surgeries.

    Aron Ralston: Amputated his lower right Arm to Survive the Mountains

    On May 2003, while Aron Ralston was on a canyoneering trip in Blue John Canyon (near Moab, Utah), a boulder fell and pinned his right forearm, crushing it.

    After trying for five days to lift and break the boulder, desperation took him to great measures like carving his name, date of birth and date of death into the boulder, drinking his own urine because of lack of water and videotaping his last goodbyes to his family. Finally, a dehydrated and delirious Ralston decided to bow his arm against a chockstone and snap the radius and ulna bones. Using the dull blade on his multiuse tool, he cut the soft tissue around the break. He then used the tool's pliers to tear at the tougher tendons. After Ralston was rescued, his arm was retrieved by park authorities and removed from under the boulder. It was cremated and given to Ralston. He returned to the boulder and left the ashes there.

    Robert Evans: Survived Being Hit by Car, Then Train Hours Later

    "He got two ambulance rides last night," said the police. "It's an extreme oddity that someone is hit by a car and a train on the same night. I can't imagine that this has ever happened before in Boulder." An early morning of September 2008, 46-year-old homeless man Robert Evans had a hit-and-run car accident, and while walking back from the hospital to his camp, he was knocked off a narrow railroad bridge into a creek by a train, surviving the second accident in seven hours. Police said Evans was hit by the railing of a stairway on the side of the train. The railroad bridge is only wide enough to accommodate the train tracks and is not intended for pedestrians or other traffic.

    Mauro Prosperi: Survived 9 days in the Sahara Desert

    Prosperi, a keen endurance runner, took part in the 1994 Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) in Morocco. Part way through the 6-day 233 kilometre event a sandstorm caused Prosperi to lose his way. He ended up disoriented and ran in the wrong direction, ultimately running several hundred kilometres into Algeria. After 36 hours he ran out of food and water. He survived by drinking his own urine and eating bats resident in an abandoned mosque and the occasional snake found in the desert.

    Not wishing to die a long drawn out death, Prosperi attempted to commit suicide in the mosque by slitting his wrists with a pen knife he had with him. The attempt failed - lack of water had caused Prosperi's blood to thicken and clotted the wound before he died.

    After nine days alone in the desert he was found by a nomadic family and taken to an Algerian military camp and from there to a hospital. He was 186 miles off route, and reportedly had lost between 30 and 40 pounds (18 kg) in body weight.

    22 year old Vulovic wasn't even supposed to be on that plane. As she later stated in an interview, it was another Vesna who was supposed to be on that flight, but she was happy with the mix-up as it allowed her to make her first trip to Denmark. She ended up with a fractured skull, two broken legs, and three broken vertebrae - one of which was crushed and left her paralyzed from the waist down.

    Vulovic spent several months in and out of hospitals; operations allowed her to walk again. She became a celebrity when the Guinness Book of World Records invited her to a ceremony in London with Paul McCartney. She is listed for surviving the longest fall without a parachute. Vulovic is now a national hero in Serbia and spent the late 90s marching in Belgrade against Slobodan Milosovic.
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  • Raining Fish

    Honduras' Rain of Fishes

    The Rain of Fish is common in Honduran Folklore. It occurs in the Departamento de Yoro, between the months of May and July. Witnesses of this phenomenon state that it begins with a dark cloud in the sky followed by lightning, thunder, strong winds and heavy rain for 2 to 3 hours. Once the rain has stopped, hundreds of living fish are found on the ground. People take the fish home to cook and eat them. Since 1998 a festival known as "Festival de la Lluvia de Peces" (Rain of Fish Festival) is celebrated every year in the city of Yoro, Departamento de Yoro, Honduras.
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  • Idiotic Thievery Part 5

    The Robber who was defeated by a 95-year-old woman

    Armed only with a screwdriver, a 95-year-old woman in a wheel chair kept a burglar from breaking into her home by repeatedly stabbing his hand.

    It was 3 a.m. when a 95-year-old Bartlesville woman heard somebody break the glass on her front door and push the door open. When a hand came inside and tried to unlock the door, she stabbed it. Again and again. The woman would not leave the door for fear the man would break in while she was calling for help. When police arrived, they found the bloody suspect passed out on the front porch with dozens of stab wounds to his lower arms and hands.The suspect, 46-Year-Old Robert Horsley, is in jail facing one count of first-degree burglary.
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  • Morocco's Climbing Goats

    Goats on trees are found mostly only in Morocco. The goats climb them because they like to eat the fruit of the argan tree, which is similar to an olive. Farmers actually follow the herds of goats as they move from tree to tree. Not because it is so strange to see goats in trees and the farmers like to point and stare, but because the fruit of the tree has a nut inside, which the goats can't digest, so they spit it up or excrete it which the farmers collect. The nut contains 1-3 kernels, which can be ground to make argan oil used in cooking and cosmetics. This oil has been collected by the people of the region for hundreds of years, but like many wild and useful things these days, the argan tree is slowly disappearing due to over-harvesting for the tree's wood and overgrazing by goats.

    As a result a group of people and organizations have banded together to try to save the tree. To do so one of the primary locations where the trees grow has been declared a biosphere preserve. It was also decided that by making the world aware of the oil, it's great taste and supposed anti-aging properties, would create a demand for it. However, the people who planned to market the oil could not envision people wanting to put an oil on their food or their face that was collected from goat excrement. As a result, a campaign is being led to ban grazing on the trees by goats during certain parts of the year to allow the fruit to ripen and fall off on its own. The fruit is then collected and turned into oil by oil cooperatives. So far, this arrangement seems to be working.
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  • Woman googles husband, finds he won the lottery but never told her

    On 2007, Donna Campbell became suspicious of her husband, Arnim Ramdass, when he started to keep the television turned off and disconnected the phone line. Her suspicions rose when she found a postcard about a new home purchase.

    But Campbell was unaware that her husband was hiding a $10.2 million secret from her until she Googled her husband's name and lottery number. She found a Florida lottery press release that named 17 airline mechanics who won the jackpot, her husband was one of them.

    The group of mechanics opted for the lump-sum payment of $10.2 million, meaning each of the 17 winners would receive about $600,000 before taxes. Since the winning, Ramdass took a leave of absence from work, according to his co-workers. He hasn't shown up at the couple's home and servers can't find him to hand him the lawsuit papers: she wants half the money and out of the marriage.
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  • Idiotic Thievery Part 6

    The Robber who tripped and stabbed himself with the very knives he was stealing

    A man running from a western Michigan store with stolen hunting knives hidden in his pants tripped, fell and stabbed himself in the stomach. The man had put about 300 US dollars worth of hunting knives in his waistband and tried to leave the store, but Meijer employees confronted him and a scuffle followed, he then fell and was stabbed by the knives he had hidden in his clothing.

    The suspect was hospitalized after the attempted theft from a Meijer Inc. superstore in the US city of Grand Rapids and is expected to face a misdemeanor shoplifting charge, police say.
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  • Freak Rain

    Kerala's (extraterrestrial?) Red Rain

    From 25 July to 23 September 2001, red rain sporadically fell on the southern Indian state of Kerala. Heavy downpours occurred in which the rain was coloured red, staining clothes with an appearance similar to that of blood. Yellow, green, and black rain was also reported.

    It was initially suspected that the rains were coloured by fallout from a hypothetical meteor burst, but a study commissioned by the Government of India found that the rains had been coloured by airborne spores from a locally prolific terrestrial alga. Then in early 2006, the coloured rains of Kerala suddenly rose to worldwide attention after media reports of a conjecture that the coloured particles were extraterrestrial cells, proposed by Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar of the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam. The terrestrial origins of the solid material in the red rain were supported by an investigation into the isotopic ratios of nitrogen and carbon.
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  • ''The Chicken Man''

    265 years ago, a 28 year old German woman named Johanna Sophia Schmied who lived in the village of Taucha near Leipzig, gave birth to a monster that is unlike any other. This monster has become popularly known as the "Chicken Man."

    Fate magazine's February (2000) issue recounts the facts of the case as preserved by the attending physician, Dr. Gottlieb Friderici. The physician witnessed the event and preserved the fetus in formaldehyde along with an extensive report of his autopsy, including drawings and the medical history of the mother.

    During the autopsy, the doctor noted that the oversized head did not have the characteristics of hydrocephaly and the tumor like outgrowth was completely filled with brain matter. The heart did not have a pericardium, but was instead, embedded in a "peculiarly thin membrane".

    The bone structure was also very different in significant ways from that of normal human beings. Neither the lower arms nor the lower legs consisted of two bones as would be present in humans. The kneecap was also absent.

    The author of the Fate Magazine article, Hartwig Hausdorf, points out some similarities in the story of the mother of this monster and modern day abductions. He asks the obvious question:

    "...Do we have surprising evidence for a case of targeted genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials, abandoned when the results did not meet their expectations?"

    This creature is truly monstrous, and it is difficult to even feel pity for it when observing that nothing in either its interior or exterior configuration corresponds to that which is considered to be human.

    Mr. Hausdorf writes:

    "There are discrepancies in number, size, and above all, certain components are entirely missing while others appear to be 'extraordinarily developed."

    This story and the accompanying photographs, were so curious that I decided to ask the Cassiopaeans for a few remarks at the end of a session last month. I thought the comments were interesting, and maybe you will too.


    Q: Now, we have this bizarre picture here of this absolutely strange creature in a museum in Germany. What is this 265 year old creature that has been kept in formaldehyde all these years?
    A: Hybridized conception/gestate.
    Q: Was there hybridization and genetic manipulation going on almost 300 years ago?
    A: Most done this way are miscarried.
    Q: Did it live at all after birth?
    A: No.
    Q: Who was responsible for this experiment?
    A: It was not an experiment. It was the result of Reptoid "rape."
    Q: So, the mother was raped by a reptoid. Why do reptoids rape human women?
    A: We have discussed motives.
    Q: Yes. They feed on the fear, terror, or absorb some substance emitted by the sexual organs and/or chakra as a kind of "food," and in some cases they are "changing the genetic program." But, in general, when we have discussed this, it has not included impregnating human women with Reptoid sperm. How often does this activity result in impregnation?
    A: Rarely.
    Q: So, in this case it did, and here is the result. Pretty horrible.
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  • World's Ugliest Dog

    A 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested owned by Susie Lockheed of Santa Barbara, California won the "World's Ugliest Dog" title at the Sonoma-Marin Fair contest for the third consecutive year on 2005.

    Sam has no hair, if you don't count the yellowish-white tuft erupting from his head. His wrinkled brown skin is covered with splotches, a line of warts marches down his snout, his blind eyes are an alien, milky white, and a fleshy flap of skin hangs from his withered neck. And then there are the Austin Powers teeth that jut at odd angles. He's so ugly that even the judges recoiled when he was placed on the judging table.

    Unfortunately, Sam suffered from a number of age-related ailments (congestive heart failure, lung and kidney problems) and eventually cede his crown.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Woman googles husband, finds he won the lottery but never told her

    On 2007, Donna Campbell became suspicious of her husband, Arnim Ramdass, when he started to keep the television turned off and disconnected the phone line. Her suspicions rose when she found a postcard about a new home purchase.

    But Campbell was unaware that her husband was hiding a $10.2 million secret from her until she Googled her husband's name and lottery number. She found a Florida lottery press release that named 17 airline mechanics who won the jackpot, her husband was one of them.

    The group of mechanics opted for the lump-sum payment of $10.2 million, meaning each of the 17 winners would receive about $600,000 before taxes. Since the winning, Ramdass took a leave of absence from work, according to his co-workers. He hasn't shown up at the couple's home and servers can't find him to hand him the lawsuit papers: she wants half the money and out of the marriage.

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  • Freaky Torture Techniques from the Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages were not a nice period to live in by our cushy modern standards. Most people were poor, they suffered from disease, and their freedom was owned by wealthy landowners. And if you committed a crime and could not afford to pay a fine, your hand might have been chopped off or your tongue and lips cut out.

    Torture was not as common as many people think, but God forbid if the authorities wanted you to confess something! The Middle Ages were the golden age of torture techniques and devices that inflicted horrible pain. Today’s “sanctioned” torture techniques are designed to cause psychological or emotional distress, with some limited physical hardship. But the devices used in the Middle Ages were truly frightening to behold, and there were more than a few people in those days who enjoyed conjuring the most gruesome devices. Warning: these descriptions are not for the faint of heart!

    Impalement: A sharp pole is pushed, bottom upwards, through the victim’s body

    If you were Vlad the Impaler (more commonly known as Dracula) of 15th century Romania, you simply impaled your victims by forcing them to sit on a sharp and thick pole. The pole was then raised upright and the victim was left to slide further down the pole by his or her own weight.

    Often, the pole would emerge through the sternum so that its tip could be placed under the chin to prevent further sliding. It could take the victim three days to die. Vlad did this to between 20,000 and 300,000. It is said he enjoyed having a meal while watching impalements. (Photo by Trevor Matich)

    Judas Cradle: The victim’s orifice is painfully stretched, flesh ripped

    The Judas Cradle was perhaps a little less sadistic than impalement but still gruesome. The victim’s anus or vagina would be placed over the point of the pyramid-shaped cradle, then lowered on it by ropes. The intended effect was to stretch the orifice over a long period of time, or to slowly impale.

    The victim was usually naked, adding to the overall humiliation of the torture and sometimes weights were added to the legs to increase the pain and hasten death. This torture could last anywhere from a few hours to complete days. The device was rarely washed, so the victim could also be plagued with a painful infection.

    Coffin Torture: Torture in a metal cage, pecked at by preying birds

    The Coffin Torture was feared in the Middle Ages, and is often seen in films depicting the time (see Monty Python’s Holy Grail). The victim was placed inside a metal cage roughly made in the shape of the human body. Torturers could force overweight victims into a smaller device, or even make the "coffin" slightly larger than a victim’s body to make him more uncomfortable. The cage was frequently hung from a tree or a gallows.

    Serious crimes, such as heresy or blasphemy, were punished by death inside the coffin where the victim was placed under the sun allowing birds or animals to eat his or her flesh. Sometimes onlookers would throw rocks and other objects to further increase the pain. (Photo by Charles Bray)

    The Rack: designed to dislocate every joint in its victim’s body

    Who could forget the dreaded rack, commonly believed to be the most painful form of medieval torture? It consisted of a wooden frame usually with two ropes fixed to the bottom and another two tied to a handle in the top. As the torturer turned the handle, the ropes would pull the victim's arms, eventually dislocating bones with a loud crack. If the torturer kept turning the handles (they often went too far) some of the limbs were torn right off the body.

    In the later Middle Ages, a new variant of rack appeared. Spikes were added that penetrated the victim's back when he or she were forced to lie on table. As the limbs were pulled apart, so was the spinal cord, increasing not only the physical pain, but the psychological pain of knowing that, even if he or she were to survive, mobility of any kind would be lost forever.

    The Breast Ripper: Painfully tears and mutilates a woman’s breast

    Used as a horrible punishment for women, the breast ripper was used to inflict pain, blood loss and the mutilation of their breasts. It was usually used for women accused of conducting abortions or of adultery.

    The claws were often placed, red hot, on the victim's exposed breasts, the spikes penetrating to achieve a powerful grasp. They were then pulled to rip off or shred the breasts. If the victim wasn't killed she would be scarred for life as her breasts were literally torn apart.

    A common variant was known as "The Spider," which is a similar instrument attached to a wall. The victim's breasts were fixed to the claws and the woman was pulled by the torturer away from the wall, removing or mutilating them. This was a brutal punishment that often resulted in the victim's death.

    The Pear of Anguish: Rips orifices, dislocates jaw bones

    This brutal instrument was used to torture women who performed abortions, liars, blasphemers and homosexuals. The pear-shaped instrument was inserted into one of the victim's orifices: the vagina for women, the anus for homosexuals and the mouth for liars and blasphemers.

    The instrument consisted of four leaves that slowly separated from each other as the torturer turned the screw at the top. The device would tear the skin at the very least or expand to mutilate the victim’s orifice. It could dislocated or break the jawbones

    Pears of Anguish still in existence are lavishly engraved or adorned to differentiate between the anal, vaginal and oral pears. This torture rarely brought death, but was often followed by other torture methods.

    The Breaking Wheel: Designed to render vicitim’s limbs useless

    Also called The Catherine Wheel, this device always killed its victim, but did so very slowly. The victim's limbs were tied to the spokes of a large wooden wheel. The wheel was then slowly revolved while the torturer smashed the victims’ limbs with an iron hammer, breaking them in many places.

    Once his bones were broken, he was left on the wheel to die. Sometimes the wheel was placed on a tall pole so birds could pick and eat the flesh of the still-living human. It could take up to two or three days for him to die of dehydration.

    Sometimes it was 'mercifully' ordered that the executioner strike the criminal on the chest and stomach, blows known as the coups de grâce (French: "blow of mercy"), which caused lethal injuries, leading to the end of the death by torture.

    Saw Torture: Common saw cuts victim in half

    Saws were was common torture devices because they were readily found in most houses and no complex devices were required. It was a cheap way to torture and kill a victim accused of witchery, adultery, murder, blasphemy or even theft.

    The victim was tied upside down, allowing blood to be diverted to the brain. This ensured that the victim maintained consciousness for as long as possible, it slowed the loss of blood and caused maximum humiliation. The torture could last several hours.

    While some victims were cut completely in half as a symbolic gesture, most were only cut up to their abdomen to prolong the time it took to die.

    The Head Crusher: Compresses the skull, shatters teeth, squeezes out the eyes

    The head crusher was a popular torture method used by the Spanish Inquisition, among other users. The chin was placed over a bottom bar and the head under an upper cap. The torturer slowly turned the screw, pressing the bar against the cap. The head was then slowly compressed, first shattering the teeth into the jaw, then a slow death with agonizing pain. Some variants of this device included small containers that received the eyeballs as they were squeezed out of the victims’ eye sockets.

    This instrument was an effective way to extract confessions, as the period of pain could be prolonged for many hours if the torturer chose to. If the torture was stopped midway, the victim often had irreparable damage done to the brain, jaw or eyes.

    The Knee Splitter: Severs the knees and other limbs

    Another tool favoured by the Spanish Inquisition because of its versatility, was the knee splitter. It was a vice-like instrument with sharp spikes outfitted on both sides of the grip. As the torturer turned the handle, the claws slowly squeezed against each other mutilating and penetrating the skin and bones of the knee. Although its use rarely resulted in death, the effect was to render the knees completely useless. It was also used on other body parts including elbows, arms and even the lower legs.

    The number of spikes the knee splitter contained varied from three to more than twenty. Some claws were heated beforehand to maximize pain - others had dozens of small claws that penetrated the flesh slowly and painfully.
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  • Victor Lustig: the Man who sold the Eiffel Tower

    Known as "the man who sold the Eiffel Tower", Victor Lustig was one of the most talented confidence tricksters who ever lived. Born in 1890 in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, he was a glib and charming conman, fluent in multiple languages. He established himself by working scams on the ocean liners steaming between Paris and New York City. Lustig's first con involved a "money-printing machine". He would demonstrate the capability of the small box to clients, all the while lamenting that it took the device six hours to copy a $100 bill. The client, sensing huge profits, would buy the machines for a high price, usually over $30,000. Over the next twelve hours, the machine would produce two more $100 bills. After that, it produced only blank paper, as its supply of $100 bills became exhausted. By the time the clients realized that they had been scammed, Lustig was long gone.

    In 1925, Lustig's master con began when he was reading a newspaper: an article discussed the problems the city was having maintaining the Eiffel Tower. So he adopted the persona of a government official, and sent six scrap metal dealers an invitation to discuss a possible business deal. Lustig told the group that the upkeep on the Eiffel Tower was so outrageous that the city could not maintain it any longer, and wanted to sell it for scrap. So he sold the Eiffel Tower to one of the scrap metal dealers and took a train to Vienna with the suitcase full of cash. The buyer was too humiliated to complain to the police.

