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Dumbest You've Done To Get High

by shal
Way to much Kava Kava - Talk about upset stomach!

Cold and Flu tabs! - Shit! Stomach cramps anonymous!

shals :D

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    - platinum907, 10 years ago
  • one time i took 10 coricidin cough and cold pills cause a friend told me i'd trip hard

    and my best friend tried eating two tablespoons of nutmeg....all she ended up with a headache

    haha...great times8(
    - effecstacies, 10 years ago
  • Dextromethorphan will make you trip, but the CPM is horrible for you. Watch out.

    I've done a bunch of shit. Computer duster being the dumbest, although I must admit it was fun.
    - the armed forces, 10 years ago
  • this dude i know once smoked a bong through the shotty (which was connected to a lil plastic cone covered with a lil tissue) with his nostril!!!8(
    2.sat in a fridge with a bowl of mix until he was finished 3. licked the speed of a dirrrrrty bathroom floor 4. licked the tar off the cone for a bong 5. smoked a bong through a tar covered tar catcher
    so u can see what this guy is like :p oh yeah hes 24 and cant even get on the dole LMFAO=D
    - concha, 10 years ago
  • ^^^^ Drugs are bad kids!! lol Man, thats just sad.
    - pullacone, 10 years ago
  • I haven't done anything remarkably stupid since about eighth grade.

    3rd grade: sniffed markers
    6th grade: smoked pizza crusts (!), sugar
    7th grade: snorted pixie sticks, smoked tea bags, sniffed computer duster

    of course the HBWR seeds I ate a couple years ago were pretty nasty

    oh, and I forgot back when I would take maybe twice the recommended dose of sudafed for a little speedy rush. The crash sucked so bad, I don't even want to think about what a crash from meth would be like.
    - Molybdenum, 10 years ago
  • oh i forgot, back in like 8th grade i tried to sniff nail polish remover...i ended up with a stuffy nose and a head ache....haha i was dumb
    - effecstacies, 10 years ago
  • i've snorted nurofen pills when i was pissed, mixed cough medicine in a glass with beer while takin 5 aspirins, also mixed a load of my dads pills (like 5 different kinds) with panadols (altogether like 12 tabs, in a night) and alcohol, tried smokin nurofens, tried the nutmeg thing. this was all a while ago, man i aint gonna do any of that shit again, and feel a bit stupid for doin it at all.
    - masta_skillz, 10 years ago
  • Shoulda mentioned before - though nutmeg was possibly dumber...

    used to buy 'Nasal Decongestant Tablets' from Boots. Basically 60mg of Pseduoephedrine per tablet.

    I'd take about 14 of these little fuckers and get a shitty buzz, followed by a shittier comedown that made the high a waste of time.

    Didn't stop me doing it again though.
    - SpellmanT7, 9 years ago
  • Originally posted by Gronk
    I've drank my urine to prolong an MDMA high.You know jack about male bonding till you've stood in a room with your mates toasting each other with bottles of your own pee.

    Well that's a trip. I read page one of the replies, and frankly that was the only reply that could be even neighbors to my dumb universe of what I did, which no way in hell I can admit to doing. However, funny this dude should say that about the urine cause a few dudes on my web site that are gay say that they do "booty bumps." I never even heard of those, but apparently that means taking one's piss and instead of drinking it, fill a syringe full of it, break off the needle, and squirt it where the sun don't shine. They swear it's next best thing to IVing. The things people do to get high...:)
    - TJ, 9 years ago
  • Asked my mom if I she could hook me up. No lie. I recently found out my mom smokes pot and i've been joking with her about somking together, and one night I was desperate for some grass, so I flat out asked her if she could get me some. I got some, but the look of shock on her face was priceless.
    - AnakaiMajere, 10 years ago
  • Originally posted by TJ
    Well that's a trip. I read page one of the replies, and frankly that was the only reply that could be even neighbors to my dumb universe of what I did, which no way in hell I can admit to doing. However, funny this dude should say that about the urine cause a few dudes on my web site that are gay say that they do "booty bumps." I never even heard of those, but apparently that means taking one's piss and instead of drinking it, fill a syringe full of it, break off the needle, and squirt it where the sun don't shine. They swear it's next best thing to IVing. The things people do to get high...:)

