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Chinese Jujube - Sourcing, Propagating

by icewalker_au
Where can I get some viable seed? Does anyone have hints for propagating? Does anyone have any cuttings? In Queensland, the Chinee apple is a declared weed (indian jujube). I would like to obtain some Chinese jujube for my food forest. I know they are grown in Australia, but haven't been able to find a cheap/free source or even a commercial source. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Hello Ice,

    The Diggers Club in Dromana have Zizyphus jujubaea available as bareroots from cuttings - from this you could then graft on varietal stock. Drop them a line and they will be able to arrange delivery. We have an order with them for this winter so we'll see how they go.


    -, 10 years ago
  • From there you have to get varietal stock though ???
    There is a fellow in Toowoomba who is growing. If you are in Qld let me know and I can probably track him down.
    From memory he finally struck a varietal cutting and now it suckers truevto the parent. Way to go.
    - Jeff Nugent, 9 years ago