    Later, Lustig convinced gangster Al Capone to invest $40,000 in a stock deal. Lustig kept Capone's money in a safe deposit box for two months, then returned it to him, claiming that the deal had fallen through. Impressed with Lustig's integrity, Capone gave him $5,000. It was, of course, all that Lustig was after.

    On 1907, Lustig arrived to the United States and conducted a number of scams, but eventually his luck ran out: he was arrested for counterfeiting and sent to Alcatraz prison. On March 9, 1947, he contracted pneumonia and died two days later.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Pororoca: The Freak Wave

    Brazilian's longest wave on the Earth

    Twice a year, between the months of February and March, the Atlantic Ocean waters roll up the Amazon river, in Brazil, generating the longest wave on the Earth. The phenomenon, known as the Pororoca, is caused by the tides of the Atlantic Ocean wich meet the mouth of the river. This tidal bore generates waves up to 12 feet high which can last for over half an hour.

    The name "Pororoca" comes from the indigenous Tupi language, where it translates into "great destructive noise". The wave can be heard about 30 minutes before its arrival, and it's so powerful that it can destroy anything, including trees, local houses and all kind of animals.

    The wave has become popular with surfers. Since 1999, an annual championship has been held in São Domingos do Capim. However, surfing the Pororoca is especially dangerous, as the water contains a significant amount of debris from the margins of the river (often, entire trees). The record that we could find for surfing the longest distance on the Pororoca was set by Picuruta Salazar, a brazilian surfer who, in 2003, managed to ride the wave for 37 minutes and travel 12.5 kilometers. A surfer's dream: riding an almost never-ending wave.
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  • Idiotic Thievery Part 7

    The Burglar who stole, got drunk and got caught

    A burglar who pinched a bottle of expensive champagne to celebrate after stealing money and jewellery was caught after he parked his car to sleep it off. Police were called out by worried passers-by who saw the 37-year-old man slumped behind the wheel of a car at the side of the road in Dusseldorf, Germany.

    Officers who woke him up checked his ID and found he was wanted for a string of robberies. A police spokesman said: "The officers couldn't believe their luck when they found out who he was. He even had the stolen goods from his latest robbery with him in the car. And we can also got him for drink driving as well."
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  • Freak Rainbow

    Idaho's Fire Rainbow

    The atmospheric phenomenon known as a circumhorizon(tal) arc, or "Fire rainbow", appears when the sun is high in the sky (i.e., higher than 58° above the horizon), and its light passes through diaphanous, high-altitude cirrus clouds made up of hexagonal plate crystals. Sunlight entering the crystals' vertical side faces and leaving through their bottom faces is refracted (as through a prism) and separated into an array of visible colors. When the plate crystals in cirrus clouds are aligned optimally (i.e., with their faces parallel to the ground), the resulting display is a brilliant spectrum of colors reminiscent of a rainbow. The example shown above was captured on camera as it hung for about an hour across a several-hundred square mile area of sky above northern Idaho (near the Washington border) on 3 June 2006.
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    I could add a poll to see who everyones favourite freak is?
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  • Idiotic Thievery Part 8

    The Robber who broke into the home of a sword-wielding Olympic fencing ace
    A burglar in Hungary climbed over a fence to rob a house only to be confronted by a sword-wielding Olympic fencing ace. Virgine Ujlaky, 23, was practicing her swordplay when she saw Pal Nagy, 43, clambering in through a window of her house in a posh suburb of Budapest.

    Within seconds and a few swift slashes of the sword the crook was pinned against the wall, with the blade against his throat as the swordswoman reached for the phone and called police. They arrested the villan 20 minutes later, who had to be treated by paramedics for shock. Ujlaky said: "I wasn't scared when I saw him. It was good practice as I have a competition coming up this week.''
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  • Freaky Science

    Animals can rain from the sky
    Raining animals is a relatively common meteorological phenomenon, with occurrences reported from many countries throughout history. The animals most likely to drop from the sky in a rainfall are fish and frogs, with birds coming third. Sometimes the animals survive the fall, especially fish, suggesting a small time gap between the extraction and the actual drop. Several witnesses of raining frogs describe the animals as startled, though healthy, and exhibiting relatively normal behavior shortly after the event. In some incidents, however, the animals are frozen to death or even completely enclosed in blocks of ice. These occurrences may be evidence for the transport of the victims to high altitudes, where the temperature is below zero, and they show how powerful meteorological forces can be. Most recent occurrences include the rain of frogs and toads in Serbia (2005) and London (1998), and rains of fish in India (2006) and Wales (2004).

    In Honduras, the Lluvia de Peces (Rain of Fishes) is a unique phenomenon that has been occurring for more than a century on a yearly basis in the country of Honduras. It occurs in the Departamento de Yoro, between the months of May and July. Witnesses of this phenomenon state that it begins with is a dark cloud in the sky followed by lightning, thunder, strong winds and heavy rain for 2 to 3 hours. Once the rain has stopped, hundreds of living fish are found on the ground. People take the fish home to cook and eat them. Although some experts have tried to explain the Rain of Fishes as a natural meteorological phenomenon, the fish are not sea water fish, but fresh water fish; they are not dead, but alive; they are not blind, they have eyes; they are not big fish, but small; and the type of fish is not found elsewhere in the area. There is no valid scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Many people believe this phenomenon occurs because of Father José Manuel Subirana, a Spanish catholic missionary and considered by many to be a Saint. He visited Honduras from 1856-1864, and upon encountering so many poor people, prayed for 3 days and 3 nights asking God for a miracle to help the poor people by providing food. The Rain of Fishes has occurred ever since.

    The universe is beige
    Cosmic Latte is the color of the universe, according to a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University. In 2001, Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry determined that the color of the universe was a greenish white, but they soon corrected their analysis in "The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: constraints on cosmic star-formation history from the cosmic spectrum", published in 2002. In this paper, they reported that their survey of the color of all light in the universe added up to a slightly beige white. The survey included more than 200,000 galaxies, and measured the spectral range of the light from a large volume of the universe. The hexadecimal RGB value for Cosmic Latte is #FFF8E7.

    In a Washington Post article, the color was displayed. Glazebrook jokingly said that he was looking for suggestions for a name for the new color. Several people who read the article sent in suggestions. "Cosmic Latte" was selected.

    Poisoning can make masses to dance hysterically
    Dancing mania is the name given to a phenomenon that occurred mainly in mainland Europe from the 14th century through to the 17th century, in which groups of people would dance through the streets of towns or cities, sometimes foaming at the mouth or speaking in tongues, until they collapsed from exhaustion. The first major outbreak of the mania was in Aachen, Germany, in July 1374. The dancers went through the streets screaming of wild visions, and even continued to writhe and twist after they collapsed from exhaustion. The dancing quickly caught on, and spread rapidly throughout France and the Low Countries. The mania reached its peak in 1418 in Strasbourg. At at least one point, so many people had either been afflicted with the dancing mania, or caught up in the dancing, or were trying to give assistance, or simply watching the events unfold, that the town was brought to a complete halt.

    Although no real consensus exists as to what caused the mania, some cases, especially the one in Aix-la-Chapelle, may have had an explainable physical cause. The symptoms of the sufferers can be attributed to ergot poisoning, or ergotism, known in the Middle Ages as "St. Anthony's Fire". It is caused by eating rye infected with Claviceps purpurea, a small fungus that contains toxic and psychoactive chemicals (alkaloids), including lysergic acid (used in modern times to synthesize LSD). Symptoms of ergot poisoning include nervous spasms, psychotic delusions, spontaneous abortion, convulsions and gangrene; some dancers claimed to have experienced visions of a religious nature.

    The Moon is moving away from the Earth
    The Moon's orbit (its circular path around the Earth) is indeed getting larger, at a rate of about 3.8 centimeters per year. (The Moon's orbit has a radius of 384,000 km.) The reason for the increase is that the Moon raises tides on the Earth. Because the side of the Earth that faces the Moon is closer, it feels a stronger pull of gravity than the center of the Earth. Similarly, the part of the Earth facing away from the Moon feels less gravity than the center of the Earth. This effect stretches the Earth a bit, making it a little bit oblong.

    It is expected that in 15 billion years, the orbit will stabilize at 1.6 times its present size, and the Earth day will be 55 days long equal to the time it will take the Moon to orbit the Earth.

    Belly button lint comes from your underwear
    Many people find that, at the beginning and end of the day, a small lump of fluff has appeared in the navel cavity. The reasons for this have been the subject of idle speculation for many years but in 2001, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki of the University of Sydney, Australia undertook a systematic survey to determine the ins and outs of navel lint. His primary findings were as follows:

    * Navel lint consists primarily of stray fibres from one's clothing, mixed with some dead skin cells and strands of body hair. The rotting cells can create unpleasant odors.
    * Contrary to expectations, navel lint appears to migrate upwards from underwear rather than downwards from shirts or tops. The migration process is the result of the frictional drag of body hair on underwear, which drags stray fibres up into the navel.
    * Women experience less navel lint because of their finer and shorter body hairs. Conversely, older men experience it more because of their coarser and more numerous hairs.
    * Navel lint's characteristic blue-gray tint is likely the averaging of the colors of fibres present in clothing; the same color as clothes dryer lint.
    * The existence of navel lint is entirely harmless, and requires no corrective action.

    Fly larvae helps to heal wounds quicker
    Long ago, some doctors noticed soldiers that had maggots on their wounds healed quicker than those without maggots. Maggots eat the dead skin cells and bacteria. Maggot Therapy (also known as Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT), larval therapy, larva therapy, or larvae therapy) is the intentional introduction of live, disinfected maggots or fly larvae into non-healing skin or soft tissue wounds of a human or other animal. This practice was widely used before the discovery of antibiotics, as it serves to clean the dead tissue within a wound in order to promote healing.

    Animals can naturally explode
    Natural animal explosions can occur for a variety of reasons. On 2004, a buildup of gas inside a decomposing sperm whale, measuring 17 meters (56 ft.) long and weighing 50 tons, caused it to burst in Taiwan. The explosion was reported to have splattered blood and whale entrails over surrounding shop-fronts, bystanders, and cars.

    A significant population of toads in Germany and Denmark were exploding in April 2005 in an act described as a self-defence mechanism that failed, as it consisted of puffing up to look bigger while under attack by crows.

    You can still have an erection once dead
    A death erection (sometimes referred to as "angel lust") is a post-mortem erection which occurs when a male individual dies vertically or face-down with the cadaver remaining in this position. During life, the pumping of blood by the heart ensures a relatively even distribution around the blood vessels of the human body. Once this mechanism has ended, only the force of gravity acts upon the blood. As with any mass, the blood settles at the lowest point of the body and causes edema or swelling to occur; the discoloration caused by this is called lividity.

    If an individual dies vertically such as in a hanging, the blood will settle in the legs and pool at the feet. The pressure will be greatest as the weight of the blood pushes down. This causes the blood vessels and tissues in the feet to engorge to their greatest elastic capacity and hold the greatest volume of blood possible. This effect occurs right up the legs although to a lesser extent than the feet and is also notable at the waist. The blood which remains in the torso attempts to move to a lower position due to gravity, and as the blood in the waist (which cannot move down due to the legs being full) causes the penis, consisting of erectile tissue, to fill with blood and expand. This is the death erection. As long as the body remains in this position the effect will continue.

    Male seahorses can get pregnant
    Seahorses reproduce in an unusual way: the male becomes pregnant. Pipefishes and seahorses are the only species in the animal kingdom to which the term "male pregnancy" has been applied.

    The male seahorse has a brood pouch in which he carries eggs deposited by the female. The mating pair entwine their tails and the female aligns a long tube called an ovipositor with the male's pouch. The eggs move through the tube into the male's pouch where he then fertilizes them. The embryos develop in ten days to six weeks, depending on species and water conditions. When the male gives birth he pumps his tail until the baby seahorses emerge.

    The male's pouch regulates salinity for the eggs, slowly increasing in the pouch to match the water outside as the eggs mature. Hatched offspring are independent of their parents. Some spend time developing among the ocean plankton. At times, the male seahorse may try to consume some of the previously released offspring. Other species (H. zosterae) immediately begin life as sea-floor inhabitants (benthos).

    A fetus can get trapped inside of its twin
    Fetus in fetu (or Foetus in foetu) describes an extremely rare abnormality that involves a fetus getting trapped inside of its twin. It continues to survive as a parasite even past birth by forming an umbilical cord-like structure that leeches its twin's blood supply until it grows so large that it starts to harm the host, at which point doctors usually intervene. Invariably the parasitic fetus is anencephalic (without a brain) and lacks internal organs, and as such is unable to survive on its own, though it may have almost human (albeit underdeveloped and bizarre) features such as limbs, digits, hair, nails and teeth. Fetus in fetu is such a rare condition that only some 91 cases worldwide have ever been reported. Fetus in fetu happens very early in a twin pregnancy, when one fetus wraps around and envelops the other. The dominant fetus grows, while the fetus that would have been its twin lives on throughout the pregnancy, feeding off its host twin like a kind of parasite. Usually, both twins die before birth from the strain of sharing a placenta. Sometimes, however, the host twin survives and is delivered.
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  • The Mars Bar Man

    BARMY Keith Sorrell is living proof that man can live on Mars – he’s eaten nothing but the choc bars for 17 years.

    Keith, 37, munches a dozen a day for his breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    He gets through more than 4,000 a year – even having Mars Bar drinks mixed with vodka or rum when he goes to the pub.

    Single Keith said: “My love of Mars Bars started at school with one or two between meals.

    “All my pocket money went on them and one day I realised I couldn’t get by without them.

    "Now I can easily polish off 12 a day, more at weekends. I’m totally addicted.”

    The 14st printer went on: “When it’s mealtimes for other people I normally eat two or three Mars, and I’ve always got a bar handy at work.

    “I’m big into the Mars drinks as well. There’s nothing better than mixing them with vodka at the weekend. People say it’s bad for me but I drink lots of orange juice and take vitamins. I haven’t changed my diet for 17 years and my health is fine.”

    But experts warned Keith, from Walton, Liverpool, was increasing his risk of heart disease, cancer and bowel problems.

    Anne Sidnell, of the British Nutrition Foundation, said: “It’s amazing how he’s survived this long, but he could be the exception and live to 80.

    “He seems to get enough vitamin C and the bars could provide enough calcium and protein. But he’s missing out on fibre, which will have an effect as he ages.”

    A spokesman for Mars said: “We encourage people to enjoy chocolate as part of a balanced diet.”
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    Great thread, Jason.
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  • Magnolia Freak Occurrence

    On March 23,1994 the medical examiner viewed the body of Ronald Opus and concluded that he died from a shotgun wound to the head. Mr. Opus had jumped from the top of a ten story building intending to commit suicide. He left a note to that effect, indicating his despondency. As he fell past the ninth floor his life was interrupted by a shotgun blast passing through a window which killed him instantly.

    Neither the shooter nor the descender was aware that a safety net had been installed just below at the eighth floor level to protect some building workers and that Ronald Opus would not have been able to complete his suicide the way he had planned.

    "Ordinarily," Dr. Mills continued, "a person who sets out to commit suicide and ultimately succeeds, even though the mechanism might not be what he intended, is still defined as committing suicide."

    That Mr. Opus was shot on the way to certain death, but probably would not have been successful because of the safety net, caused the medical examiner to feel that he had a homicide on his hands. The room on the ninth floor, whence the shotgun blast emanated, was occupied by an elderly man and his wife. They were arguing vigorously and he was threatening her with a shotgun. The man was so upset that when he pulled the trigger he completely missed his wife and the pellets went through the window, striking Mr. Opus.

    When one intends to kill subject A but kills subject B in the attempt, one is guilty of the murder of subject B. When confronted with the murder charge the old man and his wife were both adamant. They both said they thought the shotgun was unloaded. Thed old man said it was his long-standing habit to threaten his wife with the unloaded shotgun. He had no intention to murder her. Therefore the killing of Mr. Opus appeared to be an accident; that is, the gun had been accidentally loaded.

    The continuing investigation turned up a witness who saw the old couple's son loading the shotgun about six weeks prior to the fatal accident. It transpired that the old lady had cut off her son's financial support and the son, knowing the propensity of his father to use the shotgun threateningly, loaded the gun with the expectation that his father would shoot his mother. The case now becomes one of murder on the part of the son for the death of Ronald Opus.

    Now comes the exquisite twist. Further investigation revealed that the son was, in fact, Ronald Opus. He had become increasingly despondent over the failure of his attempt to engineer his mother's murder. This led him to jump off the ten story building on March 23rd, only to be killed by a shotgun blast passing through the ninth story window. The son had actually murdered himself so the medical examiner closed the case as a suicide.
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Freak Suicide

    Some men will got to extraordinary lengths to prove how macho they are. Frenchman Pierre Pumpille recently shunted a stationary car two feet by headbutting it. "Women thought I was a god," he explained from his hospital bed.

    Deity or not, however, Pumpille is a veritable girl's blouse compared to Polish farmer Krystof Azninski, who staked a strong claim to being Europe's most macho man by cutting off his own head in 1995. Azninski, 30, had been drinking with friends when it was suggested they strip naked and play some "men's games". Initially they hit each other over the head with frozen turnips, but then one man upped the ante by seizing a chainsaw and cutting off the end of his foot. Not to be outdone, Azninski grabbed the saw and, shouting "Watch this then," he swung at his own head and chopped it off.

    "It's funny," said one companion, "when he was young he put on his sister's underwear. But he died like a man."
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  • The German Cannibal

    Armin Meiwes (born December 1, 1961) is a German man who achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim he had found via the Internet. After Meiwes and the victim jointly attempted to eat the victim's severed penis, Meiwes killed his victim and proceeded to eat a large amount of his flesh. Because of his deeds, Meiwes is also known as the "Rotenburg Cannibal" or "Der Metzgermeister" (Master Butcher).

    Since entering prison, Meiwes has become a vegetarian and has joined a prisoners' group favoring Green Party politics. the victim

    Looking for a willing victim, Meiwes posted an advertisement at a website, The Cannibal Cafe, whose disclaimer mentions the distinction between reality and fantasy. Meiwes's post stated that he was "looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed". Bernd Jürgen Brandes answered the advertisement.. Many other people responded to the advertisement, but many backed out and none were forced to do anything they didn't want to do by Meiwes. Meiwes is openly bisexual,as was Brandes.

    As is known from a videotape the two made when they met on March 9, 2001 in Meiwes' home in the small village of Rotenburg, Meiwes amputated Brandes' penis and the two men attempted to eat the penis together before Brandes was killed. Brandes had insisted that Meiwes attempt to bite his penis off. This did not work, though Meiwes was able to burst both of Brandes' testicles by biting them. Ultimately, Meiwes used a knife to remove Brandes' penis. Brandes apparently tried to eat some of his own penis raw, but could not because it was too tough and, as he put it, "chewy". Meiwes then sautéed the penis in a pan with salt, pepper, and garlic, but by then it was too burned to be consumed.[3] According to journalists who saw the video (which has not been made public), Brandes may already have been too weakened from blood loss to actually eat any of his penis. Meiwes read a Star Trek book for three hours whilst his voluntary victim was bleeding to death in the bath. Meiwes apparently gave him large quantities of alcohol and pain killers, 30 sleeping pills and a bottle of schnapps, finally, he kissed him once and killed him in a room that he had built in his house for this purpose, The Slaughter Room. After stabbing Brandes to death in the throat, he hung the body on a meathook and tore hunks of flesh from it; he even tried to grind the bones to use as flour. The whole scene was recorded on the two-hour video tape. Meiwes ate the body over the next 10 months, storing body parts in his freezer under pizza boxes and consuming up to 20 kg of the flesh.