    You actually get quite a lot E in your urine after rolling. Therefore this would be quite effective. I don't understand what the big deal is, as it's not as if you have to drink it or anything.
    - Bad_Boy_Blue, 10 years ago
  • Smoked inside of bananas.
    Smoked poppy seeds.
    inhaled parrafin.
    smoked tea.
    chewed the same lot of salvia for feckin ages.
    taken caffeine until i pucked.
    Smoked hemp seeds.
    Bought coke from a shifty lookin bloke in a bus station.
    - captain codeine, 10 years ago
  • nutmeg
    - captain codeine, 10 years ago
  • Codeine I guess...Haven't done anything really stupid in order to get high. Codeine tasted real bad and the effect was weak.
    - Psykonauten_dk, 10 years ago
  • i have done some things desperate to get high, not in order that ive done them.

    i inhaled 3 cans of computer duster(not in one night but throughout my life) its kind of like a ringing in your head and theres a lot of spots in your vision really crazy.
    i smoked catnip out of the blank page at the back of the bible because i had no papers. kind of euphoric.
    i huffed gas but never got high.
    huffed marker hoping to get high but never did.
    i huffed nail polish remover things just are kind of different with that.
    smoke resin when i dont have any weed kind of desperate but not dumb because it works and just tastes kind of bad.
    yea i think thats it.
    - tokingchicken, 10 years ago
  • Walked to the drug store to pick up 8 oz of cough syrup, and chugged it. I know I'm not the only one here who has been there, but its a pretty terrible way to get high, and its as desperate as I try to get.
    - huntmich, 10 years ago
  • Pull some water out of the toilet bowl to IV up, because i was to paranoid to turn on the faucet
    - BmoresMosWantd, 10 years ago
  • snorted wellbutrin, took 4 zoloft pills, huffed ether, huffed paint...i'm sure there's more.

    but the worst one was when i snorted a few xanax and klonopins. later on i believe i ate some more of them, and then in my very fucked frame of mind, i ate over 600mg of diphenhydramine. i don't really remember two days of my life... although i do remember being at the doctor's office the next day pissing in a cup and not having a care in the world =). and oh yeah, my parents told me they took me to pizza hut and i was typing on my plate like it was a keyboard.
    - Staticage, 10 years ago
  • smoked dried chilli......

    we diced up the dried chilli with a blade to a fine power and sprinkled it on top of cones.

    there was3 of us doing it.... my freind vomited.... myself and my other freind held it in......the smoke/pain is soooo harsh you go red and want to die....but if you make it past the burning you would be suprised at the stimulative effect it has.....we had maybe 1/4 or less of a dried chilli each and it got us buzzing for hours....very speedy like...... but none the less stupid
    - punktuality, 10 years ago
  • i've also smoked some dorrito crumbs when on mushrooms hehe
    - Staticage, 10 years ago
  • i took 4 of my dad's venlafaxine anti-depressants.

    let me tell you, if you don't want to sleep for a day or two, do that. you're tired, but you physically can't sleep. everytime I yawned a crazy rush went through my body, ending with my mind going blank and my teeth chattering like hell.
    - french_toast, 10 years ago
  • i bought blotters from a black midget at a rave a few years back...
    - sendmeLSD, 10 years ago
  • Used a dirty cig butt to use as a but for another cig i was going to roll. Hehehe i've drunken cough syrup before but i dont consider that a stupid thing to do. Oh and i smoked resin that smelled like monkey shit.
    - Goten475, 10 years ago
  • snorted copious amounts of crushed up nodoze...
    - Chronic_citizen, 10 years ago
  • Done the usual banana peel/peanut shit.

    Snorted speed off the dirty floor at around 4 AM after a mad night of sex.

    Huffed dichloromethane as a kid, which DID get me high as fuck, used to do it several times a day, every day, I was lucky not to come out of it seriously damaged:(

    Huffed methyl isobutyl ketone (did fuck all)


    Finding a scally that ripped me off on bunk shit and yanking him off his bike, beating him with a metal spiked collar round my fist, cracking the bone in my wrist and repeatedly kicking the side of his face through a phone box and stamping on his shoulders and knees (had to go to hospital and get my wrist splinted, bastard never crossed me again though)
    - Limpet Chicken, 9 years ago
  • i took an entire box of coricidin cough and cold (16 pills) for the dxm in them to try and trip...i was so fucked up and sick it was hell...felt like herion meets alcohol poisoning meets lsd.
    - gpmt700, 9 years ago
  • Computer duster. I can still remembe the feeling of my brain frying. :::shudders::::
    - Grim, 9 years ago
  • well i poped random pills people gave me....thats not good lol
    - iluvhottsk8r, 8 years ago
  • I cut off someone's head to suck on the sweet juices of the adrenal gland....=D
    - JohnLennon, 8 years ago
  • LOL since when have the adrenal glands been located anywhere other than just above the kidneys? or was it an alien? if it was, how did you know they HAD adrenal glands:\
    - Limpet Chicken, 8 years ago
  • made my step-bro look beat. this prodess consisted of sucking on his face to give him bruises a.k.a hickies. one right on his right eye and one on his cheek and then we cut his arm at the top with a razor and rubbed the face on his face. then we drove him to our dealers house. to get a front. at three a clock in the morn. that the main problem. crack dealer sleep. unlike tweek dealers. his( the dealers) g/f anwsered the door in a really long shirt and ask him what the fuck happened to him. she seemed like she cares. she gave him a 20 rock he was askin for a 40 cause" he owed some motherfucker". he was just fiending. he dont give us fronts anymore after that.
    - Tad R Fitzsimmions, 10 years ago
  • I ate a massive amount of nutmeg.
    How embarassing.

    I also ripped apart my I.D. card for traces of cocaine that were stuck inbetween the lamination layers. :\ .
    - lecrimeparfait, 10 years ago
  • * I tried to rail a Zoloft once - couldn't stop sneezing for an hour and kept getting the chills one minute then was really hot the next

    *me and my friend snuck out of my house while my parents were alseep... we forgot to bring water to put in our ghetto bong so we used the bacardi that we had. Even though we were already wasted, we were out of weed and alc and decided to drink the bong bacardi... gross.. it def. worked though since I don't remember comming back inside the house lol

    *I kno some ppl like DXM but I felt so sick when I tried

    *I was high one night and out of weed so I decided to inhale an empty moussee can bottle- it got me a lil light headed but was a really dumb idea

    *I had a contest w. my friend awhile ago who could inhale all of their cig in one hit... I suggest trying this if you wan't to quit smoking lol bc i had no desire for nicotine for a few days lol
    - StAy HiGh, 10 years ago
  • ^^
    Lol did exactly the same thing with a cig , funny the way cigz are basically poison
    - BingeBoy, 10 years ago
  • My friend and I smoked tea once... like a whole tea bag each. Tasted nice but to our dissapointment we didn't get high (obviously).
    - registered, 10 years ago
  • Snoted Dramamine
    Huffed Gasoline, White out, Glue, Duster, Nail Polish Remover, etc...
    Ate 3 tablespoon of nutmeg and all I got was the shits for a day and a half
    Got sick as shit from Heavenly Blue morning glory because I didn't wash off the chemical coating, fuck K-Mart seeds
    Took 10 xanax, 6 wellbutrin, and 3 effexor
    Took 8 celexa
    Took 10 ambien, 5 zoloft, and 2 school
    Thats about it for me although I did have a friend who I saw take 100 mg adderall, smoke 2 bong loads of dank, drink a couple colt .45's , and then inhale duster for about 20 seconds go into as seizure, and I was so drunk/stoned all I said was "Dude, your spilling your beer."

    All in all, everyone was a very, very, very, very shitty experience.
    - s3v3r3d&s7on3d, 10 years ago
  • Nutmeg
    Snorted Adderall XR
    Snorted coke that was cut to fucking hell
    I've smoked really nasty bong resin a bunch of times
    Taken 750-800 mg of Tramadol
    In a time of desperation I even tried smoking some stems I'd saved
    - HazeEM, 10 years ago
  • once when i was really desperate for some coke, i like found all my old straws, and scraped the inside of the straw for whatever residue of coke was lining it with this hook thing and's really gross. i collected a really really small bump and snorted that. it wasn't even enough but made me feel really pathetic.
    - milkdub, 10 years ago
  • my dumbest wasn't even illegal!!!

    it was mixing my xanax with guiness and jagermiester....that really got me into some dark places:o

    i dont consider all the resin and crushed stem bong hits i did stupid...damn they got me way baked and i love a good cough buzz too was an unpleasant experience

    whippets....good clean fun

    - phishy2, 9 years ago
  • I fix a/c's for a living. Freon is extremely stupid, half of one of my front teeth is fake. Five or six diffrent' varieties reside in my shop. One of them will actually eat its way through one of those baloons that hold whippets. scary8(
    - spun420833, 9 years ago
  • Taking an obscene amount of painkillers then drinking a bottle or so of wine. It was all well and good, albeit slightly fuzzy memory-wise.