    Meiwes was arrested in December 2002, after a college student in Innsbruck phoned the police after seeing new advertisements for victims and details about the killing on the Internet. Investigators searched his home and found body parts and the videotaped killing.

    On January 30, 2004, Meiwes was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight and a half years in prison. The case attracted considerable media attention and led to a debate over whether Meiwes could be convicted at all, given that Bernd Jürgen Brandes had voluntarily and knowingly participated in the act; there were also complications as cannibalism itself was not illegal in Germany at the time.

    Meiwes has admitted what he has done, and expressed regret for his actions. He added he wanted to write a book of his life story with the aim of deterring anyone who wants to follow his steps. Websites dedicated to Meiwes have appeared, with people advertising for willing victims. "They should go for treatment, so it doesn't escalate like it did with me," said Meiwes. He believes there are about 800 "cannibals" in Germany.

    In April 2005, a German court ordered a retrial after prosecutors appealed his sentence. They believed he should have been convicted of murder, not manslaughter, and given a life sentence. Among the questions courts answered is whether Brandes agreed to his killing, and whether he was legally capable of doing so at the moment of killing, taking into account his apparent mental problems as well as his significant intake of alcohol and other drugs. Other aspects of the retrial determined whether Meiwes killed to satiate his own desires (in particular sexual desires), and not because he was asked to, which Meiwes has repeatedly rejected during testimony. At his retrial a psychologist stated that Meiwes could reoffend and still "had fantasies about devouring the flesh of young people." On May 10th 2006, a court in Frankfurt convicted Meiwes of murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment.
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  • The German Cannibal
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  • The "Man" who got pregnant twice

    Thomas Beatie, a former Hawaiian beauty queen, was born female but underwent sex change surgery in order to wed his partner Nancy legally. As part of the reassignment procedure, the former Tracy LaGondino took male hormones, inducing a beard and an outwardly masculine appearance. He kept his womb and ovaries intact in the hopes of one day having a child. Wife Nancy is infertile.

    So when Beatie announced he was expecting the child, of an anonymous sperm donor, a backlash ensued. Critics claimed that as a natural-born woman Beatie was not in fact a man but was merely masquerading as one. But the state of Oregon legally recognizes him as one, and his marriage to Nancy is official and the couple enjoys all the rights and privileges of typical married pairs. He gave birth to his first kid naturally following a 40-hour labor. And now he's pregnant again; his second baby is due June 12, 2009.
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  • Weird Animal: Zebroid = Zebra + Equine

    A zebroid (also zebra mule and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine: essentially, a zebra hybrid. In most cases, the sire is a zebra stallion. Offspring of a donkey sire and zebra mare, called a zebra hinny, do exist but are rare. Zebroids have been bred since the 19th century.The zebroid showed in the picture above, Eclyse, is a very unusual one, because of her coloring. With her über distinct makings, it's really hard not think she's a Photoshop mock-up.
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  • The Twin Brothers who don't know which one is the father, as they were having sex with the same woman

    Twin brothers, Raymon and Richard Miller, are the father and uncle to a 3-year-old little girl. The problem is, they don't know which is which. Or who is who. Ramon and Richard have been fighting in court for four years over the paternity of a child; the identical Missouri twins say they were unknowingly having sex with the same woman.

    According to the woman's testimony, she had sex with each man on the same day, within hours of each other. When the woman in question, Holly Marie Adams, got pregnant, she named Raymon the father, but he contested and demanded a paternity test, bringing his own brother Richard to court. But the paternity test in this case could not help, as it showed that both brothers have over a 99.9 percent probability of being the daddy— and neither one wants to pay the child support.
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  • Animal Cruelty of a Way, Way Insane Nature

    A serial horse penis mutilator has struck in Thurgoona for the fourth time in seven months. Yes, you read that right. This time the victim was Samuel, a six-year-old gelding, who is still being treated for his injuries. According to authorities, the mutilator has used the same technique for each attack. He places a rope around the horse’s yoo hoo and pulls it, causing... you know what? Let’s just leave it up to your imagination after I assure you that the horses would have much rather not had their genitalia near this psycho.

    What could cause a man to do something like this? Well, according to Samuel’s owner, Lionel Loveless, “He is some sort of sick bastard.” Lionel then told reporters, “I would like to have one minute with him; it would be the longest minute of his life.” Strong words, but keep in mind that he’s threatening someone who mutilates horse penises. If one of someone’s hobbies is unspeakable crotch horror, you’re going to have a tough time upsetting them.

    Risk: 8/10
    After the third attack, the community in the area set up an organization called Horsewatch. And although it might not take a team of scientists to outsmart a few ranchers who’ve declared themselves the guardian angels of horse genitals, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble if they catch you. Criminals have rights, but I don’t think anyone’s going to argue too much if the cop that finds this one opens fire. The police captain will call the officer into his office and scream, “You’re a loose cannon, Fizketti! The mayor is not going to stand for any more of these lone wolf shootings from this precin- wait. What? He did what to four whats? Jesus Christ, I hope you washed your gun after you shot him.”

    Payoff: 0/10
    Despite what you might have heard, mutilating a horse penis yields surprisingly few rewards. Even if Imperiax’s horse-hating Moon Men one day conquer our planet and declare this activity as legal, it really doesn’t have much going for it.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Free Sex

    In Stuttgart, Germany, a man hired his neighbor to get his wife pregnant. It seems that Demetrius Soupolos, 29, and his former beauty queen wife, Traute, wanted a child badly, but Demetrius was told by a doctor that he was sterile. So, Soupolos hired his neighbor, Frank Maus, 34, to impregnate her. Since Maus was already married and the father of two children, plus looked very much like Soupolos to boot, the plan seemed good. Soupolos paid Maus $2,500 for the job and for three evenings a week for the next six months, Maus tried desperately, a total of 72 different times, to impregnate Traute.

    However, when Traute failed to get pregnant after six months, Soupolos was not understanding and insisted that Maus have a medical examination, which he did. The doctor's announcement that Maus was also sterile shocked everyone except his wife, who was forced to confess that Maus was not the real father of their two children. Now Soupolos is suing Maus for breach of contract in an effort to get his money back, but Maus refuses to give it up because he said he did not guarantee conception, but only that he would give an honest effort.
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  • The Anglo-Zanzibar War: the shortest war in history, only 40 minutes long

    Fought between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar on 27 August 1896, the conflict lasted approximately 40 minutes, making it the shortest war in history. The immediate cause of the war was the death of the pro-British Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini and the subsequent succession of Sultan Khalid bin Barghash. The British authorities preferred Hamud bin Muhammed as Sultan. In accordance with a treaty signed in 1886, a condition for accession to the sultancy was that the candidate obtain the permission of the British Consul, and Khalid had not fulfilled this requirement. The British considered this a casus belli and sent an ultimatum to Khalid demanding that he order his forces to stand down and leave the palace. In response, Khalid called up his palace guard and barricaded himself inside the palace.

    The ultimatum expired at 09:00 on 27 August, by which time the British had gathered three cruisers, two gunships, 150 marines and sailors and 900 Zanzibaris in the harbour area. A bombardment which was opened at 09:02 set the palace on fire and disabled the defending artillery. The flag at the palace was shot down and fire ceased at 09:40. The Sultan's forces sustained roughly 500 casualties, while only one British sailor was injured.
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  • The Man who fathered a child from a 22-year-old sperm sample

    In June 2008, Chris Biblis, a former leukaemia patient who had his sperm frozen as a teenager, fathered a baby after doctors successfully thawed his sample a record 22 years later.

    Chris was 16 when doctors told him that he needed radiotherapy that would leave him sterile and recommended before going ahead with the life-saving treatment that they put a sample of his sperm into cryogenic storage for future use. Now aged 38, he is celebrating the birth of a healthy baby daughter, Stella, who was conceived after scientists injected a defrosted sperm into an egg from his wife, Melodie, and implanted it in her uterus.

    The 22-year lapse between storage in April 1986 and conception in June 2008 is a world record, according to specialists at the US fertility clinic who carried out the procedure.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • The Pig War: triggered by the shooting of a pig

    The Pig War was a confrontation in 1859 between American and British authorities over the boundary between the United States and British North America. The specific area in dispute was the San Juan Islands, which lie between Vancouver Island and the North American mainland. The Pig War, so called because it was triggered by the shooting of a pig, is also called the Pig Episode, the Pig and Potato War, the San Juan Boundary Dispute or the Northwestern Boundary Dispute. The pig was the only "casualty" of the war, making the conflict essentially bloodless.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • The Man who paid $20k on child support over a daughter he never had

    In New Mexico, Steve Barreras was forced to pay a total of $20,000 for a daughter that never existed. After getting divorced to Viola Trevino, Viola claimed to be pregnant with Steve's child. This was in spite of the fact that Barreras had a vasectomy in 1998 and claimed that Trevino had tubal ligation in 1978.

    Trevino fabricated a daughter named "Stephanie Renee", who she claimed was born in 1999, and obtained a baptismal certificate, birth certificate, Medicare card and Social Security card for the fictitious girl. Mr. Barreras' adult daughter, Eve Barreras, assisted her mother in the scam by filing a fraudulent birth certificate for the phantom daughter with Vital Statistics while she worked at St. Joseph's Northeast Hospital.

    In 2002, Trevino was able to persuade a court to order Steve to pay child support for the fabricated daughter, by falsifying DNA evidence. When the judge demanded to see Trevino's daughter in December 2004, she went to a local mall where she persuaded a grandmother and her 2 year old granddaughter that they were "going to go see Santa Claus", but instead went to the courthouse with the 2 year old girl and attempted to pass her off before the judge as her own.

    Mr. Barreras, the paternity fraud victim, successfully sued blood laboratory Mobile Blood Services for their role in the DNA hoax. The DNA came from adult daughter Eve Barreras with help of lab employee Pamela Flores. Viola Trevino was sentenced to 16 months in a federal prison in Arizona for claiming the "girl" on tax returns. Trevino owes the IRS over $2200 for the fraud and Barreras $26,000 in child support and lawyer's fees.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War: lasted over 335 years with no casualties

    The Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War (1651–1986) was a war between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly (located off the southwest coast of the United Kingdom). It is said to have been extended by the lack of a peace treaty for 335 years without a single shot being fired, which would make it one of the world's longest wars and the war with the fewest casualties. Despite the uncertain validity of the declaration of war, peace was finally declared in 1986.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Britain's youngest dad... NOT!

    Meet Alfie Patten, the British schoolboy who became famous for being "Britain's youngest dad" at the age of 12, then found out he's not the baby's father.

    “I take responsibility and will look after baby Maisie like a grown up father. I am the only one who slept with Maisie's mother Chantelle," Alfie told the media whilst holding what he then thought was his baby daughter. But a British tabloid reported the results of a DNA test that showed that he was in fact not the father of Chantelle Stedman's baby girl.

    Chantelle had insisted that she was in love with the babyfaced schoolboy and that he had taken her virginity. However, half a dozen boys from Eastbourne in England claimed to have slept with the 15-year-old, who fell pregnant at the age of 14, and prompted Alfie to take a paternity test, with humiliating results.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Emu War: how Australia lost a war against birds

    The Emu War, also known as The Great Emu War, was a week-long military operation undertaken in Australia in November 1932 to address public concern over the number of emus said to be running amuck in the Campion district of Western Australia. The emus were responding to a long, hot summer, which caused shortages of food and water. The "war" was conducted under the command of Major Meredith of the Royal Australian Artillery, commanding a force of soldiers armed with two Lewis machine guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition. But shooting blindly into a group of birds which can run up to 50 km/h (30 mph) did not brought the expected results. The birds simply ran away even after being hit by a machine gun round.

    Over the course of a week or so, only a handful of the estimated 20,000 birds were actually killed. Major Meredith - the Australian commander in the "Emu war" - was astonished and famously compared the emus to Zulus. After a few days the Defence Minister ordered a withdrawal. And thus the "Emu War" ended in a military defeat for Australia.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • The Man who has to pay child support, but he's not the father

    Sixteen months after his divorce, Richard Parker, a Florida resident, discovered the child he was paying support for was not his via DNA testing. Florida justices ruled 7-0 against him, stating that Parker must continue to pay $1,200 a month in child support because he had missed the one-year post divorce deadline for filing his lawsuit. His court-ordered payments would total more than $200,000 over 15 years to support a child she had with another man.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • The Football War: started with a football game

    The Football War (La guerra del fútbol, in Spanish), also known as the 100-hours War, was a five-day war fought by El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. It was caused by political conflicts between Hondurans and Salvadorans, namely issues concerning immigration from El Salvador to Honduras. These existing tensions between the two countries coincided with the inflamed rioting during the second North American qualifying round for the 1970 FIFA World Cup; on 14 July 1969, the Salvadoran army launched an attack against Honduras. The Organization of American States negotiated a cease-fire which took effect on 20 July, with the Salvadoran troops withdrawn in early August. El Salvador ended up going to the 1970 FIFA World Cup1970 FIFA World Cup, where they failed to advance from the Group Stage.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • War of 1812: caused by faulty telegraphic communications

    Also called Mr. Madison's War, the War of 1812 was in many ways the strangest war in United States history. It could well be named the War of Faulty Communication. Two days before war was declared, the British government stated that it would repeal the laws which were the chief reason for fighting. If there had been telegraphic communication with Europe, the war might well have been avoided.

    The chief United States complaint against the British was interference with shipping. But New England, the great shipping section of the United States, bitterly opposed the idea of going to war. The demand for war came chiefly from the West and South.

    It is strange also that the war, fought for freedom of the seas, began with the invasion of Canada. In addition, the treaty of peace that ended the war settled none of the issues over which it had supposedly been fought. Finally, both sides claimed victory in the War of 1812, and it becomes clear that the whole struggle was a confused mass of contradictions.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Weird Court Cases

    1. In 2004, Timothy Dumouchel, from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin sued a television company for making his wife fat and transforming his children into “lazy channel surfers”. He said: “I believe the reason I smoke and drink every day and my wife is overweight is because we watched the TV everyday for the last four years”. The case kept at least two of America’s then 1,058,662 lawyers occupied for a while, but did not go to the Supreme Court.

    2. In 2005, a Brazilian woman sued her partner for failing to give her orgasms. The 31-year old woman from Jundiai asserted in her case that her 38-year old partner routinely ended sexual intercourse after he reached an orgasm. After a promising start the action ended in something of an anticlimax for the claimant when her case was rejected.

    3. In 2004, a German lawyer, Dr Juergen Graefe, acted for an elderly pensioner from St Augustin, near Bonn, who was sent a tax demand for €287 million, even though the woman’s income was only €17,000. Dr Graefe fixed the problem with one standard letter to the authorities, but as German law entitles him to calculate his fee based on the amount of the reduction he obtained, his fee came to €440,234 (£308,000). It will be met by the state. There is no evidence that he pushed his luck by writing a thank-you letter.

    4. In 1972, at Wakefield Crown Court in Yorkshire, Reginald Sedgwick was prosecuted for stealing Cleckheaton railway station. The defendant, a demolition contractor, was alleged to have destroyed the disused stone building and cleared the site of 24 tons of track with dishonest intentions. He admitted the deed, explained that it was done for an untraced third party, and his lawyer demolished the prosecution’s case, securing an acquittal.

    5. In 2005, the Massachusetts Appeals Court was asked to rule on when a sexual technique was dangerous. Early one morning, a man and woman in a long-term relationship were engaged in consensual intercourse. During the passionate event, and, without the man’s consent, the woman suddenly manoeuvred herself in a way that caused him to suffer a penile fracture. Emergency surgery was required. The court ruled that while “reckless” sexual conduct may be actionable, “merely negligent” conduct was not. It dismissed the man’s case.

    6. In 2005, Marina Bai, a Russian astrologer, sued NASA for £165 million for “disrupting the balance of the universe”. She claimed that the space agency’s Deep Impact space probe, which was due to hit a comet later that year to harvest material from the explosion, was a “terrorist act”. A Moscow court accepted Russian jurisdiction to hear the claim but it was eventually rejected.

    7. In 2007, a court in India was asked to decide whether a vibrating condom is a contraceptive or a sex toy. The condoms contain a battery-operated device, and, for the avoidance of doubt, are marketed as “Crezendo”. Opponents argue it’s a sex toy and thus unlawful in India, whereas the manufacturer says it’s a contraceptive and promotional of public health.

    8. In 2006, a young man from Jiaxing, near Shanghai, found himself in legal trouble after failing to take advice before putting his soul up for sale on an online auction site. The posting was eventually removed by the auctioneer and the seller was told that the advert would be reinstated only if he could produce written permission to sell his soul from “a higher authority”.

    9. In 2004, Frank D’Alessandro, a court official in New York, sued the city for serious injuries that he sustained when a toilet he was sitting on exploded leaving him in a pile of porcelain. He claimed $5 million compensation. Reflecting on the demanding physical therapy in which he must now engage every morning before work, D’Alessandro declared: “It’s a pain in the ass to do all this stuff.”

    10. A Las Vegas law prohibiting strippers from fondling customers during lap dances was ruled by the Nevada Supreme Court in 2006 to be valid. The issue was whether the local law was unconstitutionally vague and therefore unenforceable. The law states that “no attendant or server shall fondle or caress any patron” with intent to arouse him. Lawyers discussed at length whether grinding (of dancers’ bottoms into men’s laps) amounted to a fondle or caress, and whether the brushing of breast into patrons’ faces was prohibited conduct. The local law was declared valid because the court thought enforcers would be able to know a fondle or caress if they saw one.

    11. In 1964, the Exchequer Court of Canada was asked to decide whether the expenses of running a “call girl” business in Vancouver were deductible from gross income for the purposes of income tax. The madam and seven call girls were all convicted and imprisoned. And then taxed. Claims for tax deductions in respect of the ordinary parts of the business, such as phone bills, were allowed. Other types of expenses were disallowed because the business couldn’t prove them with receipts, including $2000 for liquor for local officials and $1000 paid to "certain men possessed of physical strength and some guile, which they exercised when set to extricate a girl from difficulties".

    12. In a notorious case heard by Baron Huddleston in November 1884, Captain Thomas Dudley and Edwin Stephens were prosecuted for the murder of a cabin boy, Richard Parker. When the yacht they were sailing from Southampton to Sydney capsized, they found themselves on a dinghy 1,600 miles from shore. After 20 days adrift, they killed Parker, eating his liver and drinking his blood to survive. They were rescued four days later by a German vessel and were convicted of murder at Exeter Assizes, although their death sentences were later commuted to six months imprisonment without hard labour. Their defence of “necessity” was rejected.

    13. Cathy McGowan, 26, was overjoyed when a DJ on Radio Buxton told her that she had correctly answered a quiz question and had won the competition prize: a Renault Clio. Ecstasy collapsed into despair, however, when she arrived at the radio station and was presented with a 4-inch model of the car. In 2001, she sued and a judge at Derby County Court ruled that the now defunct station in Derbyshire had entered into a legally binding contract with Miss McGowan and ordered its owners to pay £8,000 for the real vehicle.

    14. In 2005, Pavel M., a Romanian prisoner serving 20 years for murder, sued God, founding his claim in contract. He argued that his baptism was an agreement between him and God under which, in exchange for value such as prayer, God would keep him out of trouble..

    15. In May, 2004 in Connecticut, Heather Specyalski was charged with the homicide of Neil Esposito. He was thrown from a car that prosecutors said was being driven by Specyalski when it spun out of control and crashed. The defendant argued that she couldn’t have been driving because she was in the passenger seat performing oral sex on Esposito, whom she alleged was at the wheel. Esposito was found with his trousers down but prosecutors argue this could have been because he was “mooning” or urinating out of the car window while in the passenger seat. The jury acquitted Specyalski of manslaughter, sparing her a possible 25-year prison sentence.

    16. Sentencing a young woman at the Magistrates’ Court in Port Adelaide, Australia, in 2003, a magistrate said:

    “You’re a druggie and you’ll die in the gutter. That’s your choice... I don’t believe in that social worker crap. You abuse your mother and cause her pain. You can choose to be who you are. You can go to work. Seven million of us do it whilst fourteen million like you sit at home watching Days of Our Lives smoking your crack pipes and using needles and I’m sick of you sucking us dry”.

    He then concluded:

    “It’s your choice to be a junkie and die in the gutter. No one gives a shit, but you’re going to kill that woman who is your mother, damn you to death.”

    He gave the woman a prison sentence, unaware that that was unlawful in the type of case in question. Her appeal was successful.

    17. In 1874, Francis Evans Cornish, while acting as a magistrate in Winnipeg, Canada, had to try himself on a charge of being drunk in public. He convicted himself and fined himself five dollars with costs. But then he stated for the record: “Francis Evans Cornish, taking into consideration past good behaviour, your fine is remitted”.

    18. In 1980, Lord Justice Ormrod, Lord Justice Dunn and Mr Justice Arnold ruled in the UK’s Court of Appeal that a wife from Basingstoke who rationed sex with her husband to once a week was behaving reasonably. Lord Hailsham later revealed that the ruling had provoked some newspapers to try to interview the wives of all the judges in the case.

    19. A father from Zhengzhou, in China, was refused legal permission to name his son “@” after the keyboard character. Permission was declined on the legal basis that all names must be capable of being translated into Mandarin.

    20. In September, 2004, Judge A K M Patabendige, in Walasmulla, Sri Lanka, jailed a man for a year for yawning in court. N V P Ajith, a defendant in a criminal case, stretched out and yawned in a way that so infuriated the judge, the punishment for contempt was immediate.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • The Amazing Story behind the 256 Year-Old Man

    According to the 1933 obituaries in both Time Magazine and the New York Times, Li Ching-Yun was reported to have buried 23 wives and fostered 180 descendants by the time he died at the age of 256.

    Was he really that old? Could he have forgotten his own birthday or exaggerated his claim? Environmental Graffiti investigates.

    The Secrets to an Interminable Life

    “Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.” These were the words of advice Li gave to Wu Pei-fu, the warlord, who took Li into his house to learn the secret of extremely long life.

    Li maintained that inward calm and peace of mind were the secrets to incredible longevity. His diet after all, was mainly based on rice and wine.

    From 0 to 256

    Unsurprisingly, not much is known about Li Ching-Yun’s early life. We know he was born in the province of Szechwan in China, where he also died. We also know that by his tenth birthday, Ching-Yun was literate and had travelled to Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria gathering herbs. After that, it gets a bit fuzzy…

    Apparently, for over one hundred years, Li continued selling his own herbs and then subsequently sold herbs collected by others. He also (according to Time) had six-inch long fingernails on his right hand.

    You might be thinking that he looked decrepit, shrivelled, leather-like and creepy, however sources at the time were astonished at his youthfulness. Was this suspect? Was Li Ching-Yun as old as he claimed he was, or was his birthday a clerical error or exaggeration?

    Let’s take a brief look at both sides…

    The Nine Lives of Li Ching-Yun

    By his own admission he was born in 1736 and had lived 197 years. However, in 1930 a professor and dean at Minkuo University by the name of Wu Chung-chien, found records “proving” that Li was born in 1677. Records allegedly showed that the Imperial Chinese Government congratulated him on his 150th and 200th Birthdays.

    So the question is, had he forgotten his own birthday? Was this even the same Li Ching-Yun?

    Looking at all of this from a medical and documented perspective: Jeanne Louise Calment, a French woman who died in 1997 so far holds the title for the person who has roamed the earth the longest: 122 years, which is a phenomenal length of time.

    That means, that if the records discovered by Wu Chung-chien were accurate, Li Ching-Yun’s age would surpass the official record by more than 130 years. Is this even medically possible?

    The detail, which seems to prove both arguments and debunk them at the same time, is Li’s youthful appearance, noted in a 1928 article from the New York Times. Visually and physically, he appeared to look like a typical 60 year-old. Does this therefore signify a superhuman body capable of lasting one quarter of a millennium, or is the story of Li Ching-Yun based on a series of half-truths, lies or exaggerations?

    Unfortunately, we may never know. You may draw your own logical conclusions.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • The Boy With Half a Head

    Ahad Israfil,37, lost half part of his skull and brain to a gunshot injury when he was 14 but,remarkably, he survived the injury. Ahad got a head shot from a shotgun,accidentally,in a shop while his employer accidentally knocked the firearm on the floor and half of his head was blown away.

    He survived from what may seem to be almost impossible situation after 5 hour long surgery. Doctors who operated him were stunned when he tried to speak just after the surgery.

    Miracle, I agree but how he fought through the later part of his life with half head is very less miracle and much more a fightback. Ahad completed his college and obtained a degree, with just one cerebral hemisphere in his head.He travels with the assistance of wheelchair but performs all activities a normal person(with 2 cerebral hemispheres) does.

    Ahad later went through a surgery and his head hole his filled with a silicone block,to make it look quite normal.

    This must wake all the people who complain all life long, they don't have enough in life. Ask, Ahad whats incomplete life!
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
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  • Freak Weapons

    Gay bombs:
    Strong aphrodisiacs to cause "homosexual behavior"

    "Gay bomb" is an informal name for a theoretical non-lethal chemical weapon, which a United States Air Force research laboratory speculated about producing.

    In 1994 the Wright Laboratory in Ohio produced a three-page proposal of a variety of possible nonlethal chemical weapons, which was later obtained—complete with marginal jottings and typos—by the Sunshine Project through a Freedom of Information Act request. In one sentence of the document it was suggested that a strong aphrodisiac could be dropped on enemy troops, ideally one which would also cause "homosexual behavior". The aphrodisiac weapon was described as "distasteful but completely non-lethal". In its "New Discoveries Needed" section, the document implicitly acknowledges that no such chemicals are actually known.

    The document also included many other off-beat ideas, such as spraying enemy troops with bee pheromones and then hiding numerous beehives in the combat area, and a chemical weapon that would give the enemy bad breath.

    Bat bombs:
    Incendiary bombs attached to bats

    Bat bombs were tiny incendiary bombs attached to bats, that were developed by the United States during World War II with the hope of attacking mainland Japan. Four biological factors gave promise to this plan. First, bats occur in large numbers (four caves in Texas are each occupied by several million bats). Second, bats can carry more than their own weight in flight (females carry their young — sometimes twins). Third, bats hibernate, and while dormant they do not require food or complicated maintenance. Fourth, bats fly in darkness, then find secretive places (such as flammable buildings) to hide during daylight.

    The plan was to release bomb-laden bats at night over Japanese industrial targets. The flying bats would disperse widely, then at dawn they would hide in buildings and shortly thereafter built-in timers would ignite the bombs, causing widespread fires and chaos. The bat bomb idea was conceived by dental surgeon Lytle S. Adams, who submitted it to the White House in January, 1942, where it was subsequently approved by President Roosevelt. Adams was recruited to research and obtain a suitable supply of bats.

    Who, Me?:
    A bad odor weapon to humiliate the enemy

    Who Me? was a top secret sulfurous stench weapon developed by the American Office of Strategic Services during World War II to be used by the French Resistance against German officers. Who Me? smelled strongly of fecal matter, and was issued in pocket atomizers intended to be unobtrusively sprayed on a German officer, humiliating him and, by extension, demoralizing the occupying German forces.

    The experiment was very short-lived, however. Who Me? had a high concentration of extremely volatile sulfur compounds that were very difficult to control: more often than not the person who did the spraying ended up smelling as bad as the sprayed. After only two weeks it was concluded that Who Me? was a dismal failure. It remains unclear whether there was a successful Who Me? attack.

    Pam Dalton, a cognitive psychologist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, describes the smell of Who Me? as resembling "the worst garbage dumpster left in the street for a long time in the middle of the hottest summer ever". A recipe for a kilogram (2.2 lb) of the same or equivalent substance in circulation on the Internet specifies 919 g (32.4 oz) of white mineral oil as an inert carrier, and 20 g (0.7 oz) of skatole, 20 g (0.7 oz) of n-butanoic acid, 20 g (0.7 oz) of n-pentanoic acid, 20 g (0.7 oz) of n-hexanoic acid and 1 g (0.04 oz) of pentanethiol as the active ingredients.

    Anti-tank dogs:
    Hungry dogs with explosives

    Anti-tank dogs, also known as dog bombs or dog mines, were hungry dogs with explosives harnessed to their backs and trained to seek food under tanks and armoured vehicles. By doing so, a detonator (usually a small wooden lever) would go off, triggering the explosives and damaging or destroying the military vehicle.

    The dogs were employed by the Soviet Union during World War II for use against German tanks. The dogs were kept without food for a few days, then trained to find food under a tank. The dogs quickly learned that once released from their pens, food could be found under tracked vehicles. Once trained, the dogs were fitted with an explosive charge and set loose into a field of oncoming German tanks and other tracked vehicles. When the dog went underneath the tank—where there was less armour—the charge would detonate and damage the enemy vehicle.

    According to Soviet sources, the anti-tank dogs were successful at disabling a reported three hundred German tanks. They were enough of a problem to the Nazi advance that the Germans were compelled to take measures against them. An armoured vehicle's top-mounted machine gun proved ineffective due to the relatively small size of the dogs and the fact that they were low to the ground, fast, and hard to spot. Orders were dispatched that commanded every German soldier to shoot any dogs on sight. Eventually the Germans began using tank-mounted flame-throwers to ward off the dogs. They were much more successful at dissuading the attacks, but some dogs would not stop.

    In 1942, one use of the anti-tank dogs went seriously awry when a large contingent ran amok, endangering everyone in the battle and forcing the retreat of an entire Soviet division. Soon afterward the anti-tank dogs were withdrawn from service. Training of anti-tank dogs continued until at least June 1996.

    Fire balloons:
    Incendiary hydrogen balloons

    Fire balloons or balloon bombs where hydrogen balloons with a load varying from a 12 kg (26 lb) incendiary to one 15 kg (33 lb) antipersonnel bomb and four 5 kg (11 lb) incendiaries attached. They were launched by Japan during World War II, designed to wreak havoc on Canadian and American cities, forests, and farmlands. Launch sites were located on the east coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu.

    From the late 1944 until early 1945, the Japanese launched over 9,000 of these fire balloons, of which 300 were found or observed in the U.S. Some guesswork gives the total number that made the trip at about 1,000. Despite the high hopes of their designers, the balloons were relatively ineffective as weapons, causing only six deaths and a small amount of damage, and they survive in memory mostly as an ingenious and dangerous curiosity. The bombs caused little damage, but their potential for destruction and fires was large. The bombs also had a potential psychological effect on the American people. The U.S. strategy was not to let Japan know of the balloon bombs' effectiveness. Cooperating with the desires of the government, the press did not publish any balloon bomb incidents. As a result, the Japanese only learned of one bomb reaching Wyoming, landing and failing to explode, so they stopped the launches after less than six months.

    Exploding rats:
    Rat carcasses filled with plastic explosives

    Exploding rats were a weapon developed by the British army in World War II for use against Germany. Rat carcasses were filled with plastic explosives, with the idea that when the rats were shovelled along with coal into boilers, they would explode, causing significant damage. However, the first shipment of carcasses was intercepted by the Germans, and the plan was dropped. The Germans exhibited the rats at top military schools, and conducted searches for further exploding rats.

    Killer Dolphins:
    To seek and destroy submarines using kamikaze methods

    A military dolphin is a cetacean trained for military uses. The United States and Russian militaries have trained and employed oceanic dolphins for several reasons. Such military dolphins have been trained to rescue lost divers or to locate underwater mines.

    The U.S. Navy openly trains dolphins and sea lions under the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program, which is based in San Diego, California. Military dolphins were used by the U.S. Navy during the First and Second Gulf War. About 75 dolphins are in the Navy's marine mammal program.

    The Russian military is believed to have closed its marine mammal program in the early 1990s. In 2000 the press reported that dolphins trained to kill by the Soviet Navy had been sold to Iran.

    Due to the secrecy of such practice, rumors of military dolphins include training them to lay underwater mines, to kill enemy combatants, or to seek and destroy submarines using kamikaze methods. There has even been speculation about the potential development of sophisticated equipment, such as poison darts, sonar jamming devices, and so on for dolphins, and about combat between cetaceans of both superpowers. The U.S. Navy denies ever having trained its marine mammals to harm or injure humans in any fashion or to carry weapons to destroy ships.

    Project Pigeon:
    A pigeon-guided missile

    During World War II, Project Pigeon (or Project Orcon, for "organic control") was American behaviorist B. F. Skinner's attempt to develop a pigeon-guided missile.

    The control system involved a lens at the front of the missile projecting an image of the target to a screen inside, while a pigeon trained (by operant conditioning) to recognize the target pecked at it. As long as the pecks remained in the center of the screen, the missile would fly straight, but pecks off-center would cause the screen to tilt, which would then, via a connection to the missile's flight controls, cause the missile to change course. Three pigeons were to control the bomb's direction by majority rule.

    Although skeptical of the idea, the National Defense Research Committee nevertheless contributed $25,000 to the research. However, Skinner's plans to use pigeons in Pelican missiles was apparently too radical for the military establishment; although he had some success with the training, he could not get his idea taken seriously. The program was cancelled on October 8, 1944, because the military believed that "further prosecution of this project would seriously delay others which in the minds of the Division have more immediate promise of combat application."

    Project Orcon was revived in 1948 by the Navy and was finally canceled in 1953.

    Cat Bombs:
    To sink German ships

    The earliest examples of cats being used in warfare dates back to the Ancient Egypt during a war against Persia. The Persians, fully aware of the reverance that Egyptians paid to their felines, rounded up as many cats as they could find and set them loose on the battlefield. When the Egyptians were faced with either harming the cats or surrendering, they chose the latter.

    During World War I, cats were used in the trenches as an attempt to keep the rat population down and some cats were used as poison gas “detectors”.

    The most creative way to use a cat as a weapon happened in World War II. The United States' OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the CIA) needed a way to guide bombs to sink German ships. Somebody hit upon the inspiration that since cats have such a strong disdain of getting wet and always land on their feet that if you attached a cat to a bomb and drop it in the vicinity of a ship, the cat's instinct to avoid the water would force it to guide the bomb to the enemy's deck. It is unclear how the cat was supposed to actually guide a bomb attached to it as it fell from the sky but the plan never got past the testing stages since the cats had a bad habit of becoming unconscious mid-drop.

    Not to be outdone by its predecessor, the CIA also attempted to use cats but this time as a bugging device during the Cold War. Although a disaster as a guided bomb, the CIA thought that a cat would make the perfect covert listening device in a project known as Operation Acoustic Kitty. They attempted to surgically alter the cat by placing a bugging device inside him and running an antenna through its tail. The project took five years and $15 million dollars before the first field test hit a slight snag when the bugged kitty was released near a Russian compound in Washington and was immediately hit by a car while crossing the street. The proje
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
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    Thanks ;)x
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  • Woman who eats Sand

    This woman is from one Russian village.
    She attracts attention because of one weird fact about her. According to her words she is fond of eating sand. Yes, just regular sand you can get from outside. This what she does - takes the bucketful of sand to bring home.
    She didn’t tell how much she eats and why she does this. The only information was shared is that she is fond of doing this.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • World's Strongest Girl

    Varya Akulova is capable of lifting up to 350 kg, while she herself weighs only 40 kg and she is the strongest girl on the world. This fact has already been confirmed twice by Guinness Book of World Records.

    Varya's muscles are barely visible but she has tremendous will-power, translucent body and thread-like tendons.

    Varya says, "I wish I could be big, really big: 190 cm tall and weigh more than 100 kg, like my dad."

    Despite the daily workouts, Varya is a top student in her class. Currently, she is in 7th grade. She learnt to read at 3.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • The Teenage Sex Object

    Teenagers rape sex symbol of the 20th century

    Author of the unique wax figure collection Viktor Zharkovskiy invited our special correspondent to check out his final piece – Marilyn Monroe. (hot pictures) As soon as we arrived to the artist’s workshop we discovered a horrifying scene: Marilyn’s disfugered body lay on the floor in a shameless pose. She was completely naked, her arms torn off, her legs broken…

    We called the police immediately. Investigators carefully examined the place of crime. Then they took the broken lock out of the door and collected the fingerprints. Afterwards the specialists examined Monroe. Her artificial body was covered in semen. Men’s sperm was also discovered on the figure’s dress lying nearby. According to the police the workshop had received teenage visitors. Monroe ’s statue took 40kg of wax to be made

    “These perverts were acting in an extremely rude manner,” Viktor Zharkovskiy belives, “It is very difficult to take off the clothes from a fragile wax statue. Even we professionals must spend quite a bit of time to complete this process when we relocate (and we relocate often because of our frequent traveling exhibitions). These were in a hurry and one of them was trying to spread Marilyn’s legs apart. As a result there is now a huge crack that formed at her pubis. They damaged her arms and legs while they were trying to lay her on the floor. Now they need to be recreated. In fact, the whole figure will have to be re-made. On top of everything these fetishist freaks stole Monroe ’s expensive lace panties.

    Zharkovskiy worked on Monroe’s figure for almost 6 months. He studied hundreds of her pictures. He bought he lingerie in a prestigious shop “Wild Orchid.” Her special dress was custom-made. And now he must start all over again.

    Mentioned crime assumes penalty according to the two Criminal Codex paragraphs: 214 “Vandalism” (sentenced to up to 3 months) and 161 “Burglary” (3 to 7 years in jail).
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Watch out for hot naked girls…

    These days thieves are becoming so sophisticated that their creativity spreads fear. Some of them have already designed special electronic scanners that can break car alarm codes; others have used cranes to drag away vehicles. But the most impressive theft took place in Moscow not very long ago. The crime was performed with such eloquence that even the victims themselves could not help expressing their admiration, Moskovskiy Komsomolets reports.

    HeWoman on a beachre is how the stealing was performed – one hot afternoon the Balashikh beach on the Moscow-River shore received special visitors: three extremely attractive girls in an SUV. They got out of the car, approached the water and… took off all their clothes. Then the hotties began splashing near the shore, laughing and capturing everyone’s attention.

    On top of that the witnesses claimed that the girls even gave a minor lesbian show and started playfully washing each other, which was met with high approval and wild excitement by the male observers.

    While these naked women with sexy bodies gathered around themselves a crowd of admirers, a group of thieves approached the fans’ abandoned cars. Within some fifteen minutes ten cars were robbed clean and four very expensive ones were stolen! As for the three nymphs, after completing their show they quickly got into their car and disappeared in some unknown direction.

    Currently both the cars and the performers are being sought by the police. However, the investigators say that it would be very hard to prove the girls’ fault. After all, they were simply bathing
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Drunk man bets to cut off his penis for $2,000 and wins the bet

    For the first time in the history of Latvian medicine, doctors sewed back on the reproductive organ of a man, which he had cut off himself.

    As reported by television program Panorama on channel LTV, a man cut off his penis in an argument, informs Delfi. Man cuts off his own penis

    Doctors in Gailezertz hospital in Riga informed journalists that there had been cases before where a partially amputated penis had had to be restored. However, this was the first time that genitals had been brought to the hospital in a packet. According to the doctors, the incident was due to stupidity on the part of the patient. Whilst drinking alcohol with friends, he had argued with them that for 1000 lat, (about 2000 dollars), he would cut off his own “manhood”. He won the bet.

    The 30-year-old man was admitted into hospital on the night of the 17th July. Aivars Tikhonov, a plastic surgeon from the Latvian Centre of Microsurgery and Plastic Surgery, operated on the patient. In the hospital, Delfi was informed that the man had lost a lot of blood. Urologist Robert Dalis was involved in the operation which took three and a half hours.