    Until my mother started on me. The last thing I remember is me shouting, then her punching me. I woke up with writing all over my wall, blood all over my bed, vague memories of a ten minute long, crying, rambling, shouting phone call to my gf and a very very deep cut on my arm.

    Never again.
    - snolly, 9 years ago
  • I know my bro. said to mix 1 part bleach with 1 part weedkiller and it gives you a wicked buzz. They use it in the jails aparently
    - chemical king, 9 years ago
  • ok... i have a few:
    age 14:
    took 26 triple c's, I thought i was in a painting and felt like throwing up for hours not to mention i couldnt walk straight, then after a few hours i started convulsing (that lasted for about an hour) I was blacked out the whole time and dont remember anything but my friends told me about it afterward. never touched the stuff again.
    age 15:
    my friend had this obsession with passing people out so she convinced me to let her do it to me. She passed me out and i guess i started talking to her and told her that it wasnt working so she stopped (in reality i was already out) so she let go of me and my body crashed. I slammed my head on the hardwood floor cause she didnt catch me in time and i woke up like ten seconds later with the worst headache of my life. never let her pass me out again.

    these ones arent exactly stupid shit i did to get high but more like stupid shit ive done:
    age 16:
    1. smoked 19 bowls of weed in a single sitting in a car with the windows all up. I had no idea where the hell i was or how to get myself home. that was an interesting night.
    2. smoked coke ALL night long. and no i dont mean crack... i mean coke foilies... all night long that the next day I couldnt talk (lost my voice) and my fucking lungs hurt when i would breathe.
    3. rolled for three days (everytime i felt it wearing off i popped another pill) and yeah the roll was like fucking amazing since me and my friends were out and about doing random shit to make sure we were having the time of our lives.... but the come down was another story.... i cried for six hours STRAIGHT!!!!
    age 17:
    smoked/snorted meth every day, multiple times a day (at the time, i will admit, i was an addict). one time i had gone three weeks with no sleep. i realized that eventhough my mind was going a million miles an hour that my body definitly wasnt so i made myself go to bed. i couldnt sleep but i was like fucking hallucinating... i saw people that werent there and heard voices when no one was in my house and shit... that was definitly scary, after that i never let myself stay up longer then a week at a time.
    - Mae13, 6 years ago
  • A friend and I were trying to crush up the little balls from a 30 mg capsule of Adderall and we couldn't manage to do it. We ended up dumping it on a bowl of weed and smoking it. I did get kinda tweaked out but my throat hurt for a few days after.
    - MistaJeff, 6 years ago
  • I used to go on 3-4 day speedball binges. Many times I'd have trouble finding and staying in a vein, and having blood clot, jamming the rig, because it was taking so long. Well I'd wind up with a bunch of syringes with varying ratios of drugs to blood. Then hours, days, or weeks later when I was out of opiates I'd pour the blood/drug mix into a new rig and hit it up (or add water to the dried blood/drugs in spoons). Yes, I would get blood poisoning from time to time, but there was a period where I considered that to be less unpleasant than dope sickness, or I just wanted the coke component too bad to care.
    - svacheme3, 6 years ago
  • I've smoked tea at some point: either green tea or earl grey, can't seem to remember... either way, it didn't help me out at all at the time.
    - guava-jam, 6 years ago
  • Cotton shots.
    - ClubbinGuido, 6 years ago
  • somone on here said that they snorted a hydroxycut... whats it like? my friend wants to try it cause shes attemping to cut back on her coke addiction and thinks that snorting a hydroxycut instead of yay will help her cut back... i think shes an idiot... so i had to ask...
    - Mae13, 6 years ago