    “Now I judge the patient’s condition to be better,” declared Tikhonov. “However, it will only be possible to evaluate the results of the operation in a few days, when we see whether the organ becomes integrated. We have to bear in mind that in summer, during hot weather, the tissue dies more quickly. The penis was covered in sand or something similar, so despite the use of antibiotics, it is possible for a serious infection to develop. Factors which may affect the recovery process include the patient’s state of health, the quantity of blood lost and smoking- even one cigarette could cause a crucial spasm in the blood vessels.”

    Such operations are a rarity across the world. According to Tikhonov, penis amputations occur very rarely, since the penis is usually protected by clothing and the trauma mechanism has to be specific (revolving mechanisms, explosions, animal bites). In these instances, the tissue is much damaged and restoration of the organ is generally impossible.

    “Secondly, a mentally ill person may cut off his own penis. Very rarely are penises sewn back onto people who consciously do this, worldwide,” says Tikhonov.

    This is exactly what happened to 26-year-old British fan Geoff Hugh, who in February 2005, whilst watching a historic rugby match between the national English and Welsh teams, impulsively promised that if the English were beaten, he would “cut off his balls”.

    The stakes were high but he risked almost nothing, since Wales had last beaten England in Cardiff when Hugh was only 14 years old. But this time, the Welsh won with a score of 11:9.

    Astounded, Hugh silently left the club and made his way home, where, without further thought, he cut off his scrotum with a penknife. After this, he took his home-amputated organ back to the pub and showed it to his friends. His friends hit on the idea of putting the scrotum in a glass with ice, but there was no point thinking about restoring it to its place. The best that can be hoped for is a prosthetic replacement.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • World's Dirtiest Apartment

    There were some photos of dirty appartments on Internet lately. But this one for sure will beat them all. That was for sure the dirtiest appartment in the world ever.

    According to the original Russian story behind those pics, there was an old man living in this flat. He had a weird passion to collect different garbage whenever he traveled and bring it home.

    So as time passed, he got as much garbage that he had to clean up his way thru the flat when he wanted to go from one room to another or to the entrance door.

    And then one day the pipe was broke, and he had to call the plumbers. When the plumbers arrived (on photos) they were shocked. They had to waste hours to take just a part of the garbage out so that to enter the flat with their equipment and the garbage from the flat occupied all the loby and area behind the lobby.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Man set house on fire while trying to kill a spider with a lighter

    A man had to be rescued after setting the front of his house on fire while trying to kill a spider with a lighter.

    Firefighters say the man, in his 40s, had been trying to set fire to the spider as it crawled up the front of the semi-detached property

    But sparks reached material behind the cladding and caused a fire within the walls, shortly before midnight.

    Three fire engines raced to the scene in Portsmouth, Hants, and found the man trying to put out the flames with a garden hose.

    Firefighters in breathing apparatus removed the cladding and spent two hours putting the fire out.

    Watch manager Steve Pearce said: "The man was trying to put the fire out with a garden hose when we arrived.

    "The whole thing had clearly scared the life out of him.

    "There was a gap in the cladding where he was trying to kill the spider and so the sparks got through to the material behind and started spreading upwards towards the roof.

    "Our concern was that it would reach the roof and the property would be lost.

    "We sent firefighters up into the loft to put it out and fortunately we were able to stop it in time.

    "Surprisingly there wasn't much damage to the house other than to the cladding.

    "We obviously had a chat with the man but I don't think he'll be doing this again."
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Mammatus Clouds

    Also known as mammatocumulus, meaning "bumpy clouds", they are a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud. Composed primarily of ice, Mammatus Clouds can extend for hundreds of miles in each direction, while individual formations can remain visibly static for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. True to their ominous appearance, mammatus clouds are often harbingers of a coming storm or other extreme weather system.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Sailing Stones

    The mysterious moving stones of the packed-mud desert of Death Valley have been a center of scientific controversy for decades. Rocks weighing up to hundreds of pounds have been known to move up to hundreds of yards at a time. Some scientists have proposed that a combination of strong winds and surface ice account for these movements. However, this theory does not explain evidence of different rocks starting side by side and moving at different rates and in disparate directions. Moreover, the physics calculations do not fully support this theory as wind speeds of hundreds of miles per hour would be needed to move some of the stones.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Tattooed Cats

    Still dazed after being anaesthetised for three hours, a pedigree pet is hauled upright to show off its new tattoo.

    The controversial “body enhancement” was carried out on Mickey – a rare Canadian Hairless breed also known as a Sphynx cat.

    His female owner was said to be delighted with the Tutankhamun design inked on to his chest at a tattoo parlour.

    She said: “I wanted something new and different for the times we live in.”

    But horrified animal rights campaigners slammed the sick fad in Moscow as barbaric – and fear it could catch on among wealthy pet owners in the West.

    An RSPCA spokesman said: “We are totally against using animals for purely cosmetic reasons just on the owner’s whim. Clearly the animal has no say in the matter.

    “We do not believe in using pets as fashion accessories. It shows no respect for the animal whatsoever. So far we have only heard about this practice happening overseas – and we hope it doesn’t spread.”
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • 1.1 Meter Giant Salamander Found In China

    More Giant Salamanders
    - chattanova, 5 years ago
  • Sailing Stones

    The mysterious moving stones of the packed-mud desert of Death Valley have been a center of scientific controversy for decades. Rocks weighing up to hundreds of pounds have been known to move up to hundreds of yards at a time. Some scientists have proposed that a combination of strong winds and surface ice account for these movements. However, this theory does not explain evidence of different rocks starting side by side and moving at different rates and in disparate directions. Moreover, the physics calculations do not fully support this theory as wind speeds of hundreds of miles per hour would be needed to move some of the stones.

    Wow! This one really trips me out! It's like an Outer Limits or twilight Zone story.
    - onourwayto2012, 5 years ago
  • Magnolia Freak Occurrence

    On March 23,1994 the medical examiner viewed the body of Ronald Opus and concluded that he died from a shotgun wound to the head. Mr. Opus had jumped from the top of a ten story building intending to commit suicide. He left a note to that effect, indicating his despondency. As he fell past the ninth floor his life was interrupted by a shotgun blast passing through a window which killed him instantly.

    Neither the shooter nor the descender was aware that a safety net had been installed just below at the eighth floor level to protect some building workers and that Ronald Opus would not have been able to complete his suicide the way he had planned.

    "Ordinarily," Dr. Mills continued, "a person who sets out to commit suicide and ultimately succeeds, even though the mechanism might not be what he intended, is still defined as committing suicide."

    That Mr. Opus was shot on the way to certain death, but probably would not have been successful because of the safety net, caused the medical examiner to feel that he had a homicide on his hands. The room on the ninth floor, whence the shotgun blast emanated, was occupied by an elderly man and his wife. They were arguing vigorously and he was threatening her with a shotgun. The man was so upset that when he pulled the trigger he completely missed his wife and the pellets went through the window, striking Mr. Opus.

    When one intends to kill subject A but kills subject B in the attempt, one is guilty of the murder of subject B. When confronted with the murder charge the old man and his wife were both adamant. They both said they thought the shotgun was unloaded. Thed old man said it was his long-standing habit to threaten his wife with the unloaded shotgun. He had no intention to murder her. Therefore the killing of Mr. Opus appeared to be an accident; that is, the gun had been accidentally loaded.

    The continuing investigation turned up a witness who saw the old couple's son loading the shotgun about six weeks prior to the fatal accident. It transpired that the old lady had cut off her son's financial support and the son, knowing the propensity of his father to use the shotgun threateningly, loaded the gun with the expectation that his father would shoot his mother. The case now becomes one of murder on the part of the son for the death of Ronald Opus.

    Now comes the exquisite twist. Further investigation revealed that the son was, in fact, Ronald Opus. He had become increasingly despondent over the failure of his attempt to engineer his mother's murder. This led him to jump off the ten story building on March 23rd, only to be killed by a shotgun blast passing through the ninth story window. The son had actually murdered himself so the medical examiner closed the case as a suicide.

    The best story I have ever ever read. Thanks Jason :)
    - siliconpsychosis, 5 years ago
  • Giant Jellyfish
    Giant jellyfish: The species - also known as rootmouth jelly, common jellyfish or saucer jelly - have no bones or brain, and their colourful bodies are 95 per cent water.

    Experts say the 4ft (1.21m) Rootmouth Jellyfish - nicknamed the Dustbin lid or Sea Mushroom - can cause a painful rash on human skin if in contact with tentacles.

    The jellyfish was caught on camera by photographer Peter Stapleton who is keeping the exact location secret to avoid panic.

    "A woman came up to me and said there was a huge jellyfish over on the other side of the beach," he said.

    "It was the biggest I've seen, about 4ft long with a large body and tentacles.

    "As well as people there was other wildlife around it, including herons, but they seemed as puzzled as the rest of us and left it alone."

    The species - also known as moon jelly, common jellyfish or saucer jelly - have no bones or brain, and their colourful bodies are 95 per cent water.

    They usually grow to around 12 inches (30cm). Jellyfish can swim slowly but are largely at the mercy of the tides and currents.
    - chattanova, 5 years ago
  • I don't know which story is the most fascinating. Thanks again, Jason!
    - coco, 5 years ago
    - bulltwister, 4 years ago
  • Stunning picture of bird's amazing upside-down flight

    Take a closer look at this stunning photograph of a greylag goose.

    Your eyes do not deceive you - this puzzling bird really is flying upside down but with its neck and head twisted the right way up.

    The incredible display of mid-flight acrobatics is also a remarkable feat of wildlife photography and stunned the man behind the lens when he looked back at his images.

    Brian MacFarlane was simply photographing geese buffeted by strong winds at Strumpshaw yesterday, and did not expect to capture a moment of contortionism.

    “The wind was making life difficult for the flying birds,” said Mr MacFarlane.

    “Some were expert at controlling their flight, while others were being tossed around in mid-air.

    “On closer inspection of the image I realised it had flipped upside down but kept its head the right way up. “Quite a feat!”

    Paul Stancliffe, of the British Trust for Ornithology, based at Thetford, was able to lift the lid on the bird's bizarre behaviour.

    “It looks like this bird is in mid-whiffle,” he said. “When geese come in to land from a great height they partake in a bout of whiffling, this involves the bird twisting and turning to spill air from their wings and thus lowering their speed prior to landing. In 36 years of birdwatching I have seen this many times, particularly when watching pink-footed geese on the north Norfolk coast coming in to roost in the late afternoon and evening. I have, however, never seen a photograph of a bird in mid-whiffle like this. It is an amazing photograph.”

    EDP picture editor Nolan Lincoln said: “Brian's patience and determination in the observation hide has paid off with this unbelievable shot showing the greylag's versatility to overcome the strong crosswinds.

    “It's a one-off chance to capture this somewhat quirky, split-second happening and resulted in this fantastic image.”
    - chattanova, 4 years ago
  • Stunning picture of bird's amazing upside-down flight

    :confused: the photo doesn't look real, is this serious?
    - biblegirl, 4 years ago
  • World's Dirtiest Apartment


    check out the orbs in this photo, i guess the dust/debris theory would make sense in this case :p
    - biblegirl, 44 years ago
  • this is thread is such a good read, i love stuff like this.
    - lupa, 44 years ago
  • Poor souls :(

    I am glad that this can be prevented with the knowledge we have now about DNA and stuff :D
    - lawliet, 44 years ago
  • Unbelievable Sleepwalking Stories

    The sleepwalking nurse who draws masterpieces in a trance

    Meet Lee Hadwin By day a nurse, at night he's a "sleepwalking artist" who produces strange and fantastical artworks which he has no recollection of drawing when he wakes up the next morning.

    Dubbed 'Kipasso', he says he is utterly mystified by his nocturnal talent, while at the daytime he shows no interest or ability in art whatsoever. Major galleries have been asking for examples of his work, which they hope to market on its artistic merit as well as its novelty value.

    Hadwin first started sleepwalking when he was four years old, but his parents believed it was a normal childhood phase. When he was in his teens, he began producing art work while asleep, at first on his bedroom walls. Once, staying over at a friend's house, he covered the kitchen walls with doodles in his sleep, an embarrassing discovery at breakfast time the next day. In his late teens and early 20s, the intensity of his sleepwalking increased and Hadwin would wake to find everything in the vicinity: tableclothes, newspapers, clothes and walls, covered in artwork.

    Hoping to harness the strange ability, he started leaving artists' materials out when he went to bed and, sure enough, when he awoke he says he would find full-blown pictures beside him. Now, he leaves his home prepared for nocturnal wanderings, with sketchbooks and charcoal pencils scattered around the house, particularly under the stairs, a favorite venue. (Source)

    The sleepwalker who drove 10 miles and killed his in-law

    Kenneth Parks, a 23-year-old Toronto man with a wife and infant daughter, was suffering from severe insomnia caused by joblessness and gambling debts. Early in the morning of May 23, 1987 he arose, got in his car and drove 23 kilometers to his in-laws' home. He stabbed to death his mother-in-law, whom he loved and who had once referred to him as "a gentle giant." Parks also assaulted his father in law, who survived the attack. He then drove to the police and said "I think I have killed some people... my hands," only then realizing he had severely cut his own hands. Under police arrest he was taken to the hospital where he underwent repair of several flexor tendons of both hands.

    Because he could not remember anything about the murder and assault, had no motive for the crime whatsoever, and did have a history of sleepwalking, his team of defense experts (psychiatrists, a psychologist, a neurologist and a sleep specialist) concluded Ken Parks was 'asleep' when he committed the crime, and therefore unaware of his actions. (Source 1 | Source 2)

    The sleepwalking woman who had sex with strangers

    In 2004, sleep medicine experts have successfully treated a rare case of a woman having sex with strangers while sleepwalking.

    At night while asleep, the middle-aged sleepwalker from Australia left her house and had sexual intercourse with strangers. The behavior continued for several months and the woman had no memory of her nocturnal activities. Circumstantial evidence, such as condoms found scattered around the house, alerted the couple to the problem. On one occasion, her partner awoke to find her missing, went searching for her and found her engaged in the sex act.

    Incredulity is the leading player in cases like this. But a combination of factors convinced the doctors that the case was a real sleepwalking phenomenon, including the distress of the couple, and an in-depth clinical evaluation. She stopped her night-time excursions after psychiatric counselling. Drugs such as benzodiazepines, which are sometimes used to treat sleep walkers, were not necessary. (Source)

    The sleepwalking chef who cooks while sleeping

    Robert Wood, a 55 year-old chef, gets up four or five times a week while asleep and heads to the kitchen where he prepares omelettes, stir fries and chips. He has been sleepwalking for 40 years but, together with wife Eleanor, is becoming increasingly worried about having an accident while in the kitchen.

    The couple from Glenrothes in Fife now cannot sleep for more than around three hours at a time. Mr Wood believes an ulcer in his intestine may be at the root of the problem. Because the condition only allows him to eat very small portions, he thinks his hunger pangs might cause him to head to the kitchen. Once he tried to fill a small bowl with a whole box of cereal and carton of milk. Mr Wood is said to be seeking help from sleep specialists in Edinburgh. (Source)

    The sleepwalker who froze to death

    In Jan 2009, Timothy Brueggeman, a 51-year-old electrician from Wisconsin, sleepwalked out of his home in Hayward wearing only his underwear and a fleece shirt. His body was found the next morning about 190 yards from his rural home.

    With temperatures around -16°F, Brueggeman died of hypothermia.
    Investigators found a bottle of Ambien in his bedroom. Ambien is the most-prescribed sleeping pill in the country and has been linked to hundreds of cases of sleepwalking. Sanofi-Aventis, which produces the drug, insists Ambien is safe when taken as directed and not mixed with alcohol or other drugs. But a friend of the victim, Ed Lesniak, admitted that his friend, who was plagued with insomnia, sometimes drank when taking the sleep aid.

    This wasn't Brueggeman's first dangerous sleepwalking incident. Last summer, he drove his pickup truck into the side of his own garage. Brueggeman's mother had advised him to stop taking Ambien after the incident. (Source | Photo)

    The teenager who sleepwalked out her bedroom window

    Just recently, in May 2009, a sleepwalking teenager stepped out of the bedroom window at her historic castle home and plunged 25ft to the ground. Rachel Ward had got out of bed and pulled on a jumper before making her dramatic, unconscious exit from the first floor of the 19th century house.

    She landed feet first on a narrow strip of grass next to her car, leaving six-inch divots in the ground, before collapsing. Semi-conscious, she screamed for help and her parents took her to hospital. There, to the amazement of doctors, tests revealed she hadn't broken a single bone. It was only the following day that Miss Ward, an 18-year-old A-level student, properly woke up. (Source | Photo)

    The sleepwalker who molested a child and got absolved

    In 2007, Alan Ball went to a New Year's Eve house party, drank heavily and fell asleep on a sofa. At some point during the night, he got up, went upstairs and climbed into bed with an under-age girl, whom he kissed on the lips.

    After a year in which this lorry-driving father lost his job and was able to see his five-year-old daughter only during supervised visits, a judge at Preston Crown Court cleared him of sexual assault in 2009, after the 35-year-old claimed he was sleepwalking at the time of the incident and had no memory of the events. (Source)

    The sleepwalker who mowed the lawn naked

    In 2005, a sleep-walking computer expert was reportedly caught by his wife mowing the lawn naked at 2am. Rebekah Armstrong was woken by a noise coming from the garden. When she realized her husband Ian was not in bed she went downstairs to see what was happening.

    Rebekah found Ian was mowing the lawn completely starker. She was afraid to wake him up because she had always been told it can be dangerous to disturb someone who is sleepwalking. She just unplugged the mower, went back to bed and let him get on with it. Ian, 34, later got back into bed and didn't believe Rebekah when she told him what he'd been up to. (Source)

    The sleepwalker who emailed friends

    In 2005, a 44-year-old woman went to bed about 10pm but got up two hours later and walked to her computer in the next room. She turned it on, connected to the internet, and logged on before composing and sending three emails.

    Each was in a random mix of upper and lower cases, not well formatted and written in strange language, the researchers said.
    One read: "Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks, 4pm,. Bring wine and caviar only." Another said simply, "What the…".

    The new variation of sleepwalking has been described as "zzz-mailing". The neurologists said that unlike simple sleep-walking, the activities their patient was involved in required complex behaviour and co-ordinated movements including typing, composing and writing the messages.

    She was also able to remember her password and turn the computer on and connect to the internet, although she had no memory of the event. It was thought that the woman's sleep-walking may have been triggered by prescription medication, although the causes of the phenomenon are not fully understood. (Source | Photo)

    The sleepwalking dog

    Apparently, sleepwalking is not exclusive to humans. Meet Bizkit, a cute dog who suffers from somnambulism and became an instant viral hit on the web.
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Althpugh I dont condone people being labelled "Freaks" - there are some really interesting stories on this thread. Keep 'em coming Jason. :)

    The German Cannibal...yak! :eek:
    - infin8_possibility, 2015 years ago
  • Bizkit the sleep walking Barking Dog - YouTube
    - coco, 2015 years ago
  • Penis string man 'used genitals like a puppet'
    Friday, May 22, 2009

    A man has been arrested in Washington state for standing over an air conditioner intake using his genitals as a puppet.

    Police were called by residents of an apartment complex in Federal Way, Washington, after they saw the man standing above the air intake wearing only an unbuttoned shirt.

    According to the police report, he 'was apparently manipulating' his penis using a piece of string, 'like a puppet.'

    Authorities say the man, identified as 44-year-old Timothy Wayne Martin, was arrested at the scene, with the string still attached to his penis. He was also found to be in possession of a small amount of methamphetamine and a porn magazine.

    He now faces a felony charge of indecent exposure, for which he has two prior convictions.

    Source: _puppet&in_article_id=670278&in_page_id=2
    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Snail boy in world record attempt
    Thursday, May 21, 2009
    Fin Keheler attempting to break the world record for the number of snails placed on the face for 10 seconds

    A boy is trying to get into the record books by covering his face with live snails.

    Eleven-year-old Fin Keheler, from Sandy, Utah, allowed 43 of the slimy mollusks to be put on his face. He wants the Guinness World Records to verify his effort.

    The Guinness web site says the record set in 2007 for snails on the face for 10 seconds is eight.

    The boy says he has since learned the record was 36.

    Fin made three attempts on Saturday. Sitting back in a reclining chair, snails gathered from neighbours' gardens were carefully placed on his face. Those that remained for at least 10 seconds were counted.

    His family is sending witness statements, video and media coverage to Guinness this week.

    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Chuck Norris congratulates bakery over use of Chuck Norris
    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    A bakery which used a photo of Chuck Norris to scare off burglars has been congratulated on their plan by the legendarily tough action star.
    Chuck Norris: do not attempt to rob a bakery while he's around or he will kick your chin off

    The bakers in Split, Croatia, had been broken into almost every week until they put up the poster of the martial arts legend with a sign saying: 'This shop is under the protection of Chuck Norris.'

    In more than a month since the picture was first displayed, the bakery hasn't had a single burglary.

    Now, Norris has left the bakery a message on his official website saying he is proud to be able to help - even if not in person.

    'I am glad to see I have been of assistance over in Croatia where they are using a picture of me to scare thieves,' Norris said on his website.

    'Maybe I'll pay them a visit one day to make sure the message gets across - thieves are never welcome,' he said.

    Sales assistant Mirna Kovac was delighted by the endorsement. She said: 'We are so happy that Chuck likes our sign and welcome him to come and visit us any time. It has really worked for us as people seem to respect him.'

    Source: r_use_of_Chuck_Norris&in_article_id=668800&in_page_id=2
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Colorado Calf Born With Two Spines, Seven Legs


    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — It's an unlucky No. 7 for a calf born with a few extra legs in Colorado.

    The Steamboat Pilot & Today of Steamboat Springs reports that a veterinary hospital helped deliver a seven-legged calf Thursday.

    The staff at the Steamboat Veterinary Hospital said the Black Angus calf, which was delivered by cesarean section, had two spines but one head. One leg also had two hooves.

    The calf lived for only about 10 minutes.

    Veterinarian Lee Meyring says the birth was an incomplete splitting of the embryo into twins.

    He says he had previously seen a calf with a fifth leg, but the seven-legged calf was the most bizarre he has seen.

    The hospital says the calf's owners do not want to be identified.
    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • Hungry tiger pounces on motorcyclist

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    A hungry tiger has been captured in Russia - after it was run over when it tried to pounce on a motorbike rider.

    The tiger on the road before being captured

    The big cat leapt at the biker as he drove along the road in Vyazemsk, Russia, but was hit in mid-air by a car.

    'It just ran right in front of me - I hit it just as it was about to leap on the bike rider,' the driver of the car told local media.

    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Beer-head disguise robber caught on camera

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    A man chose an innovative, if somewhat rudimentary, disguise when he robbed a Nebraska convenience store - he put a beer box over his head.
    Who is that masked (i.e. beer box wearing) man?

    CCTV video of the robbery shows how the master of disguise walked into the Kwik Shop in Lincoln, Nebraska early on Monday morning, with the 12-pack beer box on his head and a towel draped over his hand.

    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Other Weird Robbers' disguises

    Thief dressed as a carpet

    A suspect tried to evade police by wrapping himself in a carpet.

    Miroslaw Dabrowski, 32, rolled up in a rug and propped himself against a wall on the balcony as police searched his aunt's home in Warsaw.

    He was only found after two hours when a detective went out to the balcony to smoke a cigarette and the officer noticed it was shivering, ananova reported.

    Cops twig man disguised as a tree

    Impressive groundbreaking criminal work in New Hampshire, where a man has held up bank branch while wearing a cunning disguise – he was pretending to be a tree.

    The bank who fell victim to the felonious arboreal menace was a Citizen Bank branch in Manchester, New Hampshire. Shortly after they opened on Saturday morning, a gentleman entered the branch with branches duct-taped to his head and torso. The tree then demanded money.

    While the tree was unarmed, authorities say that bank staff acquiesced to the tree's demands, and it got away with an undisclosed amount of money.

    The flaw in the tree's plan can about when, despite the leaves and twigs that partially obscured the robber's face, they were still recognizable from the bank's security camera footage.

    Police promptly arrested the tree, identified as 49-year-old James Coldwell, early on Sunday morning at his home. He has been charged with robbery.

    'He really went out on a limb,' commented police Segeant Ernie Goodno. Yeah, he really said that. God help us all.

    Wearing Knickers on your head

    A transsexual robber who twice held up a petrol station wearing a pair of knickers over her head has been jailed for two and a half years.

    Chloe Bradley, 23, who is undergoing a male to female sex change, jumped over the counter of a Texaco garage brandishing a knife and stole cash from the till on both occasions.

    Bradley, from south-west London, carried out the raids in December last year with the women's underwear used as a disguise.

    Kingston Crown Court heard Bradley was caught on CCTV and later identified by police. She pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery at an earlier hearing.

    Henry Talbot-Ponsonby, prosecuting, told the court that both offences took place at the same Texaco garage in New Malden.

    He said on December 12 at 4.34am Bradley was caught on the security cameras entering the front door and vaulting over the counter.

    Mr Talbot-Ponsonby said the second robbery was carried out on December 31 at 4.20am when Bradley again jumped over the counter holding a knife and opened the till.

    He said after one of the raids Bradley was stopped and spoken to by police but they let her go because they were under the impression they were looking for a man.

    Judge Martin Binning told Bradley he would deduct 200 days she had spent on remand awaiting sentence.

    "You are a vulnerable person due to what has been described as your sexual identity. For you any prison sentence would be more difficult to serve. But a prison sentence it must be," he said.

    Impersonating a wall

    A bank robber's cunning plan to disguise his identity by coating his face with plaster sadly turned out not to be the criminal masterstroke he was hoping for.

    Robert Coulson Lavery, 56, of York County, Pennsylvania, was convicted last Wednesday for robbing the New Cumberland Federal Credit Union in Fairview Township on November 2006.

    He got away with $7,910 (£4,020), partly due to his wonderful idea of impersonating a wall by smearing drywall all over his face.

    Regrettably for his burgeoning felonious career, however, while his identity was impossible to discern through the thick layers of building material, the distinctive NASCAR plate on the front of the getaway car was a little bit of a giveaway.

    The police were able to trace the car to his getaway driver, 53-year-old Robert Steven Miller, after a tip-off about the plate. Miller then sang like a canary, and would ultimately plead guilty to robbery and theft.

    Lavery was arrested at Miller's house, where authorities found some suggestive evidence – like $3,775 in cash, and large amounts of plasterboard compound smeared over clothing and the passenger seat of the car.

    Duct-Tape bandit

    We thought, when a man tried to rob a bank last month while dressed up as a tree, that we'd seen the greatest disguise in modern criminal history. But, showing that you should never underestimate the ingenuity of the criminal element, a magnificent challenger has already emerged.

    The man, now known as the 'Duct Tape Bandit', reasoned with fearsome logic that nobody can identify you if you wrap you head up in duct tape before robbing a store.

    Unfortunately for the Bandit, his meticulously worked-out plan went a bit wrong when the store manager at Shamrock Liquors in Ashland, Kentucky spotted him stealing rolls of change, and chased him out of the store. Ironically, he chased him with a wooden club wrapped in duct tape.

    The Bandit was then wrestled to the ground in the car park by another store employee, who held him until the police arrived. When they got there, the cops had the fun job of peeling the duct tape off the man's face.

    Revealed beneath the Duct Tape Bandit's duct tape was his true identity – not a masked supervillian, but an ordinary man with the deeply implausible name of Kasey G. Kazee.

    Kazee was charged with first-degree robbery. However, in a TV interview with local station WSAZ-TV, he denied being the Duct Tape Bandit. 'Do I look like the duct tape bandit to you?' he said.

    Whoever the Duct Tape Bandit really was, his disguise was not limited to the duct tape thing. One store employee told WSAZ-TV that he had pulled his t-shirt over his head - noting that it lent him an appearance reminiscent of nothing so much as The Great Cornholio, alter ego of Beavis from Beavis And Butthead.

    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • I could do this standing on my head

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    Wang Xiaoyu, 35, gives a model a haircut while standing on his head near his barbershop in Changsha, Hunan Province on May 22.
    Wang Xiaoyu performs the headstand haircut

    Wang, a barber of 15 years who has had 18 years of training in martial arts, is now trying to attract more customers by giving haircuts whilst adopting a headstand, local media reported.

    We cannot imagine what could possibly go wrong.

    - jason_bourne, 2014 years ago
  • Tyre-slashing spree blamed on mother, braces and nuclear weapons

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    A man arrested in Colorado on suspicion of slashing the tyres of around 50 vehicles told police that he blamed his vandalism spree on his relationship with his mother, the fact that he got braces when he was younger, and radiation.

    The 31-year-old man, identified by police as Alexander Kabelis, was arrested after he was spotted crouching behind a police car in Boulder, Colorado. The vehicle had one of its tyres slashed. The man was followed from the scene by a police officer, and arrested.

    According to police, he admitted to slashing the tyres of 46 different vehicles in the past month, including nine police vehicles.

    Upon being apprehended, the man gave police a lengthy list of reasons for his crimes. Firstly he said that he was 'frustrated' about his relationship with his mother, according to police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley.

    He then added that he was angry about losing his license a few years ago, and complained that he had recently been 'buzzed' by a police car. After that, he suggested that the fact he had got braces in the 1990s might be to blame.

    Finally, he posited that radiation from Colorado's disused Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant might be behind the tyre slashing.

    Source:,_braces_and_nuclea r_weapons&in_article_id=673583&in_page_id=2
    - jason_bourne, 2014 years ago
  • Boy takes on tumble dryer and loses

    By JO STEELE - Wednesday, May 27, 2009
    Toby Sumner and his mother Liza after the rumble in the tumble

    Being an inquisitive 11-year-old is usually a healthy thing - but not for Toby Sumner.

    The bored schoolboy decided to find out if he could fit in his family's tumble dryer. He could - the problem came when he tried to get out.

    Toby became wedged inside when the drum moved and - despite frantic efforts by his family - he had to be rescued by the fire brigade.

    'His head and arms were out but his back and legs were stuck in,' said his mother, Liza.

    'He started panicking and all we could do was try to keep him calm. We called 999 and within a couple of minutes they responded - they were brilliant.'

    Toby's ordeal began when he climbed into the drum of the 18-month-old machine. 'I put my legs in and got inside - but the drum spun round and I got stuck. I was scared,' he said.

    After ten minutes of struggling to free himself and with his knees and shoulders becoming painful, 1.57m (5ft 2in) Toby called for help.

    His grandfather, Bernard Darwen, who lives with the family, tried to unscrew the front of the dryer but was unable to extract his spun-out grandson.

    Stepfather Gary was eventually forced to call the fire service as terrified Toby became more and more distressed.

    When the fire crew and rapid response paramedics arrived, they first tried to dismantle the dryer before tipping it upside down - with Toby still inside.

    Ten minutes later, the rescuers were finally able to free the youngster, who suffered only bruising to his legs.

    'They saw the funny side of it - but only afterwards. They were very professional,' Toby's stepfather said.

    Toby, of Penwortham, Lancashire, added: 'I won't be doing it again.'

    - jason_bourne, 44 years ago
  • 36MMM breasts scoop world record
    Out in front: And now, with her substantial assets

    Who says porn stars lack amb­ition? Maxi Mounds has made a huge name for herself – by having the largest breast implants in the world.

    Her 36MMM bust – each weighing 9kg (20lbs) – finally made it into the record books years after she learned there was a category for natural breasts.

    'I contacted Guinness World Records and asked if they had a category for implants, but they said no, so I let it go,' she said.

    'Then they asked me if I was interested as they were creating a category. Eventually they told me I won.'

    Ms Mounds – not her real name – became a lap dancer in Florida in the 1990s.

    It was then the one-time ballet dancer and horse rider decided to enhance her figure.
    Modest beginning: Ms Mounds pre-implants

    had the old-style silicone imp­lants,' she explained. 'But then came all the scare stories, so I had them replaced with overfilled saline.'

    But her chest began to sag, so she had tubes put in her armpits so she could be topped up.

    In 2000, she had her implants ­removed and the pockets filled with plastic string – a procedure which has been banned. A solution was injected to make the breasts produce fluid and 'inflate' – but they kept on growing.

    She doesn't have a fella now: 'It takes a very special type of person to be with someone who looks like me because of the reactions I get from people whenever I'm out in public.

    'I've seen some pretty funny things happen. Men walking into things and getting slapped by their girlfriends because they were staring so hard.'

    - jason_bourne, 2015 years ago
  • Post #213

    Go Chuck!
    - coco, 2014 years ago
  • Cat in China Grows Wings

    Experts are baffled by a cat in China who began sprouting bony 'wings' on each side of his spine when he was a year old. More at The Daily Mail.
    - chattanova, 2014 years ago
  • Seeing-eye horse story stirs controversy

    FORT WORTH — What's a horse doing in the dairy aisle at Target?

    Last week we reported on an expanding list of service animals for the disabled, including ferrets, monkeys and horses. The story has ignited a controversy among some in the disabled community who say using a horse to get around in a grocery store goes too far.

    Trixie the seeing-eye pony knows Target like the back of her slip-proof pink boots. "She means the world to me," said Tabitha Darling, Trixie's owner. "Not just a working animal, but — well — my friend."

    Darling is legally blind, with a bone condition that she says can make walking painful.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act makes it illegal for stores to refuse entry to a service animal. But while Tabitha says Trixie is critical to her independence, she is now drawing fire from some, accused of abusing the system.

    "She doesn't need to be riding it around like Lady Godiva in a store," said Carolyn Finefrock, who has far less vision than Darling and uses a more traditional seeing-eye dog and a wheelchair for mobility. Finefrock thinks licensing service animal users would eliminate abuse.

    "What about people who really can't walk? What about people who really can't see?" she asked.

    Lex Frieden, a professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, helped develop the Americans with Disabilities Act. What does he think of going shopping with a horse?

    "There are other solutions besides that one that are more functional and more appropriate for her," Frieden said. "But consider this: It's her choice."

    Frieden has been using a wheelchair since he was injured in a car accident when he was a college student. He favors a case-by-case review of a person's disability. Any blanket solution, he says, is a step in the wrong direction.

    "We actually stop innovation; we stop discovery; and we actually provide a cap on what's possible," he said. "Who knows what's possible in the future?"

    Tabitha Darling says she is often asked why she insists on riding a horse inside a store when there are other options. Her answer?

    It's what works best for her.

    - jason_bourne, 5 years ago
  • Kobayashi trumps Chestnut in pizza-eating contest

    Monday, June 1, 2009

    It was the clash of the competitive eating titans - and Japan's Takeru Kobayashi outlasted American Joey Chestnut in a battle to see who could devour the most pizzas.
    Om nom nom nom: Takeru Kobayashi attacks the the pizza

    Kobayashi, a six-time world hot dog eating champion from Japan, consumed 5¾ P'zones - a kind mixture between a pizza and a calzone - in six-minutes. This placed him narrowly ahead of Chestnut, the 25-year-old from San Jose, California, who forced down 5½ in the same time.

    'I'm a little bummed,' said Chestnut after the match. 'There's nobody I like beating more than him, he pushes me harder than anybody.'

    The arch rivals are best known for their annual Fourth of July hot dog eating showdowns on New York's Coney Island. Chestnut has beaten his Japanese competitor the last two years, winning last year in a five-dog eat-off after they tied at 59 frankfurters in 10 minutes.

    Chestnut took an early lead in Saturday's contest, squeezing the pizza in his left fist while alternately slugging from a water bottle, which ended up splashing everywhere.

    Kobayashi, who is recovering from TMJ, a painful jaw disorder, took a tidier approach, tearing off bites of the crust, then folding it over and sipping carefully from a series of white paper cups that he refilled with water.

    'The crust was very chewy so my technique was to try to drink as much water as possible to soften up the crust in my mouth,' Kobayashi said through his translator.

    Ultimately, Chestnut couldn't keep up with his 31-year-old rival from Tokyo. At the six-minute mark, Kobayashi raised his arms in triumph and lifted his red jersey.

    'It was tough. Kobayashi came to win,' Chestnut said. 'I was raised on pizza so it was natural for me to eat it, but I was a little slow to get going and he came out fast.'

    'I love pizza," Kobayashi said. 'When I come to America, pizza is my happiness. I look forward to eating it.'

    'I wanted to prove that I'm champion,' he added. 'A champion will stand up to any battle.'

    Kobayashi said he would take part in one more Fourth of July hot dog championship, and then probably retire.

    - jason_bourne, 5 years ago
  • Man cuts off penis over marriage disappointment

    Monday, June 1, 2009
    No wedding: the man was refused permission to marry a lower class girl

    A 25-year-old Egyptian man cut off his own penis to spite his family after he was refused permission to marry a girl from a lower class family, police reported on Sunday.

    After unsuccessfully petitioning his father for two years to marry the girl, the man heated up a knife and sliced off his reproductive organ, said a police official.

    The young man came from a prominent family in the southern Egyptian province of Qena, one of Egypt's poorest and most conservative areas.

    Source: ppointment&in_article_id=676227&in_page_id=2
    - jason_bourne, 5 years ago
  • Man beats cancer, and bookies

    Monday, June 1, 2009
    In the money: Jon Matthews survived cancer, and cashed in

    A man diagnosed with terminal cancer stands to win £5,000 - after betting he would stay alive.

    Jon Matthews, 59, refused to accept his doctor's prognosis that he would be dead within months and decided to bet against it.

    Mr Matthews, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, was diagnosed with mesothelioma - a cancer linked to asbestos - in April 2006.

    Keen to defy doctors' predictions that he would not see in 2007, he placed a £100 stake with odds of 50/1 with bookmakers William Hill that he would remain alive until June 1, 2008.

    This won him £5,000. He also bet he would survive for another year after that - worth another £5,000.

    A final bet, of £100 at odds of 100/1, will see him win £10,000 if he lives till June 1 next year.

    - jason_bourne, 5 years ago
  • Anti-Heroes

    Nine fascinating people who lived their lives outside the law to become popular heros.

    Phoolan Devi: killed 22 men as a revenge for being gang-raped

    Also known as the Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi was born in 1963 in the north of India into a poor low-caste family. She married at the age 11 to a man three times her age, but was abandoned by her husband and her family after the marriage broke down. At her 20s she was subjected to numerous sexual assaults and turned to a life of crime.

    In 1979 she was imprisoned in Behmai, an obscure Thakur village. Each night for two weeks, a group of Thakur men gang-raped Phoolan, most times until she lost consciousness. After three weeks, she managed to escape and formed a gang.

    Almost two years later, she stumbled upon Behmai to rob the villagers. What began as a robbery transformed into an inquisition when Phoolan recognized two of the men as part of the gang that had raped her. When the villagers failed to disclose the whereabouts of the gang leaders, an infuriated Phoolan assembled the men in a line and opened fire. Of the thirty men who crumbled, twenty-two died in what became known as the St. Valentine massacre, the largest massacre by bandits in Indian history.

    Afterwards, police launched a huge manhunt using helicopters and thousands of men, but Phoolan Devi's already high reputation among the poor was enhanced as she frequently outwitted them and evaded capture. She surrendered to the authorities in 1983 in poor health after most of her gang members had died. After serving her time in prison (11 years) she insisted that she was a reformed character and was elected to the Indian parliament. There she tried to establish a reputation as a champion of the oppressed in India. Phoolan Devi's criminal record and subsequent rehabilitation was made into a successful feature film in India and the west.

    On July 25, 2001, Phoolan Devi was fatally shot as she got out of her car at the gate of her New Delhi residence. Sher Singh Rana confessed to the murder, saying he was avenging the deaths of 22 Kshatriyas at Behmai.

    Pancho Villa: the bandit who became a guerrilla leader

    Pancho Villa (1878 – 1923) was a Mexican revolutionary leader who advocated for the poor and wanted agrarian reform. Though he was a killer, a bandit, and a revolutionary leader, many remember him as a folk hero. He was prevented from being accepted into the "panteón" of national heroes until some 20 years after his death but today his memory is honored by Mexicans and many people around the world.

    Pancho Villa was born Doroteo Arango, the son of a sharecropper at the hacienda in San Juan del Rio, Durango. While growing up, Pancho Villa witnessed and experienced the harshness of peasant life. When he was 15, his father died, so Villa began to work to support his family until one day he came home and find that the owner of the hacienda intended to have sex with his 12-year old sister. Villa, only 16-years old, grabbed a pistol, shot the owner of the hacienda, and then took off to the mountains. From 1894 to 1910, Villa spent most of his time in the mountains running from the law. By 1896, he had joined some other bandits and soon became their leader. Villa and his group of bandits would steal cattle, rob shipments of money, and commit additional crimes against the wealthy.

    By stealing from the rich and often giving to the poor, some saw Pancho Villa as a modern-day Robin Hood. His notoriety as a bandit and his prowess at escaping capture caught the attention of men who were planning a revolution. These men understood that Villa's skills could be used as a guerilla fighter during the revolution. Since Porfirio Diaz, the sitting president of Mexico, had created much of the current problems for the poor and Francisco Madero promised change for the lower classes, Pancho Villa joined Madero's cause and agreed to be a leader in the revolutionary army.

    When one of Madero's military commanders, Pascual Orozco, started a counterr ebellion against Madero, Villa gathered his mounted cavalry troops and fought alongside General Victoriano Huerta to support Madero. However, Huerta viewed Villa as an ambitious competitor, and later accused Villa of stealing a horse and insubordination. He sentenced to execution.

    Villa was standing in front of a firing squad waiting to be shot when a telegram from President Madero was received commuting his sentence to imprisonment, from which Villa later escaped. During Villa's imprisonment, Gildardo Magaña Cerda, a Zapatista who was in prison at the time, provided the chance meeting which would help to improve his poor reading and writing skills, which would serve him well in the future during his service as provisional governor of the state of Chihuahua.

    Villa retired from revolutionary life in 1920 but had only a short retirement for he was gunned down in his car on July 20, 1923.

    Lampião: Brazil's greatest bandit, who would dig his enemies eyeballs out

    Lampião ("Oil Lamp" in Portuguese) was the nickname of "Captain" Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, the most famous leader of a Cangaço band (marauders and outlaws who terrorized the Brazilian Northeast in the 1920s and 1930s).

    Virgulino was born in 1897 in the Northeastern state of Pernambuco, one of the most backward areas of Brazil. During a raid with police at his home, Virgulino's father was killed. It was an event that the police would regret. At age 25, Virgulino became Lampião, the scourge of the backlands and killer of police and soldiers. For the next 15 years he would never be far from the headlines of newspapers throughout Brazil.

    Lampião was a complex and brutal man. He was also vain, appearing in dozens of photos and giving interviews whenever possible. His band rarely totaled more than 40 men, but he would fight battles against up to 200 militia or special police.

    The cancageiros also had women in their band. The most famous was Maria Bonita (Pretty Mary), Lampião's companion until death.
    Not only did Lampião wipe out whole households of enemies at times, he would assault small towns and cities alike, killing police, asking local merchants for "contributions", seizing any good he could carry off and often distributing those which he could not to the local population. Often women were raped. Mostly, these were women associated with the police and/or any opposing faction. Early in his career, Lampião and over 20 of his band gang raped a young wife of a soldier, while the poor man was forced to watch. Incidents of Lampião digging out a man's eyeballs with a knife and cutting off a woman's tongue have also been substantiated.

    In 1938, Lampião's long career ended. He was betrayed by one of the local supporters who told where he was. One morning 50 soldiers armed with machine guns crept up and surprised the cangaceiros. Lampião and Maria Bonita killed. To insure that the news of Lampião's death would be believed, the soldiers took the heads of the captives to Salvador, were they remained on display for over 30 years.

    For some people, Lampiao is said to be the Robin Hood of Brazil. The difference is that Robin Hood didn't start his career robbing sick bed-ridden 90 year old ladies.

    Billy the Kid: believed to have killed one man for each year of his life

    Henry McCarty (1859 - 1881), better known as Billy the Kid, but also known by the aliases Henry Antrim and William H. Bonney, was a 19th-century American frontier outlaw and gunman who participated in the so-called Lincoln County War. According to legend, he killed 21 men, one for each year of his life, but he most likely participated in the killing of fewer than half that number.

    While fact and myth are often difficult to separate, it seems Billy the Kid earned his reputation as one of the the Desert Southwest's most prolific killers. History records that in a period of just 4 years, he fought in at least 16 shootouts, killed at least 4 men himself, and assisted in the murder of at least 5 others.

    When he was young, in Silver City, Kid Antrim, as he was then called, was arrested for theft but escaped jail and began wandering the Desert Southwest and northern Mexico. In Arizona, he took up horse rustling, and on August 17, 1877, shot and killed his first man -- blacksmith, F.P. Cahill -- in a Camp Grant Saloon.

    Billy fled Arizona and an indictment for murder, eventually arriving in Lincoln County, New Mexico where he became known as Billy Bonney, a young horse rustler fluent in Spanish and popular with Mexican women.

    McCarty (or Bonney) was 5 ft 8 in-5 ft 9 in tall with blue eyes, a smooth complexion and prominent front teeth. He was said to be friendly and personable at times, and many recalled that he was as "lithe as a cat". Contemporaries described him as a "neat" dresser who favored an "unadorned Mexican sombrero". These qualities, along with his cunning and celebrated skill with firearms, contributed to his paradoxical image, as both a notorious outlaw and beloved folk hero.

    A relative unknown during his own lifetime, he was catapulted into legend the year after his death when his killer, Sheriff Patrick Garrett, along with co-author M.A. "Ash" Upson, published a sensationalistic biography titled The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid. Beginning with Garrett's account, Billy the Kid grew into a symbolic figure of the American Old West.

    Historians speculate that his image was created deliberately to distract the public's attention from the nefarious activities of the Dolan faction and their influential supporters in Santa Fe, notably regional political leader Thomas Benton Catron.

    Salvatore Giuliano: the Sicilian Robin Hood

    Commonly compared to the legend of Robin Hood, Salvatore Giuliano (1922 – 1950) was a Sicilian peasant famous due to stories pertaining to him helping the poor villagers in his area by taking from the rich. The millennial subjugated social status of his class led him to become a bandit and separatist who has been mythologized during his life and after his death.

    As a member of the Sicilian Independentist Movement, Giuliano actively pursued efforts into gaining independence for the island from the Italian government. His story gained attention in the media worldwide, in part due to his handsome looks, including features in Time magazine.

    He was born on November 16th 1922 in the western Sicilian mountain village of Montelepre which means "The Mountain of the hare". He was the last of a long line of Sicilian mountain bandits and the last of the "honorable" men. The mountain bandits of Sicily have nothing to do with the city mafiosos. They were a breed unto themselves with a special code of honor and morals. They were truly the friends of the poor and they gave freely of their plunder of the rich to the poor. Turridu (the diminutive of Salvatore) was no different and even today you will find older people in the mountain villages around Palermo who still sing his praises.

    Salvatore went to school until the end of primary school at which time he had to go to work but he didn't stop studying and went to the local priest and the local school teacher to continue his studies on his own. He was a very well read man with a great amount of culture for a Sicilian "campagnolo" and he used his knowledge to help people. Giuliano's life in banditry, like many, came out of necessity.

    After his father death, his eldest brother provided wheat for Giuliano's family, but he was called to war. So it was up to Salvatore, just twenty years old, at the time, to provide the necessities for his family.

    He was inexperienced of the modus operandi used in moving the wheat and so on the 2nd of September 1943, he ran into a patrol of two country wardens and two carabinieri (rural police). His prayers and explanations were of no use. He was accused of smuggling two sacks of wheat of about forty kilos each. They seized his mule and wheat. They wanted to arrest and take him to the "American garrison".

    The young Giuliano to flee but the soldiers fired six times at him. He was hit twice in his hip. The carabiniero Giuseppe Mancino was ordered to finish him off, if he was still alive. Giuliano, who heard this, leaped forward and wounded him seriously with a pistol which he had kept in his boot. The soldier died of his wounds the following day, while Giuliano regained his full health after a month struggling for his life. He then sought refuge in the hills around Montelepre.

    And this is how Turrido became the last mountain bandit of Sicily. In his politics he was anti-communist, anti-Mafioso and one of the leaders of the separatist movement in Sicily. He was vilely murdered in his sleep on the 5th of July 1950 by his own cousin under orders from the Palermo mafia dons.

    Ishikawa Goemon: the Japanese bandit who was boiled alive

    Goemon, whose full name is Ishikawa Goemon (1558-1594) was a legendary bandit hero who stole gold and valuables and gave them to the poor. There is little historical information on Goemon's life, and thus he has become a folk hero, whose background and origins have been widely speculated upon. He is notable for being boiled alive after a failed assassination attempt on Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A large iron kettle-shaped bathtub is now called a Goemon-buro (Goemon-bath).

    In one version of the story, Goemon tried to assassinate Hideyoshi to avenge the death of his wife and capture of his son, Gobei. He entered Hideyoshi's room but knocked a bell off a table. The noise awoke the samurai guards and he was captured. He was sentenced to death by being boiled alive in an iron cauldron. He was executed in front of the main gate of the Nanzenji Temple in Kyôto. His young son was also put in the cauldron but it was said that Goemon held his kid above the boiling water up to his death.

    Dick Turpin: the English highwayman who gave a 30 min speech before his execution

    An infamous English rogue, Richard Turpin (1705 – 1739) was maybe the Britain's greatest highwayman. Turpin engaged in poaching, burglary, cattle rustling, horse theft, highway robbery and murder before being executed in York. After his death, as "Dick" Turpin, he became the subject of legend, romanticized as dashing and heroic in English ballads and popular theatre of the 18th and 19th century and in film and television of the 20th century. There is divergence between history and legend.

    He was born in the county of Essex in 1706 to a country farmer. As a young man, he became apprenticed to a butcher and soon set up his own shop on the outskirts of London.

    But rather than rely on legitimate suppliers, Turpin stole sheep, lambs, and cattle, an offence punishable by death. He was soon caught stealing two oxen and fled the area and left his wife and business.

    Turpin moved to Essex and fell in with the Gregory Gang. Far from dashing post-road stickups, this troupe specialized in invading domiciles where they would torture women into revealing the household stashes of valuables.

    Upon the breakup of the Gregory Gang, the gang members left still indulging in criminal behavior were Turpin himself and the raucous Thomas Rowden. The duo changed from robbing isolated farmhouses to robbing stagecoaches passing through Epping Forest, which they found easier for two men instead of a gang. Turpin had become the highwayman that later tales would tell of.

    By late 1737, Turpin had achieved such notoriety that another bounty of £100 was placed on his head - a reward which was to transform him from a footpad into a murderer.

    His end, if not heroic, was certainly attention-grabbing. Turpin settled in Yorkshire under the alias “John Palmer” and passed as a gentleman farmer … with a larcenous side business rustling stock.

    His cover was blown most ingloriously, when he was detained as a possible horse thief and sent a pseudonymous letter to his brother in London asking for help. The brother was too cheap to pay the postage due, so the letter returned to the post office where Turpin's schoolmaster chanced to see writing in a hand he recognized, and journeyed to York to identify the wanted man and pocket the reward.

    In April of 1739, Dick Turpin was driven through the streets of York in a wagon to the hangman's noose. Dick Turpin waved and smiled. Upon reaching the gallows, he launched into a thirty minute speech to entertain the crowd. Then he grabbed the noose, threw it about his neck, and jumped off the ladder. He died five minutes later.

    It is only in his last act of death, that Dick Turpin showed any of the bravado that would characterize the Dick Turpin of legend. Like most outlaws, Dick Turpin was a nasty, brutal, and uncaring man. Yet somehow, he has earned a measure of immortality in the stories of the great outlaws.

    Ned Kelly: the Australian outlaw who killed policemen

    Edward "Ned" Kelly (1854 – 1880) was an Australian bushranger, and, to some, a folk hero for his defiance of the colonial authorities. Kelly was born in Victoria to an Irish convict father, and as a young man he clashed with the police. Following an incident at his home in 1878, police parties searched for him in the bush. After he murdered three policemen, the colony proclaimed Kelly and his gang wanted outlaws. A final violent confrontation with police took place at Glenrowan.

    Kelly, dressed in home-made plate metal armour and helmet, was captured and sent to jail. He was hanged for murder at Old Melbourne Gaol in 1880. His daring and notoriety made him an iconic figure in Australian history, folk lore, literature, art and film.

    Belle Starr: the outlaw queen who would use her womanly charms to release gang members

    Belle Starr was one of the wildest women of the West - an outlaw who would do anything for a profit. The flamboyant "Bandit Queen" was born Myra Belle Shirley in Missouri in February 8, 1848. While a child, her family moved to Texas. Myra was barely in her teens when she began associating with the seedier elements in her neighborhood. She had soon made acquaintances with a couple of hoods by the name of Frank and Jesse James.

    Over the next few years she entered into a relationship with a member of their gang, Cole Younger and had a child with him. She was now an established member of the outlaw community. Moving on from Younger she married a horse thief by the name of Jim Reed and had a son with him. It wasn't long before the outlaw life caught up with Reed and he was killed in a gunfight. Belle then moved to the Indian Territory where she entered into her second marriage, this time with a Cherokee Indian rogue by the name of Sam Starr. The Bandit couple formed a gang around themselves and, from their hide-away on the Canadian River, entered upon a life of rustling, horse stealing and bootlegging whiskey to Indians. The brains behind these operations, carefully planning each move, was the woman who was now known as Belle Starr.

    Sam and Belle found the bandit life very lucrative. She would use her money liberally to bribe the freedom of any gang members who were captured. Failing this, she would tempt the lawmen with her womanly charms, almost always achieving her ends – the release of compatriots.

    The nearest settlement to the Starr gang's operation was Fort Smith. The local Magistrate was famous Judge Isaac Parker – the hanging Judge. Parker became determined to put Belle Starr behind bars. Several times his Deputies had brought Belle in to face various charges like rustling or bootlegging. Yet, each time she was set free due to lack of evidence. In the fall of 1882, however, Parker got lucky when Belle was caught red handed as she attempted to steal a neighbor's horse. He finally had something that would stick. After a trial, he sentenced Belle to two six month prison terms. After nine months she was let off for good behavior.

    Belle's time behind bars, however, did nothing to change her in her chosen life course. Upon release she went straight back to her life of rustling and bootlegging. In 1886 she again became a widow when Sam was fatally shot at a party. Not one to waste time mourning, Belle soon got into a relationship with a younger desperado who went under the unlikely alias of Blue Duck. Blue Duck got himself into deep water when he murdered a local farmer. The evidence was overwhelming and he was soon standing in the dock before the hanging judge. Parker sentenced him to hang. Belle however wasn't prepared to see her lover hang. She hired the very best lawyers in the District. They ended up appealing the case all the way to the White House. President Grover Cleveland commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment.
    In 1889 Belle entered into her third marriage, this time with a much younger bandit by the name of Jim July. This marriage, however, would be the death of her. The relationship was particularly stormy.

    After one fierce quarrel, July was reported to have offered an accomplice $200 to kill his wife. When the offer was rejected, July screamed, “ Hell – I'll kill the old hag myself and spend the money for whiskey!” A few days later Belle Starr, the Bandit Queen, was shot to death from an ambush on a lonely country road. She was 41 years of age.

    - jason_bourne, 5 years ago
  • mmm, hellooooooooo Robin Hood, yummy!
    - biblegirl, 5 years ago
  • The 20 Worst Tattoos Ever


    20th worst tattoo
    We start our shittoo (shit+tattoo = shittoo) countdown in twentieth place with this homage to Jack Nicholson playing the character Johnny in the movie The Shining. Unfortunately the tattoo artist isn’t quite up to par!

    19th worst tattoo
    In nineteenth place we have a tattoo that is actually pretty well done, but the subject matter is much more questionable. Onto describing this tattoo - and there is no other way to say it. It’s a large veined cock protruding out of the owners armpit heading towards some Pamela Anderson style barbed wire!

    18th worst tattoo
    Up to eighteenth place, we have a lovely chest piece describing the owner’s prowess as a number one dick sucka. I’m not sure if she needed to go through some kind of competition to be the winner of this accolade, but I’m glad I wasn’t a judge!

    17th worst tattoo
    Seventeenth place follows the ‘cock’ theme with a rather fetching back piece. I’m wondering whether the client actually did walk into a tattoo studio, and asked for “Two mermen embracing, one giving the other one a reach around, lying down under two eight foot tall spunking cocks” or whether he said “I’ll leave it up to you mate”. Either way, he’s made it to seventeenth place!

    16th worst tattoo
    Sixteenth place, and boy we have a zinger! Well I think it’s a cheeseburger, but it’s a very strange tattoo, and it happens to be as big as a palm tree! Nice!

    15th worst tattoo
    Fifteenth place sees Merlin making an appearance with his shimmering crystal ball of magic. A terrible tattoo, I’m assuming that at least one person wishes they can make this travesty disappear with a shake of his wand.

    14th worst tattoo
    Running straight into fourteenth place is this cute green M&M guy running away from a scary looking black cloud.

    13th worst tattoo
    Thirteenth place and to be honest, I don’t know what the tattoo artist was thinking when he started this memorial piece, it is one of the worst real-life portraits I’ve ever seen. The teeth remind me of Jaws out of the James Bond movies. Mind you, in a while when the memory fades, he can always have some green tinges and blood added, along with some scars, bones and a graveyard background, and have it touched up into a cracking zombie scene.

    12th worst tattoo
    Number twelve and another film homage, this time Star Wars. Nothing I can really say about this one apart from it makes me shudder! I particularly enjoy the way the fat mans love handles ‘frame’ the whole peice.

    11th worst tattoo
    In eleventh place, we have a homemade effort. A least he didn’t pay anyone to do this disaster of a tattoo. I sure as hell can think up more constructive things to do if you are bored though…

    - jason_bourne, 5 years ago
  • Worst Tattoos Ever... Continued


    10th worst tattoo
    Now down to my top ten terrible tattoos, and boy these works of art are truly individual!!

    In tenth place, we have another homemade beauty (I hope) entitled Beers, Beers, Beers. It is either really terrible, of a very well done reflective piece of art, I haven’t quite decided yet.

    9th worst tattoo
    Ninth this beautiful crab scuttles out from a completely untalented scratchers tattoo gun onto this poor guy, although, the owner of the tattoo is quite proud of it, actually offering to pass on the details of the artist. The only person I would pass them onto would be the police, or health and safety.

    8th worst tattoo
    In eight place, we have an awesome back piece commemorating 3 NASCAR wins and a championship win! It is truly one of the most poorly executed, ill planned and laughable tattoos on this site!

    7th worst tattoo
    Puff the magic dragon lives in seventh place, and I imagine that the person doing the tattoo (I refused to use the word artist) was either high on some illegal substance, blind, or quite possibly both.

    6th worst tattoo
    In sixth place we have this fantastic portrait of a lady wearing a fedora with her breasts out, I actually struggled at first to decide whether this was a tattoo or a real life person superimposed with photoshop. Will definitely be a thing of extreme beauty when it’s finished.

    5th worst tattoo
    Fifth place sees yet another reference to Star Wars, and a tattoo for some reason that really tickled me. I laughed for a good five minutes when I discovered Chewie! Anyway, I hope you like it as much as I did! Presenting the fantastic Chewbacca! Grrrrwwwwwwwl

    4th worst tattoo
    In fourth place, we have a tattoo of extreme stupidity. This absolute retard of a woman chose to have ‘GOLDEN PALACE.COM’ tattooed on her forehead for the princely sum of $10,000. She claims that it will be used for her daughter’s education, but I thought they were a lot more expensive than that! Anyway I now present you with mong of the year.

    3rd worst tattoo
    Third place sees one of my favourites, Mr Cool Ice. In fact, I think he is cooler than ice, and I really love the swimming goggles on the back of his head! 2 photo’s for this one as it is so awesome!

    2nd worst tattoo
    Second place, is the awesome Canadian gentleman, who felt so patriotic he decided to get a tattoo of his flag, and the simple statement “I am. Canadian”. I don’t know if there is a full stop between am and Canadian, or just an angry red freckle. Regardless of that, we are pleased to present the Mountie in second place!

    1st place, worst tattoo in the world, ever
    In first place, the worst tattoo I have ever seen, it’s a large back piece where the tattoo artist obviously got bored doing all the rows of uneven sized scales, terrible line work, with absolutely no idea of scale (pun intended), perspective of any sign of artistic talent!

    And here it is, the pinnacle of our top twenty worst tattoos of all time!

    - jason_bourne, 5 years ago
  • Dog play potentially explosive game of fetch
    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    A dog playing fetch in Germany delivered back something unexpected to its owner - a live hand grenade from World War II.
    Police in the western town of Erkrath said they were called by the dog's 40-year-old owner, who stopped walking her pet when she recognized the 'rusty' object it was carrying was a weapon.

    Police summoned a munitions expert on Sunday to identify and defuse the grenade, which was a relic from U.S. forces.

    Grenades and bombs left over from World War II are still often found in Germany.

    Sometimes whole streets in neighborhoods are evacuated so that such devices can be safely defused.

    Source: f_fetch&in_article_id=681516&in_page_id=2
    - jason_bourne, 5 years ago
  • Shouldn't Vomitophobia be Emetophobia? ;)
    - energi, 4 years ago
  • Snake with foot found in China

    A snake with a single clawed foot has been discovered in China, according to reports.

    Snake that grew a foot out of its body

    Dean Qiongxiu, 66, said she discovered the reptile clinging to the wall of her bedroom with its talons in the middle of the night.

    "I woke up and heard a strange scratching sound. I turned on the light and saw this monster working its way along the wall using his claw," said Mrs Duan of Suining, southwest China.

    Mrs Duan said she was so scared she grabbed a shoe and beat the snake to death before preserving its body in a bottle of alcohol.

    The snake – 16 inches long and the thickness of a little finger – is now being studied at the Life Sciences Department at China's West Normal University in Nanchang.

    Snake expert Long Shuai said: "It is truly shocking but we won't know the cause until we've conducted an autopsy."

    A more common mutation among snakes is the growth of a second head, which occurs in a similar way to the formation of Siamese twins in humans.

    Such animals are often caught and preserved as lucky tokens but have very little chance of surviving in the wild anyway, especially as the heads have a tendency to attack each other.
    - chattanova, 3 years ago
  • Snake with foot found in China

    A serpent with a foot! I would think that would send the scientists into a flurry of investigation! After all, a snake can't produce an offspring from a mating with a legged lizard. I'd be interested to leard what science determines!

    I am confused though:

    Dean Qiongxiu, 66, said she discovered the reptile clinging to the wall of her bedroom with its talons in the middle of the night.

    "I woke up and heard a strange scratching sound. I turned on the light and saw this monster working its way along the wall using his claw," said Mrs Duan of Suining, southwest China.

    Rhetorically only:
    Who is speaking? Who discovered the snake? Dean Qiongxiu? or Mrs. Duan?
    - coco, 44 years ago
  • Snake with foot found in China

    hey that's pretty wacky chatt

    snakes do actually have spurs on each side of the vent which can be quite big in the males on boa's and pythons the are the remnants of legs however they are never that big! or that far up the body. i guess the strike on this snake was a little crap so decided to grow its feet back and chase dinner down instead lol
    - lupa, 44 years ago
  • Snake with foot found in China

    - biblegirl, 2015 years ago
  • Good to see again, sir. :)
    - coco, 5 years ago
  • Monsieur Mangetout

    Real name Michel Lotito, born Grenoble, France 1950-06-15. Under the nickname of Monsieur Mangetout--Mr. Eat-it-all--he engages in ritual consumption of peculiar, mainly metallic, items originally not intended for human food. He started at the tender age of nine and uses mineral oil for internal lubrication.

    His body is capable of absorbing two pounds (900g) of metal daily, a unique capacity that leaves gastroenterologists puzzled. His menu has included a two-digit number of both supermarket trolleys and bicycles (tyres included) as well as television sets, chandeliers and beds. He's also eaten a computer, a pair of skis, a coffin and a Cessna 150 (that one took him two years). He accompanies his meals with copious amounts of water instead of the more traditionally French red wine.
    - bulltwister, 5 years ago
  • No wine? Barbaric!

    How can he eat those things? Surely his teeth and jaws could not manage even if his digestive system some how does.
    - coco, 5 years ago
  • No wine? Barbaric!

    How can he eat those things? Surely his teeth and jaws could not manage even if his digestive system some how does.

    look at the guys face!! he looks well disgruntled :p
    - newworldengineer, 5 years ago
  • look at the guys face!! he looks well disgruntled :p

    Lol! He does look determined to conquer that gear thingy.
    - coco, 5 years ago
  • Student killed by exploding chewing gum
    A student in Ukraine died after his jaw was blown off reportedly by exploding chewing gum

    The 25-year-old chemistry student, who has not been named by police, was working at his parents' home in Konotop when relatives heard a "loud pop".

    They rushed to his room and discovered his body. The lower half of his face had been seriously disfigured by the blast.

    The Russian news agency Ria Novosti said forensic tests found the chewing gum was covered with an unidentified chemical substance, thought to be some type of explosive.

    It was reported that the student used to dip chewing gum into citric acid. Police also found another substance near the body.

    The news agency said investigators believe the student may have confused the two substances and began chewing on gum that had been treated with the unidentified substance.

    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Cardboard windscreen freezes trucker's eye shut
    A trucker in China who drove 500 miles with a cardboard windscreen became so cold that one of his eyes froze shut.

    The trucker has now lost his licence, after he drove 800km (500 miles) down a motorway with a sheet of cardboard covering his shattered windscreen.

    Sing Li, 24, navigated by sticking his head out of the driver’s window. Unfortunately, this caused him to become rather cold - when he was arrested in Henan, eastern China, not only was one eye frozen shut, but his head was blue from the cold.

    'I didn't want to fall behind in my delivery schedule and I couldn't afford a repair,' he told a court.

    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • X-ray shows TV remote control up man's bottom
    Medics in China couldn't get to the bottom of a drunk student's pain - until x-rays revealed he had a television remote control stuck up his bottom.
    The x-ray of Huang Chen's anally-inerted TV remote control

    The amazing x-rays showed that 19-year-old Huang Chen had the TV remote lodged up his backside.

    Police believe it was a part of a prank played by flatmates on Chen when he collapsed after a night's drinking in Changsha, southern China.

    'We didn't know what it was to start with. There was a little bit of blood but he didn't say anything about a remote control. We couldn't quite believe it when we saw the X-ray,' said Dr Wei Lung Zhi of Hunan Hangtian Hospital.

    'He will be fine in time, but the remote was a write off,' he added.

    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Bus fare dodger gets busted
    Well, it's one way to save on travel costs. This commuter in China was spotted hanging off the rear of a coach - to save a fare worth only 1p.

    Amazed motorists watched Deng Chung, 33, swinging from the back of the bus as he sped through Dongwan, southern China, for more than 30 minutes before hopping off outside his office.

    Police are now interviewing passengers and officer workers so that they can charge the strong-fingered tightwad with endangering public safety.

    'I was following him for a while and we got up to 40 miles per hour,' said motorist Tian Yang, who took this picture.

    Bus company bosses say that Deng saved himself just a penny with his stunt.

    'It's not worth risking your life over that sort of money. If he was really short we'd let him on for nothing,' said a spokesman for the Great Wall Bus Company.

    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Ecstasy pill collector calls cops after his collection is stolen
    A Dutch man who spent two decades collecting Ecstasy pills of all colours and shapes as a hobby called the police for help after they were stolen - because he says some of them are poisonous.

    Police in the Netherlands say the 46-year-old man, who was not identified, decided to report the theft despite the illegal nature of the collection because he was worried about the possible consequences if anybody were to swallow one of the poisoned pills.

    It was not immediately clear why about 40 red-and-white pills out of the 2,400-pill-strong collection would be poisoned, but the police say they fear the drugs could be lethal if swallowed.

    'That's really the main reason he came to the police,' said police spokeswoman Esther Naber, adding the man 'knows he's not going to get his collection back.'

    A report in De Volkskrant newspaper onThursday said the man claimed he was not a drug dealer or user.
    .'I've tried it before but didn't like it,' the report quoted him saying. 'My passion for collecting comes from the varied collection of colors, shapes and logos that are printed on the pills.'

    According to a police statement, the man gathered the pills over a 20 year period and carefully stored them in coin collecting folders.

    The folders were allegedly taken during a break-in Wednesday at the man's home in Eerbeek, 56 miles east of Amsterdam. Naber said investigators generally believe the man's story.

    'Why would you make something like this up?' she said.

    Prosecutors and drug enforcement officials are still weighing whether to charge him with a crime. 'Given that the pills have disappeared, for the moment there's no evidence to support a possession charge,' Naber pointed out.

    The pills' street value is estimated at €11,000 (around £9.950).

    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • 71-year-old avoids jail over horse sex
    A pensioner who performed a sex act on a horse - before being dragged along by it after it was startled - has avoided being sent to prison.

    David Chamberlin, 71, was spotted in a field with the horse’s head in his groin by the animal’s owner.

    ‘The witness was shaken and disgusted by what he saw,’ prosecutor Noelle Brockbank told Teesside Magistrates’ Court.

    ‘He picked up a stick and struck the defendant. That startled the horse, causing it to run off, dragging the defendant with it.’ Chamberlin’s solicitor, Alex Bousfield, said: ‘Mr Chamberlin cannot explain what happened. He didn’t know how to account for that behaviour.’

    Chamberlin, from Middlesbrough, admitted outraging public decency by committing a lewd act and was handed a 24-month community order.
    .He was also given a sexual offences prevention order – which means he cannot have unsupervised contact with anyone under 18 and is banned from owning or being around animals unsupervised.

    Chairman of the bench John Meredith said Chamberlin caused stress to the ‘owner and the animal itself’.

    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • Source:

    World's Oddest Mothers
    by Gracie Murano

    Mother of Most Surviving Children From a Single Birth (8 babies)

    Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman Gutierrez, known as Octomom in the media, is an American woman who came to international attention when she gave birth to octuplets in January 2009. The Suleman octuplets are only the second full set of octuplets to be born alive in the United States and, one week after their birth, surpassed the previous worldwide survival rate for a complete set of octuplets set by the Chukwu octuplets in 1998. The circumstances of their high order multiple birth have led to controversy in the field of assisted reproductive technology as well as an investigation by the Medical Board of California of the fertility specialist involved. Public reaction turned negative when it was discovered that the single mother already had other six young children at home at the time and was not financially independent. Suleman, who was unemployed and on public assistance programs at the time, conceived the octuplets and her six older children via in-vitro fertilization.

    World's Youngest Mother (5 years old)

    Into the hospital at Pisco (Peru) came a tired, ragged Indian woman from the foothills of the Andes. She led by the hand a shy little girl, scarcely three feet tall, with chestnut braids and an enormously bulging abdomen. Pointing to the frightened child, the Indian woman begged surgeon Geraldo Lozada to exorcise the evil spirits which had taken possession of her. Certain that little Lina Medina had an abdominal tumor, Dr. Lozada examined her and received the surprise of his life when he discovered she was eight months pregnant.

    Dr. Lozada took her to Lima, the capital of Peru, prior to the surgery, to have other specialists confirm that Lina was in fact pregnant. A month and a half later, on May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a boy by a caesarean section that was needed due to her small pelvis. Her son weighed 2.7 kg (6 lb) at birth and was named Gerardo after her doctor. Gerardo was raised believing that Lina was his sister, but found out at the age of ten that she was his mother.

    World's Oldest First Time Mother (70 years old)

    Meet Rajo Devi Lohan, the Indian woman who, in November 2008, gave birth to her first child - at the age of 70. She said she had waited for more than 40 years for this child and that she plans to breastfeed her for at least three years. And, who knows, maybe she will.

    The Mother With the Most Births (69 kids)

    Feodor Vassilyev (1707-1782), was a peasant from Shuya, Russia. Though not noteworthy himself, his first wife, Valentina Vassilyeva, set the record for most children birthed by a single woman. She gave birth to total of 69 children; however, few other details are known of her life, such as her date of birth or death. She gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets between 1725 and 1765, in a total of 27 births. 67 of the 69 children born survived infancy.

    The modern world record for giving birth is held by Leontina Albina from San Antonio, Chile. Now in her mid-sixties, she claims to be the mother of 64 children. Of these, 55 are documented.

    The mother with the greatest number of kids that are not tiwns is Livia Ionce. This Romanian woman, 44, gave birth to her 18th child in Canada in 2008.

    World's First Male Mother

    Thomas Beatie, who was born a woman but lives as a man in Oregon after surgery and hormone treatment, was the first man to become a mother. Beatie, 34, who is legally a man but kept female reproductive organs when he had a sex-change operation 10 years ago, made headlines around the world and was dubbed the "pregnant man" before giving birth to a baby girl on June 29. After giving birth he did not go back on the male hormone testosterone that he took after his sex change, because he wanted to have another baby. Beatie's wife, Nancy, 46, whom he married five years ago, was unable to conceive because of a prior hysterectomy. That is why he had a baby himself, through artificial insemination using donor sperm and Beatie's own egg.

    World's Oldest Mother of Twins (70 years old)

    She was utterly determined to have a son. The fact that to do so would make 70-year-old Omkari Panwar the world's oldest mother didn't even cross her mind. Her resolve was matched by her husband Charan Singh Panwar, 77. To pay for the IVF treatment vital to producing a male heir to the family's smallholdings, the retired farmer sold his buffalos, mortgaged his land, spent his life savings and took out a credit card loan. And it all paid off when Mrs Panwar gave birth to twins - a boy and girl - by emergency aaesarean section in a hospital in Muzaffarnagar, seven hours drive north of the Indian capital New Delhi.

    The twins, born a month premature and weighing 2lb each, are healthy, according to doctors. The Panwars already have two adult daughters, and five grandchildren.

    World's Most Prolific Surrogate Mother (12 babies)

    Surrogate mother Carole Horlock, 42, has delivered 12 babies in 13 years - including triplets, setting the world record for the most prolific surrogate mother. She told the ABC News program "20/20." : "When I first started being a surrogate I expected to do it once," she said. "I hadn't looked past that. But I enjoyed it so much. Before I actually had given birth to the baby I wanted to do it again." Surrogates receive an average $25,000 to $30,000 for their services, "20/20" said. The downsides include in-vitro fertilization, morning sickness, bed rest, Caesarean sections and stretch marks.

    Horlock will make no demands on the parents of the triplets beyond requesting an annual letter and photograph to let her know how they are doing. But her surrogacy experiences have not all been positive. Her father rarely speaks to her, distressed that she is effectively giving away his grandchildren.

    World's Smallest Mother (2ft 4in)

    The world's smallest mother is about to give birth for the third time - despite warnings she is risking her life.

    Stacey Herald, who is just 2ft 4in tall, was told that becoming pregnant could kill her, but bravely defied doctors to have two babies half her height. The 35-year-old from Dry Ridge, Kentucky in the U.S. suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which causes brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs, and means she failed to grow. Mrs Herald, who uses a wheelchair, and her husband Will, who is 5ft 9in, are eagerly awaiting the birth of their third baby, due in the next four weeks.

    Currently as wide as she is tall, she cannot hold her daughter because her belly gets in the way, and has to rely on her husband to do most things around the house. She admits being pregnant is ‘uncomfortable' and leaves her bedridden for weeks on end. By the time the new addition, a boy, is one, he will already tower over his mother. But despite all the obstacles, the mother and father, a trainee priest, say they want even more children. The couple met in 2000 while working for a supermarket in their home town.

    Note: the photo pictured above features Cristianne Ray, world's second smallest mother. Ray stands at 2 feet 9 inches tall and gave birth to a healthy baby named Kyrsten Bowden.

    Mother of the World's Tinniest Baby

    Mahajabeen Sheikh gave birth to Rumaisa Rahman on September 19 2004 at Loyola University Medical Center. The baby weighed just 8.6 oz and was only 10 inches long and replaced Madeline Mann, born in 1989, as the world's smallest baby. At 1.3 ounces smaller than Madeline Mann, Rumaisa Rahman weighed less than a can of beer. She was born just 25 weeks and six days into her mother's pregnancy.

    She had a twin, Hiba, who weighed 1 pound 4 ounces at birth. Rumaisa, who lives with her parents and twin sister, Hiba, in Hanover Park, weighed only 8.6 ounces at her birth but now weighs a healthy 15 pounds, said officials at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood.

    Mother With the Longest Interval Between Kids (41 years)

    Elizabeth Ann Buttle had two kids, Belinda and Joseph, which is nothing special in itself. Belinda Buttle was born on May 19, 1956 when Elizabeth Ann Buttle was 19. The amazing part is the interval between the birth of Belinda and Joseph, it is the longest interval between births ever.

    Joseph Buttle was born on November 20, 1997 when Elizabeth Ann Buttle was 60, an interval of 41 years 185 days. If you're familiar with the song 'I am my own grandpa!', well, Joseph's sister was old enough to be his own grandma!
    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago
  • 'Mr Christmas' loses three stone in credit crunch

    A man known as Mr Christmas, who has eaten Christmas dinner every day for the last 16 years, has lost three stone after a halving his portions during the credit crunch.

    Andy Park estimates that he has ingested nearly 118,000 sprouts and around 5,000 bottles of Moet champagne since his Christmas obsession began.

    Every morning since July 14 1994 the father-of-one has breakfasted on mince pies and sherry, before eating a roast turkey lunch and watching the Queen's Speech on video.

    But since January the 45-year-old divorcee has slashed the size of his plate to keep his devotion to Yuletide going in the recession. The self-employed electrician - who insists he had celebrated Christmas every single day since 1994 - believes he is one of the few people to have benefited from the downturn.

    His daily Christmas dinner and decorations habit previously cost him more than £11,000 a year - a budget he has now cut to just over £5,000, including a reduced spend on crackers and party poppers.

    Mr Park, from Melksham, Wiltshire, said today: 'Before the credit crunch I was eating a 14lb turkey, now I'm down to a four pounder. I've cut down from nine massive roast potatoes to four. I used to have 40 peas on my plate, now its just a tablespoon. I now have to make a bottle of champagne last two days. From 40 mince pies day I've gone to 12 and there's no double cream.

    'But after all that, I feel 100% better and I look better too. I can go walking every day and take the dog out with no problems. I used to weigh 19 and a half stone - now I'm a just 16 stone.'

    Once asked to describe how his festive fetish began Mr Park said: 'It was the middle of July and I was just feeling fed up. I was bored, so I went home and put the decorations up. Suddenly I was happy. I thought, this is fun. So I did it again the next day, and the day after that.

    He added: 'People do think I'm crackers, but I enjoy treating myself and I'm the only one in the world who does it. Others have tried to copy me, but they can't last. I'm the only one who can hold out.'

    This year a thin Mr Park has also appeared in former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read's Christmas single My Christmas Card To You.

    - jason_bourne, 4 years ago